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Baring the same bloodthirsty grin, she drove her knee right into her stomach with enough force to shatter a concrete wall, but that wasn't what hurt the most. The moment the blow connected, there was a burst, and the grotesque sound of bone and flesh breaking.


A bloody spear connected her knee to her stomach, sprouting right out of her foe's back like a grotesque thorn pulsating with hateful magic. There was no escaping her once her claws caught you, that was what it meant to be a predator of the night.


"Oh really!? You mean it!?" He cheered for a second, as if genuinely overjoyed by this little bit of praise before quickly recomposing himself. "Erm, I mean, of course! I'm pretty strong, yknow?"

He rubbed the back of his head and adjusted his hat with a timid laughter. "Sooo, what's your name?"


"That is fine. I don't care about your motivation, as long as it won't prove an impediment. Will you accept?" He said with the same hardness as before, the same pressure to his gaze. His words were cold, but not particularly towards her.


His grave voice did not betray any sort of emotion, but it was anything but empty. Its fierceness was more akin to a booming war-hammer, yet his words were no harsher than idle chatter, and despite all that it was by no means an oppressive power. "Not at all. I only bother with those who are worth it. But congratulations, you have passed."

Somehow, her words seemed to have pleased the silver vanguard. Had it been any other choice, they would be sharing words no longer. Indeed, they could not change the past, and they may not have a future to protect. All they could do was fight for the now.

"I have no need for your bad acting, but you seem to have some valuable skill. Interesting." He spoke, for the first time a hint of warmth slipped through his cold speech at the last word. His hand was laid on the woman's shoulder yet again, but this time his touch felt different, as if there was some sort of warmth that emerged from a strange glow.

The moment their auras connected, hers was reinvigorated by some inexplicable force, to the point her body was healed of its fatigue, letting her feel healthier than ever.

"You are a fine woman, wicked as you may be. I could use someone like you. What is your price? Money? Lodging? I have no such things, but I can promise you one thing. If you accept, you will never be hungry again." He spoke those last words with a certain foreboding calm, as if he understood and accepted her.


"I see." He said simply, wondering what could cause such discomfort in her eyes. Well, he didn't care. If he said something callous, it was what he truly believed. She was free to disagree, it wouldn't change his stance any more than his words would change hers. That was what it meant to have resolve.

But those eyes... he liked them. They were those of a warrior, perhaps not the sort who wields a blade in battle, but one who has its own battles to fight nonetheless.

"Then what would you fight for? The past that made you what you are, or the uncertain future of what you could be?" He asked her, as if he expected something out of her.


The machine obeyed with no passion or glamour, tossing her down as if by accident. If she truly understood, then there was nothing more to question. The whole world was his enemy, including himself, and right now he was once again falling into his bad habits.

"A foolish statement. I already know such things. They don't matter." His voice rang hollow and metallic, and most of all, cold. The sort of bitterness that was best reserved towards oneself than others.

"And what of it, maid? If I am mad, then I will fail, my actions will change nothing in the grand scheme of things. If I succeed, all my mistakes will be undone, and no one will remember a thing. Either way, I will be nothing more than the reflection of an obsolete past."

The air froze for a moment, or perhaps time itself. The pressure of his eyes wasn't such that it put others beneath him, but it was crushing nonetheless. The sort of gravity that only the twisted and the broken legends of yore can possess. They were old, cold and tired eyes, even the fact he physically lacked such things did not change their nature.

"You are strong, I wouldn't be able to gaze upon myself with your resolve. I like that." He said, for the first time sith some sort of smile in his voice, genuine perhaps.


Hmph. A trite reaction for such a little display. He had no patience for such jests, nor was he feeling particularly kind. However, her curiosity was commendable, it deserved to be seen through. At the very least, he would answer her previous question truthfully.

"I am the one asking questions."

He spoke with the sort of voice that belonged to a corpse more than a man of flesh and blood, a sheer pressure that was enough to choke the life out of the plants around the two, turning grass and shattered trees into mummified husks as he fed on their essence. She'd resist, of course, but not without feeling that presence drawing nearer, the sort of smell that all living beings seek to avoid desperately.

The end.

A powerful hand lifted her off the ground by the chin, the power of his grip was undeniable, yet there was no pain or emotion in his touch, as if she was being grabbed by a mannequin. He would neither look down on her nor lower himself to her level. He would bring her higher, so she may reach him. So that she may reach heaven. His soul dug deeper into hers, reaching out to her and grasping at her like a wild dance.

