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No, it tasted absolutely abhorrent. Just how much spices you could put into a spoon of food? She felt that functions of her body were shutting down from the imbalance in ingredients. For the first time since the monk's first years in a temple, she passed out.


Eh? That couldn't be right. No one ever reacted so strongly to his cooking, maybe demons and humans really did have different taste buds. Huh. The more you know...

"Come on buddy, let's get you a bit of rest." He said, a bit disappointed in himself for not realizing it sooner. Well really, if she was going to pass out from just a spoon she should have told him sooner!

He picked up the girl carefully and brought her upstairs, making sure she was clean before giving her a clean bed. He wasn't too worried about her, it was just a spoonful. Well, if it was going to be like that, he might as well finish it. Wasting food was something he simply didn't believe in.



No, it tasted absolutely abhorrent. Just how much spices you could put into a spoon of food? She felt that functions of her body were shutting down from the imbalance in ingredients. For the first time since the monk's first years in a temple, she passed out.

She happily accepted his greeting and shook his hand, her eyes however widened slightly at the completely unexpected compliment she received. Rin likely wasn't going to take that very well.

He's completely shaking the poor guy.

The blond servant gave him a harmless smile and giggled softly. "Hehe... thanks for the compliment, they're pretty big right?... You shouldn't neglect your girlfriend though, hers have a nice shape."

She didn't really know how to react to it but Joe looked like he was going to faint any second, and that made her decide to go along with it.


Cute?  I don't get called that often.  I mean, other than my aunt... he thought, breaking into a giddy smile.  He waited until Rin's body relaxed.  Then, once she introduced him to the "servant," he walked out from behind his date aand gave an awkward little wave.  "H-hi," he said meekly.

Alright, you need to be more assertive dumbass!  All you have done is cower whenever Rin's friends show up.

Servant means superwomen!  She can probably break your arm with her finger!

But look, she's being nice!  She won't harm you.

Yeah, unless Sakura says so.

Joe took a step forward, extending his hand.  "Hi, my name is Joe," he said, before breaking into a blush.  "Wait no...  Umm what I meant to say was nice to meet you.
Wait no... thats not right either."
Quick give her a compliment!

"Umm.. you have very nice breasts," he said.  Your dead.  Frozen in place from embarrassment and fear, he couldn't bare to look back at Rin.  Instead, he began rapidly perspiring as he awaited his demise.


Marcus took a step back, pulling his hand away from Forest's waist.  The hand that drifted away from her lower back was now scratching the back of his head.  "Why would I do that?  I need a place to stay you know," he retorted, almost defensively.


The two of them eventually arrived at the kitchen, it was big but completely devoid of people. "It seems we will be getting visitors soon." He set the twin tailed goddess down. He didn't have time to say anymore as the doors were flung open and an excentric rider came with his maid. She made pompous declaration of who she was and flipped off of her horse.

"And I don't smile at your brazen horeback riding inside my abode."

A deep voice suddenly spoke up from behind two people who had so rudely barged into the kitchen. It was impossible but that didn't change the fact it had happened.

The voice of the master of the castle was indeed coming from behind them.

"If this is some sad attempt to get in my graces Rafalia Tredecim, if that is truly your name. Then you have truly failed, if it wasn't for the fact you've brought me my maid back, you would have already grown acquaintant with my sharks." This time it came from within the kitchen, strangely enough it was the exact same voice.

A clear direction and the encouragement to perform to her best gave the faerie new breath. "Hold on tight!" She suggested, cracking the ebony reins and urging her horse to run like he was to be seen with a firm cry.

Its hooves like coal and its lightless mane rode forth through the castle gates like a dark wind, carrying its rider and hanger-on close to its back. It stomped like low thunderclaps that echoed around the stone halls as it dashed past doors and collumns according to Lucy's instructions, while Rafalia worked out the details of her entrance on the go. Simply breaking the final doors open and presenting herself ominously would suffice even without dramatic lighting prepared ahead of time, but.

She needed a bit more, a flourish that would enrich the crusty delight of her unearthly appearance. There was only one place to get something like that on short demand, and it was her nightmares. Smiling, she remembered one that would be perfect for this occasion. She reached into it, the vision of a titanic brass centipede the lengtht of the sky rising from a sea of dead souls to devour the world, and squeezed it between the corners of her mind and her hands, willing it into glossy and blossoming substance contained in her palm.

Then the steed neighed, announcing itself like a flash of lightning in a downpour as it heavily banged the doors of the kitchen open. Petals of flashing obsidian swirled into the room with their arrival, drifting from Rafalia's hand with the current that whistled at their heels. She threw a hand out, whipping up the red and black of her royal coat in an smile that had seen things beyond the grasp of any mortal, the twinkling stars in the black of her eyes regarding the two occupants decisively.

