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She felt the slickness of sweat under her fingers as she danced them over Marcus's bare torso.  He was nicely muscled under her hands, and she traced those muscles with her hands.  Indigo eyes flickered up at his words as she leaned forward to lightly lick at his clavicle.

"I've been hurt enough to know while I can take pain, I don't enjoy it most of the time.  Honestly, the whole 'feeling good' is kind of a foreign concept to me," she whispered to him as she licked up his throat as her chest pressed against his.

The rumble of his heart was roaring in her ears, making her dizzy and she could feel her fangs start to throb in time with it.


Forest lightly strummed her fingers up and down his chest as she looked up at him.  Then she grabbed the fabric and started pulling it over his head right as he squeezed her breasts.  Pain lanced through her and she felt a growl raise up in her throat.

"Don't get so rough.  Just because I'm tough doesn't mean I don't feel pain, because I do.  Probably even more keenly than you do," Forest said before yanking his shirt over his head and letting it drop to the floor.


Forest flicked her tongue against Marcus's lips as he kissed, nibbled and sucked on hers.  A gasp escaped her lips as his hands gripped her breasts.  They turned so she was against the wall as he flexed his hands over her small, pert breasts.

Her hands splayed across his chest before thumbing over his nipples through his shirt with a meaningful look.


Forest grinned as Marcus took a step forward, his warm arms wrapping around her waist.  He pressed against her, an eager, needy thing as she felt his heated shaft rub against her slit under her skirt.  The motion made her gasp and moan, her eyelids fluttering closed.

She rubbed against him, knowing that this was dangerous for both of them.  "Ah . . . just . . ." Forest tried to say before wrapping her arms around him and kissing him, pushing him against the stall's wall.


Forest smiled at Marcus and said, "Do you wanna push that?"


Joe was trying to smooth over the situation, and Jeanne was trying to help, but their words just grated on Rin almost like salt on an open wound.

So she carried the dishes to the kitchen, scraped the left overs in the trash, and then sat them at the sink.  She put on her apron and gloves before turning the water on hot.  The steam that rose from the faucet formed fanciful eddies in the air conditioned room that she idly watched for a moment.

Maybe this was a bad idea, she thought as she started to scrub,Maybe a normal guy like him shouldn't mix with a magus like me.  Or maybe he should just fucking apologize about the blunder instead of trying to make me feel better with stupid flattery that just kind of really sounds hollow right now!


I think I'm just being ignored here . . . Roderick thought as he shoulders slumped.  It was an odd feeling, this rejection, even if it wasn't intentional it was obvious.  The only other time he'd felt anything like this even though it was to a greater degree when he'd first met his twin sister and she told him point blank that he wasn't her brother despite all the obvious signs that he was.

It gnawed at the pit of his stomach ever so slightly and he looked away from the exuberant blonds, even though they were a nice sight, and sighed.

He wondered if he should teleport away, just vanish.

Then his eyes widened as Animusphere's words set in.  Then he chuckled and said, "Any decent cleric would be able to bring her back from the dead.  Is Resurrection not common where you are from?  A powerful enough wizard or cleric could easily bring her back to flesh and blood.  Or are you more powerful in this familiar form?"


Forest grinned and said, "Just because you can copy my powers doesn't mean you can copy my skill.  I can defend myself if you get too rowdy."

Or, I can just bite you until you pass out from blood loss and orgasm overload, Forest thought to herself, even though she really didn't want it to go that far.


The vampire didn't want to tell him that it wasn't so much that she was getting used to be fondled, but truth be told, it was . . . nice.

Actually, very nice from the bit of wetness that was starting to seep from her folds.

She bit her lip as she remembered his head between her legs as he licked her into screaming bliss.  Or the taste of virgin seed on her tongue as she sucked him to completion.  Or the feel of said virgin cock in her mouth as . . .

"Well, remember the rules," she said in a shaky voice as she headed to the dressing room, making sure he was coming with her.


