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She stalked her way through the night, pondering on the information she'd so far acquired - or rather pilfered - while contemplating the way to her next objective. Before the night ended, she needed to gather as much information as possible on her surroundings and the threats that awaited. The complete shift in geography and paradigm was a disorienting affair that still had not come to a compromise in her mind, but she was already used to acting before everything was clear to her. It was one of her good points, one of her teachers had said.

Not like Irene had the privilege of waiting for everything to become clear, from where she stood, and she certainly didn't want to rely on those bloodsuckers - heh - in medical robes and white suits. She was in their debt, and for now that was all the association she was comfortable with.

She sighed, following her mental map through the neon-lit stilted streets to an informer. She had luckily secured a place to lair for now through Julius's name (though it was quite stifling to have to turn back mid-way due to her boiling forgetfulness and ask for an address to where he was staying), but - well, if she had to be frank it was easier than she thought to acquire those directions.

But if everything in the Nexus was as claimed, then it was no wonder information went out of its way to be known to newcomers. And no doubt exponentially greater in value.

Costin was attacking with ferocity, acting more and more like some rabid dog in her attacks.  They were completely animistic and brutal, yet she left herself open.  She was blocking with her blood swords, and Forest blocked one of those ferocious slashes with her axe.

While Marcus traded blows with the other vampire, Forest feinted and then moved behind Costin.  There was no flare to her movements, just economy of motion.  Then she raised her axe to swing at the other vampire's head.


"Somewhat," Rin said before making a face at the screen.  "I don't know though, even though they had chemistry their relationship was forced.  Why would an archeologist go after some vigilante outlaw with no prospects?  Sure he's good at punching and kicking people, but what would they talk about?  Why would they even date after the adrenaline rush wears off?"
Costin Andrei

Fancy moves, the lot of them! But she had little eye for strategy or common sense at the moment, all she wanted to do was slaughter them like cattle on christmas eve so their feints and complex moves were entirely wasted. She didn't even try to dodge or bloc, she just spun around madly with her swords in order to slash everything in her way in blind murderous glee, not caring if they dodged or parried or hit her in the process.

Marcus leapt out of the car, rolling into a standing position with the gun still aimed at Costin.  He fired another bullet into her swords, cocking the hammer as he bolted towards her.  "Are you kidding me?  Saying something like that might make me cry," he said as he cocked his arm back.

The follow up attack had two layers to it.  His arm would come forward in a right hook as if it were going to strike the woman in the forehead, only for it to come up into a block.  Meanwhile, his leg would lift upward, striking her lower body as she moved herself to block the fist coming towards her face.

There was a creeping feeling coming over him.  His muscles tensed, bracing themselves for the inevitable counter strike.


Joe took in her comment as the movie continued.  The big climax was happening now and the couple was finally finalizing their feelings.  It was pretty standard and generic, but it was clear that the real focus of the movie was building the chemistry between the villein and the hero, so Joe wasn't bothered much.

Letting out a groan, Joe's next sentience sounded more like a pout.  "Yeah, I guess your right.  But the kiss was still pretty hot right?  Like they had some physical chemistry at least."

Forest stopped the car, not wanting to hurt the wheels or axels any further with the slashed tires.

She bit her lip and considered her options for a split second.  Then, reaching down, she popped the mechanism for the boot, opening it.  While Marcus was firing, Forest got out of the car and made a mad dash to the trunk, picking up the battle axe she had stashed there. 

This was going to be messy.  It was probably going to hurt.  Her chance of winning this fight was slim unless she pulled some rabbit out of her hat at the eleventh hour.

She didn't hesitate as she came barreling at Costin while Marcus hopefully laid some cover fire for her.


Rin let Joe draw her close as he gave his opinion of the kiss.

She didn't buy the couple's relationship.  If anything, like she had told Joe, the most interesting character was the villain.  The British actor playing him should have been beyond such rolls, but there he was and he looked like he was having fun with it.

"The martial arts are more believable honestly," Rin said before their neighbor sent them another glare.

Bullets hit her squarely in the chest, but failed to pierce her heart and she simply kept going. Her blood hardened just when she saw the cheeky fuckwit, as if a bullet would put an immortal monster down, a rocket launcher would've been more effective.

"C'mon, c'mon! Is that all you got? Hahahahahahahahaha!" She laughed as she kept chasing, this time forming three swords in each of her hands that eerily resembled black keys from the church, covering herself from harm while she kept drawing closer and closer.

