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"People tell me I'm strange anyway. That's just how we wizards feel to other people subconsciously. There's nothing I can do about that, at least." Annie remarked as Ruler dispersed seemingly into thin air, at least for any potential onlooker. She could still see him as she could perceive other spirits. Her supernatural sight wasn't exactly something that she could turn off.

And so they wandered through a district in search something that could ping her senses. While that didn't guarantee she could detect another being like Ruler (they could have stumble into any spirit), this was the best way she had at her disposal. After some search, she sensed something heading into their direction at great speed. Frankly, it must have been strong if she sensed it from far away. "I don't know who this is, but if you're fast enough to intercept them, there's our chance."


"I'd not be surprised either if they're semi-legal or illegal fighting circles out there. I mean, if there is still a government in the city, I can't imagine openly endorses such practices. Any government would at least keep appearances that they condemn such activities even if probably the underground organizations would still continue doing that. Speaking of which," Mitsu asked in order to get out some extra information out of Medaka. "do you know other vampires than Shinobu? I mean, I'm curious if you have anything passing for society like in those movies."



"No, sometimes people need a change of pace. You definitely should buy it. It's been a while since I wore a dress, so I will look for one as well." It has been like few months since she wore a one. She also wanted to buy some heels as well.


"I'm curious how strong you are, more or less. Maybe you could find someone strong to fight against, challenge someone, maybe? There should be martial arts schools around. I could be a spectator or your manager, whatever floats your boat." Mitsu suggested. She indeed didn't have full picture of how strong she was.



As the fight continued, the odds turned into favor of the enemy. No matter how superior Engetsu was in Feng's view to those two, the fact that it was really two versus one until he could intervene directly meant that they were at disadvantage. What the "wielder" said didn't go unnoticed to him, though.

"Ah, I really feel for you. Even if I fundamentally disagree with you, I cannot help but lament your predicament. Are you really satisfied with a wielder who is a tool rather someone with their own convictions? No imagination, no passion. I'm sure there are sinners that are maybe not as efficient, but more entertaining." The monk tried to break their unity if he couldn't topple them. "But I guess I talk too much. The older one gets, the more verbose they become over time. Go ahead, attack me. I'll respond to the best of my ability."


She bade farewell to Paladin, collected her belongings and marched out of his apartment. Anastasia honestly felt a bit relieved that she was leaving the place. After all, the tension between the two was almost palpable, both were people with incorrigible and staunch views at their core. Her own attitude to religion was quite lassez-faire, so she would just nod and tolerate their opinions, but she didn't feel like she was a great mediator between Paladin and Ruler.

Anastasia didn't feel like heading to her home immediately. She was still wearing clothes she got from Paladin so it's not like she would need to get back to her place. "I propose we search district by district, as much as we can manage. I can't guarantee we will stumble into other people like you, but there is a non-zero chance that we could."


"You're a very trusting person, willing to accept so readily someone whom you know for hours. Even with those bizarre tests and trials you had me go through, you're so hasty in making a decision. Maybe it should be my turn to test you before I give my answer?" The Unchained asked her host. She shouldn't just expect a straight answer from her after such a short time.


"It'll be boring if I just say inside. I can go outside, you may fill in me with what I should now. You were kinda in hurry back then, right?" Perhaps he would've run out of time if he presented her the whole picture. "Are you interested in our plan, Paladin? It's fine if you're not, I'm already in your debt."

Name: Swims-With-Salmons (her tribal name), Ellie Warren (her human name)

Race: Werewolf

Age: 11 (apparent age: 23)

Height: 145 cm (human) / 159 cm (near-human) / 232 cm (war form)

Weight: 43 kg (human) / 59 kg (near-human) / 172 kg (war form)

Appearance: She is one of those werewolves who have five forms, all of them natural even if they are locked to a single form before the First Change. While Swims-With-Salmons originally used to be a wolf, she got accustomed over time to use all her forms. Maybe she can't fit in a high society, but otherwise normal people don't suspect her to be someone not human.