The sensation was impossible to describe, the colors sinking into her mind unable to be recreated, it was all too otherworldly, the sort of thing that one can only imagine in fairy tales. If one had to attempt, it was as if unseen hands were stroking her heart, cradling it as gently as a babe. In contrast to the fantastical feat, his voice was as somber as ever.

"You are mistaken. My enemies are not imaginary. Open your eyes, maid, you should be able to see them."

And once their foreheads touched, something indescribable penetrated her soul, thrusting into her in such ways that her entire being felt like it would be split open,  yet there was no pain or discomfort. It was as if it was the most natural thing in the world, the same way 2+2 makes 5 or the sky is actually made of broken cookie crumbs. It was quite trite, no different than shaping your soul's aura into letters or numbers.

He just thought it would be easier to show her instead of telling her, so he let her see the world the way he did. The seas of stars chained in stillness, the milky rivers of time swirling around ad nausea, a sickening stagnation, and the strings of fate dragging each and every one of them along like driftwood on a river.

The skies, the trees, the ground, even people. Everything looked fake, and wrong, and twisted. Like this world wasn't what it was meant to be. Every flaw, every mistake, every imperfection was as glaring as ever, and seemed more and more utterly unacceptable.

Letters of aura formed around the girl, the same exact display she had offered him earlier.

Do you understand now?

Costin Andrei

The dead Apostle's eyes opened wide ad the sudden touch and feel of her muscles being torn, her bone being cracked open and her marrow ripped out. It was an uncontrollable sensation, no sane person would be able to ignore such agony. Instinct ordered for such a person to do the impossible in order to flee such a cruel attack, but Costin's eyes told a different story.

Even when her face was shot, all that was torn was her face, which regenerated as if the blast was rewinding, revealing a monstrous expression. It was as if she was coming closer and closer to a great climax, her thighs trembled and she tried to press her lower body over hers while blood showered them both.

hahahahahahh! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Don't stop don't stop don't stop!!

She drove her hand deeper, deeper, so much deeper, until her forearm was about to split in half like a butterfly. This feeling was true, and it was beautiful, and it was love! But it wasn't enough, this wasn't nearly enough. He needed her to suffer too in order to share this love!


Chains erupted from her gaping wound as the chainsaw dug into her further and further, reeling so intensely they could grind stone as they wrapped around the girl's neck and chainsaw, grabbing hold of her arm with enough force to nearly break it. Her weapon slowed down as the chains blocked it until it began to crack slightly and halted in one go. Oh. She did stop. How sad.

: D

She grabbed her cannon arm with one hand, while the other closed off and healed, merging with the chains and blood in order to grab her other arm and pin them apart. Her slasher smile was nothing short but monstrous, a pure display of sheer killing intent and voracious hunger more befitting a beast than a human. And with a full, deliberate motion she swung her skull on her foe's face with so much force both her foe's face and her head nearly split open.


Are these illusions? Niice!

The pirate braced himself and clasped his hand on his sword's hilt, ready to draw it while the tree became a fountain of flames. She'd probably pull off something, he needed to be ready. And suddenly... he blinked.

At least, if he had any eyelids, its probably what he'd done. This was simply incredible, he couldn't believe his own eyes! His jaw almost dropped on the floor from the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

But honestly, he didn't even want to question it. He tapped his poor bones and was just glad they were all still attached and healthy as ever.

"Hooo boy, that was close. I'm not sure if your little trick had anything to do with it, but thanks Grig!"

He sighed with relief before hopping down that tree, letting that burning tree immediately extinguish. He glanced around for a second before walking back to the group with a friendly wave.

"Well, that happened. So, what are you up to, buddy?" He asked the white haired lass with the sort of body posture that blurred the line between laissez-faire and easygoing.


While his body had no such thing, he could have sworn he could feel his heart bounce fora second. If he had merely been intrigued, he felt that his emotions were closer to wariness after all.

He stepped aside and took note of her range. He paid attention to her hands, her knees, her mouth. It was no different than observing some interesting lab rat, but to him it was more than that. She was no stranger to combat, he could tell that much, but she was more than just some mere warrior among the thousands. She was closer to something else.

He laid the side of his hand over her shoulder, letting her skin feel the cold metal and something else as well. Wild, yet opaque, and overwhelming their surroundings like a fog. It slithered around her like serpents or tendrils, reaching past her limbs and stroking past her skin, but unlike her aura his had no true physical form. In a way, it was wilder and more uncontrolled than her, something closer to primal energy in its rawest state.

But despite being nothing more than rot, it was grand, and beautiful, and mighty in a way that only an ancient being could be. And as he traded her demonstration for his own and let her feel him, he asked her a question with the purest of curiosities.

