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Jeanne held back and let Joe approach by himself. Interfering right now wouldn't be the greatest idea since Rin's current mood was caused by her after albeit indirectly. Thus she kept quiet and watched how it would unfold.

The firextinguisher came down hard, propelled by the girl's inhuman strength.  However, it only passed through her body, distorting the parts it touched into smoke.  When it finished its trail, Hazel's body looked as though it had been cut in half, her guts replaced by smoke.  The Tommy gun fell to the ground as her entire body changed into smoke.  Naturally the knives passed through that form as well.

The smoke gathered next to the girl, rapidly materializing Hazel's body.  Once it had finished, it revealed the blond with her leg raised.  That leg shot forward, attempting to strike the girl in the torso.

The vampire frowned and raised an eyebrow, digesting what she just heard.

O_O Omg I'm in love.

"PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!! PWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Oh god, jeez! This is just great! Balls to the wall and nose to the grindstone huh? I like that!" She suddenly burst as if she had just been told a funny joke, giving the girl a good ol slap in the back.

"Didn't think you had it in ya. Normally someone would call it quits after hacking an entire apartment. *snerk* Well, I was really just buying some time until i recovered from that beating you gave me. I never thought chainsaws could be so arousing! I'll have to pay you back sometime with a pickax, or oh, maybe a dentist drill!" She chuckled at her own anecdote.

It reminded her of that one time she was actually a dentist! God you have never lived truly until you've twisted and turned some girl's teeth and fiddled with her nerves like they're guitar strings. The screams were like music to her ears! People should hail her as the original metal band.

Costin sighed though, despite just laughing it off, she seemed a bit sad about it. No, it wasn't really sadness, more than nonchalance. She was kinda having fun in a weird way, she had never really talked like that for a while. On the other hand, killing and murdering were like tuesday for her. Fun? Sure! She wasn't about to complain now was she?

"Guess that's enough for a recess break, you're absolutely right."

She took a dainty step off the couch and spun around the floor, twirling dramatically before pointing to the very heavens.

"Why waste our time telling stuff when we can talk through broken bones and marrow?! Surely a split face or twenty with guts on the side will be the perfect way to celebrate our love!" She said before plunging her clawed hand straight into her belly and ripping her intestines out in a shower of blood, holding them out to Jasey as if they were a present before slapping them on her own neck like they were a scarf.

It was already filled with pizza and frankly it all smelled like shit. Well, it wasn't really shit, but jeez she could've tried to bleed it a little or something. An eyeball or two wouldn't hurt the flavor.

"And look, we have guts to spare already! We can take as many as we want!! Besides, live streams are much trendier nowadays! We'll go from tragedy and shoot it straight to comedy! So, how about it? Wanna shoot a homemovie? If you want we can make it a porno!"

Rider smirked at the girl's response.

"Well, I hope you will find it interesting", she replied with a smile.

"And, yes, I suppose a bar would be a good place to discuss my interests further. I doubt anyone will overhear us there", she added.
Purple Heart

"FLYING BEASTS in the city!"

The purplehead of a goddess exlaimed with great suprise. The mere notion of greater beasts roaming the midsts of a city being completely alien to her. She turned to him frantically and took hold of shoulders shaking him with unrestrained force. "Are you sure of this Gadreel?" She sounded scared, not for herself, but for the people who lived here.

She blinked, and halted her shaking of him slowly, her hands withdrawing in embarassment. "I-I, I don't know what came over me there, forgive me."


Her well-meaning fear caught him quite off guard. For this purpose he took hold of Purple Heart's hands in his own, and nodded slowly to her. "All is forgiven, of course. Your outburst was fueled by the noblest intentions. Well thought ones, indeed, for I have seen anything from gargoyles to wyverns perch upon the ledges of man's metal monuments in this city."

And worse. "Then there are those who hide among the humans, appearing as they do but waiting..."

She chewed her lip a bit. "Well, gotta admit that this whole thing is kind of boring. Like damn, I wasn't expecting a city wide murder spreed but this is barely any better than hanging out with some people at school. Let's do something interesting and talk instead of sitting around!"

Like kill people. Or at least scare them. Otherwise she might have to actually consider doing her homework instead.


The Fae took the opportunity to snuggle up against Breeze. And hold one of Mord's hands. They could play nice! Probably. Mordred was always a bit too stuffy. She needed to relax! Oren would have tried berries but the Changeling always had doubts about trying them.

"Well, something kinda loose could work? Or really tight on body! It's the worst when I end up tearing something because I can't move all the way."

Joe was trying to smooth over the situation, and Jeanne was trying to help, but their words just grated on Rin almost like salt on an open wound.

So she carried the dishes to the kitchen, scraped the left overs in the trash, and then sat them at the sink.  She put on her apron and gloves before turning the water on hot.  The steam that rose from the faucet formed fanciful eddies in the air conditioned room that she idly watched for a moment.

Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought as she started to scrub,Maybe a normal guy like him shouldn't mix with a magus like me.  Or maybe he should just fucking apologize about the blunder instead of trying to make me feel better with stupid flattery that just kind of really sounds hollow right now!


I think I'm just being ignored here . . . Roderick thought as he shoulders slumped.  It was an odd feeling, this rejection, even if it wasn't intentional it was obvious.  The only other time he'd felt anything like this even though it was to a greater degree when he'd first met his twin sister and she told him point blank that he wasn't her brother despite all the obvious signs that he was.

It gnawed at the pit of his stomach ever so slightly and he looked away from the exuberant blonds, even though they were a nice sight, and sighed.

He wondered if he should teleport away, just vanish.

Then his eyes widened as Animusphere's words set in.  Then he chuckled and said, "Any decent cleric would be able to bring her back from the dead.  Is Resurrection not common where you are from?  A powerful enough wizard or cleric could easily bring her back to flesh and blood.  Or are you more powerful in this familiar form?"


Forest grinned and said, "Just because you can copy my powers doesn't mean you can copy my skill.  I can defend myself if you get too rowdy."

Or, I can just bite you until you pass out from blood loss and orgasm overload, Forest thought to herself, even though she really didn't want it to go that far.

Olgamally Animusphere

Olga suddenly looked at Roderick with extreme interest. "Oh? Really? Can you do it?" Olga asked him, no malice or superiority in her voice anymore, only pure unadulterated curiosity. "If you can, show me. I'd love to see your methodology."


Julius couldn't evade bullets. That was his weakness that some monsters had tried to exploit beforehand. That's why he focused on disarming the opponent in such situations if he could, but obviously here that wasn't applicable. Hitting him in movement was more difficult than aiming at a stationary target, but he still received damage. None of bullets hit his vital organs, but some of bullets buried in his body. Grimacing from the pain, he at least took comfort in the fact that those bullets didn't seem to be poisoned. Bearing the trauma, he reached for one of knives while hanging down from the pole and aimed it at the Tommy Gun.
Name: Waka

Race: Oni

Age: ???

Height: 2.4m

Weight: Heavy


Physical Attributes

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Fantastic

Other Abilities
Eat Anything: Pretty much exactly what it says. An oni can eat anything without a problem, from marshmallow to granite, though they can still tell if it tastes good or not. Their ideas of 'good' are a little off sometimes. Bribe it with meat when in doubt. Just make sure it's more or better meat than your body.

Fortunate: Good fortune follows those who stay in an oni's presence. Accompanying an oni to a lottery drawing means you will always win at least something, even if you don't get the big prize. Minor inconveniences and twists of fate fall aside. This incidentally protects the oni from hexes that bring misfortune. It doesn't protect people from the oni.

Hell's Guardian: Not all oni guard and punish the dead, but all of them could if they wanted to. They can sense and touch ghosts and other spirits, as can anything the oni holds or wears. Dead things that try to hide from them can't, because oni can break down any door by knocking on it.

Equipment: Anything big close by that he can hit you with.

Waka doesn't know where he came from. Waka doesn't know who said he was Waka, but he is. Waka has lived apart from humans and his own kind from the start. Sometimes he drops in to take barbecue from humans, or sake, but he doesn't otherwise have much to do with them. Sometimes they try to attack him, so he knows how to fight.

Unlike most of his kind he doesn't go out of his way to hurt people, mostly because it's boring. People break too easily to be fun. He'll still eat them if they keep bugging him though. Unlike most oni he removed his own horns because they're easy to grab onto. He got made fun of for it. Also unlike most oni, he bathes regularly. Waka doesn't like to smell bad because animals notice. It's hard to catch things if they notice.

Waka probably didn't come from the Nexus to start, but if he came from some other place he never noticed the trip. One set of woods is just like any other anyway. He ran out of bears to wrestle with the other day, so he's coming down from the hills to see what the humans are up to. There's more than just humans in this place though; looks fun.

Honesty: Waka refuses to lie, and doesn't have a lot of room to twist the truth. The best he can do if he has something to hide is to not say anything or change the subject.

Too Big: Oni have trouble fitting into places humans make. They also tend to break things, not knowing their own strength. It makes taking advantage of their surroundings difficult unless they want to hit stuff with it.

Likes: Bears, challenges, cooking, eating, quiet places, sake

Dislikes: Dead stuff, delicate stuff, smelly stuff, stuff he can't fit into, tricks
Purple Heart

"FLYING BEASTS in the city!"

The purplehead of a goddess exlaimed with great suprise. The mere notion of greater beasts roaming the midsts of a city being completely alien to her. She turned to him frantically and took hold of shoulders shaking him with unrestrained force. "Are you sure of this Gadreel?" She sounded scared, not for herself, but for the people who lived here.

She blinked, and halted her shaking of him slowly, her hands withdrawing in embarassment. "I-I, I don't know what came over me there, forgive me."
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