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He nodded slowly, letting out a soft and agreeable grumble. "Perhaps it is but the selfishness of an old man to believe that is enough, but we are of a similar mind there. I am glad."

It was only a few moments before he was done and readying himself to put back the tools where they should be.

Ah, well that was quite simple, wasn't it? Suzuko smiled at Butler with an almost empathetic look in her face. Her eyes bright and lips quirking up in a way that would be nice even without her personal aura. "I do say that there are things that you can gain happiness from while losing nothing. Kindness, service, and love."

Seeing her relax, he took it as affirmation to continue with his work, and he spoke in a tranquil voice. "You have need of me, do you not? That is all the reason I need."

Butler chuckled to himself, knowing full well how unsatisfactory that answer was. He hummed at his hands for a moment before lifting his gaze at Suzuko.

"My motivations are a long and complex tangle that reaches far into my past, although perhaps not the most interesting. I'm sure we will have the time to speak of it, if you wish to hear my stories," he said. "To give you a response now, I should say... I find joy in serving a person who I can give my devotion to."

The tension eased out of her body and what almost appeared to be a smile appeared on Suzuko's face. She leaned on a counter as he worked. "Say, Butler, what is it that makes you so loyal? Is it simply your nature? Or is it something from your past?"


"It simply isn't something that most of my contemporaries did with such powerful familiars. They kept few of the trappings of a normal bond, to be honest. Too dangerous. Too easy to exploit. No mage wants to be serving the whims of whatever they summon. But that does not appear to be an issue for you." Although Grigori was still unsure of whether that was simply because of Brutae herself.


It didn't seem as if Noel wanted to smash this person. Maybe it would be best to help? "Would you rather come with us, instead? We could find another hobby for you to do, or at least we could keep you out of getting into trouble."

She did not usually volunteer such service freely, especially when she was with Noel, but this seemed to be the best course of action.

They were outside now, away from the Enforcers. That was good and all, but the pair were still close enough to hear their sirens. They also got a good look at Gojira before the great escape.

Now was not the time for battle. Now was the time to lick wounds. Slumbering at the bottom of the bay sounds really nice right about now...

"...I think we should split up," Gojira began, "Those guys seen me, but they haven't seen you. I'll make my way to the waterfront, lay low there for awhile. Fix myself up while staying out of sight."


The young girl tilted her head and looked at the two with the most curious of red eyes. "Huh? What's a bounty?"
Sakura and Shirou

The couple's fake smiles gradually became more genuine as the girl continued to eat, seemingly having gotten over whatever it was that made her unhappy. They, too, continued to eat their ice-cream, Sakura waiting for Moko to return to her lap so he could finish his food.

Their smiles vanished, though, as the girl asked her question. The two of them both knew that bounty hunters were not well-regarded, due to their often very self-centred nature.

"Erm..., we're bounty hunters", Sakura responded, somewhat sheepishly.

"But we only take bounties on people who deserve it", Shirou added, giving a kind smile. "People we'd want to stop even if we weren't being paid."


Not expecting an attack, Rider was not really paying as much attention to her surroundings as she perhaps should, allowing what she assumed was another servant to get far closer to her than he should have been able to. Nevertheless, even with her limited focus, she was still fast enough to easily avoid the oncoming man, jumping to the side and landing on a rooftop.

Not wanting to lose her rather impressive collection of sex toys and torture implements, which she would hopefully need for her next date with Emily, Rider placed the bag down in a safe place on the rooftop before transforming into her battle outfit and, then, jumping slightly backwards towards where she had originally come from.

"Who are you and why are you chasing me?" she asked, tensing up but not yet summoning her weapons.
Antonia San Nicolas

"Really?" Antonia raised an eyebrow. "That's a... new concept." She was going to have to adapt, wasn't she? What a bother that was going to be. It took her a decade to ingrain these hunter instincts into her mind and heart, and it was certainly going to take more than that to get them out. The only other hobby she had was sewing but her skills were only mediocre and it didn't satisfy her as much. "Well, thank you for letting me go. Do you recommend any other outlets for hunting, then?"

Now that she thought of it, maybe hunting people wasn't the most morally upstanding activity that she could do. To the outside world, it was barbarous and Antonia knew that it was right. But at this point, hunting was simply who she was and what she stood for. 

The boy ran back, listening to Lorenzo's orders just as he arrived.  He placed his hands on his hips and pressed his chest forward, displaying a confident smile.  "Don't worry! I already finished the barrier!"

Indeed, while they were fighting he surrounded the block, drawing a line with his magic. Outside of training his magic, he spent his entire time training his speed.  It was child's play to create a barrier surrounding the city block, encompassing all of the buildings between this intersection and the next.

The boy squatted down, his hands glowing blue as they pressed against the earth.  Magical lightning surged throughout the ground, dancing along the sides of the building.  This place was inescapable now.  An invisible barrier caged the two within its borders.  It was a physical barrier, weak to powerful mages, but impenetrable to those who were gifted with natural strength and supernatural abilities.

The pirate looked at the green girl with admiration. It wasn't often you'd find a strong woman, let alone such a quick witted one. If possible, he'd have liked to clash steel with her under different circumstances, a different flag. Oh well, he truly was too much of a whiner lately. But looking at how she had lost his birds, he couldn't help but laugh. This certainly looked bad, but for now all he could do was act.

With a snap of his fingers, the birds split into dozens of butterflies, each flames which slowly but steadily grew in size and power before circling the building, guarding each possible exit like countless shining stars. All they'd need to do for now was guard all possible exits and make sure she did not leave.

He traced a complex symbol of flames and sent a message to the bird near Mason, which he'd relay immediately.

"Mason, change of plans. This building will be enough, but make sure to seal it from the inside and outside. Can you do that quickly?"
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