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Crunch. Crunch. Slightly louder crunch and swallow. Erica had finished the ice cream cone! She had been advised to take her time with it and savor the flavor instead of simply buying more and devouring them quickly. It was a novel experience.

She pointed at Noel. "I'm her girlfriend." The terminology came easy to her now.


So they quickly made it back to the base after eating. Grigori was still unsure about the familiar that Olga had summoned, but she wasn't quite afraid enough to fear for her life. Yet. "So, Olga, you are aware of Brutae's location at all times?

Antonia San Nicolas

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Noel and..." Antonia waited for the other girl to introduce herself, but she just said that she was her girlfriend. Fair enough. At least they had faces she could recognize in a crowd. Noel's apathy towards Antonia's presence didn't bother her; none of the prey she hunted were fearful of her, initially at least.

She crossed her arms and straightened her back. "I'm new to the Nexus, and I was looking for something fun to do. Where I'm from, the only entertainment I had was a game of cards and the thrill of the Hunt. The former is not available, so I decided on the latter. I wasn't going to kill that person - that would be wholly unnecessary. No, it was simply a way to occupy my time until I found something better. And for the time being, I think I have. Any more questions?"


Noel frowned. "Hunting people is frowned upon here. It's against the law, actually." She informed the girl of this in a matter of fact tone. She wasn't pleased about the idea of more nut-jobs like this girl seemed to be teleporting in. "It would probably be a good idea for you to find yourself some new hobbies. Seeing as you're new here, I'm going to let you off with a warning. Consider yourself lucky I'm the one who apprehended you, with someone else you could have gotten seriously injured." Noel sounded professional as she spoke, but her tone sounded more caring at the end of her statement, as if she genuinely cared about what happened to the girl.


Crunch. Crunch. Slightly louder crunch and swallow. Erica had finished the ice cream cone! She had been advised to take her time with it and savor the flavor instead of simply buying more and devouring them quickly. It was a novel experience.

She pointed at Noel. "I'm her girlfriend." The terminology came easy to her now.


So they quickly made it back to the base after eating. Grigori was still unsure about the familiar that Olga had summoned, but she wasn't quite afraid enough to fear for her life. Yet. "So, Olga, you are aware of Brutae's location at all times?

Olga Marie

Marie nodded as if it was an odd question. "Yeah, of course. Isn't that normal with familiars? She should be able to tell where I am too. She might be able to hide herself from me if she tried, and vice versa, but it's a useful arrangement."


She waved them off with a smile, not really finding it necessarry for them to help her when she was all but finished. "No, no there's no need to help, I'm basically done already." And indeed the blonde Servant finished up just after she spoke up. "I think he believes you are a crime lord. That's the impression I got at least." "She thought I was trying to steal him away and spy on her." She replied back in her mind.

"Oh and he thought my breasts were big, what do you think Shirou?" She teased the man, it would be for the best if the tension was eased up a bit. And that wasn't really a topic she felt a strong need to talk about.

Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou

"I think he has good taste in breasts." Shirou responded without missing a beat. "You have great breasts, but I prefer Sakura's." He added, hugging Sakura and giving her a gentle playful squeeze.

"Senpai, not in here, she could get home any minute for all we know." Sakura complained weakly.

"I see." Sakura responded to Jeanne regretfully, as if she'd thought better, and expected more of her sister. Sakura rubbed her forehead. All this shit Rin was giving her was making her rather resentful of her, honestly. She didn't understand why she had to be so fucking standoffish. Before she knew it she'd clutched her fist so hard she'd begun to draw blood.

"Oh, oops." She said quietly, trying to make light of it as she healed the injury. The girl sauntered over to Jeanne with Shirou in tow and grabbed her from behind, pressing her engorged belly against her servant's back.

"Since we're done we should head back to our house."

"She was super obnoxious to me as well." She secretly told her. "She needs to get a serious attitude check."

Black Heart

The goddess made her cute little grunting noises again as he made her ride him. However, she didn't let him tease her for long. She began riding him in earnest, sliding up and down his thick hot shaft with increasing speeds.

"I know that! I was just getting started!" She admonished him, taking ahold of his hands and bringing them up to her chest. "Aren't you supposed to be playing with my bits as well, anyway?"

Despite her bluster, she was clearly inexperienced. There was no technique to her method beyond go up and down. It was painfully obvious that she knew nothing about this sort of thing beyond the absolute basics and whatever she'd picked up in pornographic games. She began to make cute little moans with the intention of turning him on more.


