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"Victims such as me, I presume." He told her flatly, with cold eyes that looked like they could see through her. But despite the cold context, he smiled. "No matter. Your chances are greater than null, and that is good enough for me to accept. But answer me honestly, why? You're already fairly powerful. I doubt someone of your skill would have any difficulty indulging in her... passions."
Jack, Jones and Hazel: The stuff I wrote for fun.

“I can’t help but wonder if we are too reliant on technology,” said Jones.  The half human half robot cyborg sat in a rolling chair at a desk, clicking the mouse on a PC.

Behind him, a man wearing a white t shirt and wrinkled khakis.  The shirt had a picture of a half naked anime girl on it, her huge tits on display for anyone who dared look at his chest for more than a second.

“You know, its sort of weird to hear you say that, considering you're a cyborg,” Jack said. 

“I say that because i’m a cyborg,” Jones objected, standing up and stepping back, giving room to the man to sit down.  “Besides, when you have exploited technology as much as I have, you tend to see it more as a vulnerability than an asset.”

The man in the anime t shirt sat down and began rubbing his crotch.  He moved the mouse to a folder that Jones had created and opened it up.  An enormous spread of an animated girl spreading her legs filled the screen.  “Well I think technology is great!  After all, where would we get all this porn?  The store?  God!  Imagine that!”

“I feel like its not as big of a deal as you're making it out to be, at least for you,” Jones said, raising an eyebrow.  That man is the type to walk into a store, purchase some porn and ask for recommendations from the cashier.

“Well either way, thanks for the porn!  Now get out so I can jack off!”

“You realize we are supposed to wait here for the boss right?”

The ruffling of khaki's could be heard, followed by a swift zipping.  “Im whipping it out!”

Jones simply turned away.  Just as he closed his eyes and turned off his auditory sensors, the door swung open.

“Alright boys!  Are y-” Hazel stared at the two dumbfounded.  Jack sat in the chair, in his hand he held a sword that she never wanted to see, though it was surprisingly large.  Meanwhile Jones stood silent, his arms cross and his eyes closed.

Hazel, Jack and Jones: the important stuff.

Before anyone could even react to the blond, she shot across the room and swung her fist into the back of Jack’s neck, knocking him off the chair and into the floor.  “Do you want to make the call or should I?” she said with a groan.

“I suppose its time,” Jones said with a smile.

Losing sucks.

The weight of each step, already heavy from loss of blood and soreness, was compounded by the crushing weight of defeat.  It was strange.  While he felt down, his heart no longer sank with the shame of defeat.  It was normal now, a constant feeling of disappointment in himself.  Even stranger, it was just a race, a stupid whim, a silly action to satisfy his curiosity.  Perhaps that is what Forest was talking about, that lack of self control, or maybe even impulsiveness.

"Grrraaah!  I'm not passing out yet damn it!" he roared.  Gathering his strength, he turned his head side to side, scanning for something that would have first aid supplies.  In the distance about a block away was a restaurant.

Perfect... he thought as he slowly walked towards the building.  It took a while, but he finally made it to the door.  His vision had become blurry, colors blending in front of him.  As the doors swung open, he collapsed.

The pirate looked confused, to say the least. First, Lucy pulled some strange box thing and started talking to herself, then the box started talking to her. Could the box be the friend Nep was talking about? Oh, no, perhaps it was just a magic communications device. Interesting, but confusing.

"Um, what's going on?" Je rubbed the back of his head, completely out of the loop.

The goddess snatched the phone away from the evil witch faster than a seagull snatches a fish out of the sea. "Hey hey Nowaru, are you ok, really? Really? Are you sure? I'm gonna come over there and rescure you just wait. Nep nep will save the day again just like usual." She went on and one with no sign of stopping and no breathing space to cut her off.


Noire waited for Lucy to give the phone to Neptune patiently, and then opened her mouth to say hello when she heard her hyperactive friend's voice. But then Neptune just kept going without missing a beat. I'll just wait for her to take a breath to interject, no problem. Noire thought to herself. But Neptune, somehow, miraculously, didn't actually stop to take a breath. Instead she just kept going on. And on. And on and on and on. Noire was getting dizzy from just how much Neptune was saying. Eventually, she interjected. "Hello, Neptune? What's all this saving you're talking to me about? I'm perfectly fine, thanks?" She said in her normal boistrous and somewhat haughty tone of voice. She was touched that Neptune was worried about her but like hell was she going to actually up and say that right now. "Nobody's hurting me or anything like that."

"Ahh, I get it. So then, what exactly are we looking for here? Or is this just a kind of general thing?" She stared at the mimikyu for a moment, wondering if it was wearing something over its head or if that was its actual body.

Oka Kurosawa

"I guess it's more we're just generally looking for pokemon, you know?" Oka walked over and scratched Sylveon on the head. "Stay close and protect her Sylv." She told him. He nodded seriously in responce.

"Pokemon are everywhere, you just don't know it!" Oka told Rebecca, pointing at a flock of birds flying overhead. "You see them? I'd call them pokemon, although not necessarily useful ones. But I'd be willing to bet that since you've been here you've seen some bird-type pokemon that have powers like mine."

Oka walked over and kicked a suspicious looking bolder, which suddenly jumped up in anger and roared in a manner that could only be described as gravely. She ran away very fast and spoke in an equally swift manner. "Give Sylveon some commands, he'll listen to you right now!" Oka told her. "Pokemon work better when lead by a trainer!

The goddess snatched the phone away from the evil witch faster than a seagull snatches a fish out of the sea. "Hey hey Nowaru, are you ok, really? Really? Are you sure? I'm gonna come over there and rescure you just wait. Nep nep will save the day again just like usual." She went on and one with no sign of stopping and no breathing space to cut her off.

"Why couldn't Leff have done it? You seem pretty fast to defend him." Saber asked her after taking finishing her glass of wine. It was a bit strange that she dismissed this man out of hand. It hinted at a crush of some sort but given the situation it migt have been him trying to make himself look better so that he could manipulate her. Considering the situation given that wasn't entirely unlikely. Or she might just be overthinking it, she didn't actually this man.


"Oh, sure." Lucy held out the phone to Neptune. "She's asking for you."

Despite the fact that this all might unravel she was rather calm about it. After all, she made a bet! Just because she rolled poorly didn't  mean it was worth being upset about.

Aw, great. Not this shit again. Just from the look of them he could tell they were the troubling kind of fetishists. "Ewwww. That sounds creepy. And what's with the mask? You like, a pervert or something? Fucking gross..." The dog stepped in front of the green haired corpse, grinning from ear to ear.

But all of a sudden, in an instant step, her body was no longer that of a mongrel, but a young girl. Her cold red eyes and expression looked blatantly bored, but despite that she waved an arm in front of the other vampire, as if to protect her.

"Step back sister, I got this!"
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