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"Huh, that's neat. It seems that there's still some time before my appointment, so I'm not in hurry. I think I would show up too early if I went in hurry there." Looking at her watch she realized that maybe she left her apartment too early. Well, she really didn't regret it, it's been a while since she could talk about things that interested her with someone. "What is your destination, if I may ask? If it's the same direction I don't mind if you accompany me."


The werewolf continued to talk about what methods she used in landscaping to preserve the environment. Not only pest eating insects, but also natural remedies and plant rotation. She could go on and on about the topic, and Emily was quite patient. However, she would have to get off the bus soon as time didn't stop.

"It was nice to talk with you, but it seems I will have to get off the bus soon." Swims-With-Salmons stood up and prepared to leave. Her bus stop was a street away or so.



"Oh, really?" Swims-With-Salmons with a gleam in eye. Many people weren't interested in the topic. Or maybe she just humored her. Either way, she had to think positively, so maybe it was a case of interest. Education and prevention mattered so that she wouldn't have to go back to her old lifestyle of punching out spirits of pollution. "Alright! There's so many things I could talk about, so I'll be specific. One of things that people should keep in mind is that use of pesticides in gardens impacts the population of bees and other insects that spread pollen. For example, you can attract ladybugs to your garden by planting daisies so they can eat aphids, mites, whiteflies and scale. And they look quite pretty."

She didn't have problems with bugs in general. She really didn't understand why some humans were so averse to certain insects, but again, she wasn't a human to begin with.


Emily's hand felt quite soft as 'Ellie' shook her hand. It seemed like the effect that the changeling had on others was perceived a bit differently by those who relied a lot on other senses than just. The werewolf unconsciously shook her hand a bit longer than it was usual, letting go after she realized that it took a bit longer than it should. That was a bit awkward, what got into her? She wasn't usually like that around other girls.

"More greenery around also helps the environment. It's just not companies and government that can do something about it, every action matters." Swims-With-Salmons started talking about the topic of ecology to distract herself from the fact that she held her hand a bit longer than it should. Then it dawned on her that probably the other passenger wasn't interested. "Ah, sorry, I'm on my soapbox again. I was raised by a family full of environmental activists, so old habits die hard."

This wasn't untrue. Though in contrast to Greenpeace, methods of her brethren involved mauling most egregious polluters until they stopped moving. If she was Captain Planet in that cartoon then the cast of villains would have to be cycled out frequently due to staggering cases of fatalities among them.



Oh, how did she know? Oh right, it wasn't difficult to guess. "Yup, I'm going to meet with someone who is in construction business. I'm a landscaper. A house without a pleasant looking garden or a neighborhood without a well ordered park just feels incomplete."

The werewolf realized that she didn't give her name yet to the other passenger. And maybe a potential client too. It didn't seem like there was too large competition in her field, the market didn't appear to be saturated.

"I'm Warren, Ellie Warren. Nice to meet you." She extended her hand to the red haired woman. Meanwhile, some men in the bus still stared at the other woman. I guess some wished that she took a seat next to them.



As the red headed woman approached the werewolf, Swims-With-Salmons couldn't help but feel attracted in some way to that person. How to put it, she felt 'nice' on so many levels, from her fragrance reminding her of flowers in the spring to her harmonious voice to a face that evoked sympathy. She wasn't surprised why she attracted such stares from the men (and few women) in the bus. If she was a man herself, she probably couldn't help but ask if she had free time after she was done with her appointment.

"Not at all, please take a seat" She replied with a warm smile on her face.


A short young woman was standing before a mirror, brushing her hair as she prepared for an appointment. She was wearing a black tailor-made two-piece suit, grey tights and black heels. Reflecting on her past, she felt like a lot has changed since the world was turned upside down by her First Change. She started out with nothing, but now she was a landscaper with perspectives. Not bad for someone raised in a backwater countryside. She honestly felt proud of her achievements even if she knew that some of her kind would scorn her for adjusting so well to the society.

