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"So that actor is typecast then," Rin said as Joe took her hand.

He looked a bit nervous, like he had when Sakura had appeared in front of him.  Rin blinked and looked around, making sure that there wasn't anyone around.  She frowned, tilted her head, and studied him.

"Are you okay?" Rin asked.


And the blond vampire fell limp and unconscious like a sack of potatoes.


So that didn't work, Forest thought distantly as Costin coughed blood on her face as she slammed her into the concrete median.

The sound of cars going by rushed in her ears as she realized that her impromptu weapons didn't work.  In fact, they had returned to their former liquid state.  Only to have something cold and sharp pierce through her chest.

"Are you retarded?" Costin growled at her.

Forest felt blood bubble forth from her chest at the sharp pain and spill across Costin's hand.  Her glowing crimson eyes narrowed and she retorted, "Are you?"

Then she grabbed Costin's wrist, pulling herself closer to the other vampire before swinging a leg up and around Costin's arm.  Her other foot planted firmly into Costin's chest as she kicked herself back.  The blade of blood tore out of Forest's chest in a fount of her own blood and sharp pain that steeled her as she fell back, landing in a crouch.

She stood to her full height, her chest already knitting itself back together before she lead off with a double jump kick, her foot catching Costin under her chin.


Rin chuckled at Joe's enthusiasm and nodded.  "I actually really liked that motorcycle chase midway.  Now that was really exciting!  That had to have take some real skill to pull some of that stuff off, I was actually kind of impressed."

She shook her head with a grin, "But one of those fight scenes was really hard to follow with too many quick takes."


Marcus was talking; the quips were a sign that he was unsure.  He was swaggering bravado in an attempt to show the other vampire he wasn't afraid.  Or distract her as he shot her with the .44.

Costin had started to swing her bloody blades at Forest, but the gunshot to the throat caught her off guard.

Her body went limp, swaggering off balance.  The opening was all too easy.  Twisting her new blood spikes like daggers in her hands, Forest got her makeshift weapons into position.  Her right hand went to strike the spike into Costin's heart while the left drove to impale her through the forehead.


Rin chuckled as Joe enthusiastically pulled her to her feet and led her into the lobby.  The harsh lighting stung her eyes for a moment before adjusting.  The smell of old popcorn and spilled soda was cloyingly thick here, enough that it made the back of her throat burn.

Then he playfully jabbed her arm with his finger and she grinned.  "Well, it was watchable at least," Rin answered while tilting her head, "The protagonist was more interesting than our hero I think.  The fight scenes didn't make me cringe too badly, which is a plus!  What did you think of it?  Other than the actress was cute?"

She studied his averagely handsome features, their wholeness making him look almost bland even for a white person.  She was Asian after all; white people were exotic to her, just as she was exotic to them.  Yet living in London for several years had made people of all races somewhat familiar by now.


This blood ability is a fucking problem, Forest thought to herself as Costin caught her axe with her body.  Or rather, her crystalized blood.  The other vampire removed the axe from her body before crushing the axe.

Forest didn't have time to correct the other vampire in that it was steel, not silver, as Costin readied bloody spikes of her strange blood to launch at both her and Marcus after his reckless as hell attack.

Costin was fighting as a monster.   

Forest let red bleed into her vision as she felt her own fangs begin to lengthen and throb again.  Costin grew spikes of that crystalized blood like some demented sanguine porcupine.  The smell of it was thick in the air, and Forest wondered just how much she had and what would happen if Costin happened to bleed out.

Or her own blood used against her, Forest thought, suddenly regretting she hadn't taken up magic other than the fire spell she knew.

Instead of reaching out to strike Costin, Forest hit not Costin, but aimed one swift strike at two spikes, one for the right and one for the left hand.  It was a hard chop meant to shatter it away from her body in the hopes that Forest could collect them to use against her.


Rin felt Joe watching her.

Admittedly the attention was nice.  Joe himself was nice.  Yet doubts and concerns were running wild through her mind as the credits began to roll.

