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Medaka rotated her body using a simple stepping technique, adjusting her legs into a strong forward stance as she raised her arms to block.  "Yes it does," she said, finishing her transition into a kickboxing stance.

"After all, I carry no such things."

This was just like fighting Rikuyo.  He was far too fast to risk an aggressive battle style on.  It was best to fight defensively, let him make the first move.

"I was thinking more of the former." He answered, taking a few steps around her before he closed his fist. Good grief, he might be getting carried away, but there wa sno backing down now. Besides, the girl seemed to be as eager as he was.

"No weapons, only our bodies. Does that seem convenient?"

He didn't even deign the maid a second glance after her act. He could almost feel his plan collpase around him. No. It wasn't over, perhaps it was even better this way. That however, did not change the circumstance.

Thus the master of the castle turned to his other guest who had been watching this exchange silently. "So I've come to understand you wish to decorate this place Rafalia, is that true?"

Medaka's grin grew larger, her eyes were set ablaze.  "That does sound very exciting," she said, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.  "What do you propose?  A sparring match?  Or perhaps a competition of sorts?"

The ninja nodded and smiled, scratching his cheek with his index like he was enthralled in thought.

"It has been long since I have met someone as perceptive as you. It is as you said : martial arts is a lifestyle, not a skill.  You cannot hide its influence. I can tell your steps carries the same weight as mine, if possible would like to measure my lifestyle against yours." He answered her bluntly, earnestly. Even for him, it was a bit difficult to hide the excitement in his heart.

After the woman was dropped off, Medaka found herself enjoying the company of this stranger.  He was a nice man and she found herself lapghing along with him as though he was an old friend.

"Say, if you don't mind, I have a request." He finally said calmly as they walked.

The young vampire found herself grinning with anticipation.  "Of course!" she said, her voice peaking with enthusiasm.

"Fuh. I see, I see. It seems I've gotten sloppy." He chuckled to himself, but for a moment he felt scared. The girl was so young, and yet she could tell something like that barely by looking at him. He hated to admit it, but the terrifying woman had just managed to intrigue him.

The two had brought the woman to the hospital and were simply taking a stroll at this rate, chatting about inconsequential pleasantries and getting to know each other. Sharing a few jokes and anecdotes, the two laughed together for some time, enjoying the company.

"Say, if you don't mind, I have a request." He said calmly as they walked.

As Hazel transitioned into a standing position, she reached into her bra and retrieved a small toy like tommy gun.  It glowed a feint blue light, growing into a full sized tommy gun.  With the man stuck in the air, she opened fire in the direction of the pole, releasing a hail of bullets in that direction.  Even if he managed to get to the pole in quicker than she predicted, he would not emerge unscathed.

Her pupils shifted to the side, focused on the girl.

He wanted to laugh, but instead he found himself releasing a deep pleasured groan as her warm tongue moved along his neck.   "What does that mean?" he asked sarcastically, moving one hand under her skirt, rubbing the tip of her slit with his fingers through her underwear.  It was warm and wet.

Meanwhile, the other hand tore off her shirt, revealing a wonderfully toned back.  His hand ran along her muscles reveling in the smooth tight texture of her back.  He could do this all day.

She felt the slickness of sweat under her fingers as she danced them over Marcus's bare torso.  He was nicely muscled under her hands, and she traced those muscles with her hands.  Indigo eyes flickered up at his words as she leaned forward to lightly lick at his clavicle.

"I've been hurt enough to know while I can take pain, I don't enjoy it most of the time.  Honestly, the whole 'feeling good' is kind of a foreign concept to me," she whispered to him as she licked up his throat as her chest pressed against his.

The rumble of his heart was roaring in her ears, making her dizzy and she could feel her fangs start to throb in time with it.

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