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Some time later

There was a good reason why the werewolf didn't track down Lorenzo and others. She didn't have exactly a choice in this matter. Distracted by quite a loathsome stench, she attention focused on something else than the old bag of bones that so unceremoniously dumped her. Why those guys kept crawling out of the mwoodwork even as she routinely murdered each such creature whenever encountered?

She met that kind of a corrupted monster in this city first by the bay. Some kind of oceanic mutant emerged from the sea, driving her deeper into the rage that never completely left her. Splattered by a giant wolf, the monster died ignominiously. Obviously, she refused to even touch that kind of meat, and other creatures free from such taint left corpses of such beings alone. Anyway, she had no means of uncovering the source of the infestation. So every occassional encounter just soured her mood with the knowledge that all she could react. Thankfully, she didn't bump into them every fucking day.

"Now, I'm really annoyed." Salmons, known as Ellie under her human identity, muttered under breath as she walked down back home, wearing her tracksuit that she had on her before she met Lorenzo. Pedestrians instinctually avoided her as her rage boiled stronger than usual. She'd keep her rage contained, or she hoped so, but she couldn't guarantee what could happen if she had displeasure of running into something spiritually corrupted again. She swore that this city was normally so untainted in comparison to her world that she was put on edge even more by aberrations that stood out.


"I'd need to expose you to unprocessed magical energy, then. Hitting you with a spell wouldn't do, otherwise that'd be my win button against people without magical potential. But honestly, I'd need to find a method to expose your body to it. Hmmm, wait a moment. Since you drink blood, then I have an idea. If I could fill my blood with magical energy and you fed on me, maybe it'd work. But, you won't feel great after that, obviously."

There was no risk she'd accidentally drain her dry or something. She'd be too preoccupied with the side-effects. "I'll ask again, are you really sure you want that?"



"Now that's more difficult. Your talent might be so dormant that you are not awakened to it. If I your soul was forcibly exposed to a flow of magical energy it could be opened up, if there's any. But that'd be painful and I only consider that since you can regenerate. But you lost some of your soul? Your potential might be diminished already by that. I cannot guarantee what could happen.  You might have enough potential, but with your complete soul, or reclaiming your soul after awakening your potential could have unexpected side effects."

That was a real dilemma. She'd only resort to such method then if the vampire had enough resolve and only after thinking things through. "I don't know. I think it might be wise to consult with the person who turned you into a vampire. Shouldn't they know more about your nature?


"That complicates matters. Or, maybe I have phrased it in a manner unfamiliar to you. Can you see spirits or ghosts?" She did too, so while that didn't guarantee that Medaka had a potential for her magic, it still increased the likehood to an extent.


"You would look for someone else like that fire mage? I guess so, but considering that you have committed yourself, I have no choice but to test you. But first, are you aware of existence of leylines? Or perhaps can you see magical energy? If you can't, then don't worry, there's still some chance you might have it in." She explained, her tone of voice implying that it would be easier to train her if she could see magical energy or those leylines.

Anastasia wasn't usually for any dangerous methods for awakening someone's magical potential, but Medaka could regenerate after all. Maybe her body could endure strain if she had some potential. But if she had no potential to begin with, no method would work.



"I know you cannot die of old age, so any such argument like that it will take years will fall on deaf ears. Still, though, are you ready to become my follower as an apprentice? And to abandon notions of learning from me if it turns out you cannot use a magic like mine?" Those were not casual questions. She'd need to answer them seriously for Anastasia to consider teaching her.


"Years. I've been since my early childhood in fact. The principles are basic, but the level of command and power over my magic depends on sheer training and self-control. This was just metaphorically the tip of the iceberg. As much as I don't hold too much attachment to this place, I neither want to wreck the place. A cheap apartment is still not too cheap, and the authorities would take umbrage at me if I destroyed it."

She wouldn't be surprised if someone wouldn't ask Anastasia to train them after hearing this, but unfortunately Medaka seemed to be stubborn so either she wouldn't be shocked if she asked her anyway. Still, the wizard didn't figure out anyway if she had any capability for magic. At least partial loss of soul, the fact that as a vampire she could have worked differently, and she also could lack potential for magic to begin with.


"So a mere glimpse would be sufficient for you, I guess. But know that I'm no parlour trickster, I don't think my magic is well suited for any kind of entertainment." But partly resigned, she tried to come up with something.

Maybe she would just focus on lowering the room's temperature. That was subtle yet noticeable and didn't mean wrecking anything around. Just dropping it to just above zero level should do. She closed her eyes to focus and have some finer control over this. Mercury in a termometer on a wall began to shrink in size.



It seemed to her that she missed her point, and considering that her certain soul related problem prevented her from becoming a full on vampire, she also was wrong about it being a biological state. Pressing the topic further would probably result in more stubborness on the girl's side.

"Is it just curiosity that drives you or it's also because you want to learn from me? Answer again." Depending on her answer, she'd decide what to do when it came to 'a demonstration'.


"Seriously, what kind of a question it is to begin with?" She thought she was a wiser person than that. Wasn't it obvious that to wield magic, she would have to undergo training? There was nothing for free in her world or this world. "I'm sure you had to work for your own abilities too. Even for this 'vampirism'. After all the vampire that turned you probably thought you were worth it for a reason."


"I don't even know what I would spend money on besides my current needs. You probably don't need to spend as much as me. You don't need to eat and you heal on your own. So I think that you must be an impulsive spender considering that you're humbled by my way of living. Am I correct?" The wizard tried to piece out Medaka's habits out of the facts she knew. She could be wrong, but nevertheless she stated her observation quite firmly. Medaka was a bit of an puzzle to crack in spite of her being so recklessly forward with information that it was a bit of fun to do this. Or at least a decent way to pass time for Anastasia.


"That's a very general statement." Just saying it's 'really nice didn't tell much about how Medaka felt about it. She didn't give it much thought, and never bothered to really apply any label to her place that was for all intents and purposes immediately disposable.

"What's even so nice about it?" She pressed the vampire a bit to elaborate on her statement.



"Alright, just don't stay up whole night, assuming that you don't need to sleep. Anyway, follow my lead." There was some distance to cover after all, but they still didn't need to take any mean of transport to get there. The city seemed big, but it wasn't actually large compared to a sparsely populated country.

The apartment was located in one of those cheap blocks of flats where people of modest financial means commonly lived, meaning that it lacked some commodities. There was radio and access to water and heating, but Anastasia could forget about that thing called computer access. The interior was utilitarian, cheap and downright Spartan. She locked some of her personal possessions in a chest, like for example those Pokeballs she got from that purple haired girl.


"Well, it's not a matter of trust. My location is not important for my safety. I'm trained to sleep lightly and my own powers are my greatest means of defense. There's also nothing valuable I own that could entice criminals." She again explained with a matter of fact tone. The sun started settng down as they were conversing.

"Ah, good for you. The night is coming. I assume you're far more comfortable under the light of moons and stars?"


"Umm, because it probably was." Anastasia just bluntly admitted that. "I don't think I understand you much, but you're a pretty intriguing person. Do you have really nothing to do? If so I really don't mind then if you visit my modest place. You can even crash there if you have nowhere to go for some reason."

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