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"Thanks. I should have thought of that." Olga sincerely thanked her servant. It was weird having something as fast and strong as Saber under her nominal command. She legitimately hadn't thought of just going out to buy stuff.

As for his second request, Olga nodded with the air of a hospitable noble, befitting of her rank. She definitely didn't look excited at the prospect of repaying her debt. "Yes, of course you may stay here, we have plenty of rooms. A dumpster doesn't befit someone of your stature." It almost made her sick, that this is how mages were treated in this world. Consigned to live in dumpsters, this would need to be changed. It couldn't be allowed.

Oh. Well that was awfully nice of her to say. "I ah, thank you for your hospitality then. It's very nice of you."

Olga Marie

The teen blushed and began to fidget, the redness in her cheeks contrasting with her otherwise pale complexion. She looked at Saber helplessly, then at Trivik. Saber had really thrown her under the bus hardcore! She didn't know if this place had foodstuff, it almost certainly didn't! It'd been an abandoned warehouse until earlier today!
"Well, unfortunately, we just moved in here, and we don't have any food right now. I could give you some gold to buy some for yourself later, though!" Olga cursed Saber under her breath in dismay. She felt bad not being able to reward Trivik the way he'd asked her to. It was terrible hospitality.

The mage seemed to fold into himself when the news that there wasn't food here was broken. Even the promise of money to buy food wasn't exactly enough to make up for the newly formed hole in his heart. "A-alright."

Dejectedly, Trivek leaned against a wall. "Is there at least sleeping quarters? My dumpster, while comfortable enough, cannot compare to a night's sleep under a real roof."


Trivek did some magical shaping thing there with a being that was simply beyond her comprehension. Saber had never been one to pursue magic after all. She did walk around the finished product though to assess how good his work had been. "It appears adaquate." She told him, not sounding very impressed. To be fair she'd seen a lot of masterful sculptures take form in her day and this did not really catch her interest.
Olga Marie

Marie watched with fascination at the incredible display of mana control this man was displaying. It was nothing short of art. The molding of the summoned elemental's form, the perfect dismissal, it was glorious. Olga was infatuated with his display and wanted to see it again. She'd obviously recorded it, but seeing it live was different.

She was shocked at Saber's comment about it being lackluster, but how could she understand. She wasn't a mage, unfortunately. "I thought your display was quite impressive, myself." Olga answered him.

While the subject was in the terms defined by quite a few scholars, "underwhelmed", the other mage seemed to be quite fascinated with Trivek's display of his magical arts. Trivek practically beamed in satistfaction at her words. "Why thank you miss, I must say, not as impressive as your familiar," he said. She was still quite beautiful even in her indifference. "Do you have an ah, kitchen? I haven't had a proper meal in a few days."


The Servant followed them into the privacy of their workshop. She did have one request though and was intent on that being communicated to him. "Make sure you fully capture my elegance in your work." She said as her red dress was changed for her servant outfit. "As fun as dressing up like that was, this feels much more natural."


A spirit that could change it's clothing - interesting. But the planeswalker still had a job to do - and then maybe he could raid whatever they had as a kitchen. Staring at her, he concentrated on what kind of image he wanted to make, drawing on as much Mana from the surrounding area as he could, but concentrating primarily on Red with a nice hint of Blue. This was going to be a rather unique spell. He wanted a much more lifelike quality then what he'd ever done before, something that would truly capture what made this woman special. And with that, he started to call up the Elemental he would use as the material and maker of this statue.

The floor of the warehouse cracked, a vaguely human shape somehow flowing out of the thin line, before Trivek's magic sealed up the concrete. For a few seconds, Trivek didn't ask it of anything - the creature would be far too groggy from being drawn by the magic to do much at first. The Elemental was made of pure white marble - or at least the stone that the spirit that animated it inhabited was made of pure white marble. Now Trivek just needed to coax it into shape. He could feel the Red mana slipping out of his touch, but there was still enough of it for what he needed. That's when he started to add in the blue.

The marble elemental started to change form from a vaguely humanoid blob to a larger, but otherwise near mirror perfect image of the woman before him. A calm, gentle smile was on her face, hand on her sword, hair being lightly blown behind her even in that ponytail by a non-existent wind, looking towards what could have been easily a lover or a sun or even a striking bird - something just over the horizon that only she could see. It captured her in mid stride, showing her curves and the best angles her body had, her perfect symmetry of body made asymmetrical by motion. It was a statue that could easily be seen as a true masterpiece, something that would be hard to match, even with the methods Trivek had available - and no mortal man could have crafted something this perfect by hand, her perfection and elegance and beauty shining forth in that brilliant white marble.