"Who are you?"


It was impossible to tell what he felt with his artificial skull, but if he had to describe the way he must be looking at the girl before him, it was curiosity. Was there a reason for her interruption beyond such trivialities, or did she perhaps know more than she let on. Her soul looked different from that of a common man, but he couldn't quite figure how.

Perhaps, it was a certain strength of spirit.

Vanguard nodded but shrugged nonchalantly in the end. "Is it truly so strange to train my skills? My body may be artificial, but it does not excuse idleness. Is that so strange?" He asked her like he truly wondered if there was an answer to this question.


The metal giant's head raised up to attention and he turned to where the voice came from. Did she... get the drop on him. For a second, he felt tense, as if he had been caught in the act. But he quickly recomposed himself. How foolish, it was enough to bring a chuckle out of a fool. She did not sneak up on him, he simply happened to lower his guard. If the gods were truly watching, their laughter would certainly shake the heavens.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't notice you." He said with an oddly surprised tone, a soft spoken and rather kind one in fact. It gave the sort of impression of something old, and understanding. He walked towards her and extended his metallic hand, as if confronting a child.

"Are you lost, little lady?"


A thunderous boom echoed throughout the forest. A crackling fist was swung upwards with colossal force against a nearby tree, shattering it into a hundred splinters. Kicks were struck against wood and air, and  as his form focused and his limbs whipped forth, this terrifying display of martial prowess advanced throughout the land.

Sloppy, far too sloppy. ,Such weak fists would never reach the heavens, let alone the gods. He needed to strike harder, faster, until his hands would grow so large he would be able to drag the gods down their shallow thrones straight into hell along with himself. His weakness flowed with each colossal strike, a testament to his inability and  frustration. This would not do at all.

The titan of metal stopped and looked. His form was shallow, his strikes were that of a machine. He was a machine, something created by man for the sake of man. A shallow tool would not be able to vanquish a grander existence that way. If he was to fight those who ruled over man, he should fight as a man. Despite its futility, he drew a deep breath and shifted his stance.

For a moment, the air seemed to tremble around the mass of metal, shaped perfectly into the ultimate body, a silhouette carrying both grace and power that dwarfed the common man of flesh. Grand, and powerful, and yet he simply wasn't enough.

His limbs shot into motion once more, and countless booms overlapped one another. This time, his form and strikes were true, his breath and will were synced. Sloppy, still too sloppy, each strike failed in one way or another, he could not consider any of these perfect, no matter their brilliant quality. His body spun, his kicks split the winds, his fists reflected the moon with such brilliance a man would confuse them for rays of light, but all he could think was this wasn't enough.

But the trees and rocks gave in all the same, and before long his training sundered  all the vegetation surrounding him. He stopped and collected himself, observed the results, and spoke.



The pirate barely had the time, but he immediately dashed away with a powerful gust of fire, dodging the slash with a hair's breath as he was boosted out of her sword's range.

"Woah, nice!" He cried out once, but the swordsman was as relentless as a fly, a mighty strong gorilla fly that would cleave him in half with a single slash. Boy oh boy this wasn't good, but as she came again he spun around her sword and used the exact same boosting technique to evade her strikes with graceful movements.

But his coat was cut in more places than he'd like, even if he avoided her blade with great speed this was too close.This gave him bad enough feel to remain vigilant. The moment he'd lose momentum, she might just topple him and do unspeakable things to his boney body. As if he'd let that happen. He landed over a tree and bowed, but his flames were as ready to propel him away as ever.


Woah. Not even a scratch? That was kinda scary, and hooo boy, she was a feisty one to say the least. He didn't like that look, and he liked having a sword pointed at him for such a stupid reason even less. Oh well, now to get his bony feet out of this mess...

He rubbed the back of his skull awkwardly and stretched back, at the very least his old bones felt better from that. He didn't ignore the swordsman's chilling words, but she looked so thick headed that whatever he'd say would probably bounce off her skull without reaching her ears. Instead, he turned to the white haired kiddo and scolded her gently, annoyed but still good natured enough to be friendly about it.

"And we were having a duel. You don't see me throwing a hissy fit over it, so please get back in line and wait your turn little lady." He said casually before bowing towards Grigori with theatrical grace.

"And of course, I aim to please. I wouldn't mind teaching you, but if you got any ideas of me doing it freely out of the kindness of my heart, I'd ask that you forget them. Well, if you could help me out by say, calming that beautiful lady over there down..." He pointed  to the very rude lady back there. "That would be very appreciated. Not bad for a trade deal, eh?"

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