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The blonde vampire was lazing around on the couch looking mostly dead to the world. Her splendid napping time was then rudely interrupted by the sound of a ringing phone. Shinobu ignored the first tone but raised her hand at the second and answered.

"We know no landlords here, this is but a free city for all to enjoy in splendor!"

She then abruptly hang up.

"Oh really!? You mean it!?" He cheered for a second, as if genuinely overjoyed by this little bit of praise before quickly recomposing himself. "Erm, I mean, of course! I'm pretty strong, yknow?"

He rubbed the back of his head and adjusted his hat with a timid laughter. "Sooo, what's your name?"
Sakura Matou

After Sakura left Liseth's house, she realized she still had one more piece of bussiness to deal with before heading home. The first thing she did was call Shirou and let him know where she was and that she was safe, then she called the number of one of her houses, just to confirm this ludicrous appointment was actually yes, at this time of day.

"Hello, this is the landlord, Sakura Matou. I was just calling to confirm the appointment?" She asked when the other party picked up.

"Don't look at me like that damn it!  Stop whining when you have a home to go to!"

Forest felt red flood her vision at Marcus shouting at her as she narrowed her eyes at him.  She felt herself moving before she realized she wanted to.  Her hands curved into fists at her sides as she reached him.

Then she lifted her hand and slammed her fist right into his handsome face.

She said in a soft, low voice, "I am trapped here.  If I could go home, I would."

She put her hand on her hips as she met his incredible gaze once more, even if it made her knees buckle she wouldn't start showing weakness or everything else would have been for naught.

"I refuse."

A brief pause followed and she straightened her posture some more not that it would make up for the difference in height.

"Only a fool would accept an offer this vague. Is it really a fool you seek?"


"That is fine. I don't care about your motivation, as long as it won't prove an impediment. Will you accept?" He said with the same hardness as before, the same pressure to his gaze. His words were cold, but not particularly towards her.

Contrary to her beliefs the mage didn't dodge. No, her hands caught his leg and she began trying to flip him to the ground with the help of her hips. It appeared to be working for a brief moment, only for his leg and him by proxy to stop moving as if held in place by an unseen force. No matter how much the girl tried she couldn't move him further.

"Darkness Slash."

With a simple gesture from the mage's hand, a wave of darkness shot forth, it would cleave the girl in half by the waist.

A large crack appeared on Mitsuba's back, damaging a part of her body that the raging beast didn't reach. It was all a calculated risk in order to succeed even at the cost of her well being. Of course, the blow to her head also wasn't something trivial. It hurt, only fueling further her cold anger and tenacity. The vampire made a mistake to underestimate the demon as Mitsuba redirected the energy she gained from deliberately damaging her own body with the use of that Embed to boost the speed at which she recharged that canon. Costin would be exposed to a point blank blast unless she let go of her and moved away.

"I do have a large collection, but I don't tend to read Christian literature. I'm.. not a religious person", she replied, choosing her words carefully to hide her utter contempt for the gods. "My master and one of her.. friends are Christian, though, so they might have some. However, to visit our house you'd have to get my master's permission. I don't feel comfortable inviting strangers into her house to look through her library, or even through mine."

Why do I hate this so much?!  Is it so wrong just to want to win?  I want to feel like I can do something!

Marcus picked up the pace, crossing over to the other side of the street without even bothering to check for cars.  Thankfully, the roadway was clear when he moved.  However, he picked up a feint voice behind him.

Who was she to say that?  After all, if she can't what hope do I have?

Just as he slammed his fist into the nearby streetlight, his mind processed what she had said and his eyes widened.  "I just want to go home."

He bit his lip and turned around.  She was sad, more sad than he was.  Or at least, more confused.  He hated that face.  There was nothing that was harder to deal with than a woman with a mopey face.  He glared at her again and yelled.  "Don't look at me like that damn it!  Stop whining when you have a home to go to!"

He wasn't good at prep talks, not like his "friend" back home.

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