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The sudden gasp struck his ears like a heavenly note, charging his arms with a lustful energy.  The bulge already present in his pants grew, pushing against her upper thigh.
 However, before he could continue, the top of his hand was struck, knocking it away from its pray.

Marcus suddenly burst out laughing.  "Of course not!" he exclaimed, responding to both comments.  I'll always be in second place.

With that thought weighing on his mind, he stepped away and stared at the blond.  He rubbed his ass grabbing hand with the palm of his free hand.  With a sigh he said,  "Its not fair. You get to know everything about me, just by reading me like a book, but I have to figure it all out the old fashioned way.  But your so weird.  An eternally young, incredibly hot vampire who is somehow incredibly experienced but charmingly innocent.  And your social skills are almost as bad as mine."

He rubbed the back of his neck and let out an exhausted groan.  "I'd kill for that telepathy right now," he said, frowning at the blond.  "Hell, the more I talk about it like this, the more I want to try it again."


A frown passed her face briefly as the word 'bounties' was mentioned. The notion of explicitly hunting down people for money didn't sit well with her. That sort of thing shouldn't be something you did primarily for the money but rather because it was just in of itself. The other was therefore by comparison far more enticing, no that would be the wrong word. To even consider the first option would be a sin. She didn't accept the card however as she had a counter proposal in mind.

"I would vastly prefer if you showed it to me, I have more than enough time to spare, time to could be put to good use. As long as it doesn't bother you of course, you must be very busy and I'm sorry for imposing myself on you like this." As sorry as someone who was all but forcing him to do it.

The redhead nodded, a bemused little smile coming to her face as she considered how the court might be considered a strange place to the average onlooker.

"Yes, you could certainly say that," Emily mused, "And while my court shared a few similarities to similar things in the outside world, it also had its fair share of differences."

"Still, you're right, perhaps a more hands-off approach would've worked better for molding my successor into a more competent ruler," the redhead admitted, "All the same, it's out of my hands now, and I left him with decent set of advisers at least."


"Life is as the wind blows, mm?" He absently scratched his skinned jaw, analyzing the woman's countenance. The metaphor was wearing down, but he found it appropriate nonetheless.  "What manner of occulted hierarchy was this then, if I may inquire? I can think of a handful of things that would fit, each more otherwordly than the next, though they may be the day's bread elsewhere."


"Do you like books, Rider?" Anastasia asked out of blue after silently listening to their conversation. "If you do, you all could drop by a library, that'd be a good place to find books you're interested in."

"I have an idea, but first off, I need some seeds of a fruit and some space at your balcony. An apple would do. The ritual I know is nothing impressive or major compared to the ritual that summons spirits, but should demonstrate well that I can back up my claims with genuine magic. Is there any problem if I perform it there?" She first asked Miss Suzuko for permission. The thing is that she exactly couldn't do it anywhere. She probably would get scolded for ruining the floor inside the apartment.

The pirate barely had the time, but he immediately dashed away with a powerful gust of fire, dodging the slash with a hair's breath as he was boosted out of her sword's range.

"Woah, nice!" He cried out once, but the swordsman was as relentless as a fly, a mighty strong gorilla fly that would cleave him in half with a single slash. Boy oh boy this wasn't good, but as she came again he spun around her sword and used the exact same boosting technique to evade her strikes with graceful movements.

But his coat was cut in more places than he'd like, even if he avoided her blade with great speed this was too close.This gave him bad enough feel to remain vigilant. The moment he'd lose momentum, she might just topple him and do unspeakable things to his boney body. As if he'd let that happen. He landed over a tree and bowed, but his flames were as ready to propel him away as ever.

Was that idiot really? Oh no he was ignoring her completely. Unforgivable, absolutely absolutely unforgivable. The crimson glare intensified as she built steam, heading straight for the inevitable explosion. Nothing he did could possibly prevent it now, it was far too late for that.

"You idiot!"

With that cry of absolute rage Saber launched like a rocker at the fiery skeleton and performed a mighty swing.

"Die! Die! Die!"

Every word accompanied by yet another blow from her blade.


The older mage was practically baffled, even if she didn't show it. Why in the world would she stay and observe that display of failed composure? It was a state that she would never wish for others to see her in. "You and your familiar were having a conversation. I would not have wanted to have you watching if a similar thing happened to myself. Now, can you tell Saber to refrain from murdering my newest acquaintance?"

It's not like she couldn't believe him, she had seen first hand in the months since she had come her just how what a bad shape the city was in. But even so, to abandon the plight of the meek just because the road was harsh did not sit well with her. By joining the force, these people had sworn an oath to uphold justice, regardless of whether they had sworn an actual oath, it's the idea that mattered.

A sad smile crossed her face but she did not falter in her stance. "If things are truly as bad as you say they are, then perhaps I can lend my aid in some way? I don't know the members of the force, but it's in the time of trial that one must stand firm for justice to prevail."

The detective certainly didn't mean to sound rude, but he seemed to be leashing a scoff behind his world-worn expression. The evaluation one could make of Jeanne at this moment was at odds with the general sentiment he had found in the house, but any other time Henry would have welcomed this altruism with mostly token strictness. That was the feeling of Mr. Tar even through the role of Henry Barthow, though there were too many unpredictable and dangerous factors here for it to be welcomed.

"You've got a straight head on your shoulders," he said, brushing away strands of hair that had fallen over his sweat-kissed forehead. "I can't lightly recommend it, but there's a number of bounties active for wrongdoing individuals and groups that we'd be glad to put to trial. Or, if you have the time, recruitment is always open."

He pulled a card with his precinct and general police contacts from the bleak jacket's chest pocket and offered it to her.

Woah. Not even a scratch? That was kinda scary, and hooo boy, she was a feisty one to say the least. He didn't like that look, and he liked having a sword pointed at him for such a stupid reason even less. Oh well, now to get his bony feet out of this mess...

He rubbed the back of his skull awkwardly and stretched back, at the very least his old bones felt better from that. He didn't ignore the swordsman's chilling words, but she looked so thick headed that whatever he'd say would probably bounce off her skull without reaching her ears. Instead, he turned to the white haired kiddo and scolded her gently, annoyed but still good natured enough to be friendly about it.

"And we were having a duel. You don't see me throwing a hissy fit over it, so please get back in line and wait your turn little lady." He said casually before bowing towards Grigori with theatrical grace.

"And of course, I aim to please. I wouldn't mind teaching you, but if you got any ideas of me doing it freely out of the kindness of my heart, I'd ask that you forget them. Well, if you could help me out by say, calming that beautiful lady over there down..." He pointed  to the very rude lady back there. "That would be very appreciated. Not bad for a trade deal, eh?"
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