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Valerie von Vincke

Rule by strength of arms? Well at least there was some practical basis for their power. She scoffed, and turned her head up at the disgusting concession. "Hmph. I suppose I will bow to your experience on this matter, Grigori. Subtlety will rule the day while I remain in your care."

After a moment she turned her attention back to the young Olga, and allowed herself a smirk. "I look forward to seeing more of this Nexus with you, your grace."

"It is a paltry government, kept in place solely because of the Elites they have enforcing the law. Nonetheless, it would be wise to keep out of their way. They appear rather powerful, and earning the ire of this city's protectors would be foolish." She looked at Valerie for a moment, gauging her response.

Okay, this lady liked to speak in riddles like those wizards in the books! That made Sage smile a bit more warmly, just for the reminder. She was already getting that fairy tale experience in with these humans! If this one was actually a human...

"I did not know humans liked to eat each other! Humans are pretty stringy after all," the druid said with perfect innocent honesty. Like she didn't understand the reason that would be strange to say. "My name is... hmm, how to translate it...?" She tapped her chin with one of her fingers after leaning back some.

"Call me Sage. What is yours?"

It was a bit too passive for her, she admitted deep in her heart, but she just wanted to try out something. She didn't deny the fact it was a real fight. It certainly was likely that she could be hardpressed to find such a challenge at the tournament. But.... it didn't mean she wouldn't try out stuff she envisioned in preparation for the tournament!

She has tested in practice before that she could propel away herself further with her energy blasts, but she never used that trick in both defensive and offensive way. Would she gain more momentum if she fired a stronger  attack than those small blasts at this Bey guy? She charged quickly a blast from two hands this time, aiming at his glasses incidentally.
Sakura and Shirou

Sakura and Shirou listened to the girl's explanation with interest before watching her take out a chalk and begin what looked like a summoning ritual, using her earring as a catalyst. They had expected her to summon some kind of animal, like they had summoned their servants but, to their surprise, no spirit arrived, the only evidence that anything had occurred the disappearance of the earring.

"Did it work?" Shirou asked, curiously. "Where is the spirit?"

"No. By the time I am done with you, there will not be any need to tell you anything." He told her flatly before grabbing her and lifting her. She was like a bride, and very soon she would be carried to her honeymoon bed. Before long they would reach the medical room, but as he guided her through the halls of the coliseum she had plenty of chances to speak up on any subject. Of course, the chances of gaining an appropriate response wasn't certain.

For all his drivel, Rafalia knew the truth. Now that she had presented her services and mocked his test, he had set his sights on how to use her, and he wasn't going to let her escape. He would take whatever he could get, the smallest amount of power and assistance he could scavenge, and not let it loose from his grip until he had squeezed it dry of all it had to give. She didn't know the details, but he had lost numberless things up to this point, and he was not willing to let anything else go.

"Mmm, do they.... magical ones would be better," she answered. The rider nodded to herself, seemingly content, and uncaring of the harsh retorts he showered her with. "One day isn't too bad. But are you actually planning to tell me anything after that?"

The vampire frowned and glared harshly. "I'm plenty stable, you stupid tin fuckwit." She pouted before kicking the door out. "I'm so done! She's paying btw." She groaned and stretched her neck and knuckles before moving  towards the exit, ready to get a fresh breath of non stuffy air.

Vanguard care little of her posturing or how she felt on the matter. The truth was she interested him, and that reason was enough for him to seek to have his way with her.

"I don't plan to kill or perform permanent harm. Your body is useful to me, as is your consciousness, sadly. If it must come to that, I might have to lobotomize the memories of the operation, but that is hardly a concern. A day is enough and fine." He said, dismissing her feelings on useless triviality such as pleasantness or politeness.

"I do not mind resistance, but I suggest you follow willingly. I wouldn't want to damage you unnecessarily, but I will drag you by the hair if I must." He told her bluntly, with hardly a chance for rebuttal. "Still, I will do what I can to make it less painful for you. Do sedatives work on your body?"

If one could imagine an anthropomorphic concept of mythical doom pouting, that was the expression she made at that moment. Shaking her head, she dismissed her abhorrent blade, and said "I wouldn't assume you did all that on your own. Misunderstanding the nature of your allies can be even more dangerous than misreading your foes'."

Rafalia seemed to think for a moment on his request, then shrugged.

"Dissection would be both thoroughly inpolite and impractical, not to mention unpleasant, but if analyzing me would aid you, sure! Still, I don't recommend poking too deeply, for a variety of reasons. And most importantly, it would be an awful waste of resources if you had me strapped to a lab table all day instead of out and.... doing whatever." She furrowed her brows as she finished speaking, her expression becoming lightly creased.

"You can't expect very productive suggestions when you haven't told me anything about what you actually plan to do, yet. That's just obstuse. And so would be leaving dust to gather on my blade, my arrows, or my body. Chores are fine, but not very interesting."
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