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So the two went off a bit, taking their sweet time until it was nice and dark. The bank was long closed by this point, Sakura didn't see a point in making it real loud. "So, Jeanne, you wanna do this quiet or loud?" She had conjured her bat again.


"I mean, just stealing stuff would be boring, right?" Jeanne answered with a smile. "We might as well have some fun~fufufu~"


Right. She definitely understood that. "Well, it doesn't really matter. She's a pile of ashes somewhere and you're here. Nobody's gonna mouth off about who's real or fake when they're getting their feet burned off."


"Feh, quite. I can't say you're wrong there." Jeanne smiled at her honestly. It was a rare smile without any of her hate malice or disgust marring her face, and one could actually call her pretty without it. It lasted for but a fleeting moment before her face returned to its default angry state. "Let's get going then." Jeanne took a final look at the fire. It raged angrily without her help anymore.


Huuuuh. She was sure she had heard that name somewhere before. Thugkura took just a moment to try to remember before her eyes blinked with recognition. "Wow, you're a lot more metal than history gave you credit for."


"Hah, I'm flattered, but Jeanne is just as boring and pathetic as history says she is." Jeanne Alter put special emphasis on Jeanne. "I'm not really her, just an ephemeral dream." She sounded disgusted by this fact. She wanted to be real. It wasn't right that that dumb bitch was the real one.


Nice and toasty. Good shit. She tossed one arm around the other girl's shoulder and smiled blissfully. "Now that, that's the start of a great relationship, Avenger. You and me, we're gonna do great things. Make a ton of money, break a ton of shit, and be the worst little despots the world has ever seen."

Then she started to walk with the other girl in tow, some liveliness in her step. "It's gonna be fun!"


Jeanne smiled, and slung her arm over her master's shoulder in kind. She liked this girl. She knew what was good and fun. "It's Jeanne. Jeanne D'Arc Alter." She simply told her her full name, happy to have made such a good friend so quickly. People didn't usually understand or accept her inclinations, and called her evil, witch, all sorts of names. It was refreshing for none of that to happen.


Joe's eye's widened as he looked up from his phone.  Her body somehow seemed even more attractive in the moment that she lifted the rice.  I didn't even ask her to do that.... he thought to himself.  Its a nice feeling, but is that a good thing?

After a second or two, he realized he was staring and said, "Good job Sakura.  Now toss me a knife and we will start cutting the onions and garlic."

Sakura Matou

"S-sure." She'd been looking at his body and taking in his face, and jerked her face away towards her task. She fumbled about a bit for the knives and took her two best ones out. "Here you go." She pointedly handed it to him. "I decided not to include the tossing part, it sounded dangerous." The purplehead nuzzled up next to him and grabbed an onion, beginning to cut it. "Do you mind if I use my magic, it makes this a lot easier."


"Sure, why not? It's better than lazing around this dump any longer." She walked over towards the entrance slowly, her shadow returning back to a normal shape. "But if we're gonna leave let's at least put on a bit of show, right? Can you blow this place up?"

She had to have something special. No way someone like that was just super strong, that'd be way too boring.


"I suppose it would be best if we simply went our separate ways then." A shield of mana wrapped around her form before she began to fly away from the area with her wind magic, propelling herself away from the two at great speeds


"Oh, it some holiday where people dress up as monsters and demons, things like that. I'm sure it had some cultural significance at some point but it's all about getting candy now." The Messengers demonstrated, popping out with a variety of ghoulish designs.


"Fufufu~" Jeanne began to giggle with a terrifying, manical smile on her face. She snapped her fingers, and the store turned into hell. The unconcious people screamed in agony as their flesh was seared off their bones, the hungry fire devoring them until only ashes were left. The fires licked the ceiling, and bottles of liquid exploded, their contents instantly evaporating. The entire shop smelled of molten plastic and rubber.

Jeanne was completely unaffected by any of this, and cheerfully walked over to Sakura. She even took a deep breath of the smell and sighed. "This is just a sample of my powers, but this is about what you wanted, right?" The building began to creak, about to collapse in on itself within seconds.

Medaka Kurokami

"No vamperism is more of a biological state," she said.  "I practice martial arts however, so I do understand the need to train.  It was why I was curious.  If I may ask, can I see a demonstration?"

She was curious as to what type of mage this girl was.


Joe's head shifted from side to side, getting a good sense of the kitchen.  It looked so much bigger and more complicated than the one at home.  "Uhh, so here it says we need jasmine rice, garlic, lime, rye bread...." he said, continuing to read off the ingredients.  After a while, he stopped and looked at Sakura.

