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Last time, on that other RP...

The pope's arm moved swiftly forward, gripping the skull of the final skeleton in his path.  Just as he was about to crush the creature within his mighty hands, that sinner's voice rang through the air like a siren.

"Archer Class!"

Leo changed tactics immediately, throwing the skeleton into the air towards the hail of arrows descending on them.  It wouldn't provide much cover, but at least it would help discern the nature of the arrows coming towards them.  Then, he met the lancer's gaze and nodded, indicating that they would be alright.

But he was wrong.  An arrow struck the ground next to him, dissipating into a massive explosion.  To the pope's surprise, he did not feel pain.  Instead, he felt as if he were...moving?

Leo I

A pillar of light rained down from the sky, piercing the roof of a house and engulfing an ice sculpture beneath it.  As the light faded, it revealed an older man dressed in holy robes wearing a stern face.  His head moved left and right, scanning the room.

It appears I have been summoned to another world entirely this time. After about a minute of looking around, he finally locked eyes with the girl standing before him.

 "Greetings, my name is Ruler, a heroic spirit of the past,” he said in a strong earthy tone.  His voice was booming and his eyes soft.  It was the kind of piercing tone that gave off an aura of controlled power. “State your name and specialty."


Medaka smiled and said,  "Its alright.  It may seem like a simple game of speed, but it is actually a game of wits.  After all, the only rule is that you must acquire the piece of wood first.  You seem to be in good shape, but it will take more than that to survive in our home."


A grunt escaped Marcus's lips as he turned away from the blond.  His body seemed to limply slide off of Forest's, his cheeks growing red.  "Cheater..." he said, turning around to stand on his feet.

Thats not fair...  You can't just cut through me like that... He didn't even care anymore that she was reading his mind.  All the while, he stared at her tight body, taking note of how damp his pants had become.

He took a deep breath and turned around, his lips returning to that wry grin.  "I don't need to read minds to know you would love that," he said turning around and walking towards the crazy girl.  He reached out and grabbed her breast, squeezing once or twice just to get a feel for it.  "But hey, if you don't like it, ill just go to our new friend here."


"No, I'm not gonna go with her." Noire said, turning her nose at Neptune and taking Lucy's hand. "We're going to have a great time without her. I didn't really want to play games with her all that much anyway. I just wanted to invite her is all." Noire said angrily, turning away and walking away with Lucy.

A hail of bullets blew past them, some of them passing right through her wings which proceeded to heal quickly. "Well she us a rather violent one."

And she was even chasing after them on a flying horse now of all things, not that the vampire paid that much heed, she had something more important to deal with. That being the little mission this dog had been on.

"What were these old places he visited? Perhaps they could give us a clue as to finding his current whereabouts." She stated calmly despite the literal chase going on.


He was kinda jealous of Shinobu even as he tried not to flinch away to avoid the gunfire. She healed way too fast for someone who didn't have to become a killing machine for it. Ron shook his head. "Yup. That's Anne for you. Shoot first, ask questions maybe later."

Not that he blamed her too much here. "Well, mostly places to eat. A couple stores. An alley or two." He frowned. "How'd you two do with it? Find anything? How's Medaka?"

Oh she wanted to show off her the next in a line of captures it looked, wait a moment. She looked far more excited than usual, this could be bad. It's not like he was checking her out, no not at all.

"Wait a minute, does this regice even fit in here? Oh and ice powers you say, is that why you're so excited? Already trying to replace me?" He teased her.

Oka Kurosawa

Oka stuck her tongue out at him. "Of course I'm not trying to replace you, just to surpass you~" She teased right back. "It might be even stronger than your sword, you know, hehe." She smiled and ran around him a couple times like a hyperactive teenager. "And it would fit in here, but it'd make it too cold. I'd rather show you outside, and you did promise me a dinner date, didn't you?"

Eevee suddenly did a back flip at the mention of food, landing perfectly upright on his hind feet. He was very proud of his acrobatic abilities.

"Ehhhhh??" The young girl looked completely and utterly confused. Then, a terrible rumbling sound came from within her stomach and she suddenly understood. "OH! I get it! Moko must be hungry! Can we go eat something? Pleeease?" She tugged at the orange haired man's sleeve and looked at him with the biggest red puppy eyes ever.


"Uhhh, you're exaggarating. There's no way I can compete with you under normal circumstances." Well, that was true if she didn't transform or use the tricks she had in her sleeves. Should she try do something as inconspiciously as she could or just fold? She didn't like to lose, but she also didn't want to reveal herself as someone better than she was.

He blinked at the question and outpouring of feelings. That felt rather personal, even for Paladin. But it wasn't as if he could deny such a request now that Anastasia had already told him what troubled her. "Well, if I were to have a dream... It would be to grow old. To attain a position of high enough ranking and teach the next generation of initiates. I would fill my journal with all that I have encountered and then, then I would like to die in my sleep."

"It is a small dream. But I am a simple man." Paladin was happy enough wit that. He was not a man of great ambitions. It simply was no longer in his nature.


Suzuko frowned for a moment. Then she stood up and placed a hand on the other woman's shoulder, firm and comforting at once. "There aren't many people who are. But you have to be confident in yourself. As long as you make sure that you're listening to your kid and the people around you you'll do as well as anyone can."

Sakura Matou

Sakura sighed. "Well, yeah, that's what everyone tells me, but it doesn't exactly help with my worries, you know? She's my first child, my baby girl, you know..."

"It just makes me really worried."

Oh she wanted to show off her the next in a line of captures it looked, wait a moment. She looked far more excited than usual, this could be bad. It's not like he was checking her out, no not at all.

"Wait a minute, does this regice even fit in here? Oh and ice powers you say, is that why you're so excited? Already trying to replace me?" He teased her.

Rider's body began to heat up once again as the girl's response caused her to imagine all the fun they could have together. Certainly, she had no issue with what the girl was asking for. After all, it was difficult to have sex with a dead person.

"Oh I see", she replied with a smile.

"Well, of course I would be happy to protect my girlfriend. But, I cannot promise that I will be able to always be there, my ma...friend comes first. If she needs me then I am afraid you will have to travel alone", she added.

A look of concern came over her face. After all, she knew the city could be dangerous, and she couldn't promise to always be able to protect the girl, whatever she might offer in return. Sakura's safety and happiness came first, even before her own.

"Do you have any way of holding off an attacker or delaying them? If you are ever in trouble, if you call me I will usually be able to get there quickly. My friend is understanding, if someone I care for is in trouble then she'll let me go save them unless she truly needs me", she added.
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