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"Yeah, you could say that. I haven't been taking care of my muscles a lot lately, and let's not get into all that cardio crap." He sighed and took a big puff of air while the ride was gaining altitude.

Despite all that, he was taking this whole thing pretty easily. Skeleton bully day or not, he was having fun, and honestly didn't mind having to struggle to keep up with the two. But that didn't mean he couldn't have some fun of his own. Since they had such a blast flustering and humiliating him, there was no way he'd return the favor. Hehehehehe...

He put his two feet over the vehicle's hull casually and stretched. "Right, well, since you showed me your transformations earlier, it's only fair I showed you something of my own."

And all of a sudden, magical signs and bright lights danced around his body, and his flames shifted and expanded before taking a beautiful shape. This was more than just magic, it was something to do with the spirit, you could say it was the closest thing to his soul manifested through his flames. It was the sort of sight even the most cynical couldn't take their eyes off, between his athletic body sculpted by countless battles and his refined, gentle face.

This was the sort of distinguished appearance that just happened to stand out for many different reasons than the usual burning skeleton. Despite the violent, beautiful sight, he seemed as relaxed and friendly as ever, if not very attractive.

Because he wasn't wearing a shirt under his coat, his glowing yellow body was displayed freely with no shame, it was almost like looking at an entirely different person. But the most striking feature was his long hair, grown into an authentic mane of crimson flames. But even with that into account, it'd be really hard to complain about the heat.

"Surpriiiize." He said casually, though he didn't even seem to care all that much about it. He was just enjoying himself at this point, their reaction was just a bonus.

The werewolf was completely self-aware that they were being jerks here. If she was born human, she would probably lock people like Lorry in a locker. And she really felt no shame, so she did not protest at all when pulled along by Neptune in an attempt to leave him behind as well. But unfortunately for them, they caught up with them using his sorcery. On another hand, the bully skeleton day couldn't continue without the skeleton around.

"I almost thought we would leave you in a dust, Lorenzo. Out of shape?"

Wait! He thought for a second, reaching his arm out.

The scoundrels, after he had gone through all the pain of getting them there. Like hell, he wasn't going to let these two get the better of him! So he stomped on the air and released an even stronger jet stream of fire, using all of the momentum and force to boost his way onto the tracks in front of the vehicle. It was risky, but  the timing was impressively flawless, for he dexterously flipped before sitting on the chariot right behind them.

"Haaah... god, that hurt." He groaned, using his own fire was never very pleasant, but he might've went a little overboard. Well, it was fine, his fire quickly grew back to his sturdy self.

They probably regarded her as if she was an ant considering that no attack had been directed at her yet. Her advantage was that she had a high ground and thus could see how events unfolded even if some actions were too fast for her to track by sight alone. Her spell wasn't complete, so it was fortunate that he managed to gave her an order before she unleashed it. She decided to keep faith in his judgement, after all, he was a man who knew more about the matters of war than herself. She couldn't boast about fending off an enemy leader after all.

And so she redirected the spell at the juggernaut of the man within last moments, excluding Leo from its effect as she had a fine control over her magic.

When he finally caught up, he realized that the woman was in fact reaching this speed with a bike.  Even so, he was used to things like this back home, so he gave her a smile and said, "Hi, i'm Marcus.  Want to race?"


What is he doing? And he's so rough.

"Ahh...Alright stop that." She took a step closer. "That's not how you do it. You're being far too rough and with no build-up. You have to draw it out." She pulled him closer, dangerously close. "And savour the moment as the excitement builds and then..." She pulled away abruptly

"I guess that means you won, you made me move. Have fun carrying all the bags, I'll be cheering you on~"

She jumped off of him suddenly and turned to leave. "Yeah you're right, my business here is finished and no don't mind... you'll get it soon enough." The laughter was omitted as the maid silently exited the room.

The goddess transformed back to her original state in a another flash of light after the two of them landed. She was back to.wearing that weird jacket again.

"Oh shoot, he's catching up on us." She pulled the werewolf along and paid for two tickets before rushing in and taking a seat in one of the carts.

"See ya next century Lorry!" Neptune called out as it started moving.

Looking more and more like a furry friend, aren't you?

In a heartbeat, he followed up with a cannonball kick from his forward left side, aimed at the woman's center of mass. Despite the ominous threat the sword posed to the enemy before it, the weapon went unused. It rested again over Raikou's shoulder as he kicked off the ground and made some distance, regarding his opponent cooly.

"Y'know, even a friendly fight is going to feel unsatisfying if you can't see anything you land stick. So, what's up with that? Not just a werewolf, are you?"

"Ow!" he said, rubbing his head.  He groaned as she chastised him.  There was one more thing he could do.  He ran forward once more, this time, using her chest as something to grip rather than her shoulders.  His hands sunk into her enormous boobs, but he squeezed them as hard as he could.  With this, his strength might be enough.
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