He watched with amusement as the goddess made a really cute face from all the amazing pleasure she was receiving. Still he would be satisfied with nothing less than her other form submitting to him, and voice that desire would. The idea painted vividly in his mind have him the last push needed and his member fully hardened, painfully so in the confinement of his pants.

"I wouldn't have to worry about my strength in that case. I'm a bit surprised honestly, I thought you wowed to show me you could handle it, but I guess it was too much." He'd actually be disappointed if this didn't provoke her into action, can't do much about a lost cause.


Noire scowled and pushed him down against the couch, transforming herself into Black Heart. "Who's saying who can't handle who, huh?" She asked as she pinned him to the couch with one hand, undoing his trousers with the other. The man's penis immediately snapped to attention now that it was freed from its prison.

It's huge! She thought to herself

"It looks like you're just as thirsty as I am. Stop trying to put on a brave face, you want this, right?" Black Heart pulled aside the fabric of her skintight suit and gently began to slide herself over him. She made a slightly pained face as she stretched to accommodate his mass, but with how wet she was, it wasn't too painful. She made little grunting noises as she worked at it, and eventually reached his base.

She smiled at him, and then laughed. "You sure you can handle me?" She sounded proud of herself.


He truly did tear into the poor sandwiches like a man possessed for such was his unquenchable hunger. He almost missed the question, but he would never do that, no. "Picnic... good.... go..... spring...." every word accompanied by a bite, some drowned out, no more like most of them. At least he still had his priorities straight, justice couldn't be carried out on an empty stomach.

Then it came, the dreaded question that you never ever wanted to hear while in a car. "So.... Are we there yet?"


"Soon." Oka simply replied. She took ahold of his face and gently turned his head to look at her, feeling the contors of his face and gazing into his green eyes. "I'll make sure to feed you the feastiest of feasts, ok?" She then leaned in and kissed him. "I won't forgive you if you hold back! I'll be able to tell, so don't try anything silly."

Oka chuckled as she released his face and looked at her phone. It said they'd be there in about a minute.


"Thanks!" She said excitedly, spinning around again. "I don't usually wear this sort of stuff, but I felt like it today. Weird, huh?"

Noel Vermillion

"I'm Captain Noel Vermillion of the Nexus police." The girl answered with a professional tone of voice. "I was wondering if you were new here, and why you decided to tail that person. Do you mind answering a few questions?"

The blue-eyed girl seemed to be utterly unintimidated by the other girl's demeanor. As if she didn't consider her a threat at all.

Antonia San Nicolas

Nexus was an interesting city to navigate; its streets resembled a wizened hand of an elderly person - numerous and serpentine. Well, that just made this place a lot more fun to explore. She stalked the person from a distance but always keeping eyes on it. Her steps were quiet and light and under the darkness of the alleyways, she was sure that the person wouldn't see her.

Antonia looked back briefly, to gauge her location, and saw a flash of blue. She pressed her body closer to wall. Hmm. Was she the one being hunted now? The woman scowled. She had to fix that. No one hunts the hunter, especially her. And so, she decided to flip the tables.

She sprinted to the facing alley and climbed the ladder up to the roof. There, the other rooftops were close enough so that she could jump from each until she reached one that overlooked the offending person. Below, was what seemed like a blonde girl wearing a blue attire. She didn't look like a threat, but Antonia knew better. With a thrill of adrenaline, she jumped off the ledge and landed behind the girl with marvelous grace.

Noel Vermillion

As soon as she saw the girl make her move, Noel had begun floating up towards the roof, her feet gently leaving the ground and following the girl to the roof. She was curious how she'd react.

Antonia San Nicolas

This clean air unsettled Antonia. It smelled fresh, with a tinge of industrial fumes, but that was to be expected in a large city. She had accustomed herself to the nauseous scent of burning and rotting flesh back home and reveled in its intoxication. Maybe this new atmosphere would do her some good.

She marched through the streets, but it was for mere pretension. Antonia knew nobody in this strange land and knew nothing of its customs, but that didn't mean that everybody had to know that. Her eyes searched for something to do, something to entertain her until she found a new purpose. Though, based on the appearances of some of the Nexus's residents, it seemed that she wouldn't have to.

But she didn't want to raise hell picking a fight with anyone. It would cause unnecessary chaos to what was a peaceful scene. Her hunter instincts told her that something dangerous was ingrained in some of the inhabitants' hearts and that she needed to exterminate them. Antonia had enough civilized blood in her to not do that.

