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The bullets came at him at impossible speed, shot by what could only be described as a true master among master marksmen. Surely a single of these bullets could spell a man's doom, and he was facing a rain of these devastating projectiles. But against the impending avalanche of gunfire, he dashed to the side. As more came, he swung his weapon and blocked it. One bullet, then the second, then the third, and in but a second he had blocked more than a dozen.

His much slower movements defied both common sense and reason, the mere sight of his weapon's movements was something that dwarfed logic. But the fact he would use such a weapon and demonstrate his skill was a testament that he considered her something that could hinder him.

All it took were the slightest movements of his wrist to deal swing upon swing in the dozens, as if his weapon had come alive. He zigzagged to avoid the few stray shots, but even that proved to be less of an advantage than one would think. Before projectiles, no, before anything, the only way to attribute his tremendous movements would be to compare him to an unstoppable wall advancing upon his position, deflecting bullet after bullet despite the absurd difference in speed and numbers.

How many battlefields would one have to brave in order to meet such a storm head on? The thought was horrifying in itself, you wouldn't be able to call anyone so devoted to battle a human. Some legends are best sealed in fiction, never to be awakened, and he was one of them.

But less human than him was the beast that charged so fervently at him, it took a special sort of devotion to charge a storm without hesitation. Seeing him, Vanguard couldn't help but smile in admiration. How admirable, how deplorable! To think a hound so noble would fight so bravely for the sake of a comrade, it was enough to warm one's heart. Enough for him not to strike him down as he stood.

It was incredible. No creature, nay, not even the mightiest of titans would show hesitation. But more incredible than his suicidal heart was the audacity and foolishness that would make a beast believe something like this sufficient. Oh, but William did call him a shepherd. But wouldn't it be remiss for him not to guide such a lost lamb back towards the righteous path?

Thus, Vanguard spun in the blink of an eye to avoid the great beast faster than it could even react and grabbed it by the throat with crushing force. His speed, skill and strength were nothing short but inhuman, thus it was only fitting he'd use an inhuman weapon.

"Shall we dance?" He spoke softly with the gentlest of smiles.

And in that moment he used their combined momentum to twist his body with unmatched speed and slammed the creature onto Annabeth like a bat, delivering a blow with enough strength to shatter the ground where all three stood before twisting the beast over his body and delivering a monstrous pile driver over both of them.


"Hah! That's the spirit son! I think I'm starting to like you more and more." She laughed, grinning from ear to ear as she took a predatory stance. "Whelp, see ya!"

With that, she leapt forward in order to leave, running past the man with beastly agility since the convenience store was kind of in the same direction Marcus was standing in the first place. But before she left and disappeared into the distance, she purred into his ears, words that were enough to chill someone to the bone.

"I'll be waiting."

When he turned around, she was already gone.


The vampire raised an eyebrow and seemed to be thinking this through a surprising lot. She opened her mouth and raised her finger as if to say something, but then stopped and  tapped her foot in contemplation, really looking over her options and which one would get her the best outcome. Then, she came to a conclusion and smiled.

"Eh? Uh, ummm... nah dude, this isn't gonna work. I mean, look at yourselves, you fucking suck!" She snickered with that same friendly banter that was as pleasant as terrifying. "Don't get me wrong, it would be pretty fun to skewer and rape you both on a cross and use your skins as bedsheets, but don't you think that would be a waste? As you are right now, I'll just fucking murder ya, dipshit, and that's boring. You've still got lotsa room to grow, so I think I'll let you ripen a bit more, okie?"

Her grin turned wide and her feral teeth almost glowed in the moonlight, and with a deliberate motion he tossed the unconsciousvampire at Marcus like a sack of potatoes before putting a hand on her bare hip.

"A fine woman she is. I wouldn't mind having someone like her warm my bed, but then again, she's knocked out pretty cold right now. Well, I guess her cunt is still hot, so help yourself! Hahahahahaha!" She sighed, it was honestly kind of irritation to have to cut things so short, but she wanted to end things on a positive note.

"Well, I'm being nice right now, but this is a one time deal. I'm not usually this kind, its just that I feel someone like you can grow into a man that can get me going, so I'm making a little investment here. Basically Forest was right, I'm kiiind of a retard. But if you disappoint me again, I'll rip your eyes off and fuck them sockets or, uh, something. You're not into that stuff are you?"


The pirate whistled and waved his fingers upwards with a motion so fluid he seemed to be no different than the fire. In that moment, the flames split into dozens of birds that chased her along the walls, circling her from all sides in order to flank and surround her.


The pirate sighed and rubbed the back of his head in annoyance. "Man, I was just trying to be nice. She asked me to deal with you, I guess she doesn't care if I bring you bad or alive, but just because I'm a corpse doesn't mean I'm a killer. That's all that was said, what else am I supposed to add to console a maiden's heart? Well, it's not like I had a say in any of this, so please don't think of me as some bad guy or something."

