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Crystallized mana? Aurelia wasn't sure what sort of magic this woman knew but unless they were standing on a small building of it she couldn't see how one would come to that sort of conclusion. "No, no. I am the mana source. This is just the resonance due to large reserves and production rates."

"Oh, a servant? You mean more like an assistant or an apprentice? You don't dress like someone who would do chores." She adressed Parvati and then turned to Aurelia. "You mean you picked up whatever magic crystallized here? I should warn you that such source of magic should be tampered with carefully. If it backfires or explodes on you, things might escalate quickly not only to your detriment."


"No, a servant is a type of familar. I have sworn myself to serve her through a contract, and she keeps me alive in exchange." Parvati patiently explained. "Do you have a place to stay? We're sorely lacking in shelter right now and would greatly appreciate some aid."

Crystallized mana? Aurelia wasn't sure what sort of magic this woman knew but unless they were standing on a small building of it she couldn't see how one would come to that sort of conclusion. "No, no. I am the mana source. This is just the resonance due to large reserves and production rates."

"Hmm, well if it's a gift we can figure something out." She raised her other hand, the golden alloy moving out and encapsulating all the food in a sphere, and pulled the old man up with her other one. "You ready to get going?"

"I never said you stop challenging me, just don't drag other people into it ok. You were already doing great so stop worrying so much, but if you're that worried about your condition I could always whip you into shape but I don't know how much Sakura would appreciate that. I'm a very strict teacher after all."

She then turned her attention to Sakura as she got a brilliant idea. "I could include you too master, surely you don't have any issues with that?"

"I see." So she was embarrassed about the exposure to these human around them, while exploiting that might be fun in the short while she could draw out far more satisfaction if she played along with this. Thus Shinobu grabbed hold of Sage by the waist as bat like wings that were dark as the night grew out from her back. "Hold on." Was the only command she gave.

Then the two of them surged into the air with a mighty flap of her wings, ascending beyond the boundary of the rooftops in a single beat. "Is there anywhere you wish to go?"

"Oh, no, I'm not, I mean, umm..." Well this was a predicament but it was also pretty nice too. The feeling of a human tongue sliding along her neck made Sage shiver involuntarily. Her arm came up to rest on the back of Shinobu's neck, one part cautious and the other curious. "... it's kind of crowded..."

Her voice came out as a nervous whisper now, because they were certainly being watched now.

"No not at all... this entirely normal.... or are  you denying the ruler of this land? Are you saying I am not good enough for you?" Not waiting for an answer, her nose moved down to her neck inhaling the peculiar scent. "Your smell is very pleasant...." Her long red tongue came out to trace the skin of her neck, coating it with her saliva. ".... And so is your taste."

This was proving to be a most worthy distraction.

The old man stood dumbfounded, staring at the hand that was offered so effortlessly.  The casual altruism that was offered to him mocked the core of his vary soul.  "It is isn't it..." he said, his hand shaking as it connected with hers.  "I am but I do not wish to waste this food.  It was given to me by another nice young lady and I wish to honor her gift.  It is something you take for granted when surrounded by simple luxuries."

Perhaps he was procrastinating a bit.  After all, the memories still scared him.

Medaka Kurokami

Medaka pulled back.  "Thats no fun," she said, sighing at the end of the sentience.  She wasn't as good at this as Shinobu.  "I suppose I shouldn't draw fluids from that sort of body.  Do you have a home?"

The burning comet rushed just in time and caught her. Longer than he could've realized, he just held onto her, unwilling to let go. He just flew and kept going forward, until he didn't even know where he was. No one was around, it was an empty forest where a fire spirit once dwelled. Maybe he came to this place unknowingly, drawn to it without even thinking. He just decided to land once he felt his body grow numb and tired.

He couldn't remember the last time he felt so tired...

The two landed near a tree and just sat there for the longest while. He didn't know his heart could beat so fast, he had lost so much breath that despite wanting to say a thousand things he could not utter a single word. It took what felt to him like an eternity in order to compose himself and laugh.

"Phew! You scared me shitless for a second there. Thank god I was there eh? Haha!" He sighed and smiled. That was close, that was really close. But he caught her, she was safe here. He'd definitely protect her, using his life if he had to. "Never do that again though, I didn't get a heart just to get my first heart attack."

But there was no answer.

"Sorry for that." He rubbed the back of his head. She wasn't even looking at him. Damn, he really didn't mean to make her angry like that. Unapologetic as he was, even he had some common decency. Still, the fact she didn't even spare him a glance worried him. It was almost like...

"Um, you know, it was pretty crass to have that happen on our ship. I know you're kinda upset, but please don't ignore me. I did just save your ass and all." He grinned and showed off a cool pose, sure it'd cheer her up. He just wanted to see her smile again.

But there was no answer.

The pirate pouted. He was really starting to get worried. He didn't mean to patronize her or anything. "Look. Its fine if you're mad, just yell at me or something. You're the captain, so its fine if you hit me okay? I probably had it coming."

But there was no answer.

Anger flashed in his eyes, and he grabbed her shoulder to shake her, hoping to knock some sense into the lazy goddess. "Jeez, wake up you sleepyhead! We have things to do! Didn't you promise you'd train me? Don't quit on me you liar!" He snapped, but even with his heaving chest he couldn't remain angry for long, and eventually he mellowed down.

"Look... I thought you liked pudding, so I decided we could get some on our way! I'll even let you have my share you glutton! As much as you want, and I'll even pay for the drinks instead of stealing them. I'll let you ride the ship as much as you want, and I'll do whatever you say.  So wake up already."

He turned her around and rested her on his arms. He hugged the body tightly, ignoring its eyes devoid of life. "Please... wake up." He didn't know since when he started crying. Only that he couldn't stop himself anymore. They were quiet, meek sobs that didn't even echo through the forest.

At last, something clicked in the girl's head.  His soul, this confidence in the existence of the devil and god, as well as a strange resentment towards those deities.  It all made sense.  In the moment of realization, Sera's eyes widened and she took a step back.

"Y-you..." she said, looking directly at his soul.  But, she couldn't stop talking now.  She couldn't back down. "I-I do it because I can keep them away from them!  Plus, I can keep them from suffering in the afterlife.  My body is better for them!  I love them!  They don't!"
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