Human Swims-With-Salmons is socially adjusted enough after 9 years of living among human-born werewolves to live among the human society. She looks like a person in her early twenties and her mental age matches her appearance as wolf-born werewolves develop mentally faster in order to catch up with their human-born comrades.

She spends her day-to-day live in the human form as living in the forest would make her bored eventually and she doesn't mind the company of humans. Swims-With-Salmons uses her alternate identity, revealing her tribal name only to those that she trusts enough.

Swims-With-Salmons' human form is a light brown haired girl with blue eyes. She wears sturdy, practical clothes and sometimes wears a jacket to conceal her firearm. It is sometimes enough to ward off less determined hoodlums if they stare into a barrel of a gun.

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Human (Exceptional while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Exceptional

Near-human Due to a combination of her short stature and a quirk in her spiritual make up her near-human form is not as feral looking as one displayed by majority of werewolves, so she can still pass as somebody normal. Her hair is longer, reaching now below shoulders, her muscles bulk up to the extent of a female Olympic athlete and she is now just around average height instead of being quite short. Honestly if not for the fact that it's easier to keep Rage in check in the human form this would be her preferred form. If she switches from human to near-human form she can probably still spin a story that she uses magical means to bulk up like that unless someone who is familiar with werewolves in general figures out that she is a shapeshifter.

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Human (Amazing while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Amazing

War Form A large and over seven feet tall form that resembles a hulking bipedal wolf creature. "Scrawny" by werewolf standards, but more than capable of ripping and tearing guts of mundanes and some of the weaker supernaturals. This is also the form to which she defaults under a thrall of a frenzy. Not something to cuddle with.

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage, Incredible in frenzy)

Constitution: Incredible

Dire Wolf A sort of happy medium between the warform and the wolf form, this is referred to by some as "dire wolf". It's essentially a wolf of a size of a pony with unusually strong jaws that are not inferior to the warform when it comes to tearing apart her foes. Again, proceed with caution.

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage)


Wolf The wolf form is her birth form in which she spent her first two years of life (though by now it's hard to recall those years. Just like it's hard for humans to remember their early childhood). It looks scrawnier than it should in spite of her capabilities in that form, but still cannot be mistaken for a dog.

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional (Amazing while tapping into Rage)

Constitution: Amazing

Magical Abilities: Medium

Rites: She can enact a variety of rituals for specific purposes. Swims-With-Salmons is no longer an apprentice of spirit magic, but has not reached mastery either, so she is unable of creating her own Rites. She has learned Rites that allow her to cleanse a place, object or a person from spiritual influences, apologize to offended spirits, summon spirits of any kind and nearly any level of strength to communicate with them, bind weaker spirits into one use fetishes called talens, and grow plants in any soil.

She can also dedicate objects to herself so that her clothes and belongings merge with her while she shapeshifts to a form that no longer can accommodate them.

Other Abilities:

Delirium: Mundanes who witness a werewolf in her warform or dire wolf form experience a bout of supernatural terror, a fight or flight response. Some are paralyzed by the fear, some try to get away from the source of Delirium and some lash out against the werewolf. The response depends solely on the personality. People who experienced Delirium tend to forget about the encounter or try to rationalize it unless they have high enough willpower to not forget those events.

Gifts: Gifts are blessings and abilities bestowed on a werewolf by spirits. Swims-With-Salmons can talk with spirits, leaps three times higher and further than normally she should, possesses the senses of a wolf even in her human form (and further sharpens them in the wolf form), may sharpen her sight further to see from miles away and may substitute her sense of sight with sense of smell to perceive in pitch black darkness.

She can also detect supernatural beings and influences (she can also determine roughly how strong a spirit is) and pierce through the veil that separates the spirit world from material world to observe spirits without travelling to the spirit world.

Gnosis: As a half spirit a werewolf has an innate connection to the spirit world. She can shift back and forth to the spirit world and use Gifts and Rites. She has to concentrate to do it, so it's not something that can be used to escape in a middle of combat. Silver objects that she carries around impact her link with the spirit world and make it more difficult to slip sideways to the spirit world the more silver objects she carries around.

