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No matter how swift you were, there was a limit to how well you could track two people separately. Irene closed in on the materialized woman, and with furious but certain urgency as she suddenly produced a firearm and fired at Julius, the vampire was at her back and swinging the mass of the fire extinguisher against her skull with monstrous strength.


"I'd just bury bodies myself or take them to a funeral house. Or burn them down if they were cursed to rise from grave or were vampires. I swear, if we stumble on one of undead this night then consider my mood ruined. I've spent enough nights fighting the pest, I can take break this night." Mordred complained in advance. As the sun was setting down she worried that their outing would be ruined by some intrusion. Well, at least two of them were magnets for trouble, including the Changeling.

But for now, they were at destination, another mall where they could shop together. "You wanted to buy some clothes? Well, we could do it, but there should be other things we can do here afterwards. Are you interested in something particular?"

"Stop complaining Mord, that's the least you can do after making me trip." Sakura said. "Jumping is so much faster, and I haaaate walking. Once you get used to it you'll be fine."

Auspicious Breeze

"Heh. Just to watch, Sakura; I'm gonna figure out how to do that too. Then we can have a race!" She grinned all competitively, even while keeping an arm around poor Oren. Stupid bad guys bullying her just because she gets rid of bodies in weird ways. Don't people know that ghosts rise up and eat people if you don't get rid of bodies? Or you know, bury them all elaborate and stuff, but that's expensive.

The Hunter's frown didn't leave her face at Gabe's remark, her fingers twitching for a gun as she made no attempts to hide her annoyance.

"Great, so I don't have to put one in your lap first," the Hunter snapped, "What's the job and what's got you brave enough to come running this soon?"


Despite feeling so territorial, Ron didn't want to shoot a guy offering them a bunch of money. So he carefully place a hand over top of the one Anne was holding her gun with, and encouraged her to lower it. No words needed. "What she said, but without the bullets."

"Hah.... What.... was that?"

The hunter found herself panting after that weirdly fulfilling experience. She needed to regain her bearing. No. She needed to get back control, and fast, this just wouldn't do.

Molly took a deep breath, her heart rate went down as she came down from whatever that was. "Oh You're getting off on it, aren't you?" She asked him, her voice was much more steady now.


"They don't got vampires where you come from, miss?" Liam kept his voice low, but he couldn't hide the desire lingering in his voice. He was quite flushed in the face now, for good reason. Molly's blood was pouring life through him right now. It wouldn't last forever, but dang if he wasn't gonna enjoy it while it lasted. "Well that there explains a lot."

He didn't deny her... accusation. In fact he stayed close to her, intruding on her space, just enough to keep her a bit off balance. Also because she still smelled delicious.
Purple Heart

Oh my, it seems like it was a bit too much of an emotional response for poor Gadreel who appeared to have been struck to tears. She gave him a smile and a pat on the head as response to the sincere thank you.

After a brief moment she lowered the alitutde and landed on the roof of one of the skyscrapers closest to where Gadreel lived. She put him down and turned to look at the city.

"So how is this patrol route of yours shaped? Is there anything special to it, what kind of things could we encounter?" She fired of the questions with almost machine like effieciency. The difference between this form and her other, was quite staggering.


"... forgive me. That was embarrassing." The fallen angel surreptitiously cleansed his face with a brief pass of his fingers, and place a hand on the stern goddess' shoulder to convey his appreciation. Then he turned his eyes back to the city.

"I prefer to proceed searching for the most obvious of supernatural presences in the area. Moving first in a rectangular direction to assess the borders, then crossing through the width of the territory." He demonstrated with motions through the air with his free hand. "Then I repeat the same on the street level. Some nights I encounter flying beasts that prey on humans from above. Others I find humans who prey on their own kind from below."

She still wasn't used to the shadow-step.

Once Gojira re-orientated herself, she noticed that, yes, the place Adjutor was talking about was Wild Bill's. She almost grinned in anticipation, a plan forming in her mind. Yes, this will be a day of reckoning for whatever-his-name-was! "Well, then," The she-monster said, "Shall we go in?"
Lonely Heart

After the girl stormed out and found an empty room to begin eating, the goddess began to calm down. "Meh..." She muttered to herself as she munched on a box of cookies. She felt the familar pangs of loneliness, and began to wish Neptune and Plutia were here.

She then sighed.

"Ohhhh, what am I going to do..." She wondered aloud.

Medaka sighed.  "I didn't want to attack someone so strong half hardheartedly, but I suppose I have no choice."  She launched forward, spawning several afterimages that attempted to surround him.  Two of them came inches from his body before dashing to the side.  Then, a fist would strike him in the back.


Ito smiled and readied himself, taking a simple sideways martial arts stance and waited for her to come.

And he waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Eventually the vexing silence became too awkward to bear. How could he have dismissed such a possibility, damn! He definitely didn't take into account the fact she might expect him to make the first move. But he couldn't just strike her like that, it would make him look like a bad guy!

"You know, you can strike first. It's rude for a guy to hit a lady unprovoked." He said, a little embarassed to actually have to say it. A bit.
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