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Butler? Well he was a bit on the point, wasn't he? But she could respect that. "Suzuko. If you are going to work for me in such a personal position then the walls of professionalism shouldn't separate us." She let go and waved him in as they walked forwards.

It was was nicely furnished building. Expertly crafted furniture and lighting filled the room and it was overwhelmingly cozy. The comfortable presence that Suzuko was filling the room with helped. She brought him over to a sort of resting room; it had a few chairs and tables. She seated him by one while she took the other. "So, Butler, why do you wish to work for me specifically."

Noire was much more into this than he'd expected her to be. His maid was good for something at least, still he pulled away from the kiss for a moment to question her.
"I'm a bit surprised Noire, do you really think you can handle me like that? It looks like you're about to come undone over some simple grinding." Yes, teasing her like this should get her truly going.


"B-b-buh-buh-buh..." Noire made some sort of blubbering noise in response to his teasing statements, notably never stopping masturbating while she did so. She could feel his hardened member while she did so, and it was making her even more aroused. Jeez, what had come over her?

"You and I both know I'm super inexperienced in this..." She finally whispered quietly. "You better treat me right, or I'll be mad!" She suddenly made a face as she came from all the arousal. Her face was as red as it possibly could be.

"Anyway, isn't it better for you this way...?"

The trail went on for a while, out of the city proper and into sparse woods in pursuit of that scent. Though they'd been following the scent for a while, it seemed all too soon that they reached their destination. The Hunter stopped a bit short seeing something familiar in the man, but it was only when he spoke that everything fell into place. The cowgirl's eyes widened as realization hit, watching as Shinobu leaped up onto a tree branch above them.

On instinct, she moved forward as Ron went murderpuppy, reaching out to put a hand over his nose to at least give him a moment's pause.

"Ron, look, I've met this guy before," she said, keeping her voice low, "He was just...overwhelming. Not in the good way. Last I remember, a fight like this wasn't part of our agreement, and if she's not going to help us then there's no reason for us to go risking our own asses like this."

The pirate snorted at the girl's witty retort before nodding with satisfaction. "You're right, where are my manners? I haven't even named myself." He said  before leaping down the roof, falling down freely before sending a gust of fire downwards to cushion his fall.

Flames spiraled beautifully around him like feathers before fading, a grand entrance for a grand man one could say, but there was a certain otherworldly quality to the flames littering his body and the shining embers in his eyes that went beyond the common man. And with that out of the way he threw his arms to the side. "Well, Sir Smokey will do for now. Now, pray tell, how much do you like gold?"

The boy giggled and said, "I don't know if I can make it that big.  I would run out of magic quickly."

Mason touched the ground and ran forward, drawing a glowing line in the concrete.  It would take a few minutes, but once he drew a border, he would be able to make a barrier that could contain even the boss's strength.

Her eyes had a inquiring, cold gleam to them, despite her smile. The inside of her body strained and relaxed in casual preparation for anything going awry. "Then it shouldn't be so hard for you to leap down here and sit for a minute."

She pursed a finger over her lips, like a coy damsel certain. "You and your friend both. It's quite rude to talk between yourselves after intercepting a lady."

The pirate snickered and waved his arm dramatically. "Why, as big as my ego!" He declared pompously.

"The thing?" he asked, his eyes darting from side to side. 

Oh thats what he means! he thought, his entire body flaring up as he reached his epiphany.  The top of his index finger was engulfed in a blue light.  "So, how big do you want it to be?"


"Hahaha! Nonsense! I am a pirate, it is in my nature to cherish jewels and gold on one hand and cold steel and gunpowder on the other." He  laughed her hostility off curtly, as genuinely cheerful as ever. "Well, I try to be a straight shooter, especially when it comes to hearts."

Was he flirting with her or threatening her? It was hard to tell, but he didn't sound hostile at all. It was the sort of casualness you'd expect from an old friend. He turned to Mason and grinned from ear to ear. "Hey, how long will it take for you to ready the thing?"

She crossed her arms, making her missing sleeve stand out from her striking dress. "Have you considered that being so generous to every jewel that glitters in your eye may be suspicious in and of itself?"

Irene stood impavid and genteel as the scorched petals fell before her. In any other situation, she might've found them beautiful, but in that second these games had no place in the cogs of her trained mind but to warn her of his abilities in advance.

"Then I would hear you out with haste," She explained herself simply, eyes focused on him like a hawk. "Another time, I might invite you to a drink, but this night has already seen thorns of ice run into me, and I am no more keen to revisit the experience than to learn of their opposite."
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