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Joe's eyes widened.  Huh?  Weird. That seems like the sort of thing people would gossip about... he thought as his expression changed to an awkward smile. "Well, in that case, I probably shouldn't say anything.  I don't think Rin would want me to blab about that."

It was at this point that he noticed that his boner was finally gone.  He looked around, curious to see if there were any bugs.  They didn't appear to be any in sight, but Joe couldn't help but wonder if maybe she had control over bed bugs or mosquito's, something that would be hard to notice.  Once his eyes had scanned the room, he continued,  "Rin never mentioned she had bug magic.  She did this weird bullet thing with her finger.  Do all of you have different powers?"

Maybe that is what the shadows were, just her magic.

Sakura Matou

"Well yeah, of course we do." Sakura answered as if it was natural. "Isn't that basically how it goes in any fantasy novel too? Rin's more of a generalist, I specialize in a few fields. I'm good at familar creation and magic fields." Her shadow bubbled up into a small little humanoid shaped shadow creature that waved at Joe before disappearing back into her shadow. "See?"


The nun slowly came up from behind him, placing a hand on one of his shoulders. "Now, that wasn't so hard, is it? You have to set a good example for these kids. Trying to act alone like that, it can set a mixed message."


"Hi Noire! Well, do you remember that friend you met up with a bit ago? Seems like she wants to meet up with you again. Something about saving you from my evil clutches and whatnot. It seems like you two should meet up for a bit in my opinion."


"Um, what?" Noire asked in confusion. "Save me from you? What are you talking about?" Noire asked as she wandered around. "Put me on with her."


Joe's pupils were focused on her the entire time, though admittedly they went towards her legs as she crossed them back and forth.  The gesture combined with her umm and uhhs made it sound like she was holding back information.  But her word choice made it clear she was just being tactful.  Then, she said something that caught him off guard.  He forrowed his eyebrow and said,

"You don't like bugs?  Why do you use them then?"  He realized right after the words left his lips that she might not have a choice.  Crap!  Just keep talking.  Answer the other question!  It will make it easier not to answer.

He scratched the back of his head, his eyes darting towards the corner of the room.  "Weeeellll you didn't happen to hear from Jeanne about Rin's outburst did you?"

Sakura Matou

"Well, it's mostly because they're small and easy to mass produce. They're great for all sorts of things, you know. Also I never have an issue with ants or roaches or anything like that. I can just have my familiars hunt and destroy their nests." Sakura seemed particularly pleased with the last benefit. But then she smiled and shook her head at Joe.

"Nope, what outburst are you talking about?" Sakura asked, wanting to know more.


Despite not looking like it, he was paying attention to the conversation. "How about you just call it a bad dye job next time? It might spare you others curiosity." He joked around, honestly not feeling very hungry right now. Despite that, his smile was as wide as ever.

Perhaps she was some sort of failed experiment. Interesting...


Rosa looked at Sakura incredulously. "What, is that all? Hahahaha!" She shook her head, holding back tears from her eyes. "I thought it was something way more dangerous and painful than just magic. Way to over-exaggerate, Purple. That's baby stuff."


Oh, firm ground! She listened to Oka's instructions at least, breathing slower. "H-hey can you bring Wormy out again? It's a little cold up here." Especially when she really wasn't dressed for anything but a hot day at the pool.


"Ho-ho-ho." Oka laughed with a nod, already in the process of doing so. "I see you're beginning to understand the practical benefits of having pets like these." She pulled out not one, but three pokeballs, and let them all loose simultaneously. Wormy came out of the first one, instantly raising the temperture to that of a nice sunny day, but out of the other two came two new pokemon: Mimikyu and Sylveon. The Sylveon walked over and stood up on his hind legs, pressing his paws up against Rebecca's waist and gently saying hello to her, while the Mimikyu excitedly screeched with an ear splitting cry and bounced towards her playfully. It was clear he wasn't trying to threaten her. Meanwhile, Oka put her drifblim back into the pokeball until she wanted to use him once more.


