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"Heh heh heh! I guessed you'd be gutsy, but looks like you use that thing over your shoulders for something after all." Blackmore jested with good mood, nearly giving the poor mage a slap on the back that could've toppled him over.

"So, what can you do other than fry poor idiots who don't know any better?" He asked him in a casual tone.

Trivek shrugged his shoulders. "Elemental manipulation, countermagic, scrying, a few other things. Nothing immensely shocking I suppose when you get down to it."


Well, he sure had fighting spirit, not that it would help. He might be useful after all...

"Heh heh heh. No, no, do I look like such a bad man that I'd knock before knocking you out? It's nothing like that, but this does confirm my hunch. You're the guy after all, ain't cha?"

He put a foot on the corner of the dump's 'roof' and grinned from ear to ear. "Well, it's more troublesome than that. You took a man of their own, and they want blood, but not yours. I like ya, so I felt like giving you a hand before the real boys show up. I have a job to do, if you help me I'd be more than happy to clear your name? So, how about it pal? Wanna partner up?"

The mage really had no other option. Trivek let his mana draw fade away, ceasing to tap the source of his magical power. "I suppose I could say no, but then I'd likely be dead within the next few days. I'd rather keep on living, so I suppose that's a 'yes' in response to your question."


The giant man clad in bright pink looked at him with an enigmatic smile, as if it was the only expression plastered on his face. However, that proved to be wrong, because the crescent moon in his lips dropped and he seemed to frown. It wasn't a displeased frown, nor did it have any sort of ill will towards the wizard. It was more of a pitiful look than anything.

"This guy was in a gang. Honestly, I can't imagine what madness took him to mess with someone like you, nor do I particularly care about any politics that were... sparked with his little misconduct. Anyways, long story short, he is dead."

There was a solemn silence, one that stretched almost to an uncomfortably long degree, then he smiled even wider than before, like he had just gotten to a joke's punch line.

"Put two and two together yet, or do you need me to spell it out for you?"

"You're here to kill me for killing your man then." It was the only logical answer to that. Trivek started tapping into the mana sources he had available, feeling the rush of power at his fingers. The planeswalker wasn't a stranger to the occasional back alley brawl or wizards duel. How much electricity could he channel from the surrounding area into an elemental? How much mana could he channel in the next few seconds? The man was taller, stronger, but probably wasn't counting on Trivek's robes being able to absorb the sort of impacts they needed to as part of his general work with the guild.

Trivek stepped back. If he was going to survive, he had to react, not attack first. Too much risk otherwise.


Blackmore grinned. "Well, to put it bluntly, I'm on a job." He reached for his pocket and handed the poor wizard a picture. It was a gangster, more importantly, it was a man who had the misfortune of crossing the wrong mage.

"Does this picture tell you anything?"

 The face did look familiar, though the expression in his mind that Trivek first associated with it was a bit more shocked than this picture showed. "It depends on what you're looking for, if you want the picture to tell me something."


When he looked down on the mage, his smile almost seemed to grow even larger. "Heh, I was just taking a stroll. Well, that's a lie. I guess you could say I'm on a job right now. How about you?"

There was an awkward pause, somehow it didn't seem like he was saying everything. No, there was something that was bothering him even now.

"What are you doing surrounded by trash?" He asked sheepishly before crouching. Somehow, he still towered over that man.


Trivek blinked. It was an odd question, especially after the first question. Why was he surrounded by trash? Wasn't it obvious, really? Hadn't the man come to find him for some odd reason?

"Well, I live here. In this dumpster. I'd invite you inside but I'm afraid there's barely enough room for me in here most days and I haven't quite gotten all the stench out. I suppose though, that if I had to say if I were employed or not at the moment, the answer would be no, I am not on a job or anything right now. Then again I do have a job, not in this reality, but in another. It's all rather strange."

The mage stepped out of his dumpster, brushing off what little dirt and dust he could find on his robes. "As I said before, can I help you with something?"


Pink feathers fluttered against the night's wind, and the moonlight reflected on his sunglasses like a red hue. If one didn't know any better, looking up to the rooftop would have one think a demon king had appeared.

Well, it was as they said. If one can believe in god, one can also believe in the devil. But alas he was neither, just a boring man who was looking down at the mage who had entered his home with utter amusement.

Hmm, was this really it? He had heard of a powerful wizard living in a dumpster, one who had recently made the mistake of electrocuting the wrong person. Well, it wasn't really his business, but if the rumors were true, he'd have expected such a powerful man to have a... larger boudoir.

Still, he had followed him from afar until here, anw as now only a rooftop away from that dump.

He jumped 15 meters down and landed on his teet unscathed, then walked calmly if with a certain sense of confidence to him. His grin would hardly leave his face, even less at a time like this, but it was only when he was right next to the dumpster that he realized just how small it was. Hmph, I could obliterate it with a thought. He pondered before chuckling to himself.

Either way, he hadn't gone all this way and followed that man just to make pleasant chitchat. He was on a job after all, fu fu fu.

He tapped on the dumpster gently, as if to knock. "Excuse me, a moment of your time." He called out with a confident voice.


*Clang clang clang*

This was, for Trivek, an odd situation. He really never expected he'd ever have visitors - at least not visitors who'd knock first. That drunk couple engaging in sexual reproduction against the side of his dumpster had been the closest thing to a visitor he'd ever had. Propping open the lid with a metal rod, Trivek poked his head out of the dumpster, looking for whoever had knocked. He saw his shoes first. Fancy. Well made. The rest of the man's clothing followed suit, and gave the overall impression of a flamboyant bird of some kind, preening its feathers.

