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She pulled away from the kiss as he let her go to get some much needed air. After taking a few deep breaths the Hunter tried to glare at him again. It didn't really work with the way he was ravaging her, squeezing her breasts like he wanted to show that he owned her.

"About time you damn bloodsucker. Are you gonna do it now or will have to rip your dick off and fuck myself with it?" Despite her angry complaints, she did as she was told and put her hands on the wall. She even bent over until her head was level with her ass. "like this?" Molly glanced back at him, waiting to see what he would do.

Medaka sighed, her body becoming almost flaccid as all of her energy escaped through her breath.  "Very well, I have a few decks of cards in the apartment downstairs if that sounds preferable."

This might not be all bad.  She would finally get to test out that game.


His consciousness faded the moment he got frozen. He did not have time to contemplate ramifications of his decision back then as in this near state of death he ended up in sort of coma. It was thanks to his willpower and quick treatment that he had a chance to recover. Even after thawing through whatever means that were applied, he was still in coma. It took some time for him to stir from this state of suspension and open his eyes.

Unfamiliar ceiling, unrecognizable room. A smell different from hospital's he knew. A nurse leaving the room in hurry to inform her superior about the patient as he opened his eyes.

Anguirus was about to retort when Adjutor quickly stepped away/ Gojira took advantage of the brief moment of confusion, lunging at the coated woman in an attempted tackle. Anguirus saw the move coming, however, and readied herself for the collision. When Gojjira slammed into her, her stance proved to be solid, and the two found themselves locking arms trying to overpower the other.

That was when Adjutor's fireball smacked into both of them...

Gojira recoiled, disengaging from the other woman. It wasn't that the fire hurt her, but rather the surprise of it. Anguirus was in worse shape: her coat caught fire. With a panicking struggle, she tore off her burning jacket. What she was wearing underneath was something akin to a modified, backless shirt. However, it wasn't to improve her sex-appeal - her torso was wide, back naturally armored with skin-covered bone along with layers upon layers of spikes. Even her shoulders were armored and armed. The now de-coated brunette turned to the source of the surprise attack, eyes holding a proverbial flame.

He kept up the liplock forcing her to breathe through her noise. A small sound of disappointment escaped her when she felt those wonderful fingers be pulled out of her warm depths. Molly was still reeling from the aftershocks of her recent climax and couldn't do much more than that, but she could feel it already. Her ability had kicked in, it wasn't much right now but it was coming along.

She gazed upon him once more, the glaring was long since gone from her. Now her eyes were now only searching for his with a completely different tone, a pleading tone.


This time he didn't try to hide what he was doing from Molly. She could resist this just fine. "Now, I'm gonna let you go. And you're gonna put your hands on that wall." That is, if she didn't want to do what she was told. His free hand reached up and grabbed at her chest, squeezing roughly.

"Then why haven't you told her off for being soooo bad? Hiding something are we? Are you in on it to? Scam the goddesses and take all of their money." She teasingly accused him.

"So when are you gonna show me your patrol? Nuthin's happening yet."  It wouldn't be so boring if something actually happened


"I have, of course, spoken against her wicked intentions. However there is little I can do to convince her to cease when she has her mind set on something." He sighed, a touch dramatic in his presentation with a hand over his chest. "And she is family; tis better for me to permit her to reside with me that I might keep an eye on her than allow her to slip away and scheme freely."

That was, after all, what the spare bedroom was for.

At that, he nudged Neptune gently down an alley. If he remembered rumors from previous patrols correctly... "Now now, we did run into your old friend and my niece along the way. That can hardly be considered uneventful. As for the usual suspects... look there."

Whence the fallen angel directed his gaze stood a rather shady crowd making their way into a shabby building. They were an older crowd, and holding slips of paper of some sort. "

Olga did not respond in kind to Brutae. She simply lowered her head and felt bad all over again. "I'm really truly sorry. Honest." Her voice was not loud, boisterous, or anything similar. She spoke softly and regretfully and sounded as if she might cry. This was really frustrating, it was her worst character trait, she knew it. It was absolutely no good. If there was any way she could reasonably make it up, she wanted to hear it. It felt bad being treated like an indolent child who needed to be spanked.

Olga sighed.

"Your line of thinking is not incorrect," he said in a softer voice.  It was still powerful, but it did not echo through the room like before.  "I am a spirit not tied to the mortal world, nor a slave to some necromancer.  I am simply a heroic spirit with a wish.  But it seems I will not be able to earn my wish this time either."

He lifted his hands and held them up in front of him, examining them as if he didn't believe they were real.  Something is...wrong. he thought.  Is my form already fading or...

He slowly let his hands drop back down to his sides and said, "I must ask you a favor, one that could alter your fate."

Yes, this time, he would put his trust in another right from the start.  That is true faith.

Forest blinked as Costin recognized the model of her beloved car.  She smiled, nodded and said, "Yes actually it is. A 1967 RS Z/28 to be exact.  Are you a fan of pony cars?"

Her face had lit up and she was smiling, gesturing to the admittedly fine piece of automobile that she took so much pride in.

Walking beside Costin, his eyes were not drawn to the Camero but instead the skirt that stood as the last line of defense between his eyes and her bare ass.  A smirk crept onto his face as he watched her walk.  Not mad huh?  Not mad is still pretty hot.

As the crazy vampire made the comment, he rested his hands behind his head, enjoying the walk as he listened to the two vampires talk.


Joe glanced downwards at her legs.  They looked pretty strong and...nice.  What was I thinking about again? he thought, trying to get himself together.  He returned his gaze to the screen.  "Umm.. well... the actor looks pretty hot right?"

WHY?! Why did you say that?  What does that have to do with martial arts?!

Almost right on cue, there was a close up shot of the main character covered in sweet.

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