Joe shuttered, but nodded to indicate he understood.  Yup, im not staying here long, he thought to himself as he pictured casually relaxing with dozens of bugs around him.  You would think the nice bed she presented to him would make it feel more inviting, but it actually did the opposite.  The almost cartoonishly lavish room combined with the looming threat of death made him feel like he was going to be living on a horror movie pieces, hosted by the monster herself.

"So how is your relationship with your sister?  Like, what do you think of her?" he asked, realizing as he spoke how weirdly he phrased the question.

Sakura Matou

"Erm, that's a difficult one..." Sakura answered, sitting down on his bed and swinging her legs back and forth. He obviously didn't know the background of their relationship, so it was a rather astute question. She wondered what he and Rin had actually talked about. "Weelll... hm... It's--complicated, I guess? We're kind of estranged, or rather had been until a few years ago. So I'm not really sure." Sakura withheld the fact that she felt like this Rin didn't like her for some reason, not wanting to make things awkward for Joe. All she ever did was try to support her.

Sakura suddenly got up really close to Joe and began whispering in his ear. "I'll tell you a secret by the way--I don't particularly like bugs either." Just as quickly, she leaned back and smiled sympathetically at him.

"What made you wonder, anyway?"


The excitement left in a single breath, but the evidence would probably be around for a bit.  He looked at Jeanne, then back at Sakura.  It was strange.  It sort of felt like he had missed something.  Maybe it had to do with that sudden glance at his pants.  "Umm its ok," he said, wondering if perhaps it was a pregnant thing or they were just that close.  "Sounds good. Just don't leave out anything that could kill me ok?  I really don't want to die."

Just as he finished, he noticed that Jeanne was standing at the entrance.  "Bye Jeanne!" he shouted, waving at her with a smile.  However, before he could get a reaction, she bolted out of the room in an instant, making it unclear if she even heard his send off.

"So, can I ask a personal question?  I mean, other than your mood."

Sakura Matou

Sakura waved lazily at Jeanne as she left. "Sure, sounds good to me." She called out to her. She then refocused her attention on Joe, and laughed lightly. "I'll make sure to show you things that can if you make them angry, just so you know what's up." Sakura said lightly. "But more seriously don't squash any of the bugs in the house, they're my familars. They wouldn't attack you but it would be rather annoying to have to needlessly replace them." Sakura began leading him upstairs.

"Sure, as long as you don't mind me potentially not answering." Sakura answered with a jovial look. She clearly wasn't opposed to answering some questions, just making a general statement. She looked rather excited to actually. "And as long as you don't mind me asking questions about you as well~" They arrived at his bedroom while she spoke. It looked just as absurd as everything else in the house, with a king sized bed being the centerpiece of the room. The sheets looked ridiculously luxurious as well. "This ok with you?" Sakura asked him with an ironical voice and stuck out her tongue jokingly.


As soon as she heard the girl's question, Sakura stopped eating, her face falling at the mention of her past.

", it was altered by ..magic", she replied in a sad tone, obviously not wanting to go into detail.


"What? That sounds boring. Surely there's more to it than that."


"Ughhhh." That wasn't really helping her attitude right now! It was like telling someone scared of rollercoasters that even if there was an incident they would be safe. "Bluh. I'm just gonna close my eyes for the rest of the ride. Tell me when we land please."


"Alright, alright, hold onto me." Oka laughed uncomfortably as she patted the scary cat on her head. Eventually, they landed on a remote mountain almost at the edge of where one was able to travel. The city was only a distant light visable in the fog now.

"We're here! Don't hyperventilate, the atmosphere's thinner here."


Rosa began digging into the food leisurely, as if she didn't actually care all that much if she ate or not. It seemed like she was just having fun, really. "So, Purple--" Rosa wagged her bread in front of Sakura's face. "What's up with your hair? You seem way too weak to have fancy hair. Did you dye it?"

She seemed to be completely ignoring Blackmore.


"No I like him, not as much as you but he's interesting, and would you stop talking like this it's rude to our guest" The servant wouldn't say anything more on that matter, Sakura was clearly after something but she didn't feel like entertaining her master's whims today.

