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Antonia San Nicolas

This clean air unsettled Antonia. It smelled fresh, with a tinge of industrial fumes, but that was to be expected in a large city. She had accustomed herself to the nauseous scent of burning and rotting flesh back home and reveled in its intoxication. Maybe this new atmosphere would do her some good.

She marched through the streets, but it was for mere pretension. Antonia knew nobody in this strange land and knew nothing of its customs, but that didn't mean that everybody had to know that. Her eyes searched for something to do, something to entertain her until she found a new purpose. Though, based on the appearances of some of the Nexus's residents, it seemed that she wouldn't have to.

But she didn't want to raise hell picking a fight with anyone. It would cause unnecessary chaos to what was a peaceful scene. Her hunter instincts told her that something dangerous was ingrained in some of the inhabitants' hearts and that she needed to exterminate them. Antonia had enough civilized blood in her to not do that.

Someone pushed her out of the way, as if in a hurry. Although somewhat miffed at the person's rudeness, her interest was piqued. She decided to follow the stranger and see where that would take her. Antonia smiled. Just like a game of cat and mouse.

The priest nodded.  "Very well, but I ask that if a conflict arises, you let me take on the bulk of the fighting.  I will benefit greatly from long range support and other forms of magical assistance."

Ruler began walking towards the door, before turning around.  "It has been...nice to meet you Paladin.  If you require any assistance, come find me.  Any debt carried by my master must be shouldered by me as well."

Taking the phone, Rider entered her details into the contact, before passing the phone back to the girl with a smile.

"There you go", she said, before taking out her own phone.

"Do you want to call me so I can get your number?" she added.
"Yeah!  The motercycle scene was cool," he agreed, maintaining his enthusiastic smile.
Then, her criticism hit him, causing that smile to weaken.  "Yeah, that fight scene wasn't as good as the rest.  But..."  He stopped.
They were outside, in the dark, surrounded by the endless possibility of danger.  He reached out and grabbed Rin’s hand.  With his other hand, he whipped out his phone from his pocket.  “Huh, it looks like that guy plays villains a lot.  No wonder he was so good.”

He truly did tear into the poor sandwiches like a man possessed for such was his unquenchable hunger. He almost missed the question, but he would never do that, no. "Picnic... good.... go..... spring...." every word accompanied by a bite, some drowned out, no more like most of them. At least he still had his priorities straight, justice couldn't be carried out on an empty stomach.

Then it came, the dreaded question that you never ever wanted to hear while in a car. "So.... Are we there yet?"

The boy fell on his butt, looking up at the woman with fear.  His body was shaking, his mind racing as he stared at those sharp fangs.  His hand curled into a fist, ready to fight back if she followed up on her threat.  However, she didn't.  Instead, she began talking to the fire mage.

 A voice spoke from his hood, lecturing him like a worried older brother.  "Mason, next time try to be more...ahem, subtle. I was trying to get the attention away from you."

"Sorry," he whispered back.

This time, he waited until the girl was arguing with the pirate.  Then, he calmly walked away, his finger glowing once again with a blue light.  Just like before, a line was drawn behind him as he moved forward.  Hopefully, she wouldn't notice this time.
Olgamally Animusphere

Olga picked up a plate, and after ensuring that nobody would be paying attention, transmuted the plate into a pile of pure gold coins with the Animusphere crest on them.

And with that, the two left, with the taller white-haired girl leading the way.

Anne wasn't wrong. This wasn't their fight, not really. The fur stood up in alarm on his back, his senses becoming all too aware of what kind of threat he was facing. If he did push himself here then there would be no half-assing it. Either he took this thing down with spirit-rending teeth before it could rip his heart out or take his head off, or well... yeah.

This all took a fraction of a moment to consider. A stronger feeling dismissed her point. It was night. The moon was overhead, and the hunt was nearly complete. The prey was right there and he couldn't just leave it be.

do not be cowed

He nudged Annabeth's hand aside, and glanced sharply to Shinobu. Were they doing this? He was ready.

So that didn't work, Forest thought distantly as Costin coughed blood on her face as she slammed her into the concrete median.

The sound of cars going by rushed in her ears as she realized that her impromptu weapons didn't work.  In fact, they had returned to their former liquid state.  Only to have something cold and sharp pierce through her chest.

"Are you retarded?" Costin growled at her.

Forest felt blood bubble forth from her chest at the sharp pain and spill across Costin's hand.  Her glowing crimson eyes narrowed and she retorted, "Are you?"

Then she grabbed Costin's wrist, pulling herself closer to the other vampire before swinging a leg up and around Costin's arm.  Her other foot planted firmly into Costin's chest as she kicked herself back.  The blade of blood tore out of Forest's chest in a fount of her own blood and sharp pain that steeled her as she fell back, landing in a crouch.

She stood to her full height, her chest already knitting itself back together before she lead off with a double jump kick, her foot catching Costin under her chin.


Rin chuckled at Joe's enthusiasm and nodded.  "I actually really liked that motorcycle chase midway.  Now that was really exciting!  That had to have take some real skill to pull some of that stuff off, I was actually kind of impressed."

She shook her head with a grin, "But one of those fight scenes was really hard to follow with too many quick takes."

The vampire was slammed by forest's attack straight into a concrete median, cracking the pavement and sending a splashing cough of blood on the blonde vampire's face. The heart and head, that and sunlight were classical vampire weaknesses. If there was any way to kill an immortal vampire, that would surely do the trick. No mere apostle could perfectly survive impalement, it wasn't something the conventional curse of restoration could undo.

Costin did not move, twitch, or make a single sound. By all means she should be dead. And suddenly, a cold bloodied hand grabbed Forest's arm with the crushing grip of an elephant, pulling her closer. Her hair uncovered her two eyes, bloodshot eyes that couldn't have turned any more alive.

Indeed, even she wouldn't be able to shrug off impalement, but she hadn't been impaled in the first place. As soon as they made contact with her, the bloodied weapons melted, making it seem like they pierced her. That hit did pop quite a few ribs though, she'd have to pay her back for that.

"Are you retarded?" She growled in annoyance before her bloodstained hand turned into a blade that shot straight into her chest, piercing her heart as if it was a knife. Jeez, what a waste. She gave her yet another perfect opportunity, and this was really the best she could do?
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