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The blonde vampire was lazing around on the couch looking mostly dead to the world. Her splendid napping time was then rudely interrupted by the sound of a ringing phone. Shinobu ignored the first tone but raised her hand at the second and answered.

"We know no landlords here, this is but a free city for all to enjoy in splendor!"

She then abruptly hang up.


She put her hand on her hips as she met his incredible gaze once more, even if it made her knees buckle she wouldn't start showing weakness or everything else would have been for naught.

"I refuse."

A brief pause followed and she straightened her posture some more not that it would make up for the difference in height.

"Only a fool would accept an offer this vague. Is it really a fool you seek?"


Contrary to her beliefs the mage didn't dodge. No, her hands caught his leg and she began trying to flip him to the ground with the help of her hips. It appeared to be working for a brief moment, only for his leg and him by proxy to stop moving as if held in place by an unseen force. No matter how much the girl tried she couldn't move him further.

"Darkness Slash."

With a simple gesture from the mage's hand, a wave of darkness shot forth, it would cleave the girl in half by the waist.


"Hey! Who are you calling wicked? I'm the sweetest flower in the land." Despite the complaint she didn't appear to truly be denying his statement. Her expression then turned more suspicious.

He wanted to use her? That could mean a myriad number of things, many of them being harmful. Not that she cared much, the maid merely wanted to know what she was in for. It might turn out to be really disappointing after all.

"I'm not interest in either of those, what holds my attention now... is you." This time she sounded far more her serious, her tone chilling to the bone yet laced with a tinge of strange exhilaration.


"Why would I fight for that? I fight only for myself, the me that is here, I couldn't care less about something that might never happen."  Her glare grew sharper and she shook her head at him.

This was turning out to be quite something she wasn't expecting. He was way too aggressive and she felt cornered, it both bothered her and excited. 

"Does everyone get this treatment?"


She fell on the ground, her body all but falling apart under his immense presence. Broken but not beaten, that would be the words best used to describe her right now. The Hunter looked up at him not in defiance but in contemplation as she struggled to get back on her feet.

It was painful, her body aching far more that it should have but she did not let that deter her, no she used that pain to sharpen her resolve. None of the discomfort was noticeable at a glance but someone of his calibre should notice it nonetheless.

"Obselete past? The past... Will never be obsolete. It's what made you... And its just as important as any moment, as this moment..."

She finally managed to stand up, her height nowhere near being a match for his despite that,

"...It sounds really pathetic."


The maid showed now particular reaction to the show, her smile not fading one bit despite the disturning show he was providing. That didn't mean she was silent however as she did respond to his question. "Yup, I understand, understand that you really need a mirror." Molly let the insinuations hang in the air, leaving it up to the man to figure out what she meant by that.

Then she put a hand over the metallic one applying her own pressure on it.

"Let me down."

It wasn't a request, it was an order. Despite her unfavourable and the overwhelming strength he was displaying, the little maid showed no fear as she commanded him, with seemingly paying no mind to the possible consequences it might have.


The maid shivered in awful delight as the spiritual tentacles crawled all over her, going inside, deeper than anything else, touching the very core of her being. It was simultaneously the most disgusting and pleasant experience of her life, but that didn't quite describe it. It was hard to put into words

Finally she managed a response, forgoing the artful aura manipulation this time, she instead use the normal means of communications.

"So aggressive, we haven't even been on a date and you're already inside me." She said bearing no I'll will towards him, like she just discussed the weather.

She tilted her heard in fake bewilderment as she pondered his question. "Who I am? Can't you tell?"

This time her aura was shaped into words once more. I'm  just a maid clearly!


The flaming skeleton shot away faster than she could possibly react and dodged her blows with only his clothes getting scratched, that could have gone far better. She didn't have much time to consider her next action though as she soon found herself surrounded by numerous version of the same laughing idiot. Clones? This was the last straw, she wasn't worked up enough for this kind of stuff anyway.

Brutae gave a heavy sigh and then dashed to the left, smashing her way through the group and away from the clearing, With heavy steps she dashed away from it all, leaving them behind.

She wondered how long it would take her Master to realize she'd been ditched, the servant could easily imagine the wonderful expression Olga would make in that moment.


The maid shook her head and let out soft giggle in response to his silly answer. She wiggled her right hand him her index finger raised, a cheeky grin present on her face. Now that wasn't what was unusual, it was the other thing that was happening at the same time. It was something truly out of the ordinary.

From her finger trailed a whiteish aura like smoke, an aura that would remain unseen to the common folk, yet there nonetheless. It's sublety was beautiful and deadly in equal measures. It's smokey form formed letters, no entire words, words directed towards the metal giant.

Then why are you holding back?


The mage raised an eyebrow at the strange act he witnessed. It wasn't something the boy had done, he was safely falling through the air, nor anything caused by the girl he threw. No it came from the blue haired girl. It would have made him laugh out loud, if it hadn't surprised him to such an extent, what was she even thinking? For some uncanny reason she had decided to hit the ground like a useless pile of garbage.

He moved over to her quickly, as if he would just let her laze about in the midst of battle, such a tactic was supremely dumb. This was a lesson she would very very soon learn the hard way.

He soared through the air towards her and descended on her neck with a vicious stomp, powerful enough to shatter it into pieces.


The tiny maid skipped out of the way his outstretched metallic arm and fixed her adorable cat ears that had somehow slipped out of place. What did he mean by tiny? It was he who was the giant clearly, what a dummy. Her eyes strongly conveyed that sentiment as she glanced up at him.

"I was lost."

Deliberately keeping it vague while implying something had happened to change it, without actually mentioning what that something was. That was how you kept things interesting.

"Is striking down imaginary foes really that engaging?"


She nodded to the detective and accepted his card this time. Trying her best to cheer him up as their eyes met she spoke again. "Ah I see, so you are busy. Then I won't bother someone so dutiful anymore. I'm happy to see that this city has someone so dedicated looking over it." She waved him off and turned back for the apartment, having finished her business with him.


That turned out way too disappointing, she hadn't even gotten to torture the guy, disgusting. What's the point of trying to send a message if you're gonna be such a spineless coward about it? Naturally none of these dark thoughts showed through her cheerful demeanor as she left the liquor shop.

She needed something new, something fresh, something to make up for the gaping hole left by this endeavor. And she couldn't find it here, no there was nothing here. So the maid did the only thing left to do. She went on a walk.

There's some reality strange places you can only find when you wander about aimlessly, without purpose or sense of direction. Having done exactly that the maid had happened it. The thing that she craved, the thing that would satiate her thirst.

And she found it in the bloody forest of all places. These things are usually not where you expect them to be and this instance only served to prove that.

And thus Molly found herself lost for the first time. No not physically lost, but lost in the sense of having no words to describe what she was seeing with her own two eyes. She couldn't be seeing it but she was, she couldn't deny it.


A word slipped past her lips without her intention to say it, but that didn't make the word false, it was most definitely true.


A frown passed her face briefly as the word 'bounties' was mentioned. The notion of explicitly hunting down people for money didn't sit well with her. That sort of thing shouldn't be something you did primarily for the money but rather because it was just in of itself. The other was therefore by comparison far more enticing, no that would be the wrong word. To even consider the first option would be a sin. She didn't accept the card however as she had a counter proposal in mind.

"I would vastly prefer if you showed it to me, I have more than enough time to spare, time to could be put to good use. As long as it doesn't bother you of course, you must be very busy and I'm sorry for imposing myself on you like this." As sorry as someone who was all but forcing him to do it.

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