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Oh, this was certainly not good. Women could prove quite deadly, but wasn't she going a little overboard with this? "Maybe you should stop." He told her quite simply and patiently. There was really no reason to go to such exremes, even with her circumstances.


The man fixed his tie awkwardly and shifted his gaze left and right, as if trying to find a way out of this. His face, trying to remain composed, practically screamed save me. Sadly for him, there was no escape. Both ladies were staring at him, and pleasing both turned out to be a daunting task. Despite that, his face lit up and turned grave and fierce as he mustered the perfect solution.

"I am afraid this young lady is right. There is no place for sexuality in a hall of champions, but that does not make your desire any lesser than hers. Who knows, perhaps you might see a cheerleader after all." He spread his arms to his sides as if to display a whole new world and smiled fiercely, his frame growing deep and powerful as befitting a warrior.

"Be it it be wealth, fame, power or carnal desires, any reason is good enough to battle. I admire your convictions, know that both of your words have value, for you are willing to defend them with pride! If you can prove your mettle and face your challenges head on, and if either of you emerges victorious, you will surely be able to choose any woman you see fit, own riches that dwarf that of ancient kings! Whatever you wish for, whatever you may hunger for, I will personally ensure you will claim it, down to its last drop."

His words would normally ring as outrageous, the ravings of a fool or a madman. After all, what kind of authority could grant them rewards so outrageous? And yet, he almost seemed like a completely different man for a moment, and his words carried conviction that went beyond the ordinary. To dismiss them would be just as outrageous.

He laid a hand on both their shoulders, letting his demonic sorcery work so they could visualize his words. A parlor trick really, and a cheaply imitated one at that, but whatever they desired to win from this up to the moment they would claim their trophy would be as clear as if it just happened.

"Will you show me your victory?" He smiled.

Yes, this would surely do the trick.


"Eeeeeeeh? I would never!" He feigned ignorance and looked away as if insulted by the prospects,returning her pout. "But it sure sounds nice, having a cute assistant helping me out at the inn free of charge."

His smile turned eerie, the truly devious grin of a devil.

"Fu fu fu fu, yes. That would be a proper punishment for waking me up so rudely." His ears suddenly perked and he dropped the fake bad guy act. "Oh my, and there she goes."


The pirate nodded in agreement at her insight. Geez, talk about an answer. Well, he guessed it was to be expected, goddesses should at least be a little wise when they aren't slacking off!

"Hehe, yep!" And with a gracious aerobatic flip flip,  they overshot above the clouds in a spectacular fashion. The skeleton landed first, hands extended, only to catch the little goddess like a bride, or a potato. "There ya go kiddo." He said with a twinkling skeletal grin. "Soooo, what'cha gonna do now?"


"Wha?" He looked surprised at the reaction, some may say shocked. Then, his eyes narrowed and he shook his head. "I apologize, I think this might be a misunderstanding." He tried to remain composed to the best of his ability, tucking his tie in the process.

"But you are correct, absolutely so!" He said cheerfully. "Perhaps there are, perhaps there are not. The truth is, your argument is sound. As long as it makes this event a joyful one, I will consider it." His smile grew kind, if not apologetic for offending the girl's warrior pride.


"That is evil. Pure evil."  He nodded in agreement. Denying such a cute goddess pudding was a crime against humanity itself. As a man, he could never condone such a thing. And then, she started to talk some nonsense about taking a nap, and a 100 year one at that. Well, he had no idea goddesses were such sloths. Shameful, simply shameful!

"Hey, hey! Jeez, don't fall asleep on me." He sighed, holding his hat in place while the bird glided across the air, turning sideways to avoid the buildings in an amazing fashion.

"Say, do ya like kids?" He asked her out of the blue.


"Skrrrraaaaa!!!" The great bird screeched, spreading its wings before taking off with great speed, encouraged by the goddess's words in order to soar even higher. "Wo-hooooo!" He shouted cheerfully, zipping between skyscrapers over his elemental like a comet.

"So, how's that black-haired pal of yours doing?" He asked her while commanding his steed. He sounded aloof, truthfully, but there was some concern about it. He could tell a vixen when he saw one, something about the whole thing felt off. Well, it wasn't his business to pry, but he wanted to make sure his friend was alright more than anything.


"Now now, this is not the time to fight." He tried to keep a composed zen smile and held his hands out, perking his ears worriedly. This was getting rather heated up, if possible he'd rather prevent it from escalating further. "But this is a sensitive subject for my friend here. I would request if you could drop it." He told her seriously, adressing the magician directly. He was sympathetic to say the least, at least to some extent, but he would hardly take a no for an answer. Not right now.


The hound was carried away like a spoiled bride about to be ravished at her honeymoon by none other than Orianna. Searching for the puppet, it took little to no time before they found the kiddo. Moving up to Orianna's shoulder, she perked her head down and sniffed. Yep, it was him.

"Youch! Someone looks in bad shape. You've been here all this time?" She asked him casually like he was an old friend.



"Tsk. Of course I can! Stupid kid, making assumptions like that will end you up on a spike." She cursed jovially before slapping the doll on the butt with her paw. "C'mon baby, introduce yourself. It's no good being rude to our friend here."

