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No, it tasted absolutely abhorrent. Just how much spices you could put into a spoon of food? She felt that functions of her body were shutting down from the imbalance in ingredients. For the first time since the monk's first years in a temple, she passed out.



That was troublesome. This one possessed some ability to resist his attacks. This didn't caught him off guard, it wasn't surprising for him that he had trouble with wizards. After all this wasn't the first one. Either he had to find another way to harm her or back off and find some expert on magic. For now, he reacted to the smoke following him and increased the distance between the two. If he didn't think on his feet, even with his capabilities he would die in some nameless lair.



So it was just a horrible food. Better to break him news now than later.

"Sorry, I can tell it's inadequately prepared just by looking at it. It's either inexperience or maybe your taste buds work different than a human's. Anyway, you need proper instruction to rectify that." She conveyed the brutal truth to the sword.



"Shall we approach the mountain from that direction? Leylines there are good. It's just prudent to pick such pathway where I'm able to fight at my best." Anastasia declared. She didn't know whether they prefered that route, but she was insistent on taking such pathway that would be most optimal from her point of view. "Any objections?"



Why anyone would eat this disgrace to the art of cooking? It looked more like a poison than anything passing for food. To cook so badly that it would attract spirits of corruption and malice. She should explain him that he should consider another path than cooking things himself. But first, she motioned with her left hand, touching the plate to exorcise the vile spirits that possessed it. Hopefully the Buddha of Medicine would answer her prayer.


That's it. She showed her true colors. That's what Julius thought when Hazel froze Irene. Even a saint would lose patience if someone just tried to kill in front of him. Even if he was impoverished, knives were still quite cheap, and he had so many of them hidden in his trenchcoat. Even if in tranquil fury, Julius retained capability to assess the situation calmly, and was aware that keeping the distance was crucial. He aimed his knives at the upper body of this monster. If he was fortunate, the three knives he wanted to throw at her would skewer brain, neck or heart. When facing wizards, stopping their heartbeat or destroying their brain worked the best.

The noble ignored Irene's feral looks once she broke out of the ice. He'd ask questions later and now that they fought, there was no time to be indecisive, so he threw those three knives at his opponent.


"Wow, your world seems more ordered if even the sky is like that. I honestly don't think that this city is too wretched as some claim. In a way, it looks quite peaceful to me. I'm more like a soldier than a wizard, so I can tell. There's nothing here compared to the northern hosts that threathen my country." Anastasia reminisced about the past. "But I guess you want to catch this Regice. Shall we go, then?"



"Huh, you got accustomed to that in no time..." Engetsu's mind quickly adjusted to the fact that the old man he knew was now a young woman. Wasn't even hitting on her. Quite impressed. Though, the monk had to deal more with young ladies in the countryside who for some reason were attracted to a guy like him. "Let me change first. You don't seem troubled by how oversized my clothes are right now, but I am."

The monk barged into what was likely Engetsu's bathroom, but why a sword would even keep a bathroom? Probably for keeping up appearances. Nevertheless, the woman emerged out wearing the set of clothes which she kept in the bag. The smaller sized version of her previous clothes. "So, I will take up you on the offer. I don't seek any material reward, but I cannot reject something that's freely offered. Whatever you cook, I'll gladly eat it."



She still didn't like being carried like that much. After all, she had her own legs and they weren't in hurry. "Sakura, next time we should just walk. There's no haste and we can all walk. I just don't like relying on others like that too much."

"Oren, why do you keep getting into trouble like this. People can easily mistake you for some sort of cannibal. Those people doesn't sound sane, but if you ran into some decent stranger they could jump to conclusions." Mordred had to be the reasonable one in their circle. The role that she didn't particularly seek, but one that became pretty natural over time.



"I did say it was my future reincarnation, so here's your answer. We're all beings trapped in the cycle of reincarnation until the nirvana. I wasn't an old man one time, though I don't remember my past incarnation, it could be really anything." Fenghuang explained in a matter-of-fact manner. "I guess you can call me Huang when I'm like that. That's the Chinese word for a female phoenix. Feng's the word for a male one. Together they make up my full name."