It was perfectly balanced. The elemental had made sure of that, even providing a base at the request of the guildmage, before it was dispelled by Trivek, leaving only the sculpture as evidence it had ever been there.

"Is this to your satisfaction?"


Acknowledging her master's confirmation to bring him with them Saber bowed politely to Trivek. "Then will you be so kind to follow my lead, I'll try not to lead you astray."  She moved past him and began the journey back to Olga's workshop.

"Will you require me to be naked for the making of it.?" She asked him, that was after all a common occurrence in statue making as they celebrated the divinely given shape of man.

Olga Marie

It hadn't taken them long to get to the massive warehouse that was their base. They'd already been pretty close when they met up with him. She was about to lead him inside when Saber suggested something that made her start coughing. She hadn't considered that at all! Most of those old statues were of them naked weren't they?! Her heart began to beat faster as she imagined her servant stripping down to nothing.

It wasn't a bad mental image at all.

"Ah-ahem, sorry about that. Would you like to come in? I think it'd be better to do this with a bit of privacy."

The mage knocked some of the muck off of his boots outside, before stepping into the place. It was certainly better than his dumpster. "Privacy may not be required. However you or your companion wish to be sculpted, I believe I can do it. I was thinking marble - classic, elegant, won't be too much of a mess to work with. Any requests?"


"It is your call master, we haven't established ourselves here yet meaning he can't be someone sent after us. So where you wish to deal with him has little importance to our goals now."

"I'm quite certain a statue springing up out of nowhere would be frowned upon and wouldn't make either of us popular." She concisely told him while she waited for Olga to give her word.

Olga Marie

Olga nodded in agreement. "I thought so too. And if we end up fighting there, we'll be at a huge advantage. It's a win win either way it goes."

"Yeah, let's not do that right here. We don't want to attract that sort of attention." Marie added. "Do you mind coming with us to our base of operations?" It doesn't look like you were particularly busy with what you were doing, after all...

"Of course not. As I said, lead the way Miss." Trivek politely said, thinking of just what materials exactly he'd use. Marble was a good classic choice, but they might prefer a polished granite.

Olga Marie

"You're more than enough for me!" Olga shook her head dramatically at her insecure servant. "But what about other people! Shouldn't they know of your greatness!" Olga spread her arms out dramatically and spoke theatrically. "Ahaha, I think it'd be great, but if you don't want it, that's too bad." The girl gestured over at the mage known as Trivik. "See, he even says he's capable of it. Aren't you at least curious to see what he can come up with?"

"I've never heard of any of the stuff he's talking about, do you think he's from another world like Grigori?" Olga asked Saber curiously.

Olga sure took her joke seriously, she wasn't much interested in becoming famous in a place she had no knowledge of. That could become dangerous as potential enemies could use that to their advantage, which is why she would have to decline the offer for now. Well mostly it was because getting an indulgent monument of praise irked her, still she had to respond in some capacity. Saber gave him the most polite bow she could, which appeared more out of custom than any real sincerity.

"If you can avoid adding any unnecessary epiteths such as 'to the unconquearable goddess' I suppose it could be interesting to witness." Her master's final question almost made her roll her eyes, but with her well rounded upbringing she managed to prevent herself from doing that. "He is either from another or he's lost his mind. His quirkyness aside he appears rather clear of the mind."


The mage smiled. "Ah, of course, I can make it however you wish, if it is within my skill." Trivek said. He put his sketch book away, humming a little. Maybe they'd have leftovers for him, or something else for him to eat. The Grimer in his dumpster might come out for some scraps, and he could catch it and examine it more closely. But first, the statue. "Lead the way - I doubt people would appreciate some impromptu street monument."

Olga Marie

Olga burst out in laughter from this strange man's innocent weirdness. This guy was weird even by her standards. It was kind of endearing. "Haha, hahaha, I'm fine with whatever, I don't have anywhere I need to be right now." She patted Saber on the back. "Maybe he can make a statue of you too."