Someone pushed her out of the way, as if in a hurry. Although somewhat miffed at the person's rudeness, her interest was piqued. She decided to follow the stranger and see where that would take her. Antonia smiled. Just like a game of cat and mouse.

Noel Vermillion

Noel and Erica had left Medaka's house and gotten something to eat quickly. Noel felt hungry after what they'd just done. She mostly didn't speak while they ate, too busy thinking about how embarrassed she was. She felt so weird. She couldn't bear to try to have a conversation just right now.

After eating though, she was walking around with Erica, feeling a bit less awkward, and had begun talking to her. While they were meandering around, she noticed a suspicious girl tailing someone, and began to tail the girl. She was worried she was trying to do something criminal.

Olgamally Animusphere

Olga picked up a plate, and after ensuring that nobody would be paying attention, transmuted the plate into a pile of pure gold coins with the Animusphere crest on them.

And with that, the two left, with the taller white-haired girl leading the way.


She had just finished cleaning when those two arrived, what impeccable timing they had. She shook her head as Sakura teased Shirou. "Now Now Sakura, it's unbecoming to tease your husband to that extent. He just found himself unable to restrain his vile desires any longer, so he took them out on me in your absence." She turned to them and gave them a bit of a tired smile.

"Rin has brought an... interesting man." She paused as she thought about how she should continue it. "Much more accomodating than her regretfully."

Sakura Matou and Shirou too

Sakura was going to make another teasing quip about Shirou and the ass thing. It wasn't as if she was mad, and she actually secretly agreed, Jeanne did have a great ass. But she held off in responce to Jeanne's tone.

"What did my sister do?" Sakura asked her mentally with some real concern, as to make sure Rin wasn't listening in on them discussing her behavior. One could never be too careful. "Yeah, I met him myself, he seems like a nice guy, but Rin has filled him with all sorts of misconceptions about my work, I think." She said with a big shrug, giving Jeanne a hug before she went to assist her with finishing up the cleaning, which Shirou followed. He could tell something was up, but stayed silent.


Noire was much more into this than he'd expected her to be. His maid was good for something at least, still he pulled away from the kiss for a moment to question her.
"I'm a bit surprised Noire, do you really think you can handle me like that? It looks like you're about to come undone over some simple grinding." Yes, teasing her like this should get her truly going.


"B-b-buh-buh-buh..." Noire made some sort of blubbering noise in response to his teasing statements, notably never stopping masturbating while she did so. She could feel his hardened member while she did so, and it was making her even more aroused. Jeez, what had come over her?

"You and I both know I'm super inexperienced in this..." She finally whispered quietly. "You better treat me right, or I'll be mad!" She suddenly made a face as she came from all the arousal. Her face was as red as it possibly could be.

"Anyway, isn't it better for you this way...?"


Gojira stood over Anguirus' near-unconscious form, staring at the newcomers with her remaining good eye. They were holding those sticks - guns, and were aiming both at her and Adjutor.

These guns didn't really mean much to her. That day, on the city of her homeworld, many were brought to bear against her but only amounted to an annoyance. These men were little different to those before. No, what the real threat here are individuals who come after the gun-wielders get brought down. Humans (And human-like entities) work similarly to insects: they respond to a threat in an ever increasing powerful force. Back in the other world, the humans used guns. This was followed by the use armored vehicles and airplanes. When even those failed, they followed her out to sea and used...whatever that was that burned so much. Here and now, this escalation was unappealing. The fight with the spiked woman took a lot out of her, and a drawn out fight here would only lead to a possibly unwinnable fight.

It was time to book it.

After a quick burst of energy, she blew her atomic breath. The target was not the gunline, but the ceiling at their end of the building, collapsing it and blocking their line of sight. Gojira hurriedly limped off to the back of the store, hoping to find Adjutor to shadow-thing them out of here.

The Enforcers

The armoured policemen were unable to react in time to prevent the woman from collapsing the building. "Surround the building! Don't let her escape!" The leader yelled before he pulled out a phone. "We're going to need a rescue team and an ambulance. We have a collapsed building that might have people trapped underneath it."

The enforcers quickly surrounded the building, waiting for the first sign of the woman who had caused this destruction.


And suddenly, the door to the dressing room burst open, and Sakura emerged from within with her usual stupid smile, acting as if nothing had happened in the first place and she'd just been in there changing her clothes.

As a matter of fact, she had actually changed, and was now wearing a fancy looking lavender evening gown.

She gave it a twirl.

"What do you think?" She asked in a merry tone. It seemed as if she was completely oblivious to the drama that had been unfolding up until now.

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