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So her mysterious benefactor prefered to remain anonymous? That was a conclusion that she drew from the explanation. After all, he could have perhaps stayed behind but he would reveal his identity in the process. This really sounded suspicious.

"Right, I fought a demonic being who was allied with a large, imposing man whose body didn't look natural. Then I propelled myself with my magic after the demon caught me off guard and crashed into the ground, losing consciousness. I've had an ally who looked like a priest, but I think he's died on the battlefield. So that couldn't be him." Anastasia gave a short account on what she was doing before she ended up in the hospital. She didn't bother to explain the whole picture to not cause any widespread panic in the population. Just as much details as it was necessary

"I don't think though I should involve bystanders into this mess. I appreciate the offer, but the mundane folk is at danger when getting involved in such supernatural matters. And that's something beyond my own capabilities as well, as you can see. So unless there's more to that private detective than meets the eye, I don't want to endanger him."


"Who said I've showed you everything either? This was just the beginning, Ray. Don't expect I'm gonna fight you exactly the same when I get to fight you." She probably would try to compensate for his skillful use of swords with sheer speed if he faced her armed.

"Right, it's going to start soon? Let's then cut to the chase and go straight there. Ahh, how I hate stuff like deadlines." If she was too fashionably late, then she probably would get barred from competing. Well, she could go on a spree and just burst into the arena, but that would defeat point of a tournament. 


Meanwhile, Julius took care of the actually important part. Monster slaying was actually the least important part of the vocation, it was the aftermath that was actually important. Aside from contacting Cheiron to retrieve the monster's body, he also looked over every nook and cranny in search of stolen valuables. Knowing habits of so called Beasts, there could be some real hoard hidden somewhere. Eureka, there was some! A trunk hidden under the floor of the now ruined office. Enough gold to cover expenses of rudimentary repairs of the mall. And enough wealth to reimburse the enslaved workers for their experience.

When the press approached him, he humbly downplayed his achievements, but it was all for naught. He would most likely appear in the headlines as the person who helped restoring the mall back to the order. Then it dawned on him that maybe some fame wasn't bad after all. Maybe he could find a patron to support his efforts. He once again looked at the now empty treasure chest. Wait, he had overlooked something. What was that scrap of paper? It looked like a part of a treasure map. Had the monster only recovered a single piece of a map? He obviously couldn't let villains find the rest of the map and then decode it. He hid the scrap in his pocket and waited for Cheiron team's arrival.


"Right, Ray dude. I'm Rikuyo." She introduced in a bit absent minded way as she looked over her clothes. Few cuts here and there, some blood, if they wouldn't let her into the tournament she would just intimidate people responsible for registering fighters. The pain was also slowly receding as she could focus on regenerating her wounds. She could honestly revert to her base form at this point.

"What you will do if it's one of those annoying no weapons and no items tournaments?" She could maybe tolerate a no killing rule, but that would be disappointing if he couldn't fight to his full potential.


"No, I'm not a mage. I'm an angel on a run, haven't you heard that?" Mitsuba replied to Medaka's question with a slight annoyance in her voice. She did explain clearly who she was. "So miracles are the sort of thing I can do. To some extent, I'm not any close to being omnipotent."

After observing the older vampire's reaction it only confirmed her little theory that vampires like them clearly thought with their stomach. In Shinobu's case it was donuts that could be used as a form of bribe, not just blood. Anyway, she made herself useful and maybe even could bargain for a lowered rent. She could probably earn enough money by dispatching targets that weren't challenging, it's just that she was quite a scrooge.

"Is there any other kind of food that you like, Shinobu? I can see what I can do. I think I'm pretty passable at cooking and baking." She also knew an Embed which let her perform mundane tasks like cooking more efficiently, so she had some edge over many people in that regard.


"Squashing them below your boots? I guess you could do it in a way to my God, but it has this irksome tendency of spreading itself over many bodies and parts. Cut off one head, and at least one will take its place. But yeah, I'm rambling here, and you requested something. That's a trivial wish for me to fulfill." Mitsuba walked up to her bag that she left on the floor and where she supposedly kept her things. Using her Embed, she procured a box of donuts. Using loopholes left in the code of the reality was so convenient.

