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The warrior didn't seem to mind, he picked her up by the back of her dress like a delicate bag and put her over her shoulders. "Don't get too comfortable."

There wouldn't be much room for comfort where they were headed.

The two were surrounded by four cramped walls, hardly what could be called a luxurious room. The wooden tiles and walls were old, and while the place seemed clean and maintained, there was little to no renovation for what must have been years. This place had once been a clinic in an unfavorable part of town, and by the outside it looked no different than any other shack in the area. It was unassuming and ugly, just like the places where you'd find such a place, and that was why it was perfect. A cupboard contained medicine and different medical tools, which were applied on Molly.

She was administered proper painkillers and bandaged neatly, had it been anyone else, this treatment would have been kind. However, the eerily cold touch of the woman taking care of her and her dull, expressionless gaze was more eerie than anything in this world. It was like she wasn't even human. An elderly looking man and a much younger looking girl were also taking care of Vanguard, though their tools were much odder than mere medical supplies.

A strange mechanism seemed to operate on his shoulder, twisting and turning the broken metal with dozens of insect-like metal appendages, each no larger than a pencil. All three had the same disturbing quality of being too perfect, even despite their wrinkles and human looking appearance, their features were too pristine, too purposeful.

Their movements were perfect and mechanical, without a moment of hesitation or wasted actions. It was more like looking at living corpses or dolls.

Finally, Vanguard broke the silence.

"There should be some food lying in the pantry if you are hungry, but I'd advise you to rest for now. More importantly, how are you feeling?"

Her body still ached, infact it had gotten worse now that the adrenaline rush from the battle was over. Walking like this would be difficult at best and hellish at worst. Whatever he had done had numbed some of it though, but she had a feeling it would flare up once she stood on the ground under her own power. Maybe she should just ask him instead, that did seem like the best idea.

"Maybe, But I don't think it would be easy.... it's a bit embarassing to ask... but could carry me Vanguard?"

A merciless karate chop whacked the girl's head with the might of the gods, but rather than breaking her with this brutal strike something else happened. Somehow, the pain seemed to have lessened considerably, though her body's wounds had yet to recover. It seemed that through his spirit he could perform some sort of unnatural displays, though it was but a trifle anesthesia.

"Indeed you did, and let your guard down. Can you walk, Molly?"


"Are you at least appeasing spirits to prevent them messing with what you own? That's really like asking for bad luck if you don't." Anastasia reacted to Rider's comment about not being religious. She could understand not being zealous, but paying some lip service was just a common sense.

"Same." Mitsuba retorted as the swirls of fate whirled around Costin. She persevered even through such damage with an unnatural obstinacy that indeed was more fitting a machine than a human. And a cold plan formed in her mind even as her mechanical body deterioriated and was slowing down from the sustained damage.

The Unchained could take almost any heat, but could the vampire's regeneration keep up with getting burned by the strike from the heavens themselves? Her heat resistant frame would mitigate some of damage associated with a lightning strike while Costin would take the brunt of it. It was a calculated gambit that carried a risk. And so a lightning fired from the cloud at Costin.

Oh, so now she was being mature? Emotional balance and maturity was an important factor in the growth of a mage. Arguably even more so than actual magical skill. If she cared enough Grigori would have lectured the other girl about it. But right now she... she needed a break.

"It has been fun, Lorenzo, but it is rather late. I need my rest; however, I'm sure Olga will be more than willing to perform some research with you." She reached out a hand and yanked the space before her, tearing a portal back to the base. Then she simply slipped in and shut it without another word.

Sakura snorted. "That's not very descriptive now is it?" She said accusatorally. Not that she would do anything different, she just felt like teasing the girl. "Aw well." She raised her arms in mock disappointment. "So your sister's name is Sakura as well, and she looks nearly identical to me to boot. That is quite amazing..." She made a thinking pose suddenly. "Maybe... She's me from another universe! Dun Dun Dun!" Sakura added the last bit for dramatic effect. That was honestly the most important part of her statement.

As the enormous towering figure of the man loomed over him, Joe gulped.  He squirmed in his arms a little bit before relaxing in his grip.  Don't struggle too much.
No need to fight.

"Umm... ok," he mumbled.

Hmph. He was an amusing fellow. Very well,at this point,both could use a breath of fresh air.

Suddenly, his towering frame loomed above him, and without warning he picked him up by the shirt like a tiny Christmas bag.

"So, how about we go for a walk?"
Name: Orso

Race: Lazer bear

Age: Unknown

Height:  5 feet on all fours.  8 feet standing

Weight: 860Ib


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible (Legendary while not in a fight for some reason.)

Constitution: Fantastic

Other Abilities:

Heat vision:  Much like most lazer bears, Orso has the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes.  He can control the length and width of theses beams even after they are shot from his eyes.  He can also make them move in and out like some sort of lazer yo-yo.  They are strong enough to go straight through most metals but take time to peirce large scale reinforced barriers.

Magical summoning:  Any being of decent magical power can learn the magical chant: O Canada!  If someone knows this chant, they can summon Orso to their location.  Orso is compelled to fight for whoever summons him.  However, as the leader, he has a resistance to it and may betray the master if they abuse him.

Bear fighting skills:   He can use his claws to match any weapons user in a fight and has plenty of experience fighting entire army’s both alone and with a team of his brethren.  In particular, he has perfected a technique for obliterating large shields in a single strike and can break down concrete walls with sheer bear like skill.  As a tactical fighter, he is not opposed to fighting dirty when he is outclassed and will make every attempt to do so.  He has survived multiple bouts with Titans thanks to his quick wits and fighting skills.


Bear to english translator:  Orso has a voice box strapped to his neck that can translate his genius bear thoughts into human speech.  It has every language recorded in the modulator, including dead languages such as babylonian and Greek.

Canadian cape:  As a self respecting patriotic bear, Orso wears the Canadian cape.  He never takes it off, even when he sleeps.

Orso is the alpha of the laser bears, thanks to his superior build, leadership skills, and tactical ability.  He presides over all the other laser bears, ensuring that when the gods cry out for their name, they are prepared for battle.  In a sense he is their drill sergeant, their housekeeper and their father all at once.  One day, one of the bears vanished. A cub disappeared into the void.  Orso chased after the cub, arriving in the Nexus.

Weakness: The chant is something that can be easily abused.  Misinformation about the cub can be used to manipulate Orso.

Likes: Fish, Honey, Bears, Conquest, A good fight, The cub he is searching for

Dislikes: Zoo’s, Dumb gods
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