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Forest laughed as Marcus threw the poor driver out of the car.  She was torn between wanting to reward his creativity and chide him for being a dick.  However, his lips and tongue around her nipples made her gasp and arch towards his mouth.

Once the poor driver was allowed back in the car, Forest smiled at his bewildered face before raising up on her knees to give the driver a better view.  It would also make the new rule placed upon him easier.  She guided a hand to her slit and spread it open for him before meeting the driver's eyes.

"You know I haven't had a cock in here for over 250 years.  I want to end that dry streak tonight," she said as she presented her swollen, lust soaked folds to him.


At Marcus's thought, Forest grinned at him and sent, Hey, you got to have fun with the vampire girl . . .  Besides, I'm not going to let him stick it in me.

Forest smiled at the driver and said, "Y-yes . . . Maybe we can play a game.  See which one of you can make me cum the hardest.  Then I'll get the winner to cum his brains out.  Stipulation is, no dicks, just fingers and tongue for this little contest."


Forest grinned at the Driver's half afraid, half delighted thought before Marcus began to fondle her.  She sighed, leaning against him.  Marcus's lust was already thick in her nostrils, and she could smell the driver's adding to that.

"Hey, no sex in the back seat!" the driver shouted and she chuckled.

Then Marcus was teasing her thighs before she was suddenly filled.  Too much time had past and she had healed; there was resistance despite the wetness currently seeping from her folds.  She was tightening like a vice around his fingers as she cried out, bucking against him.

"M-maybe he'd like to join us," she managed to say.


The blonde leaned up and kissed Marcus, tasting him before pulling away.  She then moved so she was on his lap, feeling his heated rod against her rear.  She then tilted her head back, giving him full access to her with his hands.

"Please play with me until I cum," she whispered in Marcus's ear, loud enough so the driver could hear it. 


Forest blinked at the driver's little protest and Marcus's reply.

Then she smiled and said, "I do.  I tend to make a mental map of every place I'll be for an extended period of time.  It makes driving quite easier."

She leaned up towards the driver and said, "Oh, he's not a vampire.  Just me."  She then settled back beside Marcus and sent to him, So . . . do you still want to mess with the driver?


Rin didn't resist as Sakura picked her up and took to the air.  She settled in the other girl's arms with a frown, casting a look over Sakura's shoulder.  "Nexus is filled with a lot of dangerous elements.  The would-be-molester didn't bother me as much as his handler though," Rin said.  "He seemed to be the real power in the relationship, and I got the impression that he was just a flunkie himself."


Forest raised an eyebrow at Marcus as she could sense the driver's unease.

She bit her lip for a moment; teasing the driver could be fun, but she'd feel guilty about it.  She also had no desire to terrify the poor man.  Even though she disliked other vampires as a whole - individuals could be cool - but the prejudice they faced affected her too.

Instead she leaned against Marcus and slyly ran her finger up and down his chest.  "I think he's going the right way.  Don't worry him; sooner we get home . . ." She flashed him a little smile as she settled back in the seat, crossing her legs in a way so he would get a flash.  A reminder she wasn't wearing any panties at the moment.


"I would prefer not to be in a car accident before we got home.  If I'm such a distraction, then maybe you should let me drive," Forest said with a smirk.

She canted her head at Marcus's sending and replied, There's abandoned warehouses all around.  I mean, I pretty much cleaned up the criminal elements there, but they're there.  And do you mean you want me to vamp out with the glowing red eyes and fangs?


It could be fun, Forest sent back at Marcus when the driver started to show a bit of racism.

She tilted her head and added, He hasn't even noticed that I lack a reflection in his rear view mirror.


"And I could have easily repaired your clothing with magecraft.  You wouldn't have been naked for long if any," Rin said with a sigh as she lifted up her hand towards Sakura.

To the newcomer she said, "You should keep your pet on a tighter leash.  Or be aware that he wanted to sexually assault her." 


"He sort of burst into the wall of the nightclub I own," Forest answered, "And she was an evil vampire who would have drained you dry leaving naught but a withered husk behind.  Or a splattered mess."

He's back at home, an old friendemy of sorts,[color] Forest thought back at him.  He's an irresponsible get that didn't get his finances straight until he happened to turn an accountant!


Forest smirked at the driver and said, "I mean, we didn't get penetrative because of werepumas.  And a crazy vampire woman."

She did chuckle at Marcus's answer about why he was pragmatic.  It was out of laziness, not any lack of morals, just a lack of effort.  She shook her head with a chuckle.

I know someone who'd you'd probably get along swimmingly with.  I hope you're not lazy in everything you do, Forest sent to him.


"You know, you should keep your eyes on the road," Forest said with the dry amusement that only the British could muster up.

Why don't you care?  Are you just a pragmatist then?  Only acting for your own self interests? Forest asked him.  Then she added, I am aware he's checking me out.


"I care, and I know that there are others out there too who care.  Yes, life isn't nice, so maybe sometimes people should try to be," Forest said as the driver stopped.

To her surprise, or maybe the fact she was currently topless, the driver let them in without complaint.  She settled into the back seat and made no move to cover herself.  Instead she looked at the driver and said, "We were attacked by werepumas.  Bloody things are like cockroaches."


Forest raised her eyebrow at Marcus's little "plan" about stealing the poor driver's car.

"We're not stealing his car.  Besides, it's probably some economy rice burner that gets really good gas millage but can't hit 90," Forest said with a snort.  "I'm going to have to teach you morals, aren't I?"


Rin looked at Sakura and replied, "I can buy you new clothing.  However, you wanted something stronger so I obliged."

She jumped off her post as the newcomer approached, taking responsibility for his companion.   She looked at this newcomer in the suit and said, "You don't care what he did.  You're just here to clean up his mess and everything else be damned, right?"


Rin landed on a street lamp and the glow in her crest intensified.

It had been one of her father's favorite spells, and he happened to favor fire.  Fire was an element that caused destruction quickly even though it wasn't exactly easy to control.  A ball of fire blossomed between her palms at at Sakura's complaint, she had it double and finally triple in size.

She slung it at the fighter with impressive accuracy even though he was flying back from Sakura's blow.


The blonde laughed as Marcus whisked her up and started to carrying her towards their driver.

She asked, "Do you think the driver will pick us up if we meet him half way?"

Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and eyed him.  "Remind me to teach you patience."

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