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"Ow!" he said, rubbing his head.  He groaned as she chastised him.  There was one more thing he could do.  He ran forward once more, this time, using her chest as something to grip rather than her shoulders.  His hands sunk into her enormous boobs, but he squeezed them as hard as he could.  With this, his strength might be enough.
Name: Rosa

Race: Living Nuclear Reactor

Age: 16(Physically)

Height: 6’5

Weight: 500 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Amazing

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Ability: None

Other Abilities:
While she may look and act like a human girl, in reality, Rosa is something entirely alien. If one was to cut her, she would bleed a searingly hot(Hot enough to melt metals) glowing liquid that with prolonged contact, would prove poisonous and potentially even lethal. Instead of a heart, she possesses a core that provides her body with vital nutrients, breaking down matter into pure energy for her to use. If somebody was to somehow rig her up to a power grid, she’d be able to power an entire city easily, with plenty of energy to spare. Her core is the true seat of her soul and mind, and as long as it doesn’t get destroyed or damaged, she would be able to fight through even the most grievous of injuries.

Were her core end up being breached or damaged, she could enter into a meltdown, which, unless she receives the proper care(cool her off by dumping loads and loads of water onto her), will almost certainly end in a catastrophic explosion that could vaporize several city blocks.

As a reactor, she is immune to her own internal heat and fire, and heavily resistant to her own explosions. However if one was to heat her up too much, she could end up overheating and being forced to shut down temporarily in order to prevent a meltdown.

Nuclear Sword of Justice
A sword that is an extension of her soul that she can materialize and dematerialize at will. An extension of her soul, she is capable of channeling immense amounts of her internal energy into the sword and then release it all at once upon impact with another object. That is to say, if she hits something hard enough, it explodes. The harder she whacks something, the bigger the explosion will end up being, limited by her relatively weak strength. With a full force swing, she can create an explosion as big as a dump truck, although hitting anything that’s moving with this attack would be hard, because it requires her to put every ounce of her strength into her swing and knocks her off balance. A more normal explosion would be the size of a car. As it is an extension of herself, nobody else would be able to use this power even were she to give it to them. If she gets more than 500 meters away from the sword, it dissipates on its own.

Rosa isn’t like most people. In fact, she isn’t a person at all. She was created in a labby some scientists trying to create some sort of ultimate weapon. Apparently she was considered to be an abject failure by them because they tossed her aside as soon as the limits of her capabilities became known. This and that happened after that and she ended up in the Nexus.

Weakness: She doesn’t naturally heal any faster than a normal human. If her core gets damaged she’s pretty much fucked. As a reactor, she is immune to her own internal heat and fire, and heavily resistant to her own explosions. However if one was to heat her up too much, she could end up overheating and being forced to shut down temporarily in order to prevent a meltdown. In order to desummon her sword, she needs to have a firm grip on the handle. As such, if you disarm her, her combat potential is neutered.

Likes: Explosions, Water, being cold(but not too cold), being outside,

Dislikes: bugs, the color white, labcoats, tight and enclosed spaces, America

She gave him an incredulous look, it was well warranted with how stupid that question was. The look itself would suffice as an answer, she refused to do it verbally for that.

She did however flick his forehead, she put no effort into it though so it shouldn't feel more than a regular one. "Come on, don't you want to impress Rin by saying you took on one of the servants? It would make you look more impressive to her."

Just like I thought, he thought as he stood back.

This was it.  The moment of truth.  He would have to bust out his secret weapon.  Such terrible thing could only be used in times of desperation, when humiliation was inevitable.  It was time.  He gave her the biggest brightest smile he could and asked, "Can you please move?"

Her legs moved with his shoves, proving her incredibly dexterous nature without ever leaving the ground. "I think I'll have to thank you for all the stretching I'm getting done today, it's doing wonders to my joints." Yeah he wasn't going to make her move at this pace.

"I'm not done!" he declared.  Switching gears, he jumped down to her legs and tried to force them to move.  If this did not work he would have to try his secret technique.

Yes this place was more up to her speed. She showed her appreciation with a tiny nod of approval. "This place will have to suffice then, You were running out of options were you not Marie?" The blond Servant asked her with an almost gleeful expression. Could it be that she had sent her Master on this wild goose chase on purpose?

"We will be having the full course then, come on in Master, we don't have time to stand around all day now do we?" She walked into the high class restaurant with all the certainty of a king entering their keep.


"You mean the full course plus dessert, surely?" She sounded smug as she corrected her beautiful servant and followed her inside. She had a suspicion Bruta had been exaggerating her issues with the previous place, but it wasn't as if she really minded being teased like this. Oh no, I have to eat really really nice food, whatever shall I do? And not having to take charge all the time was a really nice change of pace.

"I won't settle for anything less than the best they have to offer Brutae. I want you to order anything you want." The way she said it, it sounded as if she was daring Saber to order something ridiculous. "I promise you I'll at least be able to keep up."


Bussiness was slowing down a bit for the night. People were going home and finishing up their days. That's why Sarah was slightly surprised when the two women walked into the restaurant.

"A table for two, Madams?" Sarah asked with all the composure of a professional.

The blond servant stood there like an immovable cliff that was obstructing his path. When he hit her with his all his might she bent her upper body backwards a bit so that he wouldn't get as damaged from the recoil of ramming her like that.

"Look at that, you're almost there~" She teased him, it was a good attempt all in all, but there was something much easier that he had completely overlooked. Something that could be done easily since she wasn't fighting back. But would he figure it out?

Oh yeah, ill try to overpower one of Sakura's superwomen with my bare hands!  That makes perfect sense! he thought as he took a deep breath.  Even with those thoughts in mind, he wouldn't back down from this challenge.  He may be weaker than her.  He may be slower than her but Joe Joeson was no quitter.  So he let out a groan and rushed the blond, attempting to grab her shoulders as he rammed her and push with all his might.


A slight look of disappointment passed over her. "Are you really going to just give up now after trying all of that? I haven't even made any moves against you.." She stopped for a moment to seemingly catch her breathe.

"You could try a more physical contest after all this thing started with you wanting to show off your strength but all you've done is use weapons. You could still try that, or.You could give up and run away." She tried to sound encouraging in the hopes he would display some more, he'd already shown himself to be quite capable.
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