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He thought he could control him?!

Joe fanned the air around him, holding his breath until the smoke dissipated.  Unfortunatly, even once he eventually took a breath, he could still feel the smoke violating his nose.  "I guess so..." he said, popping his head over the couch to watch the door.  He couldn't tell if the kid was lying or not about spying on him.  Even if he wasn't how would he be able to tell?

The kick following the long silence was quite predictable and that moment itself granted her the mental clarity to do what she did. As she saw the kick come towards it was as if time slowed down for a moment. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction after beating her so thoroughly. The hunter diverted most of her Aura to her stomach in an attempt to mitigate the blow.

The kick connected with her stomach flawlessly, but it barely moved her. That didn't stop the gasp from still leaving her lips though. Even after all that he was so wonderfully strong.

"Hah..... I told.... you so." The comeback wasn't as effective as she intended with how much she had to catch her breathe but it should still get the point across.

His eyes followed her every movement as if they saw through each and every twitch of her muscles. The man of steel blocked her vicious kick, but the earlier damage prevented him from blocking his other side effectively. He took her hit straight in the face, acknowledging its weight and wonderful strength.

However, his head was hardly moved by the impact more than a few inches, and his hand had already caught her arm with a vicious grip. There was no escape, and for a moment that stretched into an eternity two blue orbs stared down at her, as if fascinated.

"You pass."

That eternity was shattered instantly by a kick carrying the force of a cannon moving straight at her stomach.

His demanding words were met with nothing else but a beuatiful smile, for the man in front of her was truly ticking off all her boxes. This was it, this was what she wanted, the unknown. And now it was right in front of her, wondering why she was creating distance. Yes that was a good question, why was she making distance? Even though the outcome had already been decided she could not back down, not now when she was so close.

With that made clear, the maid had no choice but to act and act she did. Molly sprang into action at his taunt, approaching him in a zig zag way while preparing to kick him in the side. If he managed to block it she would follow it up with a punch to his face because that was exactly what he deserved after ruining her outfit.

The metal giant crashed into the earth, causing the forest to boom and the trees to be swept back under the powerful gales. Lightning spilled forth with such abundance that the night sky around the two shone with the brilliance of the day for a moment. Smoke and dust erupted from the area of impact, swirling around his body like a typhoon before revealing a crater crackling with lightning.

Despite the massive hole, the ancient hero somehow seemed to tower over the girl. Lightning danced around his massive frame, and despite having suffered damage himself he seemed to stand no less tall. Did she not tell him she was fit to become his successor? Did she not boast the fact she was peerless among any possible candidate? Then prove it, show  that your words are more than empty wind.

"Show me your victory." He said softly, yet his words seemed to shake the heavens themselves in their resolve. He would never take cowardice or no for an answer. His body awaited her next strike.

Her body was screaming at her but she had no time for that, the sky was falling. Like an inevitable hammer, the sky was falling and it was going to crush her. She had to move, she had to, that foot was going to crush her.

A sharp hiss was let out and she forced her trembling legs to move, leaping to the side as far she could manage in her current state. She hit the ground painfully and she let out another pained sound, the maid slid aross the ground, the dirt tearing holes in her precious clothes.

A voice rang far above her, too far to be possibly heard with such vigor and clarity. It was almost as if his words carried the weight of his soul.

"You are determined. I like that."

The ancient warrior had already soared up an unimaginable height, empowered by heavenly thunder itself in order to leap even higher and readying a deadly kick. Right now, one couldn't even say that his gigantic frame was bloating the sky. He was the sky.

And the sky was falling.

She had plenty of time to dodge, that is, if her body was ready and unburdened. But with such a strain, would she be able to avoid this in time?


She was flung through the air with vicious force, her tiny body crossing the length of the clearing as she slammed into a tree, going through and causing it to topple over.

That wasn't the end of her trouble however, at the moment impact a loud cracking sound had been heard. Her arms were probably fractured, it would explain why they were hurting so much. Her back wasn't in great shape either as her aura concentration there had been rather low in comparison. Merely moving was painful.

"Tchh." She sounded disappointed in herself, yes that simple sound carried all emotion that was needed. Molly  Then rose to her feet with her knees shaking, she rose despite the ringing in her head and prepared herself for another attack as well as she could.

"Haha, well, I guess I'm just that desperate, eh?" He said before lighting another cigarette, practically filling the room with smoke. "Besides, I thought he might be useful to keep around. You can never have too many friends around these parts, don't you agree?"

The kid might've been too tricky to control, it wasn't a safe gamble. On the other hand, even a normal guy like him could be useful.

Yeah, he is being nicer...

"Thanks," he said.  "But.. why were you hanging out with him if you thought he was so... unnerving?"
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