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The two followed the vampire's lead, and soon the bossy vampire's automobile was in full display. "Huh, nice car. Is that a camaro?"

"I'm not angry.  I'm miffled.  You'd know it when I was angry," Forest said as she stepped in front of Costin and Marcus.  "There's a difference."

She folded her arms under her chest and mumbled, "What the bloody hell am I getting myself into . . ."

With that, and as much dignity as she could muster walking out without any panties on under her skirt, she started to lead the two of them back to the Camaro.


Roderick raised his eyebrows at Brutae's saccharine tone and tilted his head at her.

"It is odd, but your tone seems to indicate the opposite.  Has your master done something to displease you?  I mean, other than being her general self?" he asked her. 


"Mmm, I doubt it.  You might think you're delivering a proper kick, but if someone hasn't taught you form I'm pretty sure it could be easily turned against you," the raven haired magus whispered back with a tiny smirk.

The demon just kept munching happily. "Mhh, so why don't you cook here? It would be nice!"

It gets kind of lonely at times, really, but he wouldn't get mad if the oni said no.


"Do you have any alternative in mind? I think there could be something I could actually compete with you." Well, something that she could use her certain Embeds for without raising unwanted attention, hopefully. She didn't like to lose, after all.

Oh right, then it wasn't a dream after a bad day like that. "Uhh, yes, I don't think I get the whole picture. You don't look like a lingering spirit. Spirits that are tied down to the mortal world don't feel any like you. And the dead who pass on successfully don't manifest themselves, free even from necromancers that plague the world."

So he was interested in her as well, but for what reason? "Ohohoh me? I ended up in an underground fighting arena with the old friend I mentioned earlier, he kept burning all of my clothes away like the true deviant he was. Naturally I won in the end." She told him with a smug grin on her face.

"After that I went on a walk and smelt your lingering presence and thought I might come see you. It is a real shame you are not in your other right now, the fur is so soft and a pleasure to hug."

She nodded to him. What he said wasn't too interesting and she had something important, it being a message from her master. "Oh Master" There was something very wrong with the way she said master. "I'm not mad, not mad at all. Maybe you would be so kind as to be target practice for me. I can already feel my sword hand get a bit rusty and in need of a warmup. It would make me really happy if you complied." She finished sending her message and turned her attention back to Rick.

"They're probably gonna get back here soon, I can't wait for it~" She said with a kind of fake sweet voice that would send chills down your back.

Oka led him outside and unleashed her latest catch. The air suddenly getting cooler didn't bother him in the slightest, he'd dealt with much harsher cold. He looked at this Regice, unimpressed with it. Maybe it was the way it looked or perhaps the size. Nevertheless he wasn't impressed at all by it. "Is this your supremely strong pokemon? It doesn't look like much." He dryly commented upon seeing it.

"Did you really struggle against this?" He asked her, sounding quite a bit unbelieveing.

"Exactly, so there's no need to worry", Rider replied with a sultry smirk.

Rider paused for a moment, obviously nervous. Emily was an extremely attractive girl, and the servant knew she would enjoy being dominated and tortured by her. Then, taking a deep breath, she continued.

"So, my strength is not a problem, right?" she added, an obvious sense of hopefulness in her voice.

The changeling cocked an eyebrow at the term Rider was starting to use before she caught herself, a fleeting curiosity coming to her for all of a moment.

Master, huh? Well, unless she's the type to use matriarch in casual conversation.

"That's good to know," Emily said, a bemused smirk hiding the fact that she didn't know what she could ask next, "Well, if you trust yourself enough to handle children, then I suppose handling most anything else should be a non-issue."
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