"It is the house that has much to fear, his throwing skills are second to none. On a more serious note, there's a number of security measures here that might kill you if you try to get into locked places so try not to do that okay." Naturally she was still keeping him in her grasp, her mood at an all time high in comparison to the other people present.

Joe frowned.  That sort of response meant that she was too uncomfortable to talk to him about it yet.  Well, we did just meet, and through Rin, he thought.

"Yeah it looks-" he said before Jeanne made her comment about the traps.  "Oh.... ok.  Well, it looks nice.  Don't worry, I won't stay too long.  I just need someplace to stay until I get this whole apartment thing sorted out."

He sighed.  That could take months, years even!
Sakura Matou

Jeanne's words helped Sakura calm down a lot. She was still the most important. Everything was ok still. Nothing was changing. The world wasn't crumbling around her. She let out a big sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry." Sakura said to Jeanne mentally. "I was being dumb again. Please don't go too far, at least until my sister gives up because she's an idiot. I know you're mad at her but she's just going to take it out on me..." Sakura sounded resigned to taking further abuse from her sister seemingly in perpetuity.
She turned to face Joe. "No no, take your time. We have plenty of room." Sakura spoke seriously and tried to convince Joe to her utmost. "I just had something stupid on my mind, it wasn't anything against you." Sakura obviously noticed the bulge in his pants, but even though she clearly glanced at it, she didn't mention it at all. She wasn't going to get mad at a man for his body getting aroused. That'd be stupid.

"Come on, I'll show you to where you'll be sleeping." Sakura took his hand boldly and smiled, as if to affirm the fact they were friends. It just happened to bring her closer to him and Jeanne.


"I find it hard to believe your father didn't have any associates who could fill the role of director in your place. Or did they simply not approach you?" She brushed off the question about the post by countering with one of her own. Not like she wanted to bring that up right now.

Olga seemed to be enjoying the wine, of course she would after she had picked it out for them, there was no way she could do wrong there.

Olga Marie

"Sure he did, they could have easily taken on my role, if I wanted to lose my position forever. I think it's quite possible they'd have stolen my title as one of the twelve in that case. I don't consider that outcome even remotely acceptable." Paranoia or not, it wasn't clear, but she was most certainly worried about losing everything her dad had built up. "There's no way I'd have been able to regain the position of director if I'd relinquished it."

Olga shook her head and took another sip. "Plus, I'm not convinced it was actually a suicide. Last I talked to him he seemed perfectly happy and I wanted to get to the bottom of it."


Noire had defeated the monster, said her goodbyes to Julius, and shown herself as Black Heart to the populace, explaining what she'd done. She'd felt her shares go up some from it and was feeling good. Then Noire got a phone call from her good friend, Lucy. So of course, she answered it. "Hello?" Noire asked. "What's up?"


Yes, his presence felt completely unnecessary. More arrogant monster hunters would at this point plan how to smear a superior competition in the public eye, but he had stopped bothering about such things like worldly fame a long time ago. Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas. So he just leaned against the wall, among the room full of bodies (unconscious or maybe not unconscious) and decided to wait patiently for the outcome.

The big boss

Over 8 feet tall bearded man that most likely towered over most people in the city already waited for the invader. So his thugs didn't slow this transgressor? The moment Noire barged in, the tall man in a custom tailored suit was already on his feet, ready to fight. The fabric between the reality and some other reality rendered asunder, partly overlapping with the office. The room darkened in disturbing manner and the floor became filled with a stinking, greasy substance, slowing down any trespasser by half. Now the goddess was inside the nightmare lair of the monster who took residence here.


Black Heart fearlessly ran up to the beast, and with a single strike, cut him clean in half, the monster now slain. She reverted to her normal form triumphantly.


Rebecca was, a little shamefully, clinging to Oka as if she was an anchor. There were so many things that could happen, especially when they were on some inflatable balloon animal. And she wasn't sure if Oka's pokemon could catch her if she fell.

Oka Kurosawa

"Chill, chill, it's fine." Oka insisted. "I've only fallen off once and he caught me. There's nothing to worry about as long as you sit still." Oka seemed pretty serious. "I've even slept on top of him before!"

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