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Rider responded to Emily's statement with an aroused smile, continuing to moan with pleasure as she watched the tendrils wrap around the clearly-aroused blonde's body, her own arousal growing as she watched the tendrils go to work on the attractive girl.

Then, with Nero suitably bound, Emily returned her focus to the purple-haired servant, Rider's excitement and anticipation growing as the changeling spoke about roses, before the vines began to form buds.

Soon after, sharp thorns began to grow from the vines, digging into her breasts and drawing a sharp hiss from the bound servant. Small drops of blood flowed from her ample bosom as the thorns did their job. Soon after, the vines around her thighs followed suit, drawing another pained hiss from the girl, her face now screwed up with discomfort.

However, whilst she was clearly in pain, she was also very obviously extremely aroused, and only growing even more so as the pain from the thorns shot through her body. She was bound and "helpless" for the girl to do as she wished, and she couldn't wait to see what other torments Emily could think up.


Rider continued to moan as even more vines wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them roughly as the other two girls talked. She could tell that the blonde girl was proud of her creation and, judging by the way her nipples were poking out of the cloth, pretty aroused, too.

Now that they were in this world, there was nothing stopping the two girls from having their wicked way with her. The thought of them dominating her, using her, hurting her was such a turn-on. Her panties were absolutely drenched with her juice.

"Y..yes, please, Emily", she said in response to the blonde's statement, desperately wanting more. "Show me what you can do with these tendrils."


"Y..yes", Rider moaned in response to Emily's question, enjoying the way the vines were binding and molesting her too much to really consider the position she was currently in.

She continued to moan with pleasure as the blonde servant groped her and the tendrils continued to squeeze and contstrict her, also very much enjoying the sight of the other girl bound and desperately begging for attention as she moaned with pleasure.

Rider's excitement was such that she barely paid any attention to the words of the blonde girl. The giant source of mana that had suddenly appeared was disconcerting, but she shoved that concern to the back of her mind to deal with later. She was far too into this and they were far away anyway. She only made a note to talk to her masters later today about it. However, even as excited as she was, she couldn't fail to notice the sudden storm of rose petals in front of her eyes, or the sudden surge of mana around her, something similar to Shirou's reality marble.

Still moaning with pleasure, she looked around the massive, lavishly-decorated room, which she was sure must be part of the Domus Aurea, Nero's famous palace, before looking back to the girl, who was standing there with her chest puffed out, obviously proud of her creation. Having once been a goddess used to supernatural levels of luxury, Rider wasn't as impressed by it as many people would be. Even so, for a human contstruction it was certainly impressive. And, more importantly, it was some kind of reality marble, a private space which, she presumed, no-one but them had entered.

"T..the Domus Aurea", she moaned, aware that the girl obviously desired praise. " is quite impressive, I have to say. I have not seen anything as  beautiful as this for a long time."

"And private, I hope", she added, a real sense of anticipation in her voice.

Now that they were hopefully alone, the real fun could begin. Hopefully, this place would have equipment to assist with the kinkier forms of sex, although she suspected that Emily was capable of improvising a reasonable amount.


After the man had left, the three of them returned to their meal, Sakura making sure to keep on the good side of the ribbon-stealing bully, and do her best to make the girl like her. Then, once they had finished, she led the girl to a ribbon shop, where she could buy her a bunch of ribbons in return for her own.


Rider began to moan with pleasure from Nero's ministrations as she watched the vines wrap around the girl's body, her arousal growing rapidly at the sight of the girl being bound and dominated. The girl's indignant pleas only turned the servant on more and, unlike with Emily, she felt no obligation to assist the girl, so she simply continued to watch, her clit now hard with arousal and her panties rapidly dampening.

Then, things got even better for the lavender-haired servant, her prospective lover willing up more of her vines and wrapping them around Rider's lower body, binding her legs, before some of them crept up underneath the servant's skirt. She let out an even louder moan as the vine rubbed against her sensitive, very damp folds, restricting her in a way she found very exciting.

To the highly-aroused Gorgon's delight, the blonde who was still molesting her assented to her suggestion of privacy, a spike of arousal running through her body as she anticipated what was to come next. She was sure they would restrain her, dominate her and ultimately fuck her, and she couldn't wait for it.

