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Blackmore chuckled before letting out a beastly yawn. "Come on, don't be a stick in the mud. Liven up a little, it'll do you some good." He stretched out of the ground, almost growing thrice his massive size.

"Speaking of which, I gotta take a piss." And with that, he rose out of the ground, drawing everyone's stares as he waddled awkwardly to the men's room.


"Victims such as me, I presume." He told her flatly, with cold eyes that looked like they could see through her. But despite the cold context, he smiled. "No matter. Your chances are greater than null, and that is good enough for me to accept. But answer me honestly, why? You're already fairly powerful. I doubt someone of your skill would have any difficulty indulging in her... passions."


The pirate looked confused, to say the least. First, Lucy pulled some strange box thing and started talking to herself, then the box started talking to her. Could the box be the friend Nep was talking about? Oh, no, perhaps it was just a magic communications device. Interesting, but confusing.

"Um, what's going on?" Je rubbed the back of his head, completely out of the loop.


Aw, great. Not this shit again. Just from the look of them he could tell they were the troubling kind of fetishists. "Ewwww. That sounds creepy. And what's with the mask? You like, a pervert or something? Fucking gross..." The dog stepped in front of the green haired corpse, grinning from ear to ear.

But all of a sudden, in an instant step, her body was no longer that of a mongrel, but a young girl. Her cold red eyes and expression looked blatantly bored, but despite that she waved an arm in front of the other vampire, as if to protect her.

"Step back sister, I got this!"


The assassin laughed nervously. He couldn't remember the last time he felt like this. Finally, he managed to take a deep breath and smile. "You know, if it means being by your side, hell doesn't sound so bad after all." Was all he managed to say.


Despite his corpse-like eyes, he looked surprized at the girl for a second. But he soon forgot about such feelings, for they were foolish to consider in the first place. He nodded and held a hand out, only for a strange aura to seep out of it, coagulating in the air like chains before fading. But for a second, it almost felt like the two shared a heartbeat.

"Very well. The contract has been made. But you don't need to kneel, I don't consider you any lesser than me." He told her flatly. "Or are you the submitting type? I hear it is customary with those who share your dress code..."

He pondered for a second, seemingly shifting his thoughts to an entirely different matter, no less curious than a small child.


"That was no threat. It's inevitable, you will eventually grow old, and frail. Your time will run out before this world's or mine, I'm afraid. But we'll fix that." He shook his head, answering as calmly as he could.Despite that, he smiled.

"Very well. Don't think I will spare any pity just because you are a woman. If you truly wish to learn, you will have to trust me, no matter how nonsensical it may seem to you. Even if I told you to drink poison or jump off a rooftop, I take you'll have no complaints in doing so. "

"I will tailor you into becoming a star."


"Wow, rude. Can't you go a little easy on me pal? That's clearly not the message here, what do I look like some sort of psychopathic murderer or something? Sheesh." She sighed. "Yes it's the people OF COURSE it's the people? Take a fucking hint already. Yes I eat faces. There, happy? But on my defense, and counterpoint, they totally have it coming."


"I..." He couldn't finish his words. He had been foolish, to say the least. Even that woman from earlier told him similar words. But he smiled, and tried to hold her hand. But suddenly, his expression shifted painfully. Ah, his arm. It must've suffered some damage.

"Ah, tch." He winced, arranging the machinery to reattach the metal limb. "Hey, um, I could use your help." He told her, trying to hide some embarrassment.


"But that monster chose to change. I have no doubt of that." He smiled serenely. Somehow, he felt their bond had grown stronger. "But you can't erase your sins. No matter how hard you try. I just can't stop seeing them. They curse me, day and night. I can't sleep, all I can do is run away."

He looked down at his metallic fist and squeezed it, his smile turned bitter. "I was born as nothing more than a weapon. I was meant to serve my purpose, kill without remorse or questions and die. So why? Why?"

Tears streamed down his cheeks.His metallic fist trembled, so much that the stump began to bleed.

"Why does it hurt so much?"He muttered to himself, holding off anger unlike anything else.  He could kill all his family, he could kill the one he swore to protect, he could kill the mother of a family of Oni. But he couldn't kill his emotions. He'd remember, he'd always remember. He could do nothing but remember. This was his curse, for having committed the gravest sin of them all.

For no son who'd murder his father and feel joy in his heart would be allowed in a kind heaven.

"Forgive me." Was all he could muster.


The ninja shrugged. "I.... knew one." He managed to muster, though he looked conflicted. "Why?"

Ito Kizumi

The ninja looked down as well, his eyes carrying the same fatigue her gaze showed. " you think even the worst person can change? That everyone can be a good person, if they just try?" He asked her hesitantly, only to look up at the sky with a hopeful look. He smiled.

"That sounds nice. I wish I had that kind of faith. But I know I won't go to heaven, that's a fact. My hands are too dirty with my own blood, there is no good deed that can undo all the lives I've taken. But you're right, there are things even I can teach you. Sorry, I was being arrogant. I just don't want you to get hurt."

He looked at her, and his eyes looked sad. She didn't need to touch him to tell that he cared for her. "No matter what, choose your heart above all else. Don't become like me. Please."

Iro Kizumi

Ito looked surprised. He didn't think she'd feel so strongly about this. Her words rejected everything he said, and everything he believed. But despite that he couldn't help but smile and laugh, glancing away at the sky kindly, if not embarrassed.

"You're a real piece of work, you know that?" He talked to himself, though it wasn't clear which of them he was referring to. Instead, his eyes narrowed and his expression turned serious. "Don't be stupid. I'll admit, you're right, but even then... you shouldn't use me as an example. Nothing good will come out of it."

Ito Kizumi

They're my family.

The ninja glanced at his reflection before turning away from the girl.

"Ugh, cut it out will you? All these questions are honestly giving me a headache." He answered her sourly. "I'm not you, and you're not me. I couldn't give a crap about whatever sins you've committed, but it's not something I can help you with. Some battles, you're going to have to face them alone eventually." He told her, like he knew what she must be feeling subconsciously, but didn't want to admit it.

He turned to face her, and looked at her with incredible intensity.

"Look hard at yourself and try to give the most to those you hold dear. Don't waste a single moment, make it count. That's the only advice I can honestly give you. The rest, and how you live your life, that's up to you. You can't use others as a comparison."


"They're not just that." He winced and looked down at the lake, as if upset.  He was silent for a while, as if recalling a past sin. "I wouldn't use them for something so selfish. Don't you dare talk of them like they're just means. I'm the only family they have now, and I will provide for them. I have to."

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