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"A more durable material? That would depend on what type of material you're talking about. I'll see what I can do though, that's the least I can promise." Oh right she didn't mention all of her talents might as well get that out of the way.

"I'm also good at... getting rid off problems" She added with a sweet voice, a voice so sweet it would kill you from sugary overdose.

Tarset leaned in a bit, gently taking hold of the material to examine it. "Yes, this is rather fine craftsmanship. There is definitely a place for this, especially considering the Master's activity. You can work with more durable materials, yes?"

Even with the general upbeat attitude, it didn't stop the two from attracting attention. While they were more or less used to Tarset's own attitudes about clothing, it was undoubtedly true that Molly's own attributes had their own special charm. Some were trying to be subtle about it, only taking glances at the situation, but others were just plain staring as they ate from their dishes.

When she heard those news, Anastasia wordlessly lowered her head. Yes, it was beyond serious. She knew deep in heart that they would eventually find him, but still those news were heavy. After a pause, she looked again in Medaka's eyes and asked: "You want to take what you have lost, right?"

It was a rhetorical question for she expected what kind of answer she would give?

"Hmmm......" She thought about it, no there was no reason tO, just go forward confidently and gain their trust with her awesome brilliance. "I can cook and I can clean..." She spun around as she spoke. " I can sew....." Her hands grasped the bottom of the uniform, holding it up to make a point of the superb craftsmanship and it's sublime texture all treated for with a care that transcended all reason.

"I can make this, there's nothing more noble than pouring your heart into making cute maid uniforms!" She declared proudly not even minding the show she was providing, no she thrived on it.
Medaka Kurokami

The breeze that gently caressed her skin raised into a mighty gust, blasting her hair and ruffling her clothes.  She leaned forward, taking Anastasia's hand and looking at her with an intense glare.  As her lips parted, soft but resonant words escaped her mouth, only barely more audible than a whisper.

"I found the man who took my soul."

„Something to discuss? Go ahead, if it's some bad news or a very serious matter, than we should get to that first.” Anastasia replied. Medaka did look a bit distressed, so that was probably something that should be a priority. She wasn't like that too often, so if she looked troubled, then usually it was for a good reason.

Her sigh was rather audible, not quite fed up but with a tinge of vague amusement. "If anything, it would be a disgrace to refuse your friendship after you have shown such hospitality. To more carefree merriment?" She raised her glass.


With the movement stopping for a moment Tarset smiled. This was going well! "I am a presenter, setting up these events to show the public that we are here and willing to accept and speak with them. You can consider me our face. You, well, I'd need to know a bit more about your talents. This nen may be useful for fighting, but surely you can do more than that."

A quaint smile crept onto the old man's face.  "It is quiet alright," he said, allowing the hands behind his back to fall to his side.  "It is not as if either of us are the most sociable people in the world."

Sigurd sat down on his knees, looking the girl right in the eye.  "If I may ask, where were you flying to?"

It had been a boring three months to say the least. On top of not finding anyone she could really connect with, what attention she was getting was the sort that she was by now thoroughly bored of, at least from people like that, not that she was about to change how she dressed for it. Either way, it gave her more time for bounty hunting, and by now she had more than enough capital to get a place to stay. Even so, all her years of living on the move recently had gotten her used to the life-style, and it wasn't like it was all that bad. Perhaps not as much fun as when she could sleep under the stars out in the wilds, but that couldn't be helped.

And that was how Charlotte found herself strolling along an unimportant sidewalk, drawing eyes even as the crowds parted before her, the gunslinger entertaining herself by rolling a 10mm round between her fingers like it was a coin.

She twirled the priestess around with as much heart as she could put into it without harming her. Despite being taller than her she was so much frailer but that just made her more endearing. The dance came to a pause as the maid continued with her questions. "What's your role then? And what would I be expected to do?" Now she was getting to the real meat here, Molly leaned closer with an eager glint in her gaze, she was looking forward to this part.
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