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If that's how he wanted to act, she didn't really have against it. In fact it would work in her favour in the long run to keep this act up, there was still more. Far far more that she could squeeze out of him, she couldn't really believe how lucky she'd gotten today, this was the beginning of something truly exquisite and she wasn't going to miss one bit of it.

Still he wanted to bash in the head of some poor unlucky fellow, an activity she was more than willing to partake in. "You're good enough for my eternal loyalty, master." She gave him a deep bow with a smile of pure happiness. The maid tried sounding as sincere as possible when saying it.

The Hunter didn't flinch as the man approached, even as each step blasted dirt and cracked stone. Though they only had a few seconds, that time was more than enough for Annabeth. In the first second, her Ren blazed before seeming to vanish, the Hunter quickly she letting off a dozen or so nen bullets from each gun, each shot positioned such that dodging one would put him in the path of at least one more.

Rider waited for the girl to hang up before entering her as a contact.

"OK, done", she said as she finished adding the girl's number.

Wow! Sakura fixed herself up real nice! Or maybe she was just a very good liar. That had a pretty good chance of being true too. But was she faking being better or had she faked being sad in the first place?

Oh well. "Yep. You look nice, Sakura! Do you usually wear that kind of stuff?"

The demon frantically deflected the impossible flurry of slashes. Each was a fatal blow in its own right, chipping away at his demonic shell whose number of cuts slowly began to grow more and more. Despite his strength, skill and speed he was being utterly overwhelmed and forced on the defensive, and the fact he could avoid the demonic sword from reaching the bone in his neck with only one arm was a miracle in itself.

He parried yet another blow, but this time more aura splashed from his neck. Too close, too close, but when he finally managed to stretch  the distance he decided to kick his sandal off his foot to strike her face with a swift movement, only to retaliate with another swing in her blind spot out of desperation.

The gigantic warrior ignored the blonde abomination, he had already given too much attention to a worthless whelp as it was. If this was their choice, he'd see it to the end, until the final curtain dropped upon them.

Which is why before she could even mutter the word defeat, lightning shimmered in the corner of his eye. In an instant, his muscles had tensed impossibly and released their uncluttered might in a single stomp, a step that annihilated everything around him and threw off an unbelievable burst of rock, dirt and lightning back upon the blonde idiot, a veritable explosion that pierced through her bones and threw her ravaged remains away from the crater he left in his waking charge.

With with each step, as if that warrior had become a living calamity, the earth and winds boomed and sundered before its charge to kill both. Too strong, too fast, they could not run away from him and merely approaching his thunderous step would be like standing next to a bomb meant to tear apart those unfortunate enough to stand in his way. They had less than a few seconds to act against their sealed fate, but would it be enough?

The blond vampire almost flinched as the man's disgusting hair brushed past her shoulder, but only almost. She wouldn't grant him the satisfaction of seeing such a reaction from her, that would be to acknowledge him as something more than a nuisance.

"Are you truly going to turn your back to me? I did not take you for such a fool. Or could it be that you actually desire defeat?" That wouldn't be too unlikely, still rather unlikely though. Turning his back on her was a mistake, one that he would come to regret soon enough.

Well, her work here was done. Now there were other things to do. Big plans! Mostly involving one of the new casinos. She hadn't been to a gambling den in ages.

She would just leave a few Messengers around here to take care of the place. And to make sure that Noire wouldn't notice her getting up and leaving. Simple stuff.

As much as she could feel that weight pressing down on her, the redhead managed to return Rider's smile, fingers brushing briefly against the other woman's as she took her phone back.

"Yes, of course," Emily said, quickly calling the newly filled out contact until she heard the call coming through on Rider's end before hanging up to give her the option to add a new contact, "That should do the trick."

The Hunter watched with bated breath as Shinobu leaped down to face the man head on. Ignoring the seemingly suicidal nature of the action, the cowgirl relaxed a little, Ron nudging her hand aside catching her a little off guard. Allowing a much put-upon sigh, the Hunter drew her pistol and took a moment to let her aura flare up in preparation for the fight. Not bothering to aim at the man yet, Anne took a step behind her boyfriend, glancing quickly at the trees around them to work out the ricochet shots available to her.

"Well, seems you're sure of this," the Hunter remarked under her breath to the murderpuppy next to her.
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