Olga'd never heard of the Izzit, but considering where she was, this didn't remotely surprise her. Clearing her throat and stifling her laughter, she moved onto a more serious question. "So what kind of magic do you Izzit specialize in?" She asked him with no ill intent. "I've never heard of them before."


He was more skilled than he let on, so not only was he quirky this mage was also humble about his skills as a painter. She had seen many painters who wished they could sketch as good as him. Her master raised a good question, she'd never heard of this Izzit herself. But...

"Am I not enough master? Do you require statues of me to admire now? Perhaps I should relinquish my services and fnd a more appreciative master."

The planewalker closed his sketchbook, feeling he'd done enough for the moment, and besides, they had questions. Trivek cleared his throat.

"The Izzet League is one of the ten grand guilds of Ravinica, and our duty, as enshrined in the Guildpact, is to manage the infrastructure and workings of the city. Guild Master Niv-Mizzet, the Most Honorable and Noble Firemind and Dracogenius," the mage said, mentally double checking that he'd gotten the most important parts of the title in there, "Encourages our mages and workers to experiment with such projects as may interest us and potentially provide new mechanisms and magic to further this endeavor."

"As for sculpture," Trivek continued, "I suppose I could try. I am familiar with the manipulation of stone magically."

Olga Marie
Olga was a bit sad Saber pulled her off of her. She was having fun there! But Saber did have a point, she needed to act more like a noblewoman. So Saber cleared her throat at the weird mage sketching her servant. “It’s both, as you can tell.” She answered merrily. “So what kind of mage are you?


Saber raised an eyebrow at the weird thing that was unfolding before them. This mage was quite quirky, to start drawing someone you just met in the middle of the street was a strange sight indeed.

"Should I strike some pose for or is this good enough for you mage?" She spun around merrily before approaching to take a peek at the rawing he was making.

"Ah, I apologize." Trivek said, continuing his sketch. "I am Trivek, guild mage of the Izzet. A pleasure to meet you both."

Saber's comment though made him pause his sketch, as she walked over, the mage obviously not sure if he should take this question seriously or not. "Ah, no need to pose. Just look natural. If you'd prefer it, and if you are alright with it Miss", he nodded at Olga, "I can always sketch you in some place more private."

The sketch itself wasn't his best work, but for something done in only a minute, it was a rather good profile of her. Given more time, he could probably make a full on painting out of this if he was so inclined.

Olga Marie

“Of course it’s alright!” Olga laughed merrily. “Why would I have any issues with that?” Olga wrapped her arms around Saber’s neck and boldly pulled herself close to her servant. She seemed quite content with their current situation and was even softly humming a merry tune as they walked along. She was just so happy their weird hiccup seemed to be done and dealt with.

Then, some disheveled man very rudely bumped into them in his rush to get into… an alley. Was he going to buy drugs or eat from the trash or some other insidious behavior? She hoped it was just some sort of shortcut. If he was just a commoner she’d probably have curtly accepted his apology and quickly moved on. However, she could tell that this man was a mage of some ability, judging from the amount of mana swirling around him. As such, Olga was willing to give him a bit more face. Also the alcohol and events under the table at the restaurant had put her in an exceptionally good mood.

Olga cleared her throat, and with only slightly rosy cheeks, graciously accepted his apology. “It’s no problem, just be more careful next time. We’re both fine. How about you?”

"Excuse my partner's odd behaviour. She's drunk and doesn't know where's she's going." Saber gave him a curt bow alongside her apology. She pried her Master away not wanting to have her literally hang off her in the middle of a conversation.

"But yes I hope you're not inconvenienced by the unfortunate circumstances."


"I am quite fine, thank you. Though I must say, you two cut quite a pair," the planeswalker said. Trivek nodded at Saber, shuffling out of the way a little bit. She was quite fascinating, in several regards, especially considering she seemed to be entirely composed of mana. "Are you her familiar? Or are you just friends. I'm quite curious - I haven't seen anything as stunning as you in quite a long time."

Only Niv-Mizzet's closet had possessed anything as unexpected as this woman - and quite possibly even that wasn't as dangerous as she could potentially be. He had to find out more. Trivek pulled out his notebook and started sketching.


