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He watched with amusement as the goddess made a really cute face from all the amazing pleasure she was receiving. Still he would be satisfied with nothing less than her other form submitting to him, and voice that desire would. The idea painted vividly in his mind have him the last push needed and his member fully hardened, painfully so in the confinement of his pants.

"I wouldn't have to worry about my strength in that case. I'm a bit surprised honestly, I thought you wowed to show me you could handle it, but I guess it was too much." He'd actually be disappointed if this didn't provoke her into action, can't do much about a lost cause.


If that's how he wanted to act, she didn't really have against it. In fact it would work in her favour in the long run to keep this act up, there was still more. Far far more that she could squeeze out of him, she couldn't really believe how lucky she'd gotten today, this was the beginning of something truly exquisite and she wasn't going to miss one bit of it.

Still he wanted to bash in the head of some poor unlucky fellow, an activity she was more than willing to partake in. "You're good enough for my eternal loyalty, master." She gave him a deep bow with a smile of pure happiness. The maid tried sounding as sincere as possible when saying it.


The blond vampire almost flinched as the man's disgusting hair brushed past her shoulder, but only almost. She wouldn't grant him the satisfaction of seeing such a reaction from her, that would be to acknowledge him as something more than a nuisance.

"Are you truly going to turn your back to me? I did not take you for such a fool. Or could it be that you actually desire defeat?" That wouldn't be too unlikely, still rather unlikely though. Turning his back on her was a mistake, one that he would come to regret soon enough.


He truly did tear into the poor sandwiches like a man possessed for such was his unquenchable hunger. He almost missed the question, but he would never do that, no. "Picnic... good.... go..... spring...." every word accompanied by a bite, some drowned out, no more like most of them. At least he still had his priorities straight, justice couldn't be carried out on an empty stomach.

Then it came, the dreaded question that you never ever wanted to hear while in a car. "So.... Are we there yet?"


She had just finished cleaning when those two arrived, what impeccable timing they had. She shook her head as Sakura teased Shirou. "Now Now Sakura, it's unbecoming to tease your husband to that extent. He just found himself unable to restrain his vile desires any longer, so he took them out on me in your absence." She turned to them and gave them a bit of a tired smile.

"Rin has brought an... interesting man." She paused as she thought about how she should continue it. "Much more accomodating than her regretfully."


She giggled. The blond did nothing but giggle in amusement. Her not wanting to lose? Had she stumbled onto the set of a comedy rehersal? Her giggling eventually ceased as she eyed him with a thoughtful look. He must have great pride in himself and his skill by the way he carried himself. She had met people like that in the past, although it had been a scarce occurance in later years. She paid no head to the squabble of her two companions as her attention was solely focused on that man. "Do you not know the wonders of love?"

With that question hanging in the air, she jumped down from the branch and landed right infront of the man, completely exposed. His intent was clear as day however, this girl showed no fear, no care for her own well being. She merely stood, no stance assumed and with innumerable openings in her defense, she stood infront of this warrior of legend.

"What is the matter, were you not going to take my head? I am right here." This was absurd, no sane person would willingly put themselves up on the chopping block like this. But... to strike her down now would be no victory, not when she had willingly walked into the embrace of the beast. To strike her down now would be to acknowledge her.


Noire was much more into this than he'd expected her to be. His maid was good for something at least, still he pulled away from the kiss for a moment to question her.
"I'm a bit surprised Noire, do you really think you can handle me like that? It looks like you're about to come undone over some simple grinding." Yes, teasing her like this should get her truly going.


The two of them tried flanking her, obviously intending to hit her from both left and right. That cheap tactic wouldn't work on her, the protagonist of protagonists. And who were really the brats here?

She lazed around with apparent arrogance as they rushed her. Only in the final moment did she jump backwards, this made them crash into each other and topple over like bowling pins.

She looked down on them, but not with gleeful arrogance or pity, just exuberant cheerfulness. "Who are you boys calling brat here? You two are like barely out of diapers. Maybe you should go for a course or three hundred in trashtalking first cause you guys suck."


She refused to answer what is was about, was she relly gonna play coy now of all times? He didn't have really time to retort as their ride came to pick them up. They got into the car that Oka had called for, he really felt hungry by now. Right on cue Oka begun diggin through her bag and pulled out two sandwiches, offering them to him.

