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A crackling field of electricity flared into existence right in front of Set. She didn't looked surprised at all. Just rather amused. "Yeah yeah, that's why I like fights so much! A king can be killed by a peasant, a hero by a scoundrel, an innocent by another innocent! But you aren't interesting enough to make that kind of thing happen, Meddy. You gotta think outside the box."


She kept her hands neatly at her side as she looked down at the other girl. "Dogs are perfectly capable of devouring each other if need be. If you're hungry there is ample supply of such meat at hand. I can retrieve it if you want."

"Awww, tying a lady before having bought her dinner. Aren't you a gentleman." She cooed in an amused fashion but didn't exist in the slightest. "You wouldn't have dog snacks or somethin, would ya?" She asked, turning to the somehow less of a stick in the mud Barbie over there.

Medaka smiled and said, "You are right, I won't kill you, but not for what you think.  It seems you have much to learn as well.  Not all humans are as selfish as you say."

Using all of her strength, she thrust her self forward, finally closing the gap between them.  "Moreover, it is dangerous to underestimate someone.  It is possible to fall to the weak if you hold yourself too high. Trust me, I speak from experience."


She blinked at how Oka seemed to react to what that other girl said. Her hand patted the other girl on the back a bit in concern. Then she gave the newcomer a bit of a dirty look. Nothing too serious but one that definitely spoke of how much she didn't appreciate her friend being bothered.

"So, was there something you wanted?"
Auspicious Breeze

Oh wait, that wasn't the Sakura she knew. Now that she tilted her head and squinted a bit at them she could tell the other one had done something to her hair. And wasn't as muscular. Oh well, simple mistake. She hopped up and down a bit and waved! "Hiii! Sorry about this! You looked like somebody I know."

Oka Kurosawa

"Oh, hahahaha, I see..." Oka was laughing, but this honestly felt sort of surreal. Why were there so many lookalikes running around... Was somebody impersonating her?

The purplehead visiably shuddered, clearly upset by something she was thinking about.

As Joe saw the shop come into view, he couldn't help but pick up his pace.  The walk there was nice, but he really wanted to indulge in spending money that didn't have to do with repairing damages, since he knew he would have to do that in the future.  Just as he opened the door for his new friends, he took notice of Sakura's familiar statue like state.

Oh god, is she scared of the store? he thought, reflexively taking his hand away.  However, he relaxed when he saw Jeanne insisting that there was nothing wrong.  But that left one question, why is she scared?

He wandered over to Sakura and tilted his head.  "Is there something wrong?"

The store was nothing specia to her, just one among others. Clearly that wasn't the case for all of them though. Jeanne saw Sakura freeze at the doorstep. With a sigh the Servant then pushed her into the store. "Will you keep moving? We don't have all day and you're gonna block the entry for other costumers."

Sakura Matou

Sakura snapped out of her funk and got a move on when Jeanne and Joe began to urge her along. "No no no, I'm fine." Sakura waved her hands emphatically as she spoke. "I'm totally fine, I've just never been to one of these stores before, and I got caught up in the moment, I guess. Hahahaha."

Once they stepped inside, Sakura suddenly got really excited and began to look around at all the cool stuff they had. "Hey hey hey, what should we get? Is this one any good? Sakura asked, holding up some random game to Joe. "You're the expert right?"

"It is your call master, we haven't established ourselves here yet meaning he can't be someone sent after us. So where you wish to deal with him has little importance to our goals now."

"I'm quite certain a statue springing up out of nowhere would be frowned upon and wouldn't make either of us popular." She concisely told him while she waited for Olga to give her word.

Olga Marie

Olga nodded in agreement. "I thought so too. And if we end up fighting there, we'll be at a huge advantage. It's a win win either way it goes."

"Yeah, let's not do that right here. We don't want to attract that sort of attention." Marie added. "Do you mind coming with us to our base of operations?" It doesn't look like you were particularly busy with what you were doing, after all...


Her masterplan foiled so easily. How could it have happened? This was impossible, utterly totally impossible. This wasn't the kind of plot development that should happen to her.

Neptune flailed around with her arms and legs like a little child throwing a tantrum. "Let me go you big meanie!"

Black Heart

Noire, the big meanie that she was, did not, in fact, let her go. She actually did the opposite of that and tightened her grip on her. "No, not until we have the talk that I was promised. Why are you trying to avoid me?" Noire asked her again, seemingly oblivious to Neptune's flailing.

"But you are the one who asked."He told her quite flatly, though not without a hint of whimsy to it. Besides, she was the one who grabbed him in the first place. He was not so rude as to refuse the hand of a lady.

"Besides, I think I can trust in my own judgement. I have been perfectly fine without an owner for more years than you could count, I'm afraid, so leave your suspicions to rest. If I'm letting you do this, it is only because you were so bold to seize and strip me without restraint. Besides, my eyes are good enough to tell rough and polished steel apart. A bit roughened around the edges, but this'll do for now. I don't dislike it." He told her honestly.

" *yawn* So with that in mind, I shall take a small rest. Do as you please, though keep in mind every damage will go to your tab. Ah, and put me back where you found me if you grow bored, the last thing I desire is cleaning grime off my body, uck!"

And with that, there was no more sound coming from the blade. Well, not quite. If she put her ear close to it, she might just hear light snores.



Her masterplan foiled so easily. How could it have happened? This was impossible, utterly totally impossible. This wasn't the kind of plot development that should happen to her.

Neptune flailed around with her arms and legs like a little child throwing a tantrum. "Let me go you big meanie!"
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