Sakura Matou

As Joe read out the list of ingredients, Sakura scurried about the kitchen, pulling them out quickly an efficiently. She was stronger than she looked, effortlessly lifting a sack of rice onto the counter. She then noticed Joe had stopped and was just sort of staring at her. She looked at him with a confused look and then blushed. Was he checking her out. She awkwardly smiled and played with her bangs. 


Joe scrolled through the list of recipes on his phone.  The hardest part was thinking of ideas to cook.  Eventually, he settled for two recpioes, a turkey sandwich and garlic cilantro lime rice.  The pairing was based on the umami of both dishes.  The key was making sure he didn't pick a recipe that tried to sweeten the turkey, as that was a common practice.

"Uhh how about a sandwich with rice?" he said, looking down at his phone.  It was always good to double check.  If she was anything like her sister, her standards for cooking would be pretty high.

Sakura Matou

Sakura nodded her head supportively. "Sure!" She said simply. He was in charge, all she was doing was helping him prepare the meal. She had no intention of criticizing him.


Joe's began to turn pink the moment she poked him on the nose.  "I mean I know that but.. gah whatever!" he exclaimed, wandering over to the table.  He grabbed an apron with blue stripes.  Then, he took out his phone and started looking for a recipe.   "Alright, first tell me what ingredients we have.  Then, tell me what we have to work with in this kitchen!"

Well, I guess I could at least pretend to be some hotshot chef....


Medaka shook her head and said, "Only when I think it will make someone happy.  I tend to spend more on others than myself.  Besides, it helps stay in shape if I don't indulge too much."

She stopped pacing and turned around to face the girl.  "Do you have to train to maintain or improve your magic?"

Sakura Matou

"Um... It's easier to just assume I have what you're looking for, rather than me go over everything. Just choose a receipe and I'll tell you if I have the stuff we need." Sakura answered sheepishly, fully aware of how richy rich she was sounding and was clearly embarrased by it. It was the truth though!


Damn!  Didn't expect her to get that mad, he thought as he gave the outburst a blank stare.

He held up his hands in surrender.  "Ok, ok fine.  I'll let you cook with me but first you have to promise to do what I say ok?  I don't want to be usurped by you while we are cooking.  Thats not fair."

Somehow, it still felt like he had lost to her.

Sakura Matou

"That's what I said, silly." Sakura poked him on the nose before walking in and putting on a small pink apron that'd obviously been custom made for her. It had cherry blossom patterns on it. "The aprons are in the drawer over there." She told him with a smile. She was ready to listen! This'd be fun.


Joe turned around, right as his body filled the doorway.  "Nope!" he insisted, placing his hand on her shoulders.  "I'd doing something this time.  I can't let you provide everything for me you know!  I'll become a bum!"

Sakura Matou

Sakura stomped her foot in frustration and fumed. "No, that's no fair! Cooking is my favorite hobby! You can't just usurp someone like this!" Sakura looked at him seriously. "We're doing it together. You can lead. That's my final offer."


"Well, since your hosting, why not sit back and let me cook?" he asked, a prideful smile coming onto his face.  He might not be good for much, at least compared to her, but he could at least make a decent meal.  He didn't wait for her to respond.  Before she could refuse, he had already left for the kitchen.

Sakura Matou

"Hey, wait!" Sakura dashed off after him. The kitchen was her domain, she couldn't just cede it to him without a fight! "Don't just decide things on your own, jeez!"


"Thanks. I should have thought of that." Olga sincerely thanked her servant. It was weird having something as fast and strong as Saber under her nominal command. She legitimately hadn't thought of just going out to buy stuff.

As for his second request, Olga nodded with the air of a hospitable noble, befitting of her rank. She definitely didn't look excited at the prospect of repaying her debt. "Yes, of course you may stay here, we have plenty of rooms. A dumpster doesn't befit someone of your stature." It almost made her sick, that this is how mages were treated in this world. Consigned to live in dumpsters, this would need to be changed. It couldn't be allowed.


"Probably gonna want something commissioned then. Or find a pretty eccentric place. Or a Halloween costume store. All three work out pretty well, really." One day, she would be rewarded for all her backbreaking labor. Truly, she was the servant that made masters unworthy of her.


Elizabeth nodded. "Good, good. What is this 'Halloween' thing you mentioned though? It sounds interesting." The small demoness bobbed up and down with excitement. She loved learning about new things about this decidedly peculiar world. She looked almost cute.


Oka twitched. What in the world were they talking about!

"What, why are there cheerleaders!?!" She complained vehemently. "How could you degrade the glory of the competition by adding something as cheap as sexual appeal! This should be a glorious battle, without any distractions, where the only goal is fame and potentially money and power!" Oka had to put her foot down. This was ridiculous.

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