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It wasn't long before the girl's train of thought considered regeneration that the small pool of violence quickly started reforming itself. A spiral of blood and energy come together, quickly refilling the vampire's life and reforming his body.

Within a zilch, the vampire finds himself reformed, with healing prowess enough to make physical damage seem negligent. Such hefty damage definitely took a hit on his stock, thought, and a refill was definitely in order.

Despite all the previous commotion, though, the vampire seemed to hold no current enmity, merely resting on his knees with a wide grin on his face, not unlike someone who's just had the time of their life. "Heh.. You got me good, brat. What's your name?"

"A nuisance." As swift as her answer, her hand flew out and slapped the shade silly, sending it flying across the room. Good riddance to their ghost friend, he would feel like an elephant just ran over him. But just like that it was as if her trusty weapon's teasing had really hit a weak point and the girl visibly deflated infront of him. "I'm really sorry I'm putting you through so much lately...." Then she perked up and leaned closer.

"... I know I should make it up for you... How about I polish that fine looking shaft of yours when we get back."

"If you say so."

Molly obediently closed her eyes like the good little maid she was and waited for whatever show the priestess was going to put on. It would probably be something good going by how the followers were getting all excited over it, or maybe it was really boring and these guys just got excited over nothing, in either case she'd just have to wait and see.

"...No. I suppose they wouldn't. I suppose it's fair that I should tell you a bit of the power I have as well. Would you please close your eyes?" She asked as her tattoos began to glow, and the cultists began to look at her in anticipation, waiting for the main event to start.

She didn't miss it, the few who gave her their attention in that way. Being the center of a crowd of guys lustful gazes always sent a rush through her. It made her feel powerful, to have control over their desires in that way, it was an amazing feeling.

"That's up to them, learning to harness it is a long and arduous process..... I could speed it up but I wouldn't be able to guarantee their well-being." She chuckled a bit a that, her laughter sweeter than honey. "Although I don't doubt some of them would take any opportunity to get closer to me."

Tarset's eyes brightened at that. "So are you saying that any human could learn to use it? That you could teach them?" There were so many humans within the cult that could do little more than recitations, unsuited towards the finer aspects of rituals and thus mostly being used for labor and growing their ranks.

And while Tarset may have been unbothered by the slight show, it was true that the lovely duo of fetishes the maid had certainly drew some attention. There were a few subtle and a few not so subtle looks, but nothing flagrant enough to get them reprimanded at least/

The maid twirled around happily from the new sensations welling up inside of her. Who knew that this would turn out to be such a great choice. Her skirt flared upwards with the draft she generated and briefly exposed her underwear to the world.

"It's the power of life I inherent to all humans. As they aren't awakened, they simply couldn't handle the overwhelming weight of my existence."

Ah, food... Anesa took hold of it and took a bite. Then another and another. It was a mercy that the sandwich managed to keep itself together after being so roughly handled. To a normal human it might as well have vanished when she took hold of it.

"Do you have more?" She asked rather bluntly.


Relaxing a bit, as if being chastised to calm down, Tarset and the rest of the cultists seemed to calm down. Sanda was still there but well, it looked like she was just finding a better place to take a nap. A feeling welling up inside her, a comforting urge that made it seem best to explain further about this power. 

The priestess herself didn't speak up, as if she knew the girl might want to say something else.

"There is not a big issue, but I would ask that you consider such things moving forward," he said softly, taking no particular note of the strange way in which she was communicating with him.  He placed his hands behind his back.  "The house belongs to Prisim.  I am merely a guest."

The pale white aura fizzled out like a dying flame in the night, spent as it was nothing remained of it but a hollow memory.  The strange feeling in her gut was rather thrilling, to think this is how far the control went, it almost made her shiver in excitement.

"I'm not, that's just how Nen feels to regular people when you subconsciously use it." She didn't show a flicker of remorse, after all she hadn't been trying to antagonize after all. If she had been they wouldn't be standing right now.
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