They she noticed that the ancient sword was blushing in reaction. "I knew it would surprise you. Don't worry, people usually react like that. So, what do you planned to cook? You bought those all groceries after all."



"Oh, so they're like the Elder Race? Tales say that once a mighty race of material beings that emerged from primordial chaos created everything, those beings older than even oldest Aetheric beings. Some say that Dragons are their weak and shattered descendants, others point that Giants were their lesser younger kin. One thing is known, they no longer meddle in affairs of other races for some unknown reason. My master claimed that they turned into the starlight. Could be honestly just his drunken tale."

And a god didn't have to be so potent to be considered a god by someone. After all, halflings worshipped a god of pies.

The sky was getting darker and darker as they emerged out of the den. "I honestly miss seeing two moons on the sky." She remarked as she looked at the sky. "The stars are also different. Are these unfamiliar for you as well?"


"I'd put it in different words myself. I owe you explanation anyway. One of blessings granted to me by the one whom I follow was insight into my future reincarnation. Including ability to change my form into one resembling said reincarnation. Well, it's more complicated than that, but this explanation may suffice for now. I won't spoil the surprise, so I guess I should just do it."

The monk raised his right arm in a prayer. This motion was extremely fluid and left an afterimage as the hand moved. Fenghuang didn't mean to show off, it's just that after decades of training such motions were as a natural as breathing. The blue aura again emanated from the monk. His body starting changing into a smaller, feminine figure as the body also started deaging. Engetsu could witness as the old man changed into a darker skinned and shorter woman whose hair was somewhat shorter than the monk's original form. The tall man's clothes were now baggy and quite too big.

"I wish my clothes also shrank. That's one of downsides to this ability." The woman sighed. "You didn't expect that, right?"


"Oh, so it cohabitated with the spirit? Maybe it was a badger or some other species that tolerates some of other animals. Oh yeah, I'll tell you about something interesting. I've talked about Abyssal creatures and nature spirits, but I didn't get into greater picture. Basically, there is the material world that you live in. But there's also Aether, a place where every thought of sentient beings rises birth to disturbances which eventually form a spirit. I wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon give rise to them, they seem pretty smart." Anastasia continued her explanation. "In turn, stronger Aetheric beings have interests in affecting the material world in order to cultivate such emotions that make them stronger. As above, so below. Fortunately, the strongest of such beings cannot fully manifest, so they work through more indirect means."

But why she was explaining that?

"Exceptionally powerful mortals usually make more disturbance in the Aether. This Regice sounds strong. I'd not be surprised if it eventually spawned what people might call a god. Well, nothing to be concerned over. Such god wouldn't be able to manifest here. But if there are signs of such subtle and indirect influence, it may give us hints about its whereabouts. I'll keep my eyes open for them in turn."



"Couch, what it is?" Urho tilted his head in confusion. He never heard of such a word before. Finding something new and interesting, huh? "What if it's a game you've never seen before? Don't tell me it's just a distraction for you too. Come on, we could just go into the city and look for something new like that. Never have seen such tall castles made of glass before!"



The expression on Julius' face was that of a disappointment. He didn't know whether to laugh or feel sad about how she could ascribe to such ridiculous idea. She wasn't even consistent about her ideals either.

"If the civilization means so little to you, why do you still cling to its trappings so visibly? People may laugh at me, mock me, scorn me, think I'm a wide eyed idealist, but I move forward while staying true to my ideal. You seek to throw few millennia old system into disarray but still use what countless generations of human race have invented."

Talking about destroying the civilization, but smoking cigarettes and wearing modern clothes at the same time was a sign of hipocrisy. But this was the least wrong thing with her worldview.

"Yes, there is no denial that this city is wrong. But neither power nor chaos can solve its problems. There is good and compassion in the people that cannot be snuffed out. If united, they will overcome this cesspool of hatred and lies!"

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