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 Marcus placed his hands behind his head, nesting the back of his skull with his palms.  The people watching them seemed to stop being so blatent with their stares, at least now that he could stare back.

When he heard Forest's comment, he couldn't help but let out a playful scoff.  "That sounded like a complaint!" he said, lazily waving his hand, as if to check if it still works.

Great, it's cute.  Bloody hell, Forest thought as she fell into step with Marcus.

"Bloody hell," she muttered.

She was on guard as he walked around her, sizing her up like prey. She knew this feeling very well. He wasn't going to be calm for much longer despite what his voice and posture might hint at. And indeed once he finished his lap he assumed a combative stance in front of her, lightning seemingly crackling through his eyes.

"My my that would be telling and does my name really have any meaning here? But if you really insist, it's Molly." She didn't bow to him or anything. Throughout his monologue her eyes had been glued to his every movement, calmly analyzing h despite her carefree facade.

"And of course it's me' you'll never find anyone better." She stated completely serious in that belief. Then a the same whitish aura from before surrounded her as she assumed a combative stance of her own, born from years having to fight for her life.


"Your enthusiasm is noted, but who said you were to be the heir?" He answered to her poke politely, coldly, thought not exactly with hostile intent. And yet, why did her finger feel like it would freeze the moment it touched him?

However, his tone did mellow, and he nodded. "Very well, I suppose that will be up to you to determine, But there is one problem."

He stepped around the girl, as if observing her, but his glare and expression would never betray something such as interest. If one didn't know better, one would think he was pondering on the ways to punish such a body for its owner's insolence. Perhaps, for once, they may be right.

"I admire your sharp tongue and quick wits, and your feminine charms suit that well. When it comes to womanhood, you are something  men would consider an ideal. But I have no need of a concubine, and you are more than that. Your little display was not ignored."

For a second, his eyes glowed while lighting cracked around their edges. HIs stance didn't quite change, or at least, it didn't seem to, and yet the way he stood right before her once more could only be described as a combative stance. Alas, she had simply gone too far, there was no way for her to refuse any further request at this point. The best way to avoiding quicksand was to avoid it in the first place, but she was already knee deep.

"Consider our little chat an initial screening. Now, it is time for an interview. May I have your name, miss?"

"Aha so you haven't had any in a while, that would definitely explain the sad state of your world." She poked his metallic chest and gave him an honest smile. The teasing wasn't mean spirited and she quickly changed to a more serious tone.

"Heir you say. I wouldn't mind becoming that as long as it doesn't involve turning into robot." She nodded at that, that was way way down on her lost of desirable outcome. In any case it looked like she had much to gain from this, perhaps being his air had some unforeseen drawback she didn't know of yet. Nevertheless the benefits would outweigh that hopefully.


Once the boy left, the disintrested looking man couldn't help but crack a smile, or perhaps he was cracking it the whole time.

"Hehehe. You're not a very good liar, you know that?" He teased him, but there was no real malice in his taunt. He looked outside and sighed. "I don't think that boy is someone you'd want to see again. With luck like yours, I gotta feel sorry for you."


The man of steel stared down at the girl silently, but shook his head. "You are not lacking in wits, at least. Very well, the truth. I need to find a heir." He spoke solemnly, his sentence ending with such a foreboding tone that there was no way to assume he was lying. He grasped at his metallic chest, for a second it looked like he was about to rip it out of rage.

"I cannot sire any children with this body of mine, but my spirit is crumbling. I lack the time and strength to fulfill my goal, thus I need to find a replacement. That is my goal, and for that I require your intelligence."

Joe simply frowned at the boy's response about kids.  He eats them? he thought as he recalled the boy eating the snake.  Jesus!  At least its not me...

He knew kids like this back in school, or at least pretended to be like this.  Whether they were real or fake, it was best to put on a brave face.  "Umm ok," he said, "I'll see you later."

"But..." Marcus said, before turning around.  He resumed his walk down the street.  But its cute... the contradiction is cute.

Baring the same bloodthirsty grin, she drove her knee right into her stomach with enough force to shatter a concrete wall, but that wasn't what hurt the most. The moment the blow connected, there was a burst, and the grotesque sound of bone and flesh breaking.


A bloody spear connected her knee to her stomach, sprouting right out of her foe's back like a grotesque thorn pulsating with hateful magic. There was no escaping her once her claws caught you, that was what it meant to be a predator of the night.

Medaka Kurokami

It didd't work.

The leg didn't budge, even with her using her entire body.  She let out a defiant roar as she used her right arm to deliver a chop to the back of his kneecap.  It was a pressure point, so even if his body was far more durable than hers, it should still hurt.  Of course, that did not prevent her body from being cleaved in half.  A pool of blood was the only thing connecting her torso to her legs.
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