"Y..yes, please take me away and ravage me", she said, now barely aware of the situation thanks to the pleasure she felt and the anticipation of what was to come.


Somewhat surprised and amused by the girl's flustered reaction, Rider failed to notice Nero's assault, letting out a surprised yelp as the girl grabbed her from behind and began to grope her ample mounds, pressing her own breasts sensually into Rider's back. Nevertheless, Rider didn't find the girl's actions unpleasant, and she quickly began to moan with pleasure from the girl's ministrations.

For a few moments, Rider lost herself in the pleasure of being dominated by the attractive woman in front of Emily, but she soon regained her bearings and, realising that they were in public, she blushed with embarrassment. However, all the embarrassment did was make her feel even more aroused, her panties now damp with her arousal.

"W..what are you doing?" she stammered, embarrassed. "S..shouldn't we take this somewhere more private first?"


Despite Emily's pouting, Rider was about to politely refuse Nero's insistent demand when the girl reached up and grabbed hold of the top of her dress. Not expecting such a brazen act from the blonde spirit, she was caught off-guard and, as such, was unable to prevent the girl tugging the dress downwards, exposing her bare breasts.

A blush came over Rider's face as the famously-vain spirit complimented Rider's body in her own, arrogant manner.

"H..hey, what are you doing?" she said, embarrassed by her nudity and rather angered by the girl's brazenness, but also rather aroused at being humiliated and exposed in public by the admittedly-attractive woman.

However, before she could react any further, the woman who had been bringing out the swimsuits for them to try  suddenly tackled Emily, her trousers tearing as she pushed the girl to the floor before locking lips with her. For a moment, Rider simply stood there and watched as Emily struggled futilely against her grip, her arousal growing at the sight of the very-attractive red-head in a tight swimsuit being sexually-assaulted by another girl but, ultimately, she decided she had better help her potential girlfriend out.

Moving quickly, she bent down and grabbed hold of the girl, pulling her off the struggling Emily.

"Hey, leave her alone!" she said as she pulled the girl back to her feet, leaving Emily to recover, her bare breasts swaying as she did so.


Sakura turned to Marcus with a smile as the sycophantic man lifted him off the girl.

"Thank you for defending me, but I'll be fine", she said. "It didn't really hurt that much."

Then, she turned to the girl.

"Are you OK?" she said.


Rider smiled at the rather-attractive blonde who had now dressed herself in an extremely skimpy bikini. Of course, as a heroic spirit herself, she immediately recognised the woman's name and, as such, was now aware of her identity as the Emperor Nero. Nevertheless, she was well aware that legends could be corrupted or biased, so she was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, particularly since she seemed nice, albeit extremely weird, judging by what Emily had said.

"I'm Rider", she said with a smile. "Nice to meet you, too, Nero."

Then, she turned to Emily, watching with excitement as the girl sipped on the one-piece swimsuit. Yet, despite her arousal at being around the two nude women, she had little desire to strip naked in the middle of the shop for no real reason.

"I'm fine just watching, thank you", she said, obviously excited by the two women's display. "My m..friend already bought me a swimsuit, I don't need another one."


Rider continued to watch the show, feeling a little jealous but also aroused as Emily and the Saber lookalike groped each other's rear. Soon after, though, the red-haired girl seemed to notice her and, seemingly happy to see her, called out before sending a vine towards the servant.

If she wanted, Rider could have easily avoided the vine, but she chose not to, her panties dampening slightly as the girl she had been on a date with the previous night ordered the vine to wrap around her waist and lift her up, before pulling her over towards the pair of nude girls, the vine pushing up on her breasts and almost forcing them out of her dress.

As she was placed in front of the girl, she looked at her questioningly, wondering what was going on.

"Not that I mind the show, but what are you up to?" she asked, before turning to the blonde.

"Hello", she said. "I'm Rider. Who might you be?"


Sakura winced and let out a small yelp as the girl gave her a hard flick, almost knocking her off her feet.

"What did you do that for? That hurt!" she said, obviously a little annoyed at the casual violence.

Meanwhile, the man who had purchased their meal returned, asking who the man she was healing was.

"He came in here with a hole in his hand and collapsed, so I stopped the bleeding", she said. "It needs to be cleaned out, though, so it won't get infected when I heal it properly."

Then, she turned to the man lying on the floor with a smile.

"Thank you", she said, glad that he was standing up for her.


