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"Hah! That's the spirit son! I think I'm starting to like you more and more." She laughed, grinning from ear to ear as she took a predatory stance. "Whelp, see ya!"

With that, she leapt forward in order to leave, running past the man with beastly agility since the convenience store was kind of in the same direction Marcus was standing in the first place. But before she left and disappeared into the distance, she purred into his ears, words that were enough to chill someone to the bone.

"I'll be waiting."

When he turned around, she was already gone.

"Piss off!" he roared, slamming his leg into the ground.  "Ive fought people far stronger than you!"

His eyes suddenly widened and he looked down at the unconscious Forest with a frown.  No, not right now.  A purple aura covered his body, enhancing his body with Forest's strength.  He picked her up bridal style.

The moment his gaze reunited with the girl, he sighed.  "Honestly, I don't care if you kill me now or lose to me later," he said, turning away from Costin.  His body was still visibly tense, expecting another attack from the crazy girl. As long as Forest is safe, I don't care, he finished in his head.  It was probably best not to say that one out loud.

At last he turned his head, showing only the side of his face to Costin.  "And as for the skull fucking.  Who knows?  I am a virgin after all.  I have plenty of cherry's to pick before then."



"No, sometimes people need a change of pace. You definitely should buy it. It's been a while since I wore a dress, so I will look for one as well." It has been like few months since she wore a one. She also wanted to buy some heels as well.

Despite his young age, Mason was pretty fast.  He had already managed to get to the end of the city block.  Just a little longer and he would finish the borders.

The vampire raised an eyebrow and seemed to be thinking this through a surprising lot. She opened her mouth and raised her finger as if to say something, but then stopped and  tapped her foot in contemplation, really looking over her options and which one would get her the best outcome. Then, she came to a conclusion and smiled.

"Eh? Uh, ummm... nah dude, this isn't gonna work. I mean, look at yourselves, you fucking suck!" She snickered with that same friendly banter that was as pleasant as terrifying. "Don't get me wrong, it would be pretty fun to skewer and rape you both on a cross and use your skins as bedsheets, but don't you think that would be a waste? As you are right now, I'll just fucking murder ya, dipshit, and that's boring. You've still got lotsa room to grow, so I think I'll let you ripen a bit more, okie?"

Her grin turned wide and her feral teeth almost glowed in the moonlight, and with a deliberate motion he tossed the unconsciousvampire at Marcus like a sack of potatoes before putting a hand on her bare hip.

"A fine woman she is. I wouldn't mind having someone like her warm my bed, but then again, she's knocked out pretty cold right now. Well, I guess her cunt is still hot, so help yourself! Hahahahahaha!" She sighed, it was honestly kind of irritation to have to cut things so short, but she wanted to end things on a positive note.

"Well, I'm being nice right now, but this is a one time deal. I'm not usually this kind, its just that I feel someone like you can grow into a man that can get me going, so I'm making a little investment here. Basically Forest was right, I'm kiiind of a retard. But if you disappoint me again, I'll rip your eyes off and fuck them sockets or, uh, something. You're not into that stuff are you?"

"Thanks!" She said excitedly, spinning around again. "I don't usually wear this sort of stuff, but I felt like it today. Weird, huh?"
Muramasa Katase

The words of the monk could scarcely reach the Muramasa in her bliss. This was perfection, the cutting of flesh and bone with motions that knew no hesitation and yet could last for more than an unsatisfactory moment. Their victim could fight back, but could not win. Her Meti's form had no flaw, her soul no doubt, her heart no selfish drive but love for Katase. It was like she could finally feel what it meant to be wedded to another! This was what she'd so much longed for.

But then the words became insults. The demon's extraneous shell tightened and hissed in sympathy with the fury of a bride who'd just heard her groom's honor scorned by another.

It spoke. "Do not question what you cannot understand, human. I've waited too long for this to listen to you malign her!"
Noel Vermillion

"I'm Captain Noel Vermillion of the Nexus police." The girl answered with a professional tone of voice. "I was wondering if you were new here, and why you decided to tail that person. Do you mind answering a few questions?"

The blue-eyed girl seemed to be utterly unintimidated by the other girl's demeanor. As if she didn't consider her a threat at all.

"I'm curious how strong you are, more or less. Maybe you could find someone strong to fight against, challenge someone, maybe? There should be martial arts schools around. I could be a spectator or your manager, whatever floats your boat." Mitsu suggested. She indeed didn't have full picture of how strong she was.

The two of them tried flanking her, obviously intending to hit her from both left and right. That cheap tactic wouldn't work on her, the protagonist of protagonists. And who were really the brats here?

She lazed around with apparent arrogance as they rushed her. Only in the final moment did she jump backwards, this made them crash into each other and topple over like bowling pins.

She looked down on them, but not with gleeful arrogance or pity, just exuberant cheerfulness. "Who are you boys calling brat here? You two are like barely out of diapers. Maybe you should go for a course or three hundred in trashtalking first cause you guys suck."


The fallen angel's shoulders twitched up as he barely hid his amusement. As much as he appreciated humanity they were still so... goofy, he supposed was the word they'd come up with in English. And Neptune herself was plenty entertaining as well.

Each combatant groaned, though one of them got up faster than the other and stumbled back. "C-Come on man, no more tricks then. Let's just punch her face in!"

He pulled the other fighter up, and they moved to do precisely that.
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