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"And I like it sweet and loving," Forest replied as she allowed Marcus to grope her arse.  "So there's that now."


One thing about most men is when you call their cocks small they get all defensive, Forest thought at Marcus's response.

Forest tilted her head and said, "Well, I guess this is where the Eternal Virgin's a good thing . . .  Even a little cock will feel decent in there.  Even though, with my vice like grip and muscle tone, I don't know how long a virgin like you would last . . ."


Forest scowled as she could smell her own lust thick in the air as Marcus traced her chin with his wet fingers.  He grinned his little shit-eating grin and she glared as he pushed away from her.

She moved forward, one arm around his neck and the other around his waist to pull her close.  Standing on her toes and using her height to her advantage to rub her slit through her skirt against that bulge.  "Mmm, I don't know, seems kind of small," she said before lowering herself flat on her feet and stepping back.


Her eyes widened as his hand slid underneath her skirt and between her lust soaked folds.  Forest pressed her face against Marcus's chest to keep from crying out as his finger rubbed the hardened nub there, causing sparks to fly through her nerves.  Her hips bucked against his hand as she felt his finger slide inside of her. 

She was suddenly aware that she wanted more of this.  More than just a tease with a finger . . .

He withdrew his hand, leaving her squirming and glaring as he showed her his slick hand with a smirk of victory.

"M-more," she whispered into his ear, before pressing her face against his shoulder again.


Forest shivered as Marcus placed his fingers on her lips, pulling her closer to him.  Her lips parted as her eyes fluttered closed as he stroked her lips, making her gasp.

"Ohhh Forest, how incredibly sexy that your a walking contradiction. I'll have to shield your perfect wife personality from greedy eyes!  Quick!  Act like a normal human being!"

Then the wanker started laughing at her.

She frowned, met his eyes, then lightly sucked on his index finger before letting it go.


"It was a complaint!" Forest replied with a frown, her lower lip pushing out slightly.

Then she nudged him slightly.


Great, it's cute.  Bloody hell, Forest thought as she fell into step with Marcus.

"Bloody hell," she muttered.


"Yes, no, maybe!" Forest answered, "It matters to a lot of others!"  She threw her hands up, shook them a little, and then let them fall at her sides before sighing as well.

"But what?" she asked before shifting slightly on her feet, looking away as well. 


There were a few people looking at what looked like a "domestic" dispute, but Forest paid them little attention.

"No, home's where your family and friends are," she replied, "I have places and I have things, but no matter how much I buy or own, it doesn't change the fact that I'm alone here.  You said it yourself, I'm odd.  No one understands me.  Immortal yet innocent.  Jaded yet hopeful, a fucking conundrum wrapped in a goddamn enigma who can read minds.  Which means I'm even more alone at the end of the day because no one wants to be around at someone who can easily see your gears turning!"


"Don't look at me like that damn it!  Stop whining when you have a home to go to!"

Forest felt red flood her vision at Marcus shouting at her as she narrowed her eyes at him.  She felt herself moving before she realized she wanted to.  Her hands curved into fists at her sides as she reached him.

Then she lifted her hand and slammed her fist right into his handsome face.

She said in a soft, low voice, "I am trapped here.  If I could go home, I would."


Forest blinked as Marcus yelled at her and began to walk away at a speedy pace.

She bit the inside of her lip and sighed, her shoulders slumping.  She rubbed the back of her neck and watched him walk away without walking anymore.  Winning a battle seems really important to him.  Absurdly so, Forest thought.

She didn't have the heart to tell him that something like what had happened with Costin wouldn't have happened back home.  The power set and whatnot would have over whelmed her, but she could have called Wynn for help.  Here she had no one to call for help, no friendly rivalry that would have became something more and better if she hadn't been so stubborn.

"I just want to go home," she murmured to no one in particular, because it didn't matter

There was no easy way out.  No way home. 


Forest stared at Marcus and said, "Barracuda's aren't cute.  They're pointy and not very attractive at all.  They're not even a pretty fish!  Sea otters are cute.  Not barracudas."

"Yeah, however in the real world David doesn't beat Goliath."


"It was like that before I came here.  There were times where it was still fun, but there were times where I felt no joy in it," Forest answered with a shake of her head.

Forest sighed and said, "Here I'm just a barracuda in a sea of Krackens." 


"You can ramble on if you wish.  Honestly, I'd let you know if you were annoying me with it," Forest said with a slight smile.

However, her words gave her pause.

Marcus understood Costin and it seemed like he even respected her for it.

Forest saw a dangerous monster who was going to hurt others until she was stopped.  Even though Forest was powerless to stop her.  Which rankled.

"Back home I knew all the 'rules' and how to exploit them.  Or rather exploit weaknesses before mine could be.  Here all of my knowledge and experience doesn't matter.  There was a time where fighting was fun, I lived for it, and then it just became a means to an end.  Kill the monster before it killed someone else.  Then battles started losing their joy," Forest said with a sigh.

There were times where it was still fun.  Like her ongoing whatever the hell it was with Hawk Hunters.  Not that she'd tell Marcus about Hawk.   


Forest fell in step with Marcus again, a slight smile at his words.

"Sometimes the only time a person is being honest is when they're in a fight," she replied.  "And you're right.  Sometimes that's the best way to find out who someone is.  Like do they flee?  Or do they stick their ground?  Do they fight dirty or have a sense of fair play?  Do they have honor?  All of those are answered in the heat of battle."

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