While most werewolves are half-spirits, she is more spiritual than an average werewolf because one of her ancestors is a spirit of a river. Due to her heritage spirits in general are attracted to her out of curiosity and she has it easier to communicate with spirits that dwell in waters (like salmons after whom she takes her tribal name) or whose existence is interconnected with rivers (like grizzly bears).

Rage: The supernatural anger boiling inside any werewolf of her kind is the price of the patronage of the Lambent Lady Luna. The mercurial moon spirit's gift is both a boon and a curse. On one hand werewolves can supercharge their regenerative abilities, move with superhuman speed (her Agility increases by one rank)and stay conscious no matter what while tapping into Rage, but the risk associated with that is a frenzy. A werewolf who taps too deep into Rage (or one who is sufficiently provoked) enters a warform and lashes out, endangering friends and foes alike. Even a patient and docile werewolf has its limits. In frenzy, her war form's Agility can reach Incredible instead of Amazing.

Her supernatural rage also affects weaker willed people in more subtle ways. They cross a street, claim they do not serve her kind here and react as if she was someone suspicious. She got used to cops sometimes trying to interrogate her when there are no immediately obvious suspects around.

Regeneration: Her regenerative capabilities are quite potent. Unless the damage is too extensive, she can regenerate even limbs over time (it takes over a minute to fully heal unless her injuries are inflicted by sources to which she is supernaturally weak). However, she regenerates several times slower in combat situations as it needs some focus, and it takes her at least a day to recover from wounds caused by silver, severe radiation and attacks which target her soul directly if there is no supernatural intervention unless she supercharges her regeneration at the cost of entering frenzy, healing half of those injuries.

Totem: Only tribeless outcasts do not enjoy a patronage of a personal or a pack totem. Her totem spirit is an avatar of Dog, a spirit whose wisdom lies in the ability to adapt to the humanity. Swims-With-Salmons has it easier to look for prey in urban environment but in exchange the Dog enforces a stricture on her to follow: she needs to aid feral and stray dogs she comes into contact with, for example sharing her food with them. Dog's patronage may extend to other shapeshifters who can interact with the spirit world if they are willing to accept its conditions.

Equipment: Swims-With-Salmons rents an apartment. She keeps the gun she carried when she was transported to Nexus, a Desert Eagle and she owns two Fetishes, items imbued with spirit magic, as well.

She has learned to make some talens, like spirit infused moonshine (normal alcohol doesn't really work on Garou anymore. She has to keep those special batches away from normal people or they go blind or worse), bullets that can hurt ephemeral creatures and matches that can be lit even if soaked in water.

She owns a Fetish called Magpie's Swag which counts as dedicated to her body and thus merges with her every time she shapeshifts into a war form or another wolf like form. It takes a form of a bag and can contain three times more items than its apparent size. It cannot carry technological devices like firearms and laptops. She also owns mirrored sunglasses that make it easier to step sideways where the veil between the spiritual world and the material world is strong.

Origin: She was born as a wolf running around in forests of Appalachia, with more affinity for water and fish that dwelled there than other wolves. Her parents were just regular wolves, but down in her family line she had a Garou ancestor whose blood she inherited. In the end, she was one of those 'lost cubs' adopted by shapeshifters who were not related to her. She was raised by human-born rural werewolves and their human kin who managed to explain a sudden arrival of a teenager, claiming that she was one of relatives they had to take care of because of her parents dying. Swims-With-Salmons helped with the farmwork and was homeschooled by her new relatives while she was expected to take on duties of a local Keeper of the Land. She grew enough comfortable with the idea of living a second life as a human. Then she ended up in Nexus in because of a freak accident involving travel through the spirit world.

Now she works in the field of landscaping. She has experience when it comes to creating and cultivating aesthetically pleasing gardens. She prides herself on the fact that gardens she cares for not only look good, but also subtly attract beneficial spirits.

Weakness: Silver deals damage that cannot be easily regenerated. She needs a day of full of rest to start regenerating silver inflicted wounds or supernatural intervention. Severe radioactivity, wolfsbane and attacks that target a soul also deal the same degree of damage as silver. Fire also deals damage which is difficult to regenerate because of its metaphysical association with destruction in her world.

