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"That certainly sounds quite convenient. I got discharged from a hospital few hours ago, so my memories are still fresh." For a fleeting moment she sounded a bit intrigued and curious, though she didn't seem to dwell long on that as she quickly answered the vampire's question without much of a pause.

"And right, I think I can show you some goodwill even if you did in the past was very foolish. Hopefully you learned your lesson or I'll have to correct that."

There was a hint of scorn, but nothing hostile. She seemed more to chastise her for her own good.
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka shook her head and said,  "No it is nothing so complicated.  I merely wish to help strangers.  It makes me happy.  However, I must admit that becoming a vampire has saved me quite a few trips to the hospital.  Judging from your tone, it appears that you trust me just a bit more now?"


"Then hold on tight."

So he did as he said he would, picking her up bridal style and leaping away like some cheesy superhero.  Except he was close to being a wanted criminal and he was carrying a girl who tried to kill him.  In any case, it did not take too long to ditch the cops, as they had to waste time asking the citizen's questions.  Meanwhile, he bolted down several blocks, turning occasionally in case someone was following him.  Eventually, he came across a small clearing, an athletic field for a high school.  It didn't look like anyone was on it right now.

"Alright then, my job is done.  You sure you don't want me to pay you back?" he asked.

Well, this was good, possibly stuck in another world, or maybe just a pocket dimension or something, kinda like a Hollow without the surrounding Hedge, but at least the one who brought them here seemed to be rather easy to win over. Should be a simple matter to convince her to let them out once all was said and done here. Hopefully.

"Ah, of course, Nero," Emily said with a nod, calling up more vines to start wrapping around the busty blonde, "And I'll get to you as well, Rider."

With that, Emily willed the vines to snake up around Nero's leg, caressing her thighs as they lifted her up, more vines coming up to support her back and wrap around her torso, squeezing against supple skin ever so slightly as they crept up around her. More vines wrapped snugly around the blonde's impressive breasts, squeezing them quite firmly before they started wrapping around her arms to support more of her weight.

"Right, as for Rider here..." Emily trailed off for a moment before smirking as an idea came to her, "Well, judging by that display earlier, I'd say our Emperor here likes roses, and you know what they say about a rose..."

With that, the vines wrapping around Rider's chest started growing buds before roses bloomed forth. At the same time, the accompanying thorns grew out as well, digging into the lavender-head's skin, snug as the vines were around her. With a moment's thought, more roses bloomed around the lavender-head's supple thighs, the accompanying thorns following soon afterwards.

The sirens were almost upon them now, any second this most vile threat would appear and ruin their day. But the maid was far too distracted to worry about that right now. A slight gasp escaped her tiny form as Marcus spun her around only to have her end up with her back to him.

"Geez, will you stop teasing me already!" It would have sounded convincing if not for the fact that you could clearly see she was enjoying it. "Fine... I'll let you carry me... I'm counting on you after all."


"Even you? Honestly it sounds as if you were usually prone to not think things through and make decisions lightly but this was the sole case when your decision making policy was serious. Honestly I think learning some discipline would only do you great. Are you one of those 'adventurers' who still poke around even when it exposes them to too high risk?"

Mavericks like here were ultimately seen by the society as useful but disposable. Somewhat different than when it came to soldiers like her who were disposable but seen as integral part of the society rather than potential outcasts.

"Heh, if you're one of them then becoming a vampire probably did you some good. If you step into a trap or explosion then there is a good chance you won't die on anyone. Unless as a 'half-vampire' your regeneration is not actually that impressive."

Medaka took a step back, removing her breasts from the girl's chest.  "It is why I do not pass out something like that casually," Medaka said, dropping her hand to her side.  "Even I would only turn someone into a vampire under special circumstances.  I have no ambitious projects.  I only seek to help strangers such as yourself."

"Yes, I think I was pretty much at my sloppiest point. I have to thank you grudgingly for giving me a reason to do something. I've my own goal, but at this point it seems like something I can't achieve in short term. I think I can tentatively trust you somewhat." Unless she was all along a type of person whose machinations were deviously subtle. She'd carefully observe her for now. Which again, begged another question.

"You say that it happened out of companionship. Was it your idea or the other vampire asked you to agree for that? I sincerely hope that neither you nor the other vampire treat that casually. There could be enough immortality obsessed scoundrels who would abuse your trust if they got wind of that." Immortality caused by a phenomenon like this 'vampirism' did not exist in her world. But there were some people who would turn themselves into spiritual beings or use dark arts to prolong their life just to complete overly ambitious project.

Sakura Matou

After an intense series of minigames, dice, candy, capitalism, and theft, the game had finally ended. Sakura had been set to win when Jeanne had suddenly come from behind with a duelo candy and stolen her stars, not only costing Sakura the victory but securing it for herself. The purple-haired girl glowered at her servant as she pouted, still comfortably sitting on Joe.

Eventually, she got over it and sighed. "Well I don't feel like playing that game again. What do you guys want to do now?"
Jeanne Alter

Just as she was about to reach the wretched fool, a buxom blond burst out of the windshield of the car and was rapidly closing in directly towards her with a laughably telegraphed grab. She'd have laughed if getting interrupted wasn't so damn annoying. Plus she wasn't in the best of spots. She'd surely get grabbed successfully, right. It was just her luck.

"Hah! As if!" Jeanne's voice taunted Hazel mercilously as her body disintigrated into glimmering gold particles, leaving her grasping at nothing but air. Now in her spiritual form, Jeanne watched as the girl sailed right through her.
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka shook her head and said,  "I was turned less than a year ago.  Don't worry, it was nothing malevolent.  I was transformed into a vampire simply for the purpose of companionship.  It is rather hard to be immortal alone.  As for the nature of my power, I am not sure.  All I know is that my power is restricted by the splitting of my soul."

Medaka finally stood up, pressing her generous chest against the other girl.  All the while, she ran one finger through her own hair, twirling with the strand as if pondering something.  "You do not need to be so cautious.  I am only trying to help.  If I wanted your blood or something, I would have attacked while you were lost in thought."


Decent enough my ass, he thought as raised an eyebrow at her comment.   He took hold of her hand and twirled her around, spinning her like a princess on a ballroom dance floor, stopping only once she had been positioned with her rear to his cock, her back to his chest.

"Then will you let me carry you?"

It was obvious she could just leave on her own if she wanted.  She was more than fast enough to do that on her own.  Why did she change now?  She was prepared to kill him until he activated his power. Wait, does she know what it does?  I guess that lie won't work then.
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