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Auspicious Breeze

"Oh!" Breeze bounced on her heels as a thought occurred. Her fingers clenched into fists of excitement. "Maybe some Sakuras ended up here a long time ago and mixed with non-Sakuras...? And then over time they forgot what it means to be Sakura?"

Hearing that stuff from Mary made the new senpai feel better about it all. They just understood the boundaries of their relationship so well already!

Finally, Nero could divert her attention to the thrill of the ride. She solemnly swore to herself, she would make the other blonde squeal in joy and break down her stuck-up facade- she knew that this ride was more than she would expect!

"Oh, thats what you think? Dont underestimate this city's rides!"


"Surely you are jesting, I have ridden horses that are faster than some of these." She shook her head at the silly and got onto the wagon without further complaints however and soon eough the thing begun picking up speed slowly as it went up and up and up, this was going to take a while.

She let out a yawn at how slow it was being, maybe this had been a mistake.

Olga Marie

Olga was practically shaking in her boots, to the point that the ride was rattling and she'd dented the metal a little bit that she was holding onto. "Hahaha, yeah, I'm jesting. This is nothing!" Olga knew that this thing was physically incapable of hurting her, but fears died hard. She'd never liked the idea of them and wanted to try it to conquer her fears, but...

She reached out and grabbed the two girl's hands. "You don't mind, um, right?" A faint blush came up on her face. The entire time the car had been climbing higher and higher, until they were ridiculously high in the air. And then, it dropped, at almost a 90 degree angle, and the girls went soaring down to the ground faster and faster.
Sakura and Shirou

The two of them looked at Breeze with utter bemusement, wondering what the hell she was talking about. Sakura, being good at hiding her feelings, was mostly able to avoid giving any indication of her thoughts, but the look on Shirou's face made it clear that he thought she was a moron.

Deciding to be polite, Sakura was about to answer her extremely-stupid question, only to be interrupted by the other girl who, to their astonishment, went on to actually claim that a "sakura" was, in fact, a species, of which the girl presumably thought she was a member. This time, even Sakura couldn't hide her astonishment, a look of surprise and confusion coming over her face. An entire species named after her, made up of people who, presumably, all looked similar to her? Was she in one of Rider's fantasies or something?

Before she could react, though, the girl contined to speak, giving her a funny look before questioning Sakura's decision to marry her beloved Senpai. Sakura gave the girl an annoyed look in response, unhappy at hearing anyone question her Senpai's suitability as a husband and confused as to why she would have an issue with the idea. Was it some weird cultural restriction where this "Mary" girl was from, perhaps?

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asked, obviously a little annoyed and very confused. "He's perfect in every way, why wouldn't I have married him? And what's wrong with marrying a senpai, anyway?"

"And what do you mean about Sakura being a species?" she added, even more confused. "Are there more of you? And do you all look like me?"

Shirou, meanwhile, turned to the other girl, now wedged into the alternate Sakura's thighs, a look of total bemusement on his face.

"Y..yes, there do seem to be a lot of girls who look like Sakura around", he said. "I bought a pet from one a few months ago. And Rider says that she's seen a few more Sakuras around, too", he replied.


"Why would you... you don't marry Senpais. Where I'm from it's actually illegal. Why would you want to dilute our glorious seed?" Mary theatrically threw her arms open. "Being a senpai is the greatest joy a human can have! Marriage is for Sakuras!"

She didn't sound like she was talking down to either of them. She simply genuinely believed that this was the case and that it was the natural state of things. "And of course we all look similar. Did you get brainwashed or something?"
Medaka Kurokami

It was strange.  The atmosphere was beyond serious.  They both knew how hard this endeavor would be.  Yet the blue haired girl's lips slowly curled into a smile.  Those sharp eyes taking on a look of determination.

"Of course!" she said, squeezing the girl's hand a bit.

But just as her determination boiled over, it began to sizzle out, climaxing in a sigh.  "I suggest we head out at once.  I hate to admit it, but I have been on the losing side of nearly every physical encounter I have been involved in.  If we are to succeed, we need a plan."

The priestess nodded as her brow furrowed in thought. "Yes, I think we should start with your tailoring skills. Power is power, but the master is more interested in acts of creation than destruction. However, if needed your skills as a problem solver would be quickly put to use."

She looked over the party and smiled. "I take it you appreciate being eyed at?"
Auspicious Breeze

She wasn't the smartest girl out there, but she wasn't that dumb! She was pretty observant if nothing else, so Breeze was just grateful for Mary backing her up here when it got obvious these two people thought she was an idiot. Pouting a bit, she tilted her head and looked between the two purple-haired girls. The red haired boy's comment made her perk up. "Oh, you've met Oka? She was nice! And there was a big strong girl I arm wrestled with who was also called Sakura..."

"A more durable material? That would depend on what type of material you're talking about. I'll see what I can do though, that's the least I can promise." Oh right she didn't mention all of her talents might as well get that out of the way.

"I'm also good at... getting rid off problems" She added with a sweet voice, a voice so sweet it would kill you from sugary overdose.

Tarset leaned in a bit, gently taking hold of the material to examine it. "Yes, this is rather fine craftsmanship. There is definitely a place for this, especially considering the Master's activity. You can work with more durable materials, yes?"

Even with the general upbeat attitude, it didn't stop the two from attracting attention. While they were more or less used to Tarset's own attitudes about clothing, it was undoubtedly true that Molly's own attributes had their own special charm. Some were trying to be subtle about it, only taking glances at the situation, but others were just plain staring as they ate from their dishes.

When she heard those news, Anastasia wordlessly lowered her head. Yes, it was beyond serious. She knew deep in heart that they would eventually find him, but still those news were heavy. After a pause, she looked again in Medaka's eyes and asked: "You want to take what you have lost, right?"

It was a rhetorical question for she expected what kind of answer she would give?

"Hmmm......" She thought about it, no there was no reason tO, just go forward confidently and gain their trust with her awesome brilliance. "I can cook and I can clean..." She spun around as she spoke. " I can sew....." Her hands grasped the bottom of the uniform, holding it up to make a point of the superb craftsmanship and it's sublime texture all treated for with a care that transcended all reason.

"I can make this, there's nothing more noble than pouring your heart into making cute maid uniforms!" She declared proudly not even minding the show she was providing, no she thrived on it.
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