The blond's eyes went wide at Marcus's comment before she chuckled.  "You know, they'd probably call the bobbies on us if we just started to shag right on this floor . . ."

This time she didn't jump as he groped her rear, but gave him a tiny smirk.  "Want me to try on a few things I take it?  Even though you'll just probably end up ripping them off or whatnot."


Marcus returned the kiss, his tongue sliding into her mouth as he held her with surprising strength.  Forest felt that spark flicker up inside of her again and she gasped against his lips.  Damn vampiric sensitivity, she thought as she pulled away with a tiny smile.

"If we keep this up we may need to find another dressing room," she said in a soft voice as she saw a shop girl staring at them approvingly.


Forest tilted her head as Marcus's purple aura fired up around him again.  It was odd because that shade of violet was probably her favorite color, and it wasn't something she told him either.  Even though one look at her very purple and violet bedroom would have made it an easy guess, but she didn't take him down there yet.

She listened to him.  Both his vocal words and his mental ones. 

Marcus had that same fear as she did.  He didn't want to be alone either.  She met his eyes and moved closer to him before cupping his face with the side of her hand.

Then she leaned forward and kissed him.


A dull throb began to make itself known in the left side of Rin's head and it just sort of radiated out from there.  Her hands clinched into her arms hard enough that she felt her nails break skin.  The pain didn't help focus her like it normally would.  If anything, it was a just a note of sensation in the back of her head from everything else she was feeling at the moment.

There was also another reason why she didn't want Joe to meet Jeanne or even Rider.

Epic heroes were generally the pinnacle of what humanity had to offer.  Which meant that most of them, in her experience, were very good looking.  Jeanne and Rider even more so, and Joe's blunder just made Rin even more aware of that.

Joe might like her, but compared to Joan of Arc Tohsaka Rin wasn't anything special.

"Excuse me, I should get the dishes washed before the food dries on them," she said in a soft voice as she started clearing off the table, biting the inside of her cheek.

Snapping at both of them wouldn't help matters, and directing her ire to Joe would just probably cause him to faint right then and there.

I should have known a "normal" guy wouldn't work out, Rin thought to herself.


Gabriel smirked at Annabeth and said, "I know the favor I'd like you to perform for me."

He looked at Ron and said, "Don't worry, I promise it is not anything sexual.  In fact, it might be worth a good deal of coin for you if you decided to assist your consort as well."

While Godmother would give Gabriel whatever money he asked for, he also made a good chunk of change at the club and his supplementary income as a moonlight spy wasn't inconsiderable as well.


Sweet Gods, I have found a party and it's all women magic users and . . . who is this new woman?  Is she a fighter?  A paladin?  Why is there something about her that makes my blood run cold? Roderick thought as he eyed the newcomer.

He found himself wishing that he had paid more attention to Spiderbane's lessons in physical combat than wanting to sneak away to pour over his mother's tomes.

"Servant? Are you Lady Animusphere's" Roderick stumbled over her name ever so slightly, "Knight?"

He used to have a bodyguard, but his aunt's demon death squad killed him.  Roderick felt a pang at the loss of poor Jonathan and shook his head.  He wasn't overly close to his bodyguard, but he didn't wish him dead either.


"Well . . . I don't know.  Because I brought someone in the house or if . . . " Forest sighed and looked up at Marcus, "You liked them better than me."

She looked away and said, "People generally don't stick around too long when it comes to me.  I don't know if it's because I have bad luck, they can't handle what I am, or I'll always be that person no one really wants."

Except for Hawk Hunters . . . Forest thought with a pang as she looked back at Marcus.


He's already been thrown into enough crazy scenarios today . . . Rin thought until Joe said he didn't mind meeting Jeanne.

Rin saw the saddened, almost pitying look in Jeanne's eyes.  It was enough to make her want to bristle and hiss, like the cats she favored.  She didn't though.  It's bad enough I'm pitied as the poor spinster, but it's bad enough when I finally get a date with a guy that I actually like people keep popping in to check on me.