After she finished, she made sure that her small dog and cat and a chinchilla had food to eat. She honestly should should stop adopting more and more pets. Her apartment wasn't too large after all. She also liked donating to a local shelter. Not only because it was a commandment enforced on her by her spiritual patron, but also because she genuinely felt good about helping animals in need. After she made sure everything was in order, she took her bag and left.

While she could get faster to her destination, she liked to keep appearances and took a bus. She was still surprised to this day how the city was largely free of spiritual taint carried by things like spirits of pollution or stagnation. Living in this city was still like living in an utopia compared to the world she lived in before. The seat next to her was unoccupied.



"People tell me I'm strange anyway. That's just how we wizards feel to other people subconsciously. There's nothing I can do about that, at least." Annie remarked as Ruler dispersed seemingly into thin air, at least for any potential onlooker. She could still see him as she could perceive other spirits. Her supernatural sight wasn't exactly something that she could turn off.

And so they wandered through a district in search something that could ping her senses. While that didn't guarantee she could detect another being like Ruler (they could have stumble into any spirit), this was the best way she had at her disposal. After some search, she sensed something heading into their direction at great speed. Frankly, it must have been strong if she sensed it from far away. "I don't know who this is, but if you're fast enough to intercept them, there's our chance."


"I'd not be surprised either if they're semi-legal or illegal fighting circles out there. I mean, if there is still a government in the city, I can't imagine openly endorses such practices. Any government would at least keep appearances that they condemn such activities even if probably the underground organizations would still continue doing that. Speaking of which," Mitsu asked in order to get out some extra information out of Medaka. "do you know other vampires than Shinobu? I mean, I'm curious if you have anything passing for society like in those movies."



"No, sometimes people need a change of pace. You definitely should buy it. It's been a while since I wore a dress, so I will look for one as well." It has been like few months since she wore a one. She also wanted to buy some heels as well.


"I'm curious how strong you are, more or less. Maybe you could find someone strong to fight against, challenge someone, maybe? There should be martial arts schools around. I could be a spectator or your manager, whatever floats your boat." Mitsu suggested. She indeed didn't have full picture of how strong she was.



As the fight continued, the odds turned into favor of the enemy. No matter how superior Engetsu was in Feng's view to those two, the fact that it was really two versus one until he could intervene directly meant that they were at disadvantage. What the "wielder" said didn't go unnoticed to him, though.

"Ah, I really feel for you. Even if I fundamentally disagree with you, I cannot help but lament your predicament. Are you really satisfied with a wielder who is a tool rather someone with their own convictions? No imagination, no passion. I'm sure there are sinners that are maybe not as efficient, but more entertaining." The monk tried to break their unity if he couldn't topple them. "But I guess I talk too much. The older one gets, the more verbose they become over time. Go ahead, attack me. I'll respond to the best of my ability."


She bade farewell to Paladin, collected her belongings and marched out of his apartment. Anastasia honestly felt a bit relieved that she was leaving the place. After all, the tension between the two was almost palpable, both were people with incorrigible and staunch views at their core. Her own attitude to religion was quite lassez-faire, so she would just nod and tolerate their opinions, but she didn't feel like she was a great mediator between Paladin and Ruler.

Anastasia didn't feel like heading to her home immediately. She was still wearing clothes she got from Paladin so it's not like she would need to get back to her place. "I propose we search district by district, as much as we can manage. I can't guarantee we will stumble into other people like you, but there is a non-zero chance that we could."


"You're a very trusting person, willing to accept so readily someone whom you know for hours. Even with those bizarre tests and trials you had me go through, you're so hasty in making a decision. Maybe it should be my turn to test you before I give my answer?" The Unchained asked her host. She shouldn't just expect a straight answer from her after such a short time.


"It'll be boring if I just say inside. I can go outside, you may fill in me with what I should now. You were kinda in hurry back then, right?" Perhaps he would've run out of time if he presented her the whole picture. "Are you interested in our plan, Paladin? It's fine if you're not, I'm already in your debt."

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