"I'm not even gonna question why you had those." He said as he accepted the offering and dug in, This would really help him until they got to the restaurant. "Thanks." He blurted out mid bite, the man really was hungry, tearing his way through the poor sandwiches like a starving wolf.


"If you're gonna be that insistent Lucy, you should show it with your actions. You want more isn't that right?" He sent to her mentally. His attention however never left the goddess. He gave her another kiss, even deeper this time as his hands move past her hips and gripped the soft flesh of her ass. His hardness could hardly hidden be from her at this point as it brushed past her wet core, only a few layers of clothing seperating them.


Having had her fill now and feeling decently full, there was no longer any need for her to idle here any longer, and it seemed like her two companions shared in that sentiment. There was a only a faint trace of that man's smell on her, they hadn't been in contact for long, but she had basked in that man's chilly presence and it left a trace. Thus the blond vampire followed the lead of the werewolf as he begun leading eastwards, past the more urban parts of the city and to the outskirts.

Before long they found themselves moving through a certain forest, beyond which lay a castle enshrouded in eternal darkness and gloom, a shadow that would strike fear in the hearts of mortal men. But they weren't quite there yet, so the exact nature of that place mattered little at the moment.

What mattered more was that he was here. By some strange chance of luck they'd happened upon him, or perhaps this was the string of fate playing them all like puppets.

"It appears my faith in you has been rewarded." She scratched the wold behind his ear, obviously pleased with the quick results. She turned her attention to the hulking stature just ahead of them. This time she wouldn't be the one being looked down upon with unrelenting arrogance. So the blonde performed a geaceful leap up to one of the branches of the nearby tree about 20 feet up in the air. This would also give her a good look over what was about to happen.

"You should have given it back to her the last time we met." There really was no more words needed, going by how he acted the last few times they'd met, it was safe to say this might end in violence. No, it was pretty much a guaranteed outcome. Still, she should be able to get some entertainment out of this.


Punish sinners, that was pretty rich coming from him after what he'd just done. Oh yes, that would be perfect, absolutely fucking perfect. She thought to herself. No outwards signs were shown as she kept up her cutesy persona.

She put a fingers to her lips, looking like she was thinking really hard. Then she let out an excited noise as she finished. "Mhm Master~  There's this man, he's much much older than he looks and he has this bad habit. This really bad habit of luring in young girls into alleys, only to take advantage of them like the bad man he is."

Her smile changed, becoming far more sinister. "Can't you see the irony in what you're doing? You're a big fucking sinner yourself. Not saying I believe in that crap or anything, I really don't, but you're not being very honest with yourself and that's pretty disgusting." She wasn't really trying to threaten him, for the most part. Ok maybe a bit of it was that.


The purple haired goddess didn't falter for a second under the pressure of the attention. No, she thrived in it, acting as if this was the norm and anything else was abnormal.

"Shush, you're just an unimportant side character who won't be mentioned again after this scene." Somehow her voice was carried across the room, clearer even that the announcer himself, overpowering his.

"But he kinda does have a point. Even I'd find it unfair to fight like this, so why don't both of you come at me?" She happily challenged the two fighters with seemingly no care in the world.


She went quiet in an uncharacteristic manner, was this it? Was the ride the true answer behind the nefarious that was brewing? Or was it something else entirely? He turned to her wondering what it was now. "What's the matter?" He couldn't really find the energy for any deeper questioning rigth now. He was hungry and wanted to get to that restaurant sometime today, how long was that ride gonna take anyway?


The blond vampire felt elated at the offering, she could stop holding back now. With the offering of his blood her hunger could now be quenched and it was a relief to say the least. She leaned down and bit, her razor sharp fangs penetrating the skin of his neck. Blood flowed out, that precious liquid she so craved flowed out and into her mouth, filling her up. It tasted a whole lot better than the blood of average people and she happily consumed. But things had to come to an end, she still needed him to function after alll. After taking about half a liter of blood she let go, satisfied for now and ready to move on.

Shinobu jumped back to her feet and pulled Ron with her up. "Then go ahead and show us the way." She turned to the other woman. "He might become violent, so do not blame me if you get yourself killed."

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