She relaxed somewhat, her arms lowering to wrap around her waist.  "Joe, this is Jeanne, one of Sakura's Servants.  Jeanne, this is Joe.  My date," she said with a sigh.

Damn it, I just want something of my own where Sakura and her Support Group aren't a part of . . .


Forest blinked as she saw Marcus's thoughts.

He's as afraid of being abandoned as I am, Forest thought as she looked up at him.  She bit her lip, looked down, and shrugged.  "Actually, I kind of thought you were going to get upset and leave," she answered in a soft voice.


Roderick sighed and said, "Of course."

I need to find a band of adventurers and see if they want a sorcerer in their party.  Maybe I'll get to burn things then . . .


"It does grab places.  Buildings and the like," the sorcerer said, feeling like one of those talking tropical birds that could only repeat what others said.

He stroked his chin and said, "I have a fair bit of gold on me.  Perhaps we don't have to remove them with violence, or we could use the gold to establish our own furnishings and necessities."

Roderick felt his fingertips tingle with heat.  It would be nice to unleash his fire on someone who was deserving of some sort of wrath.


Roderick shook his head at the sight of the conjured globe of water.  "Ah, no thank you," he said holding his hand up to it, feeling that he'd need something stronger than water.

Olgamally's look towards him told him all he needed to know.  She didn't value his skills as a spell caster, or rather, thought they were below his and Grigori's.  Which was something he was use to from his mother.

"And how do you propose to gather information?  Magic maybe frowned upon here.  We might be branded as demonic worshipers or worse and then punished," Roderick said.  Even though magic was common place in his world, a wizard was looked upon in higher regard than a warlock. "Or exploited."

His shoulders twitched as he remembered his aunt coming for him, intending to make him a host for her demon lord to possess physical realm.


Rin watched as Jeanne approached, being intimidating in only the way that a Servant can.

I'm sorry, but compared to Saber Alter, you're not that scary, Rin thought as she listened to the blonde Servant's words.  If Jeanne thought Rin would cower, simper, or even apologize at the might of her sheer holiness or whatever, the Ruler Servant was mistaken.  Instead the young magus held her ground, even put Joe behind her just a little bit.

"Fine, then I'll just be aggressive about it.  I'm trying to have a date here and I'm kind of really bloody tired of people interrupting it to 'check' on me.  Sakura knew why I hadn't shown up for dinner.   Did you ask her, or was she the one who prompted you to come and check on me?" Rin said as she folded her arms over her chest.

The cadre of Servants and Emiya-kun, all on Sakura's side, was one of the biggest annoyances in Rin's existence.  Stuff like this was one of the reasons she really didn't like associating with them, well, that and this version of Rider was really creepy.  And Rin was pretty sure that Sakura, Jeanne, and Emiya were in some weird Ménage à trois that she didn't even want to get into the logistics of.


"I don't think so, but she does sort of look like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies, but female and kind of hot so I figure it's better just to lay down some ground rules for house guests," Forest answered with a shrug.

Then she eyed him, waiting for the fall out and blow up that was to come.


Rhiannon would have blown them off by now, probably looking for something new to kill, Roderick thought as he looked between the two other women.  He envied his twin sister's freedom to go around and just be herself.  Which meant killing undead things because they looked like people so that was okay for them to die (Rhiannon liked animals over people, and the cleric of her group wouldn't have approved of Rhi being a serial killer).

Roderick didn't have the luxury of indulging in the destructive power of his magic right now, and he felt he was being looked down upon at the moment.

"That this was a dimensional convergence, and currently it traps everyone it pulls into it's domain," Roderick said in a wooden voice.


Gabriel looked at the werewolf and pointed at one of his pointed ears.  "I assure you, these aren't a by product of someone's fetish.  I can sense things.  Don't tell me I do not smell . . . different to you," he said as he met the werewolf's eyes.

Maybe he is new to being a werewolf so he hasn't gotten a hang of his senses yet, Gabriel thought.

He did add, "And no, Annabeth did not give away her location.  That was something I was able to find on my own."

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