Likes: Swimming, working, helping out people in need

Dislikes: Cannibalistic monsters, evil spirits, people who push her too far


"As a soldier, everything that could tip the balance in my favor is considered valuable, regardless whether they look unassuming and innocent. Whatever can open the path to the victory. I still think that this Holy Grail you're talking about sounds too convenient, but on another hand even if it may not be here, I cannot deny the possibility that other people who are like you may have ended up here. Do you happen to know way how to find them in the city? I'm not that heroic person, but I do feel obligation to help you if you want to stop them." Anastasia declared to her 'servant'. As well it could stave off her boredom. She still looked for the thing that would get her out of ennui.



"What if the enemy can attack you without alerting you after all? Just become you're not mortal it doesn't mean there is not some way to fool you or catch you off guard. Are you going to expose those bystanders for the sake of your way of life?" How conceited. She cared not herself for casualties, but didn't feel any apologetic or righteous about it. "You talk to me that it's irresponsible for you to make me involved with you, yet you surround yourself with those who will just get into your enemy's way. Besides, you might not even get time to move if there are really crazy people out there." 

Plus there was always a possibility that someone else than her infiltrated the place by now. She couldn't spot that ninja nor she suspected that the girl she was hosting was once one of claws of the God-Machine that struck down assigned targets.



The demonic puppet was pretty intent on stopping the monk from interfering. Yet he didn't make a single move yet. He just stood there, seemingly waiting for its move. "I've faith in my friend you see. I speculate that he was capable of something you didn't even try. Overcome what defined you. Tools of murder become kind people, sinners become saints. Those who are restless in their cages can become something much more and eventually struggle for real to escape their prison. I'm not quite there yet, but I can confidently state that you maybe need a nudge or push for the first step. I won't repeat myself more, but I will ask. Can you stop this meaningless fight and rethink your attitude?"

The monk clearly saw no value to their cravings. Maybe they would even lash out at how he disregarded their lifestyle as something utterly base. He was prepared to defend himself, but still had to say his words. Even lowliest mass murderer maybe could change their ways.


Wow, after all this drama, it ended so 'anti-climactically' with Oren calling for her and Sakura bursting out of the dressing room. Mordred didn't know how to feel about it. She couldn't help but think that Sakura just bottled her feelings inside herself. But that what just her assumption. Not like she could read minds or automatically know what others thought. On another hand, if Sakura was now genuinely beaming with happiness, then she could feel relieved.

"You look really good!" Mordred honestly complimented her. "Maybe we should all buy some fancy dresses? What do you think, Breeze and Oren?"

They wouldn't certainly stick out like sore thumbs around Sakura if they dressed up appropriately. She had money to indulge in such shopping spree.


Medaka's arms fell to her side.  While her posture remained strong, her smile faded, transforming her face from playful to more serious.  "Its more that we are currently involved with someone beyond my comprehension right now, someone dangerous," she said, examining Mitsu's reaction very carefully.  "I feel it would be irresponsible to pull you into my home life if you were incapable of fending for yourself."


"If you're in really dangerous situation, then why you won't move out somewhere else? Living in a building full of bystanders is not most prudent choice." Really, human shields were useless if the potential enemy wouldn't care about casualties.


The priest tilted his head.  The creature summoned from that small ball was like nothing he had ever seen.  A cat with a gem on his forehead.  Or at least, he thought it was a cat.  Did she teach it to stand on its hind legs?

"You mentioned before that this is not magic," he said, squatting down to get a better look at the creature.  "However, this creature looks like some sort of familiar."


"Nah, it's some of sort of odd animal. I guess anyone arriving here shouldn't expect animals to be the same as in the place of origin. But I'm new into this, so if you have any questions that I cannot answer, I'd look for the person I and Paladin met." She picked up the catlike creature and started scrubbing it behind ears just like a pet. I guess it wasn't different from cats that much as it liked it. "I guess it's more like a pet to me, but the person who taught me about Pokemon used them for combat. I guess the large one I caught could be used for that purpose. If you're curious, I can show you outdoors."

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