Mostly ignoring the immature girl's idiotic and over-simplistic responses, Sakura instead chose to address the man she had healed and what he had said. She was certainly still worried about the girl who had put a hole in his hand, and his somewhat weak defence of her didn't really change that significantly.

"It's fine", Sakura replied, honestly perfectly happy to have been 'interrupted' but not wanting to openly say so to the psychotic girl, "we were just eating, your injury is more important."

"We need to get that wound cleaned out, so it doesn't get infected. Then I can heal it for you properly", she added.


Rider smirked at his comment.

"Well, perhaps you'd like me to demonstrate it later", she said as she rode off into the distance without even bothering to look back, now feeling quite aroused by the man's flirting.

However, to her disappointment, instead of attempting to continue after her, the man jumped off his bike and, when she turned around again, he had disappeared from sight, without so much as a goodbye.

Somewhat disheartened by the sudden end to what had been an enjoyable race with someone she'd like to have gotten to know better, Rider continued to the finish at her normal speed but with much less enthusiasm, wondering why the man had decided to just run away.

Then, having completed the course, she turned around and headed off, continuing to ride around the city. As she passed a large mall, she noticed a rather odd commotion and, listening in with her sensitive hearing, she picked up that some apparently-attractive women had just stripped in the middle of one of the clothing stores. Intriged, she headed inside, hoping for a nice show.

As she got closer, she noticed the two girls posing at the door of a shop, in front of a floral display made of vines. One was a blonde who appeared to be a bustier version of Shirou's former servant, and the other was...


For a moment, Rider was a little shocked at the girl's brazenness but, thinking back, it was hardly surprising. The girl had certainly not come across as being shy. And it was not an unpleasant view by any means.

Parking her bike in a nearby bike stall, Rider quickly approached, before taking her place at the front of the crowd so she could enjoy the show, waiting for Emily to notice her or for something to happen that she felt like interrupting.


Sakura frowned at the man's response. She could tell that he was hiding something, he wouldn't even give his name. And what sort of girl would or even could put a hole in someone's hand for hitting on them?

"Really?" she said, obviously unconvinced. "Some girl put a hole in your hand for hitting on her? What sort of girl was she?"

"And, I'd much prefer it if you would give us your real name. I don't particularly want to have to refer to you as 'bloody man' all the time...", she added, obviously not too impressed with his secrecy.


Sakura smiled as the man slowly awoke, happy to see that her efforts had been successful. It always felt good when she was able to save someone.

"I'm Sakura", she replied with a kind tone. "I stopped the bleeding for now, but you need to get the wound cleaned so it doesn't become infected. Then I can heal it properly."

Then, another thought came to her. The hole in his hand didn't look natural, perhaps there was some kind of threat she might need to deal with.

"How did you get hurt?" she asked, obviously a little concerned.


Entirely unsurprised by the girl's apparent lack of concern for the man, Sakura continued to head towards him. However, before she could reach him, to her immense surprise, the other girl appeared next to him, poking him and asking if he was OK. However, despite her surprise at the girl acting like she might actually care about anyone but herself, Sakura went to work. Her work as a hero alongside Shirou had meant that she'd taught herself first aid and some basic healing magic, and she knew she could do more to help than the other girl could.

Reaching the man, she knelt down next to him and reached for his neck, taking his pulse and listening for breathing. Relieved that his heart still seemed to be beating and that he was still breathing, she set to work on dealing with the problem. Judging from the hole in his hand and the blood that was everywhere, he'd obviously lost a lot of blood, and she knew she needed to stop the bleeding before it got any worse. Whilst she could fix the hole in his hand, her magic wasn't good enough to ensure the wound would not become infected. So, before she did so, it needed to be cleaned-out.

"Is there a first-aid box in here?" she called out. "His wound needs to be cleaned."

Then, she wrapped a shadow tendril tight around his wrist to act as a tourniquet, before reaching down and putting her hand on his, before beginning to chant.

"Diese Wunde wird gerinnen", she said, her face screwed up in concentration as small, black tendrils flowed from her hand and into the wound. "Das Blut flie├čt nicht."

She continued to concentrate for a few more moments before pulling away, her magic having stopped the flow of the blood. Even after she released the shadow tendril wrapped tight around his wrist, there was still no more blood flowing from the large hole.

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