"The rider of anihilation, warrior of excruciations and descendent of the princes of faerie, Rafalia Tredecim has arrived, most kind of folk! I have flown here on behalf of the damned, and I smile at our acquaintance!" She thundered from her throat, like the apocalypse in the tone of silk.

With a mad spin she leaped from the back of the horse and landed in a soft bow, posing with the politeness owed to a noble and gesturing to Lucy. "I have brought your errant maid, whose honeyed words brought out my curiosity."

"Notice I said 'what' rather than 'who." Because Ron wasn't going to take that suggestion laying down. Sure it was petty, but he was in a shirt and boxers in a really cramped studio apartment with himself, the girl he'd been sleeping with for the past few months, and a stupidly handsome guy. "So you're an elf that can appear out of nowhere. Good to know."

At least the werewolf didn't look like he wanted to tear the guy apart anymore. Not that he couldn't if he needed to. Probably.

"So, what's up?"

The purple haired goddess appeared to be thinking about the choice given her. A grin started forming as she made up her mind. Mere momens later a bright flash enveloped her. When it was over Neptune had been replaced by her goddess form Purple Heart. "We're going to have a better view now." Her now deeper said as she moved into action.

Purple Heart didn't even both to wait for his consent, she grabbed hold of him and blasted off. Her strange mechanical spread out as the two of them took to the skies. High into the air she took them, until they passed the peak of the skyscrapers and beyond, reaching for the clouds themselves.

"I hope you like it Gadreel. Being back here I mean." The true intent of her sudden brash action revealed itself with that curious statement.


To what end was she returning to that other form of her's, holding onto him so tightly? It was... strange... oh.


His heart skipped a beat in his torso as his eyes scanned the horizon, catching a glimpse of the sun settling in the far distance. He had not seen such a thing except from the interior of an aircraft in eons. For but an instant the fallen angel was struck with a fierce nostalgia, a longing the likes of which had not struck him since he'd first surrendered his wings for freedom.

"... I have not received such a gift before." Wind struck his face as if to highlight the trickle of wetness that had escaped from his eye. "Thank you."

He's already been thrown into enough crazy scenarios today . . . Rin thought until Joe said he didn't mind meeting Jeanne.

Rin saw the saddened, almost pitying look in Jeanne's eyes.  It was enough to make her want to bristle and hiss, like the cats she favored.  She didn't though.  It's bad enough I'm pitied as the poor spinster, but it's bad enough when I finally get a date with a guy that I actually like people keep popping in to check on me.

She relaxed somewhat, her arms lowering to wrap around her waist.  "Joe, this is Jeanne, one of Sakura's Servants.  Jeanne, this is Joe.  My date," she said with a sigh.

Damn it, I just want something of my own where Sakura and her Support Group aren't a part of . . .


Forest blinked as she saw Marcus's thoughts.

He's as afraid of being abandoned as I am, Forest thought as she looked up at him.  She bit her lip, looked down, and shrugged.  "Actually, I kind of thought you were going to get upset and leave," she answered in a soft voice.


Roderick sighed and said, "Of course."

I need to find a band of adventurers and see if they want a sorcerer in their party.  Maybe I'll get to burn things then . . .

The self proclaimed dead man led her down to a far more desolated alley in order to prove he was right. She had grudgingly moved her hand away to allow him to walk properly.

She was surprised when he suddenly pulled her close, was he  actually coming on to her? This was a pretty lame eat to do it. Then he took one of her hands and lowered his mouth as to kiss it.

It stung.

Then it happened.

A wave of emotion burst through her. She tried to hold it in but it was futile. A nearby inaudible high pitched moan did leave her small throat.

That wasn't the end, no it was only the beginning. She rubbed her thighs together as a familiar wetness appeared between her legs.


It felt like her heart was beating a thousand times per minute and she was left speechless.


His eyes became sharp with hunger. Her reaction was pretty predictable. Her flavor? Not as much. His dead mouth felt like it was on fire. This was like going from light beer to moonshine after a hundred years and it was ridiculous.

He could smell everything about her from here, but it was hard to focus on that because it felt like he was drinking liquid life out of her arm. He just knew she liked it. He just knew he wanted more. The hungry demon in his chest made him clench at the human's arm, pulling more blood out while instinctively keeping her from pulling away.

But then, he was full. There was no way he could be finished that quickly. He burned it off giving his body a flush of life, bringing dead bits so they seemed alive, and drank some more.

Only then did he let go, licking along her arm where he bit to close the wound and releasing her.
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