After spending a good bit of time searching for Pokemon, Trivek had come up with a single Grimer. Examining the ball containing the creature, he whistled an Izzet steambillow worker tune to himself as he started to look for something to eat. Much like the creature he'd caught, Trivek wasn't exactly picky about what he ate - a nicely cooked rat was better than no food at all, and sometimes people's scraps were a meal in and of themselves. Strolling down the lane, he was about to turn into the alley to go dumpster diving for dinner when he bumped into a pair of women, nearly losing the pokeball.

"My apologies," he quickly said, "Are you alright?" He could sense an absurd concentration of mana in one of the women, almost as if she was made of pure magic.

Oka Kurosawa

"Mmm!" Oka made a happy affirmative noise. "I'd say so, anyway. Some people like to disagree." She sounded a bit pouty and annoyed at the fact not everyone agreed with her nomenclature. She thought they were just foolish, personally. They were all obviously pokemon.

"And well I need some now, you know? I don't want to wander around back alleys like this one." Oka had been fidgiting with the little ball he'd given her and finally asked a question about it.

"Why don't you just have a phone? Or try to sell stuff like this if you design it? I'm sure you could live somewhere better than here." She gestured around at the trash and stench around them. She felt like she needed to take an hours long bath and scrub herself clean just to feel nice again. Bluhargh.

"Phone?" He was genuinely puzzled by the word. "I don't know what you're talking about. And I really can't sell what I just made. It's... linked. Relies on a bit of my own magic to keep functioning. So as long as I'm near one of the spheres, it will function. Handy little things, even with their limits."

"Do you have somewhere better I could live then?"


Oka Kurosawa

Ugh. So he was the reason they were oddly absent from this cesspit. Great. She couldn't exactly blame him for shooing them away, but it sure was an unfortunate annoyance. Oh well. Might as well thank him for his offer.

 "Well, thanks." She said with as much cheer as she could muster. "Do you have a way I can contact you?" She wasn't expecting a positive answer but it couldn't hurt to ask. "Do you know where they go?" She asked with a hopeful expression.

He held up a finger rooting through his robe pockets before finding a little sphere that he popped open. "It's a two way communicator," he explained, pressing a button inside the sphere. "Press and hold it and the other one buzzes. Then, you can talk when the other one is opened. Quite ingenious little things, if I do say so myself. Not sure what to call them yet." Trivek handed it over, slipping the pokeball into his pocket.

"As for the little slimes, they like to come back during the night occasionally. Otherwise, I think they skulk around in the gutters and tend to eat whatever material they find. I've got a whole page on them in my notes, fascinating little creatures. Is everything like that a Pokemon?"

Oka Kurosawa

Oka rolled her eyes at Trivik in a way only a sassy teenager full of themselves could. She then silently pointed at Wormy behind her and Mimi on top of her head. She raised her eyebrows in a somehow condescending way and then spoke up.

"They can look like this or this, or any sorts of things. I was looking for some living purple slimes with faces. A client of mine wants them for trash disposal. You wouldn't have happened to scare them away with water, would you?"

Slime with a face? In his dumpster? It was more likely than Oka thought. "Scare them? I have to shoo several away every week. Don't know where they went though." Trivek idly tossed the ball up and down up in his hand. "I'll see if I can nab one of the buggers the next time they try and sleep on my notes."



"No no no no no, no no no, no. No." Oka shook her head emphatically at him. "There's more to it than just tossing a pokéball at the pokemon. There's a technique—an art..." Oka looked up and smiled as she remembered the words of her grandfather. "It's a living. A lifestyle. You have to feel it inside of you; the feeling of being a trainer..."

Oka snapped back to reality from her nostalgic fantasy and handed him a lonely, teensy pokeball. It wasn't anything much at all, really. She wouldn't mind if he took it and bolted. Not like they were even particularly useful.

"You need to weaken a pokemon first, before you throw the ball. If you just toss it straight away they'll just break it in all likelihood and you'll waste your opportunity. You have magic right? Why don't you use that elemental thingymajig you mentioned?"


"Magic is somewhat tricky young lady, and already what I would call my life style. But I get the gist of what you're saying, don't just pitch the ball at them and hope for the best, one of your pokemon might end up seriously injured or escape." He took the ball, examining it. On pressing the center button, it expanded in size, to something more resembling a ball from a children's game than an over-sized marble. A curious contraption. The mages back at the guild would be very interested in this. If he could find a way back to them that is. "As for elementals, I could summon one or two. What do these pokemon look like anyway?"

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