"Right, that was pretty easy." She handed over the box to the taller vampire.


"I do remember everything leading up to the moment where I lost my consciousness. I just want answers who recovered my unconscious body back then. I don't think emergency services would brave into that kind of battlefield." She didn't buy into the idea that normal people would just risk their well-being and venture there. It must have been someone else, and certainly not someone mundane.

"So, who brought me to the hospital?" She wanted her answers, and she'd pressure on until she got them. There was no way she would leave that matter be. It was possible that whoever brought her to the hospital, they had some interest in preserving her alive. For some reason she had a gut feeling that it wasn't one of people she had met before.


"What kind of questions?" She could eat later. She wouldn't call herself a soldier if she couldn't endure hunger at least for a while. She needed to assess first who actually had recovered her unconscious body. Without such knowledge she thought she couldn't really gorge herself on food. It would just gnaw on her.


"I think there's no point of hiding it. I'm not so sure about your 'minion' being able to keep secrets from you. How to put it, I may don't look like it, but I'm an angel on a run from my former god. I'm not sure if the god is present here, but I don't exclude such possibility. Are you still fine with sheltering me for a while?"


"Hmmmm? The tournament?" What he talked about- Oh! "Oh, right, the tournament! I almost forgot! Oh well, as long you won't drop out before I drop you out. But, maybe the guy who makes you drop out will be interesting. I guess you will do great as a measuring stick too!"

A win-win situation, basically. She could wait that long. It's not like she didn't know some restrain after all. Yeah, she could wait that long...

"Oh well, but can you heal from that, dude? I didn't really hold back with some of my moves. I don't mind a handicap, but you won't be in a top shape if you can't. Should I kidnap some healer or something?"

That was troubling. Finding a healer to kidnap could take some time after all, and she didn't even know when the tournament would start.


"Ehh, seems so? Something really distracted her or caught her attention, but with my eyesight I shouldn't have any problem about tracking her. So it's your call if you want to pursue her." As long as she wouldn't be blamed for aiding and abetting the stalker. She would just pretend he could detect Neptune on his own, so that she could throw him under figurative (or literal) bus if she got into trouble.


"Who are you? Where I am?" These questions mattered to her more than answering how she felt. After all, she had no knowledge of what had transpired since the moment when she lost consciousness. Other than that Leo most likely died. So naturally, she was curious about her whereabouts and the identity of those people.


Ahh, that sweet pain. Just made her awaken more and more! "Ahahahaha, that has been fun, yeah! If I get too careless, I might die, if I get carried away I might end up breaking you! It's not something I face often. Will you continue challenging me, tough guy?"

The redhead goaded her opponent further. What a bliss, she really lived for such moments. So now what he would do? Pursue her or yield?


The ice mage woke up in an unfamiliar location, staring at an unfamiliar ceiling for a split moment before she processed everything. The mental link with Leo was gone? Did he perish in the battle that ensued? She wouldn't be surprised, the enemy didn't look someone who would take prisoners of war, if you could imprison a spirit, of course.

Anastasia honestly didn't know how to feel about it. Technically Leo followed his own judgement and the roles were reversed. But he seem to have miscalculated the forces he faced. Maybe she should have taken initiative and assumed leadership. However, she had no guarantee she would make a better decision than a man of a higher station who was more experienced than her. Either way, someone who technically followed her died on the battlefield. But she couldn't cry for him. She was that used to the hardship that she and others around endured she couldn't express her sadness in such a manner. The years she had spent as a supernaturally powered soldier left her a wreck like that.

"So we failed that mission, then." She muttered to herself with a deadpan expression on her face. But the world still existed. Someone at least seem to had stopped the threat, though she didn't recall the details. She didn't know what to do next, so she didn't get up, resting her body until she would recover. The question though where she was still remained unanswered. Who bothered to rescue her  after the battle concluded?


The vampire was either too engrossed in slaking her wanton thirst or she screwed with the Unchained on purpose. Anyway, Medaka lightly pushed her away. Now what the older bloodsucker would do.

"Yes, for a while, just to weather the storm. My ally..." Of questionable trust."... have disappeared on me before I met Medaka, and I'm not sure if the place where I originally lived is compromised."

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