She nodded at his suggestion and flashed him a smile.  "That sounds nice," Rin said, remembering her promise to make sure he got home safely.


Costin was attacking with ferocity, acting more and more like some rabid dog in her attacks.  They were completely animistic and brutal, yet she left herself open.  She was blocking with her blood swords, and Forest blocked one of those ferocious slashes with her axe.

While Marcus traded blows with the other vampire, Forest feinted and then moved behind Costin.  There was no flare to her movements, just economy of motion.  Then she raised her axe to swing at the other vampire's head.


"Somewhat," Rin said before making a face at the screen.  "I don't know though, even though they had chemistry their relationship was forced.  Why would an archeologist go after some vigilante outlaw with no prospects?  Sure he's good at punching and kicking people, but what would they talk about?  Why would they even date after the adrenaline rush wears off?"


Forest stopped the car, not wanting to hurt the wheels or axels any further with the slashed tires.

She bit her lip and considered her options for a split second.  Then, reaching down, she popped the mechanism for the boot, opening it.  While Marcus was firing, Forest got out of the car and made a mad dash to the trunk, picking up the battle axe she had stashed there. 

This was going to be messy.  It was probably going to hurt.  Her chance of winning this fight was slim unless she pulled some rabbit out of her hat at the eleventh hour.

She didn't hesitate as she came barreling at Costin while Marcus hopefully laid some cover fire for her.


Rin let Joe draw her close as he gave his opinion of the kiss.

She didn't buy the couple's relationship.  If anything, like she had told Joe, the most interesting character was the villain.  The British actor playing him should have been beyond such rolls, but there he was and he looked like he was having fun with it.

"The martial arts are more believable honestly," Rin said before their neighbor sent them another glare.


Rin shrugged and replied, "To make a more entertaining movie I guess.  Even though real life really doesn't work out that way . . ."

She absently reached up and played with the new sapphire pendant around her neck.  It was really an extravagant gift for a first meeting.  Joe was trying to keep up with the reality that was her life, but he probably wouldn't react favorably if she started channeling prana into it for a one use only spell.

She looked at the couple kissing and sighed.  Then snorted.  "Well, not real kissing.  Manufactured affection like this is meant to be attractive as possible."


Fucking jumped up fannybawbag, Forest thought as she heard the sounds of honking as she sped through traffic. 

She could sense Costin chasing them and she gritted her teeth.  Car and driver had a synchronicity that few could ever hope to accomplish.  Even though there were newer models with more power to them, this particular 1967 RS Z/28 Camaro and Forest had a bond.  Decades weren't anything to her time wise, but decades behind the wheel of this car gave her an insight to it that even the current accomplished race car drivers couldn't grasp.

Even though she was attuned to the machine in a way that bordered on supernatural, there was only so much she could do having to weave through traffic like this.

She was driving, so she couldn't call the cops about the rabid vampire chasing them.

There was a loud crash behind the car and right as she saw Costin go and throw blood knives at the tires, Forest switched the car into reverse and pressed her foot on the gas.

Well, this is going to make some mechanic's day . . .


Forest gritted her teeth and didn't want to even think how fast the other vampire would have to be to give chase.

She heard Marcus's thoughts and handed him the gun.  Shifting with her knee had been something she had learned a long time ago, so she could steer with her left hand, hand Marcus a gun with her right, and shift with her knee.  She sent to him, There's two boxes of ammunition under my seat.  I'll concentrate on getting us out of here.

In a straight line, muscle cars were some of the fastest vehicles on the road, but add twists and turns and any speed advantage they had was lost to their lack of maneuverability.  It was a fault that Forest knew all too well, but she never had the heart to upgrade to some rice burner that could drift around sharp turns.  A psychoanalyst would probably have a field day with why she enjoyed pony cars so much.

Something something overcompensating machoism something something.

Yet, she wasn't a car enthusiast for driving.

The purr of the motor was replaced by the mighty roar as the V8 got warmed up.


"Hold on and shut the door, if it shuts," Forest said as she slid back into the driver's seat.

