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Relius Clover

The scientist smiled, satisfied with his work.  "Very good," he said.  "Now, onto the next matter."

He took a look at the many memories hidden within again.  The tone of these memories were not colored with any form of intense emotion, but subtle satisfaction, a tranquil happiness that comes from fulfilling a sense of purpose.  It was unusual but not unexpected to see these memories untainted by guilt.  However, the robotic nature of the experience did not fall in line with her original programming.  He could manipulate these memories as well, but after a moment of consideration he decided against it.  It was best simply to encode new memories himself.

"The time has come for a field test," he said, removing his hand from her chin and walking past her.  "However, before we proceed, instructions are in order." 

A strange sensation would hit her soon, signaling the temporary blanketing of her senses.  She was enveloped in a dark void, a small window into his own soul.   There, she was able to see his figure, battling with the assassin he fought earlier.

A voice echoed through the darkness.  "Behold!  This is a portion of my true abilities.  It is imperative that you observe this skirmish and understand your role.  In combat, Ignis is my sword and shield, an extension of my will.  You shall be another weapon in my arsenal, a sort of sentient lance if you will.  Your role shall be one of frontal assault, the first wave of attack.  Do you understand?"


"What are they to you? Just children?" Her words were not barbed but soft. "Are they an attempt to make amends, redemption? To try and heal and fix with hands that have been soaked deep in many sins?"

There was a sad smile on her face. "Please don't take this for an accusation. I am a far worse sinner than you. Anything harsh that may come from my lips is more a condemnation of myself than you. I simply wish to understand."

The ninja found the walk enjoyable as well, and her company made him feel happier than he remembered being for a while. He felt vulnerable, scared, but unburdened. But when she asked him that question, a frown crawled across his face.

"I found the boys around these parts a while ago. They were hungry and hurting, and had lost their mother. I couldn't leave them be, the least I could do is give them what little I have. Knowledge, shelter, and warmth." He said, but he sounded saddened by it, conflicted even.


Indeed, she was correct. Words were nothing but wind, action was the one thing that mattered. Sadly for her, he had already bothered enough with this.

"Your wisdom has been noted and ignored. If you have nothing pertinent to say, I'd suggest you stop wasting our precious time. Compared to me, yours seems to be running out at alarming speed." He told her calmly.

But did she actually do anything about it? She implied believing that dealings of a darker sort had taken place there. If she didn't actually act on that belief and try to get to the bottom of it she was acting quite foolish or arrogant or both. Saber shook her head at that and thought about how to best present it to her master.

"Did you at least try to find out who did it. If someone had him killed, they could have much more easily have you killed as well if they were after the position if what you've told me about his skill. It could be that whomever did it wanted you to take the position since you would be easier to control." Such a tactic wasn't uncommon at all.

It was a rather pleasant stroll all things considered. This place was quieter than the city and the air far fresher, especially compared to the sewers. "Where did you find those children, Ito?"

"Not at the moment, unless you are willing to have me drain your blood." The blond leapt back onto the couch, happily devouring the rest of the tasty treat. She did nt require regular food nor did she have any desire to partake in the consumption of it to any greater degree. She raised her stocking covered feet, motioning for Medaka to come over and give her a foot rub.

"An interesting tale but how did you come in contact with an angel Medaka? Why does it always have to be the troubleseekers that I turn?" The last question wasn't directed to either of them.

"I know, the view from back here is pretty nice," he said with a smirk.  He was enjoying the woman's reactions.  It was pretty cute, especially while she was wearing that dominatrix outfit.

Before he could see the fruits of his retort, he noticed the whip like curve being sent along the chain to his position.  Bracing for impact, he put the clean hand on the chain and tightened his legs so that he could maintain his hold on the bike.  True to his predictions, the bike flung into a nearby car, bruising his shoulder.  The blood from his hand covered the windshield of the car, sending it into a frenzy.  Even so, he held on.

Before he could fully recover, him and his stolen bike was flung into the other side, straight into a truck.  This time, he yanked on the chain, pulling himself closer to dodge the truck.  "AGH!" he cried in pain.  Blood spurted from the wound on his hand.  His body was starting to weaken from loss of blood, his head starting to develop a slight headache.  It wouldn't be long now before he passed out from blood loss.

"Ok, I know I said the dominatrix thing was pretty nice, but I think I prefer whips to chains," he said, with a light chuckle in between heavy breaths.  Using both hands, he gave the chain a mighty tug.  Meanwhile, he struck the ground with his feet, sinking his legs into the concrete to force a hard stop.
Ito Kizumi

Ito frowned. He understood that much, he was no stranger to the life of a monk. Even then, she was lithe, and a woman. He didn't want her to starve or hurt herself, even if he understood her faith. But if she said she was fine, he'd believe in her.

And suddenly, she held his metal hand. Despite it being a cold, unfeeling appendage, his body felt warm. Despite that, he smiled confidently. Even his frozen heart could be thawed by a smile.

"Well, if a lady makes a request, who am I to refuse? Let's go." He said, closing his eyes before heading out, locked arm in arm with the holy woman.

Joe shuddered, but nodded to indicate he understood.  Yup, im not staying here long, he thought to himself as he pictured casually relaxing with dozens of bugs around him.  You would think the nice bed she presented to him would make it feel more inviting, but it actually did the opposite.  The almost cartoonishly lavish room combined with the looming threat of death made him feel like he was going to be living on a horror movie pieces, hosted by the monster herself.

"So how is your relationship with your sister?  Like, what do you think of her?" he asked, realizing as he spoke how weirdly he phrased the question.


"No no, that won't be necessary. My fasting requires a lack of sustenance for quite some time. I do not need water or food nearly as much as others do. If you wish to do something for me..." she gently held his metal hand.

"I would like to take a walk around this lake."
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