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He hummed at the name, and a moment later made a questioning grumble towards her. It seemed like it hadn't even occurred to him that could be a problem, or that it was in fact a problem at all.

"Not an issue, I'll just have to work harder to crush your skull," he said, grinning. "Who said I showed you everything already?"

His voice had no hint of fear, and no hesitation that he would be at any less than his best for it. Indeed, the pain throughout his body had already faded, and his ruptured shoulder was closing rapidly. A siren in the distance caught the notice of his hyperfocused hearing moment after, and the hybrid shifted. "So let's get to it?"

Jeanne nodded in agreement with Sakura's suggestion, it would be the best thing to do now. They couldn't expect him to do nything else but to take everything in and try to settle. "You do that Sakura." She disengaged herself from Joe and began moving back to the entrance. "I'll move his things over there in the mean time." And just like that the servant was gone, slipping out of their sights with impeccable speed.

Despite not looking like it, he was paying attention to the conversation. "How about you just call it a bad dye job next time? It might spare you others curiosity." He joked around, honestly not feeling very hungry right now. Despite that, his smile was as wide as ever.

Perhaps she was some sort of failed experiment. Interesting...

Sakura frowned. She really didn't want to explain her past to this girl she'd only just met.

"'s personal", she replied, before sighing.

"It's not something I like to discuss, it's not a pleasant memory", she added, hoping the explanation would be enough but fearing the girl's total lack of empathy would cause her to demand more details.
Ito Kizumi

Eventually, he got everything under control, though not alone. Everyone around him decided to help him at once, laughing and happily aiding him all the same. It was strange, he never felt this way before. This unknown feeling scared him. Maybe he just didn't have the strength to tell them otherwise. "Fine, just don't make a mess."He told them while working on his part, though no one could see what face he was making at the moment.

"Pwaaaaaah!!" One of the few onis who had kept himself awake managed to groan happily, touching his overfilled child belly. That was too good, teacher's cooking was the best but that was even bester. They had never ate something so good together.

Before long, all the onis fell asleep together, sharing their tatamis together like a family. Meanwhile, Ito was tending to cleaning duties, but even he was quite too full for that. Or rather, he didn't have the energy to make himself busy. For the first time in a long while, he allowed himself to smile.

Oh, firm ground! She listened to Oka's instructions at least, breathing slower. "H-hey can you bring Wormy out again? It's a little cold up here." Especially when she really wasn't dressed for anything but a hot day at the pool.


She did not care strongly for most of her masters, so Orianna did not muster even the slightest but of resistance. Regardless, it was still a bit invasive. Alterations to the core were not usual things after all. Still, she smiled.

"Those pathetic things, I would gladly bring their heads to you if you so desired, Master."

As soon as she heard the girl's question, Sakura stopped eating, her face falling at the mention of her past.

", it was altered by ..magic", she replied in a sad tone, obviously not wanting to go into detail.


"What? That sounds boring. Surely there's more to it than that."

As soon as she heard the girl's question, Sakura stopped eating, her face falling at the mention of her past.

", it was altered by ..magic", she replied in a sad tone, obviously not wanting to go into detail.
Relius Clover

The chuckle which had escaped his lips had escalated into hearty laughter.  As he stroked her cheek, he couldn't help but think about all the others whom he had experimented on, the resistance that they put up or the reactions on their faces.  This is the first one who faced his probing with an honest smile.  "Very good my dear," he said in a polite voice.  it was clear he was actually praising her, but as a person.  It was more like audibly complimenting the specs of a new car. 

"I am quite proud of you.  Now, let us start with something simple."

He started by attempting to corrupt the memories of the general.  That passive utilitarian relationship would not do.  Her feelings towards him began to shift, those memories, which now flooded her mind began to shift towards something more...hostile.  The urge to kill this man flooded her mind.  From now on, he would be associated with the lowest form of human being.  Nothing more than a target for her dismissive hate, something to be discarded like trash.  The chance was slight, but it was worth taking precautions against former masters.

The same treatment was given to all of her other master's memories, with the exception of her creator.  It was strange.  That scientist was enough like Relius to serve as the perfect base of the woman's love.  In fact, the man seemed almost like an alternate version of himself.  So long as there is nothing else to focus on, her loyalty could be molded and strengthened.  More importantly, her primary directives were linked to those memories, so it would be foolish to disrupt them.

He pulled away from the blond and said, "Hmm... That is quite the extensive collection of memories.  It is no wonder your emotions were so dull.  Tell me, what do you think of your former masters?"

"Ughhhh." That wasn't really helping her attitude right now! It was like telling someone scared of rollercoasters that even if there was an incident they would be safe. "Bluh. I'm just gonna close my eyes for the rest of the ride. Tell me when we land please."


"Alright, alright, hold onto me." Oka laughed uncomfortably as she patted the scary cat on her head. Eventually, they landed on a remote mountain almost at the edge of where one was able to travel. The city was only a distant light visable in the fog now.

"We're here! Don't hyperventilate, the atmosphere's thinner here."
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