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Relius Clover

Relius took his hand off of his chin and perked up, unconsciously moving closer to the screen. It seemed she was programmed with much more autonomy than Ignis and far more deductive reasoning skills.  In that case, this farce was pointless.

I see, so the emotions work to ensure loyalty, allowing for increased intelligence. he thought, turning around and walking out of the room.

As he made his way up the spiral staircase, there was a strange feeling boiling at the pit of Relius's stomach, a feeling that forced a frown to his face.  Could it be... envy, jealousy?  No, it was a challenge.  He would uncover the secrets of this doll and make it his own.  He would have to thank her original creator for this lovely distraction.

Meanwhile, Ignis vanished in a flash of purple light and a small boom echoed through the store.  "Yes my dear, this is my wife," he said, his voice ringing with pride.  "I have to admit, while the test was inconclusive, I am impressed none the less.  Who was your master before you arrived here?"
Ito Kizumi

Ito smiled, but her request only had him blush and look away embarrasingly. Stupid, how could he think of something like that!?

"It's getting late. I should prepare lunch." He managed to muster, which only made the little oni more eager. With that, he moved to the kitchens in order ot begin his work.

Man, this was getting all kinds of tense. Clearly there had to be some way to easily resolve this. So she reached into her uniform and pulled out her phone to speed dial Noire. Jeez, she wouldn't have played with the girl if she knew this would stir up so many issues. This place was just too unpredictable sometimes.


"A-ah!" And then she was buried under the wave of children. She caught herself well at least, a gentler fall than if she had just crashed into the ground. And she was laughing, almost as much as the kids themselves. "Ito, come here and join us!"


Floating capabilities. How annoying. But Orianna was no fool. She had a good enough grasp on the situation at this point. "Is this one of your dolls, master? I am afraid that I cannot display the extent of my physical ability to you without damaging this shop."

"Hmm.." Molly skipped around the metal giant, admiring her own handiwork now that she had the specimen in question wearing it. It turned out at just as good as she had expected. And hearing the closest thing to actual praise from the man about one of the things she took pride in bolstered her spirits significantly.

"...I never told you what my Hatsu was did I?" She went over and sat down ontop of one of the lab tables before she continued. "Snuffing lives out makes me stronger and I get even more out of it the more they suffer...." She stopped and breathed in.

"...And they say your Hatsu is a reflection of a person's innermost nature, now what does that say about me?" It didn't sound like she was asking him that question seriously.

A jerk on her hat tail threw off the trajectory of her strike, causing her to swing at nothing.  Realizing that the doll would likely follow up with something else, Ignis floated forward, once again moving out of the other doll's space.  She twisted her body around so that she could face her opponent.

Meanwhile in the lab, Relius stroked his chin.  I see, so her specs are around Ignis's.  It seems I underestimated her creator...


"Ito..." Alicia looked over the scene for a moment before smiling. It seemed they were not so different after all, even if he was a tad foolish at times. But she could hardly say that she was without her moments either.

She kneeled down so she was closer to the children and answered, "I'm Alicia. Ito brought me here to show me what he's been doing."

The timid oni smiled and nudded before turning back to the meditation corner. "Aww yeah! We got company boys!" A particularly rowdy oni posed awesomely and cheered while two sparred in the backdrop, playfully fighting before landing on one another like two big red adorable blobs.

"Hey now, kids-" Ito smiled timidly and tried holding them back, but that only made the wave fight back harder. Litterally. Because as soon as the students of the elusive Onigaru school realized who they were dealing with, primarily, a friend of their dear teacher, they banded together like a wave of tiny balls of fat and muscle in order to give her the signature Onigaru greeting tackle! Her might would be put to the test!!!
The Hospital

The nurse frowned, and the doctor answered to the best of his ability. "We have no idea. He didn't present himself, and he left as quickly as he came. This is a small team, and you were injured. We simply didn't have the time to stop him or ask any questions." He looked sad, almost like she failed to do something so essential.

Suddenly, the nurse brightened up, as if she had an idea. "If you could recount the events that led you here, we might be able to narrow down a list. If we could ask those who were repoted in the vicinity of the incident, we could find an answer to your question."

It was an excellent idea, and the doctor nodded. "I do remember him of being of somewhat dark complexion. He looked about my age, though a bit larger. Wecould find that person by calling for an investigation, I know of a private detective that would gladly help you. But even then, there is little to be done with so much missing information. Please, help us help you."


Annoying. But she could deal with this. As the blades emerged Orianna yanked her hand back before letting go, killing the momentum of the other puppet so that she would miss the counter. Then she brought her hands together, each with her fingers pointed out like claws.

Another attempt to get a hold of the doll and toss her out of the store. Orianna couldn't try her hardest at all in here without risking severe damage to the area.
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka's head dipped as a dark cloud came over her head.  She squatted down and began running her fingers along the ground.  "I must improve....  I must improve..."

She would have stayed like that, but the smell of donuts suddenly filled the air.  She suddenly shot back up and stared at the doughnuts in wonder.  "I did not smell those a moment ago," she said, staring at the doughnuts as if they were enchanted with some sort of fairy tale like magic.  "Are you a mage?"

This could be a problem, especially if those doughnuts were to the elder vampire's taste.

"Squashing them below your boots? I guess you could do it in a way to my God, but it has this irksome tendency of spreading itself over many bodies and parts. Cut off one head, and at least one will take its place. But yeah, I'm rambling here, and you requested something. That's a trivial wish for me to fulfill." Mitsuba walked up to her bag that she left on the floor and where she supposedly kept her things. Using her Embed, she procured a box of donuts. Using loopholes left in the code of the reality was so convenient.

"Right, that was pretty easy." She handed over the box to the taller vampire.
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