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His consciousness faded the moment he got frozen. He did not have time to contemplate ramifications of his decision back then as in this near state of death he ended up in sort of coma. It was thanks to his willpower and quick treatment that he had a chance to recover. Even after thawing through whatever means that were applied, he was still in coma. It took some time for him to stir from this state of suspension and open his eyes.

Unfamiliar ceiling, unrecognizable room. A smell different from hospital's he knew. A nurse leaving the room in hurry to inform her superior about the patient as he opened his eyes.



"Do you have any alternative in mind? I think there could be something I could actually compete with you." Well, something that she could use her certain Embeds for without raising unwanted attention, hopefully. She didn't like to lose, after all.


Oh right, then it wasn't a dream after a bad day like that. "Uhh, yes, I don't think I get the whole picture. You don't look like a lingering spirit. Spirits that are tied down to the mortal world don't feel any like you. And the dead who pass on successfully don't manifest themselves, free even from necromancers that plague the world."



After learning from Oren what Breeze "liked" and getting teased by her, they finally left the restroom. Who knew what Breeze and Sakura thought about their absence. "Let's rejoin them, Oren.  They should be pretty nearby."



"Uhhh..." Anastasia was standing there confused about what the hell just happened. "I just tried to make a sculpture, I can't summon anything. Usually..."

Usually, she got pestered by evil spirits or demons if her spell caught too much attention from powers lurking beyond the veil, but seeing an old man who looked like some kind of Godsworn was something new. Nah, it was impossible for him to come from Aether.

"Hey, do you see him too?" She awkwardly asked Paladin to confirm that wasn't a dream or figment of her imagination.


"Is that a... threat?" Mitsu frowned at such a warning. "The burden of keeping a guest save is on the host, not the guest. No matter how you might rate me, I'm just a human with human limits."



"Yes, it is better that wa. It is more enjoyable to cook and eat in the company of others. When I'm done with the meal, I will cook something for you too. Do you prefer something in particular or do you want to be surprised?" The monk asked the giant oni.



"Uhhh, you're exaggarating. There's no way I can compete with you under normal circumstances." Well, that was true if she didn't transform or use the tricks she had in her sleeves. Should she try do something as inconspiciously as she could or just fold? She didn't like to lose, but she also didn't want to reveal herself as someone better than she was.



(Soft retcon since a derp on my part)

"I think I can work magic a bit better in such area, but it doesn't matter. As long as they leyline is good, I'm pretty good at controlling my magic." Anastasia reassured Paladin. "Alright. You've seen me casting those destructive spells, but that's not extent of my capabilities. That might be trivial, but uhh, I can also make ice sculptures. When I had to pay off my master's debts, I undertook many tasks just to shake off debt collectors." 

Anastasia took a deep breath and focused. She summoned ice with her magic and started shaping it into humanoid shape. She clearly aimed at making a statue of sorts, though in whose likeness it would be?



"Ah, I see. That's a fine dream. Not even small and simple considering what danger you're willing to face. Would it help you fill the journal if you could see more of my magic? You were interested in owning an appropriate animal, so maybe I could try to summon an ice familiar. If I find a grimoire or a scroll containing a ritual, that is." There was a slim chance that there was a book or scroll somewhere that could help. After all, not only people randomly ended up here.



"Oh, okay." Paladin was probably too principled for his own good. A white lie was a white lie after, sometimes such minor dishonesty made life more convenient. As chewed the food that Paladin made, she again got urge to talk.

"Do you have a dream, Paladin? I realized that I don't have one. I feel that me following Oka back then was as if I wanted to warm myself by the blazing inferno that was her dream and passion. I cannot say that following others like I've done so far is something that can be called an ideal. Maybe I should take initiative and find something that resonates with me on my own. Well, dealing with those peculiar creatures is fun, I just want find something else as well." The mage talked about what she had on my mind. Seemed like sticking around with such a passionate person like Oka rubbed on her a bit. That girl knew what she wanted out of her life.



"Handicap? Really? Aren't your other senses sharp too? You probably hear better than most with those ears." That would really make sense if that was the case. "Maybe plugging them could work out?"



The monk nodded calmly in approval as she consumed the food in composed manner. There was a lot to eat though, so she wondered if the second meal would be cooked just for the oni. Possibly that's how she could repay him a favor.



Damn, she thought that she finally found some secret that she hid, but his image as a knight of a holy order had no cracks. "Huh, not even a sister or another relative? Be careful then, strangers might draw their own conclusions about that. I believe because I'm not exactly a stranger."

"If neighbors bombard with questions about me, just tell them I'm your younger relative visiting you. It's not exactly farfetched. You're probably older than me, wouldn't be that hard to convince them." Anastasia proposed. Such a white lie probably would be convenient for Paladin's sake. Would shake off everyone but most dedicated stalkers intent on digging up dirt on him.


"You mean me borrowing your clothes? I'm about as tall as you." It was harder to tell with his armor on, but it seemed so.

"Well, whatever fits." Anastasia shrugged and went to his room. While she rummaged through his wardrobe, she made an interesting discovery. She kept female clothes around. Nothing her size, so he couldn't be in that kind of eccentricity that few nobles indulged in. She drew another conclusion. He probably had some mistress. Because one couldn't marry didn't mean that one couldn't keep secretly a lover. Ah, men of the religion, such things weren't exactly uncommon.

She put on some male trousers and shirt on her and came back. A bit baggy on her considering their different builds, but worked out. "Ummm, I know you brought me here out of kindness of your heart, but what about your lady? She probably won't be happy if she sees me here."

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