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Role Playing / Fate/Grand Adventures Approvals Thread
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Approved Characters:














Saint Leo the Great


Olgamally Animusphere



Type Moon Polls / Which Sakuraclone is the worst
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choose bitch

Type Moon Polls / Best Girl
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Who is it

Type Moon Polls / Most Shit FSN Servant
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Who is it.

Help and Support / I Want to Make My Name Purple
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General Discussion / HF Manga
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Fan Clubs / Ever Winter Nights, Blood Tinted Snow - An Irisviel Fanclub
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:16:07 AM »
I just noticed there isn't an Irisviel fanclub.
This shall be remidied.

Spoiler for nsfw:

Name: Sakura Matou

Race: Modified Human

Age: 22

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 53 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Agility: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement, Incredible Reflexes)

Constitution: Human (Exceptional with reinforcement)

Magic: Very High

Sakura is a powerful magus who specializes in a variety of different types of magic, which are listed below.

Shadow Magic
Sakura’s shadow is a type of magic innate to her that she can control(she can manipulate its features but not change its properties except for deciding what it digests) as easily as breathing. She can create infinitesimally thin ribbons that move amazingly fast(Amazing) and can cut people in half with a single swipe(amazing cutting power), or create familiars that at their largest size (utilizing all her mana reserves at once to create) are gigantic, about ten meters tall, and to fire off beams that can oneshot spirits with amazing constitution. Against non spiritual beings it is far far less effective.

Furthermore, she also has access to her own pocket dimension she can use to travel in between any of her shadows instantly. She has control over the dimension, and unless used against someone with supernatural means of escape, including throwing a great deal of mana around inside or someone who is extremely strong(incredible strength or higher), she would have no issues containing somebody inside for an indefinite period of time, digesting them with her magic until there was nothing left at all. Even a stronger person(Incredible) would have to struggle a bit with it, although they’d be able to escape after about ten minutes of struggling, tops.

Finally, because of her imaginary numbers affinity, she has an innate advantage against spirits. All her shadow attacks are much more effective against anything with a spiritual nature. However, there is an upper limit to the effectiveness of her affinity, and extremely high level spirits, such as a servant, would take an attack as if it was used against a normal human.

Matou Magic
When Zouken infested her with the crest worms, it not only gave him a way to control her, but also burned the Matou crest into her, giving her access to the full repertoire of the Matou bloodline’s spells. Because of this, she has a great deal of knowledge about the art of binding,absorption, and familarcraft. Using this magic, she is, for example, able to hide any leakage of prana from her body, essentially rendering her indistinguishable from a normal human. She can also send out a bolt of magic that will, assuming it connects, drain the target of a decent amount of their mana.

Another big feature of their brand of magecraft is the usage of familiars, specifically bugs in particular. She has a legion of small bugs, ants, bees, hornets, spiders, and many others, at her command, which she can replace by growing them using nothing but her own prana. While bugs are by no means the only kind of familiar she can create, they are by far her favorite. She can even create new and terrifying species of animals that are substantially more dangerous than their natural counterparts.

Bounded Fields
Sakura has become quite good at creating bounded fields over the years, particularly from being under the tutelage of her caster class servant, Faust. Given the time, she can create enormously complicated and incredibly strong defenses that can even take a shot from an rpg barely any worse for the wear in a couple hours. Even a basic defensive field that she can throw up in a matter of minutes is powerful, capable of keeping someone with incredible strength at bay.

She is of course, capable of creating fields with purposes other than defense. She can create many different kinds of detection fields, fields that voraciously drain all mana inside them or only the mana of those she wishes it to, fields that create illusions and mask her presence, among many others.

Sakura is also fairly versed in the art of alchemy. She can of course create mundane potions to cure various ailments, but can also do much more, such as transmute one material into another. Additionally, she can use it to create magical items with a specific purpose, although to create something particularly powerful it would take months or even possibly years of constant effort.

Healing is not by any means one of her main areas of expertise, but that doesn’t mean that she is a complete novice at it either. She has a thorough knowledge of all basic healing spells, and can use her magic to quickly regenerate most damage, excluding loss of limbs or other such extreme injuries, which she would need much more time to deal with. 

Connection to the Other Side
As a result of some circumstances in her past, she has a permanent connection to the "other side" and as a result has an infinite source of mana flowing into her at all times. She has to release it via magecraft or other such methods, or else the consequences wouldn't be pretty.

Other Abilities:

Cooking Sakura is a cooking enthusiast and is as good as many chefs.


Origin: Sakura was given away to the Matou family at a young age to be raised as their heir and reach the full potential of her abilities as a magus. However, instead she was raised in a highly abusive house and tortured on a daily basis for almost a decade. During the events of the fifth holy grail war, she found freedom and lived happily with her lover, Shirou Emiya, until she was pulled into the nexus three and a half years ago. There, she met Faust and learned underneath him.

Weakness: Anybody substantially faster than her could overwhelm her easily. While she has infinite mana, she does not have infinite output, and is as such held back by the limits of her circuits.

Likes: Shirou, Jeanne, Rin, Liseth, Archer, Rider, Cooking, Experimentation, Ghost Stories

Dislikes: Vampires, Zouken, Shinji, Abstinence

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