Marcus watched her movements carefully from the back of his seat.  Back in his old world, he had fought countless battles with supernatural threats, to the point where he might know how to fight them better than normal people.  Using the crazy girl's reflexes, he was able to track her movements, so long as she stayed within the frame of the window.  As she approached, he rolled down the window, and got ready to aim the gun.

The moment the knives sunk into the tires, Marcus used her inhuman speed to pop his still half naked upper torso out the window. The rough winds brushing against his still wet muscles suddenly came to an abrupt end as the car began to slow down.  This did not get in his down at all.  With the barrel of the gun aimed at the Costin's chest, he pulled the trigger, causing a loud bang to erupt through the city streets.  It would be hard for her to dodge in midair, but at this point, it would be foolish not to assume she can't.

With his thumb, he cocked the firing hammer, preparing for another shot.  With a battle hungry smirk he said, "Its payback time."


Joe frowned at her comment, not because her cynical criticism destroyed the believability of the movie, but because he was really starting to understand just how much this magical culture had forced her view of the world to become so... jaded.  That man from her story.  Maybe she liked him because he was a dreamer...

So, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her as close as their separate seats would allow.  "Well they might not care, but if they touch lips it still counts.  Besides, its easy enough to buy into it if its hot enough," he retorted honestly.


So Oren moved over to the changing stall and pressed up against it. "Hey, Sakura? Do you want to be alone? If you say so we can leave, but I'd feel really bad leaving someone as nice and pretty as you alone. You're really great, y'know?"


"Oh, very well. If you grant me permission it would be rude to do otherwise, Olga." She smiled at the other mage and rested the back of her hand on the table. Almost invitingly as she waited for Olga to respond/


Well, her work here was done. With a little whining Lucy drew back a bat and just watched for a moment. She even gave her master a wink!


Olga didn't miss a beat, and took Grigori's hand shamelessly. "Shall we go pay, then?" She said with a flourish.

Rin shrugged and replied, "To make a more entertaining movie I guess.  Even though real life really doesn't work out that way . . ."

She absently reached up and played with the new sapphire pendant around her neck.  It was really an extravagant gift for a first meeting.  Joe was trying to keep up with the reality that was her life, but he probably wouldn't react favorably if she started channeling prana into it for a one use only spell.

She looked at the couple kissing and sighed.  Then snorted.  "Well, not real kissing.  Manufactured affection like this is meant to be attractive as possible."


Fucking jumped up fannybawbag, Forest thought as she heard the sounds of honking as she sped through traffic. 

She could sense Costin chasing them and she gritted her teeth.  Car and driver had a synchronicity that few could ever hope to accomplish.  Even though there were newer models with more power to them, this particular 1967 RS Z/28 Camaro and Forest had a bond.  Decades weren't anything to her time wise, but decades behind the wheel of this car gave her an insight to it that even the current accomplished race car drivers couldn't grasp.

Even though she was attuned to the machine in a way that bordered on supernatural, there was only so much she could do having to weave through traffic like this.

She was driving, so she couldn't call the cops about the rabid vampire chasing them.

There was a loud crash behind the car and right as she saw Costin go and throw blood knives at the tires, Forest switched the car into reverse and pressed her foot on the gas.

Well, this is going to make some mechanic's day . . .

The giant man clad in bright pink looked at him with an enigmatic smile, as if it was the only expression plastered on his face. However, that proved to be wrong, because the crescent moon in his lips dropped and he seemed to frown. It wasn't a displeased frown, nor did it have any sort of ill will towards the wizard. It was more of a pitiful look than anything.

"This guy was in a gang. Honestly, I can't imagine what madness took him to mess with someone like you, nor do I particularly care about any politics that were... sparked with his little misconduct. Anyways, long story short, he is dead."

There was a solemn silence, one that stretched almost to an uncomfortably long degree, then he smiled even wider than before, like he had just gotten to a joke's punch line.

"Put two and two together yet, or do you need me to spell it out for you?"

"You're here to kill me for killing your man then." It was the only logical answer to that. Trivek started tapping into the mana sources he had available, feeling the rush of power at his fingers. The planeswalker wasn't a stranger to the occasional back alley brawl or wizards duel. How much electricity could he channel from the surrounding area into an elemental? How much mana could he channel in the next few seconds? The man was taller, stronger, but probably wasn't counting on Trivek's robes being able to absorb the sort of impacts they needed to as part of his general work with the guild.

Trivek stepped back. If he was going to survive, he had to react, not attack first. Too much risk otherwise.
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