Besides, she was starting to really get a little hungry. The sooner they got this over with, the sooner she could eat.

Noticing the large dog peeking over his shoulder, the doll started stroking her head absent-mindedly.

"True, that guy was a surprise. Well, it was interesting so it's okay.... So, you can do that?"

Turning around toward the girl, Coppelius realied that she was, indeed, a doll as well. a slight frown warped his porcelaine face for but a second before he regained his composure.

"And you are...?"

"Tsk Of course I can! Stupid kid. Making assumptions like that is gonna end you on a spike." She cursed jovially, shifting around with bare canines.

She kicked the doll on the butt with her hind paw, looking at both smugly. "C'mon baby, it's no good giving our guests the silent treatment. Be a good girl and introduce yourself already." She cheered. Honestly, the sooner she got this over with the better she'd feel.

 Her hunger was starting to grow intolerable by the second, and all she could think of was her next meal.


"Oh, that? Well, I parked her somewhere safe. Why?"  He rested his sword on his back, wrapping his arms around them like a stick. He seemed as aloof as ever, even when taking her mood swings in mind. "Awww, I see. You miss her already eh? Well, if you want another ride you can just ask."

He held his palm out and grew a handful of flame that expanded and fell on the ground before  transforming into a  massive creature of fire, bearing two majestic wings mighty enough to have both of them soar. He hopped on top of it and gave his steed a slap on the side to invite the lass over. "Wanna hop on?"


Now that was just uncalled for. Its not like he asked to get dragged around either. Hmpfh! He crossed his arms, miffed but not quite capable of getting upse

Then she took out another coin, much to his confusion. "Hey, don't bother. I told you, this game is rig-" The burning pirate was shut up by the familiar sound of the game booting up and the clicking of the switches. No, maybe it was more accurate he was shut up by her sheer display of skill. Her score just didn't stop ramping up.

1,000,000,000, then 2,000,000,000, then 5,000,000,000 and up to 9,999,999,999 and even more to the point the machine simply couldn't handle it and broke. Forever.


It was really the only thing he could say. No, the only thing that could be said.


The CPU of Planeptune was standing behind Lorenzo, watching his desperate struggle against the arcade game. She almost felt sad seeing this total noob at play and wanted to help him along. Of course he hadn't noticed her yet, so the setup was perfect for an epic prank of absolte epicness.

"Here you go pal."

A cheerful voice replied to the firey skeleton as the he needed penny was dropped in his hand.


"Eh?" The skeleton almost jumped, startled only to turn and see the all too familiar purple head. "Oh, it's you Neppers. Nice seeing ya here!" He greeted her, with a cheer, rubbing the back of his skull in embarrassment. She didn't notice that did she?

"No need. This game's clearly rigged. Honestly, people these days sure are idiots to fall for tricks like these." He flipped the coin dramatically and caught it with a flick of the wrist, performing a dramatic move only to open his palm, no coin in hand.

"What's up? Doin' alright?"

Lorenzo (Due to issues, the previous interaction has been retconned)

"Heh, heheheheh..."

Flames flickered and shone brightly in the back-alley. This was just great, amazing even. The clicking sounds reverberated past the street corner, furiously tapping like machine-guns. This machine stood no chance against him, not this time. He had given it more than a hundred coins, so this time the match would be fair and even.

This time, he would reach the high-score and claim his grand prize. He would show his skill was supreme, this challenge of reflex and skill was not one he was going to lose this time. He would show this puny pinball who was the real captain.

"Almost 1,000,000,00 points..." He chuckled to himself smugly.

Only for the ball to slip past his guard once more, for the 100th time, causing his road to victory to end one point short.

"GRAAHHH, Stupid machine!!" He roared indignantly, kicking the damned cheating machine. Luck was on his side this time, he was sure of it, so why? Why? Why!? "Tch."

He searched his pocket once again, looking for any penny, practically churning them inside out.



The hero was dumbfounded, blinking once as if he had just been sucker punched. He lookes as astounded as someone who cracked a cookie into his mouth, only to realize rather than chocolate, he had found raisin.

"O-of course! Just what kind of tournament do you think this is, some cheap underground ring?" He pouted. "Of course we have cheerleaders, how couldn't we? There is no way we would forget something so essential."


"Oh my, that must explain all the ruckus. I swear I had the strangest of dreams, one of lightning an dragons. Surely my imagination must be running wild, haha." The demon sword sounded oddly pleasantly content despite the rough awakening and the tension. No, it was more like he was simply a serene person, one who did not wish to upset or be upset in the first place.

"Her reasoning is not absurd, but I see where you are coming. This magician is quite the rude young lady, how troubling."

A ghost appeared behind Lizzie, its hair blue and its eyes only matched by its smile when it came to sincerity. His hands were resting in his arm's sleeves in a dignified manner.

"It is dangerous to meddle with the order of life, even for good causes. I have seen many calamities come forth because of necromancy, It is a taboo craft for a reason." He told both solemnly.

"It can also cause great sadness for some to see the corpses of their dear ones move against their will. On the other hand, being able to speak with the departed can grant the living useful insight. Sorcery of this kind is not inherently good or evil, the caster is the one to determine that."

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