She then turned on the engine, revving it up in preparation to get the hell away from this bitch.  She did make a note of where they were located so she could call the Enforcers with a tip.


Grabbing the gun and fucking subtly, Forest kicked open the car door closest to Marcus and Costin.

Even with regeneration and super powers, everything was affected by physics.  Even if someone wouldn't get hurt from a bullet, there was still the force behind it, and the .44 had quite a lot of force.  So she lifted the gun and aimed it right at Costin's mass.

Hopefully she could blow the other vampire out of the car and then gun it, getting her and Marcus safely away while she called the Enforcers.

Taking aim, she pulled the trigger and the smell of brimstone, the roar of cannon fire, and muzzle flash filled the car.


So, mind control wasn't an option. 

Fine, Forest could deal even though Costin started sprouting blood spikes like some sanguine version of Marrow from the X-Men.  Just Marcus was ripping himself even more as he tried to grab for the other vampire.  Even if he was still copying Forest's regeneration . . .

Marcus, stop copying me and copy her!  She's got blood manipulation, advanced regeneration, super strength, and it looks like regeneration! Forest sent to Marcus as she reached under the driver's seat to grab the .44 revolver she had stashed there.  It might not be able to kill the vampire, but anything shot in the face save Superman would have a bad day.


"Besides, it's pretty cute how you both think you can threaten me. I've already reached the bottom, its not like anything you'll do can hurt me. You're both just cattle, not even prey fit to be hunted. I've been playing along with you two because I was bored, but know your places. Ahh, or you could also do. Your. Worst."

So it's come down to violence again, hasn't it, Forest thought in the back of her mind.

She didn't bare her fangs or snarl back in challenge.  She didn't even quip.  Instead she centered herself and felt the red bleed from her eyes, leaving only indigo behind.

Blood could be cleaned with enough peroxide, but she didn't want to try Marcus three for three for resurrections.

She met the other vampire's eyes and then reached into Costin's mind.

She shielded herself and didn't focus on the other vampire's thoughts. 

Instead she focused all of her power on one simple command into Costin's mind, focusing to override the bloodlust and madness there.



Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. SLEEP.


Forest eyed Costin and said, "You attempt to rip out my spine and I'll let you know that you've angered Shiva."

You know, she might not have seen that movie . . .

She sighed and said, "No, because not all of us enjoy pain or hurting others.  Well, unless they deserve it then let the blood flow, but Marcus hasn't done anything to deserve having his spine rearranged.  Plus, look at my upholstery!  It's practically ruined!  I don't want to clean up any more of his blood!  Or anymore blood period!"

And it was making her head swim and her fangs throb, but she didn't want to let anyone in on that bit.


"Right, if I'm not around, he can't heal like that.  He's just . . . a normal guy for the most part," Forest said with a nod.

When Marcus made his demand, Forest snorted and kept rubbing his back.   She shook her head and said, "How like a man to be concerned with that . . ."

She did look at Costin with a thoughtful frown.  Then she noticed all the blood staining the interior of her bloody car.  Literally bloody car.

"Goddamn it!" she exclaimed, "I'm going to have to get this professionally cleaned so it doesn't stain.  Could the two of you please refrain from mutilating yourselves or others until you're out of my car?"


Roderick nodded and said, "I should probably make at teleportation circle here if I knew we were going to be staying here for an extended period of time."

He cleared his throat and eyed the Servant.  "If I made a circle here, it means I could teleport here from anywhere without an issue.  It would take a little time to do, but be useful in the end.  Especially if I or anyone with me needs to make a hasty retreat."

"Yes, I can take several passengers with me without any issue.  Well, they may get nauseated, but nothing overly rehabilitating," Rick finished with a smile.


Forest blinked at Costin's almost innocent response to both of them being angry at her.

The blond held up a hand, the other was stroking Marcus's back, and lifted it towards the other vampire.  "Wait, did you think he could regenerate at will?" Forest asked with a frown.

I do not want to be dealing with a Drusilla.  That would be horrible . . .

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