The pirate cocked his fist and a ball of unbelievably hot fire converged into his clenched hand. His eyes were a bit lacking, but it didn't mean his sight and intuition had gone off the window. He could tell she was as ready for this as he was.

"Hah! Then again, if you're not going to come quietly, I guess you are asking for it after all. But relax, if you do kick the bucket I'll make a toast in your honor nonetheless." He added with the same friendly tone as always.

"It's time to sing the most wonderful song..." The pirate grasped his head and the flames flickered with teeth grinning so widely you could almost make out his battle hungry face. "A song composed of your death screams!!"

And with a wave of his hand, infernal flames immediately lunged and licked the streets in front of the pirate, chasing the green haired girl down in order to scorch her to ashes.


The vampire grinned viciously and met Forest's kick with her own, parrying her merciless blow with one of her own and using the momentum in order to perform a backflip and land at the edge of Forest's car on all fours. Her eyes were wild, like a dog's, yet as feral and bloodthirsty as she was she was anything but stupid. She could smell them getting closer, it was a waste to cut things short here, but she guessed it couldn't be helped.

"Phew, you look pretty good in red." She whistled while the branches of blood sprouting from her body receded back into her. Despite her overwhelming killing intent, she was anything but hostile sounding, but that casual friendliness of hers was just what made her words so terrifying.

It was like talking to a beast, or an insect that only pretended to understand human language but only cared about consuming others. In other words, a true monster.

She glanced back to the healing Marcus and smiled. Man, this was fun, these were just the things that got her all turned on. It was only because she didn't want to fight them that she'd hae to rush things, but hopefully it would be a learning experience for him. After all, he could copy other peoples abilities.

Such a rare blood would surely cleanse the muck and filth coursing through her veins, which is why she hoped he'g engrave this scene straight into his eye-sockets.

"HAH! JUST CRAWL BACK TO A HOLE AND DIE DIE DIE DIEEE!!!" She sneered all of a sudden and burst into motion to unleash a final charge and destroy her foe, devour its life and strengthen her own! But her form was full of openings, sloppy at best.

It was more like a mad animal lunging at her with her arm, as if trying to catch something on her face.


And then the moon, the sky, the cars, the streets, the grass... the entire world turned red. Impossible, the vampire was only approaching, but she had yet to touch her. So why, how could she turn the whole world that Forest saw into a sea of red?

Because when she lunged at Forest, the blood that had splashed her face turned into a bomb, exposing the left side of her face gruesomely while her cerebral matter was barely contained in her open skull. Her blood had splashed her face already, she had set up this attack from the beginning. A simple explosion, much weaker than a grenade, but at point blank even someone like Forest would be incapacitated.

"See? My blood's pretty amazing, ain't it?" She asked Marcus with a cheeky grin as she grabbed Forest by the collar, preventing her from spilling any further..


"Heh heh heh! I guessed you'd be gutsy, but looks like you use that thing over your shoulders for something after all." Blackmore jested with good mood, nearly giving the poor mage a slap on the back that could've toppled him over.

"So, what can you do other than fry poor idiots who don't know any better?" He asked him in a casual tone.


The demon frantically deflected the impossible flurry of slashes. Each was a fatal blow in its own right, chipping away at his demonic shell whose number of cuts slowly began to grow more and more. Despite his strength, skill and speed he was being utterly overwhelmed and forced on the defensive, and the fact he could avoid the demonic sword from reaching the bone in his neck with only one arm was a miracle in itself.

He parried yet another blow, but this time more aura splashed from his neck. Too close, too close, but when he finally managed to stretch  the distance he decided to kick his sandal off his foot to strike her face with a swift movement, only to retaliate with another swing in her blind spot out of desperation.


The gigantic warrior ignored the blonde abomination, he had already given too much attention to a worthless whelp as it was. If this was their choice, he'd see it to the end, until the final curtain dropped upon them.

Which is why before she could even mutter the word defeat, lightning shimmered in the corner of his eye. In an instant, his muscles had tensed impossibly and released their uncluttered might in a single stomp, a step that annihilated everything around him and threw off an unbelievable burst of rock, dirt and lightning back upon the blonde idiot, a veritable explosion that pierced through her bones and threw her ravaged remains away from the crater he left in his waking charge.

With with each step, as if that warrior had become a living calamity, the earth and winds boomed and sundered before its charge to kill both. Too strong, too fast, they could not run away from him and merely approaching his thunderous step would be like standing next to a bomb meant to tear apart those unfortunate enough to stand in his way. They had less than a few seconds to act against their sealed fate, but would it be enough?


The vampire was slammed by forest's attack straight into a concrete median, cracking the pavement and sending a splashing cough of blood on the blonde vampire's face. The heart and head, that and sunlight were classical vampire weaknesses. If there was any way to kill an immortal vampire, that would surely do the trick. No mere apostle could perfectly survive impalement, it wasn't something the conventional curse of restoration could undo.