"Oh, uh, hello. What brings you here?"


The planeswalker casually strolled through the crowds, before heading into an alley with a curiously placed dumpster turned on its side vertically.

For lack of a better term, this was home. Opening the lid, he stepped inside. An electrical lantern flickered on, illuminating a bedroll placed on the floor of the dumpster. Trivek's few mystical instruments he'd brought with him hummed and lit up and spun and sparked off in a corner as they measured the various mystic energies from this impossible space-time location he currently resided in. Here he was really alone. Trivek pulled out his notebook and began to write about what he'd seen and what his instruments could detect.

There was so much more he needed to figure out about this place.


"Geez, that's... limited. Were you born an old guy, or were a kid once. I was pressured into the family business all the time, but still had time for diversions. Have you played one of those games where you hit a ball with a bat, at least?" The kid proceeded to probe him with questions. "And if you count the forest shack, then yes. But why would I go back there? Pretty dull place."

"Pursuing knowledge for the Izzet League is enjoyable. You never know when something new and interesting might be discovered. When I was a small child, yes, I played such games but as soon as I became a full fledged member, such distractions were a thing of the past." He stepped over a pothole as he navigated deeper into the labyrinth of buildings. The planeswalker was regretting his sense of generosity already, if the boy was going to be so insistent with his questions. "If you need to stay, feel free to sleep on the 'couch' thing in the main room."



"Oh, she left just like that. Well, whatever, do you do anything else than magic, mister? You know, fun things." He was also bored, but wouldn't follow Oren. It didn't feel right for me him to follow that exhibitionist.

The planeswalker sighed. "Define fun. There are many different kinds of fun, some of which I may or may not find fun. Occasionally I splice elementals together with their opposite element to create weirds as familiars for a short time, do research, or attempt to replicate the scenario that allowed me to arrive here. Still no success so far at the last task."  Trivek brushed a leaf out of his hair, turning down the block back towards the place he'd found to call home. "Do you have anywhere to stay, Urho?"


"Hey, don't assume things about me like that, Miss Pervert!" The one who was a pervert was surely her, given how reluctant she was to wear anything without fooling around first. Primordial chaos? Her brain was in chaos. "Do I look like a spirit? I can't pass walls, you know."

The old(er) guy talked about some dimensional planes and shit he really didn't understand. "Some planes? What do you even mean? You two are weird."

The planeswalker shrugged the best he could with the weird girl on his shoulders. "It's more of a theory I have been considering since I've arrived. I require more data to really confirm it."


"Mhm. I see, I see. So I come from primordial chaos, rock boy came from somewhere, probably some mountain spirit or somesuch, but what about you, Mr. Pervert?" She squeezed her legs a bit as if reminding him of his position.


Mr. Pervert. The name stung. He wasn't some Ravnos hedonist who'd fuck torture or snort or all at once anything they got their hands on. "Please, just call me Trivek. I come from Ravnica, City of Guilds. A different plane of reality from this one, I suppose you'd call it."


Trivek just trudged onwards, listening into the conversation and trying to forget he had some kind of skin-thief on his shoulders. There really wasn't much he could add to what they were saying anyway.


"Yep, yep!" She said to the mage person. "I can become anything in the world! So long as it's dead. One of my cousins even became a small god! She was pretty cool. I was actually thinking of getting another skin soon. I heard a forest dragon was around here...." Oren was talking as if she was a girl shopping for clothes more than anything else.

Creepy. Extremely creepy, but fascinating. Golgari mages couldn't even do that. Trivek didn't make a comment on her last statement, and instead addressed Urho. "And you can become a rock. What's that like anyway? I'd expect its sort of boring, since a rock would just well, be there." He steered in the direction of the denser parts of the Nexus, back towards territory he was both more familiar and comfortable with.


She squeezed her legs together a bit as she played with this guy's hair. "Well, I'm Oren! I am a Fae, but only sometimes." There was a special bit of emphasis on that final word. Almost a degree of religious reverence slipped into her voice as she said it.


"And if you did not hear it before, I am Trivek of the Izzet League of Ravnica, and Guildmage of aforementioned. And I suppose a dimensional traveler as well since a few weeks ago. Though I can't think of a good title for that..." The idle chatter helped distract from her ruffling through his hair like she was looking for something in it. He couldn't be going grey already could he? Then again, considering the prevalence of white hair among the Guild, it was a possibility. Trivek didn't comment on her actions, instead focusing on her words. "So you're some kind of shapeshifter? Not unknown where I'm from."


"That doesn't matter! You rode me, so you should return the favor! It's not just politeness; it's common decency! You're a cheat." She huffed and turned around before, well, dropping to the ground and rolling about a bit in the grass.

A shrill whistle slipped out off her lips and the vegetation broke apart and clung to her form. It was oddly soft for grass and left very little to the imagination but it was 'clothed'. Under some definition. Then she sprinted towards coat guy and leaped up onto his shoulders, pressing her thighs up against his neck. "But I guess you'll do. Onwards!"

The planeswalker sighed, grabbing onto the girl's shins to keep her steady. She wasn't too heavy, but it still strained Trivek a little as he walked forwards, deeper into the Nexus proper. "Usually I get the name of a woman before she's got her thighs around my head miss...?" he asked, wobbling a little as he got used to her on his shoulders.

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