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"Uhhh..." Anastasia was standing there confused about what the hell just happened. "I just tried to make a sculpture, I can't summon anything. Usually..."

Usually, she got pestered by evil spirits or demons if her spell caught too much attention from powers lurking beyond the veil, but seeing an old man who looked like some kind of Godsworn was something new. Nah, it was impossible for him to come from Aether.

"Hey, do you see him too?" She awkwardly asked Paladin to confirm that wasn't a dream or figment of her imagination.

Sakura suddenly rushed forward and grabbed Breeze in a single swift and smooth motion, slamming the tan girl into the ground and pinning her easily with her iron strength. "Can you get out of this, then?" Sakura asked with a smirk.

Auspicious Breeze

Okay, Sakura was pretty good at grabbing people! Really good, really, or she couldn't have pulled this off. Buuuut, this was close quarters - defeating Breeze this close up decisively was pretty much impossible. She responded automatically to the attempt, flooding her body with golden light and channeling the divine skill of the sun into her own body! She couldn't brute force her way out of this, but nothing said she couldn't aim at just the right spot by the girl's leg with the side of her heel despite her current position...!

And from there it should have been relatively simple to slip her way out of the hold. And against someone who wasn't all metal inside it might have done it.

"... huh. That normally works. Oh right, you, nn, said your body is all metal..."

Now she was even kinda glowy, too. Well, that meant she had to fight dirty. Breeze adjusted her hand to just the right angle to...

Honk honk.

"... except this part!"


Sakura yelped and inadvertently kneed Breeze's stomach as she stood up rapidly and let go of the other girl. Not noticing what she'd done, she looked distraught. "Why'd you do that..." Sakura asked sulkily. She didn't like that feeling. Her personal space and the sanctity of her body was extremely important to her. She really didn't like people doing things to it without her express permission.

His eyes idly followed the trail of the cigarette as she moved it back to her sweet lips. He lingered a bit a bit her exposed cleavage for a brief second before moving up to her intriguing fair eyes.

What to say even? May as well continue along that line. "Dunno about ballsy, I was just so sick of their self centered lies. Those corrupt asses couldn't even admit that humanity was threatened because it would make them loose face. How revolting. So I did what I had to do." He paused to take a breathe. "Then I ended up here, trying to find a way.... How about you? hmm... ms. Asks all the questions."
Medaka Kurokami

The young vampire shook her head.  "You are underestimating human limits," she said as her smile faded into something more neutral.  Perhaps it was a bit unfair.  She might have made a mistake by inviting her to live with them.  After all, her metric for the best of human limits was Zenkichi.

Medaka sighed and said, "I suppose we can play something else if you want...."

"Is that a... threat?" Mitsu frowned at such a warning. "The burden of keeping a guest save is on the host, not the guest. No matter how you might rate me, I'm just a human with human limits."

She was close, so close now. He speed up his finger bringing that moment ever closer, not much would be needed to reach it at this point.

Then it happened. Liam stopped prodding her tongue with his fangs and bit down for real, drawing that precious liquid from her. As the rush of euphoria that came with these bites swept over her she finally reached it and came.

Her pussy convulsed on his finger, squeezing down on it in a spasming manner. Every muscle in the Hunter's body tensed up in that moment, that single gratifying moment. She didn't even mind the fact he was drinking her blood right then. No. It turned her on and she pushed her tongue further in, letting him have as much as he wanted.


He didn't take a lot, no matter how tempting it was. Just enough to keep himself going. His tongue wrapped around her's and sealed the holes. Didn't give her a chance to catch her breath though. Now, he was feeling rather lively now...

So he pulled his fingers out and unzipped his fly. His eyes opened to see if her's were too. Liam had interesting thoughts if they were if this were the sort of thing she liked.


"Yes, it is better that wa. It is more enjoyable to cook and eat in the company of others. When I'm done with the meal, I will cook something for you too. Do you prefer something in particular or do you want to be surprised?" The monk asked the giant oni.


"... no soy." Waka didn't like soy beans. He didn't really care what else she made as long as it was nice. What he made before didn't last long when he started eating his share.

He was starting to feel cramped in here. Waka tried to adjust his spot.

He hummed then nodded. "Yes, that would work. Do you need any materials for such a project? I have little to offer, but if you are summoning a creature of ice I've re-purposed one of the back rooms as a shrine to Stribog. It is a powerful place for such elementally aligned work."


Hmm, it would be rather dangerous to try and twist this Neptune around her finger. But, well, Lucy could make other sacrifices instead. So she gave Noire a reassuring pat on the back. "I don't think your friend likes me, Noire."

"You should go with her. Really. I'll be fine, and I don't want to get in between two old friends, kay?"


"Well, we are certainly old. My family is an older group. But we are also inheritors of an evolving power. Each mage in our line is more powerful than the next. Without exception. The attainment of power is the most important thing for us. Technique and skill can be taught, but it is incredibly difficult to gain power." She sighed.

"I suppose that I'll have a child sooner or later. For the sake of the family if anything."

Olgamally Animusphere

Several words immediately piqued Marie's interest. Evolving power. Each mage more powerful. No exceptions. Probably have a child.

All of this was extremely interesting to her. Grigori had just gone up from a nine to a ten.

She remained calm though. Losing her composure would not be good. "That's quite a useful genetic trait. I've only heard of such a thing once in my world, some family called the Zenjos, or something like that. You're an extremely lucky woman." Olga complimented her with a charming smile. "The most important thing for mages in my world is our crest, Olga said, channeling magic through her crest and making her entire left half glow bright green for a moment to demonstrate. It's where we store all of our magic, and have our ancestors magic recorded in it, building upon it for generation upon generation. It's the core basis of our strength and research.


Do you have anything like that?"

Hazel returned the cigarette to her mouth, taking note of the man's change in attitude.  The fact that he seemed more relaxed after he dropped his grin gave her the impression that he was a bit of a showmen. Still, Hazel was happy he dropped the act.  It made her feel a bit more relaxed.

"You quit playing their game huh?" she asked, glancing up and down his body.  "You sound very passionate.  Even when someone is being used, its hard to change directions and go against those in charge.  That takes serious balls.  So what did you choose to do after that?"

Neptune didn't slow down at the call from the other, she kept the same pace not even responding to it. She did however respond to the words uttered by the Angel Gadreel.

"This makes for pretty good drama doesn't it?" Getting abandoned after seeing a familiar face, how tragic indeed. "I can't really be spending time with her now... And who even naps for weeks on end...."


"Oh, were this a novel or motion picture I would certainly agree with that." It was clear that there was an underlying issue with Neptune's relationship with this Noire woman which had gone unresolved over their many implied eons of acquaintance. He was certainly not going to be the one who could move Neptune to urgency on the matter.


"I suppose the two of you will reconcile when you are both ready to listen." He could at least provide a nudge. Gadreel placed a hand on the goddess' shoulder. "Although you were wise to distrust my niece."
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