Costin did not move, twitch, or make a single sound. By all means she should be dead. And suddenly, a cold bloodied hand grabbed Forest's arm with the crushing grip of an elephant, pulling her closer. Her hair uncovered her two eyes, bloodshot eyes that couldn't have turned any more alive.

Indeed, even she wouldn't be able to shrug off impalement, but she hadn't been impaled in the first place. As soon as they made contact with her, the bloodied weapons melted, making it seem like they pierced her. That hit did pop quite a few ribs though, she'd have to pay her back for that.

"Are you retarded?" She growled in annoyance before her bloodstained hand turned into a blade that shot straight into her chest, piercing her heart as if it was a knife. Jeez, what a waste. She gave her yet another perfect opportunity, and this was really the best she could do?


The vampire turned ominously with bloodshot eyes in order  to cleave the girl before she could reach her with her stakes, but before she could strike her with her blood swords she stopped at the cold feel of metal against her neck. Before she could look back at the man or be surprised, a gunshot burst through her throat and her body went limp and off balance, giving the vampire a perfect opening to strike.


The pirate shrugged. "I hate to disappoint, but I suppose so. Bah, I guess this is the part where I dump you in a bag and laugh my merry way back to the headquarters, but..."

The pirate sighed and rubbed the back of his skull as if annoyed by something. "I'm just not feeling it. If it were up to me, I'd rather have a drink with you, a toast to a fine lady or something. But, hmmm, well I guess there's no point in bitching about it at this rate."

He hummed melodiously, putting a bony finger on his chin before resuming.

"Say, I don't suppose you'll be a good girl and come along nicely will ya? Bosslady says you have history with her, not that it's my business, but at the very least I'd like to not disappoint two ladies in one night."


"Gee, and I thought I was hotheaded. It's not that easy for me either, y'know?" He shook his head and rubbed his temple at the needless show of violence, but he couldn't quite hide his anger perfectly. His voice was as casual as ever, but his flames grew much, much hotter when she cracked the pavement, the sort of sign that told someone to stay. Away.

He wasn't too worried that she'd do something to Mason, because if she touched a hair of his he'd burn her to ashes. Or maybe just half of her, he had to bring her alive after all. That aside, he did like her boldness and her honesty, as much as it would be a pain in the ass for him he respected her enough already.

"Mason, next time try to be more...ahem, subtle. I was trying to get the attention away from you." A fiery creature concealed in the boy's hood called out to him in an affectionate whisper, the sort you'd give when scolding a nephew you just couldn't stay mad at.

He put a hand on his hip and walked up to the girl, his scorching teeth clenched into a wide grin.

"And indeed, gold and all that jazz gets boring after you see its shine for so long. I always had more of a liking for gems, like emeralds. But man, what a pain, my first job and I already get my hands in trouble like this. At this rate, I'll have to choose between one or the other." He tipped his hat playfully, then pondered for a bit. 

"My hand's as unlucky as yours, but my cards aren't exactly terrible for this situation. Still, I feel bad for you, there are some gold coins you would have been wiser to stay clear from. Well, I guess the same applies to me. I'll be honest, I like you, so this situation doesn't exactly strike me fancy. We've bot got shit luck, but it just so happens that you picked the losing side. See where I'm going?"


She lost sight of the two for a split second, but it didn't matter. The man telegraphed too much, and while the vampire bitch was good enough to move out her range she forgot one fact. A person needs arms and legs to attack, but a monster's entire body is a weapon of destruction.

She spun before the runt landed on him just in time to catch her axe between her neck and her shoulder, sending a gash of blood splashing all over but hardening her body enough that it wouldn't move any further in or out of her body. Meanwhile the bullet lodged in her cranium, but while she couldn't harden fast enough it did not penetrate her brain. They were really good to do this much damage, but they weren't prepared. As they were she could kill them both easily, though it might take a little too long.

But both were good, damn, this was the stuff that turned her on like a Christmas tree. Ahh, but trees should have branches, and decorations! She'd look lovely with their guts wrapped around her stakes she just knew it.

"Phew, not bad." She whistled with a pleased grin, grabbing the axe lodged in her body with her arm and squeezing hard, sending more gashes of blood and gore spraying all over. She sniffed and snorted.

"Hah! Silver? What do I look like, some fucking werewolf?" She laughed before crushing the axe into shattered pieces with a bloody hand as hard as metal, and immediately released dozens of bloody stakes from her body to impale both.


Well, he sure had fighting spirit, not that it would help. He might be useful after all...

"Heh heh heh. No, no, do I look like such a bad man that I'd knock before knocking you out? It's nothing like that, but this does confirm my hunch. You're the guy after all, ain't cha?"

He put a foot on the corner of the dump's 'roof' and grinned from ear to ear. "Well, it's more troublesome than that. You took a man of their own, and they want blood, but not yours. I like ya, so I felt like giving you a hand before the real boys show up. I have a job to do, if you help me I'd be more than happy to clear your name? So, how about it pal? Wanna partner up?"

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