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"Sure, sure. Gimme one. Try not to pick something too trashy though. Most of the stuff here is garbage, but there's stuff here even worse than that." She sat down, her shadow catching her and forming a nice and comfy chair under her.

Huh. Wasn't posturing, wasn't screaming, wasn't crying... this pasty bitch has some spine! Sakura sauntered over to the other girl, carelessly stomping on the people she'd knocked out. "So, what could someone like you be doing here?"

Jeanne Alter

Jeanne looked at her incredulously as she chugged the entire bottle of soda in one go. Was this girl stupid? It was obvious what she was doing right. She did like this girl's style though. Goody two shoes bothered her. She tossed the bottle at the unconcious woman's head before smirking at the white-haired girl, picking up another bottle and opening it. "Isn't that obvious? I'm thirsty. So I came to get a drink. Want some?" 

"I am Orianna. The combat specialized doll of Relius. It was one of my missions to notify you of a new mission. I am unsure of its contents, but your presence is needed." She spoke clinically, without room for questioning or consideration. As if she was saying might as well be law.

Huh. Wasn't posturing, wasn't screaming, wasn't crying... this pasty bitch has some spine! Sakura sauntered over to the other girl, carelessly stomping on the people she'd knocked out. "So, what could someone like you be doing here?"

"Well, it's not a matter of trust. My location is not important for my safety. I'm trained to sleep lightly and my own powers are my greatest means of defense. There's also nothing valuable I own that could entice criminals." She again explained with a matter of fact tone. The sun started settng down as they were conversing.

"Ah, good for you. The night is coming. I assume you're far more comfortable under the light of moons and stars?"

The hound was carried away like a spoiled bride about to be ravished at her honeymoon by none other than Orianna. Searching for the puppet, it took little to no time before they found the kiddo. Moving up to Orianna's shoulder, she perked her head down and sniffed. Yep, it was him.

"Youch! Someone looks in bad shape. You've been here all this time?" She asked him casually like he was an old friend.



"Tsk. Of course I can! Stupid kid, making assumptions like that will end you up on a spike." She cursed jovially before slapping the doll on the butt with her paw. "C'mon baby, introduce yourself. It's no good being rude to our friend here."

Besides, she was starting to really get a little hungry. The sooner they got this over with, the sooner she could eat.

Noticing the large dog peeking over his shoulder, the doll started stroking her head absent-mindedly.

"True, that guy was a surprise. Well, it was interesting so it's okay.... So, you can do that?"

Turning around toward the girl, Coppelius realied that she was, indeed, a doll as well. a slight frown warped his porcelaine face for but a second before he regained his composure.

"And you are...?"

"Tsk Of course I can! Stupid kid. Making assumptions like that is gonna end you on a spike." She cursed jovially, shifting around with bare canines.

She kicked the doll on the butt with her hind paw, looking at both smugly. "C'mon baby, it's no good giving our guests the silent treatment. Be a good girl and introduce yourself already." She cheered. Honestly, the sooner she got this over with the better she'd feel.

 Her hunger was starting to grow intolerable by the second, and all she could think of was her next meal.
Jeanne Alter

The pale alter was wandering around the streets absently. She'd already released  some good anger out at the park when she'd kicked a skeleton on a bench. Now she just felt kind of listless, and it showed. Her gait was slovenly and her expression was sort of blank.

Eventually, she wound up in front of a convinence store and witnessed a rather amusing sight of a robbery. Some white-haired girl was commenting on some gaudy woman she'd knocked out's shit taste in clothing. Jeanne couldn't help but laugh a little as she nonchalantly walked in to grab a soda. She stepped over a few bodies and grabbed a two liter bottle of coke, beginning to unscrew it.

"Oh, that? Well, I parked her somewhere safe. Why?"  He rested his sword on his back, wrapping his arms around them like a stick. He seemed as aloof as ever, even when taking her mood swings in mind. "Awww, I see. You miss her already eh? Well, if you want another ride you can just ask."

He held his palm out and grew a handful of flame that expanded and fell on the ground before  transforming into a  massive creature of fire, bearing two majestic wings mighty enough to have both of them soar. He hopped on top of it and gave his steed a slap on the side to invite the lass over. "Wanna hop on?"

Chuckling in anticipation, the blonde bundle of libido let herself fall backward on the supporting vines, entrusting herself entirely to the whims of the clearly experienced fae.

Her nipples and clitoris perking up rock-hard by now, she took a deep breath to take in the woody aroma wafting through the air as the rose perfumes mixed with the forest air emitted by the vines.

"Hm, this is new, very nice indeed~ It reminds me of a few pets i used to keep, yet it's different in a way, less ravenous, yet more sensual~"

Marcus suddenly turned his head away from her, his gaze wandering away from her body.  His head actually physically turned away from her, tilting back and to the right so that he could get a better view of the evening sky.  At the vary least, its beauty was straightforward.

"Uh huh," he groaned, his response almost mumble like.  "And then what?"
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