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He pulled a hand through his smooth hair as he appeared to be thinking about that one. He really wasn't, the mage just felt like being dramatic. "Tell him subtlety is of higher importance than power then... Why I stayed? It was the nostalgia, at least at first. But then I found another source of entertainment." He sounded pleased for some reason.

"I suppose you were conducting a summoning ritual in there Hazel." He added after a brief pause.


"Then why haven't you told her off for being soooo bad? Hiding something are we? Are you in on it to? Scam the goddesses and take all of their money." She teasingly accused him.

"So when are you gonna show me your patrol? Nuthin's happening yet."  It wouldn't be so boring if something actually happened


She kept on flying as the girl chased them one her horse, it didn't seem like she would let up on the chase any time soon. "Now we did not find him. We happened to run into an old dead friend of Medaka, who had been raiseed as a skeleton, a crazy flame wielding pirate skeleton out to rob the mall. Suffice to say that ended up being a dramatic event."

She turned around a corned and swerwed to the right to change the direction they were heading. "Medaka herself is better, she learned a valuable lessson from the events.... Is she your girlfriend?"  It was quite obvious who Shinobu meant with 'she" since she even turned her head back at the woman following them when she said it.


A lowly thug that dresses like that sure whatever, like he'd believe that. "The name's William and I dunno how to say this Hazel..." Her name rolled on his tongue as he tried it out, and then gave himself a slight nod as if he liked it. "But I was actually out on a walk believe it or not. I was going to see an... acquaintance of mine but got a bit sidetracked and happened to pass by here."

"The exact location wasn't too hard to find once I was in the general area." He glanced back at the warehouse before resuming to look at Hazel, she was a much more enjoyable sight than some old building after all.  It's a good barrier but I've seen better."


He kept up the liplock forcing her to breathe through her noise. A small sound of disappointment escaped her when she felt those wonderful fingers be pulled out of her warm depths. Molly was still reeling from the aftershocks of her recent climax and couldn't do much more than that, but she could feel it already. Her ability had kicked in, it wasn't much right now but it was coming along.

She gazed upon him once more, the glaring was long since gone from her. Now her eyes were now only searching for his with a completely different tone, a pleading tone.


"That wasn't always the case, it's more of a condition of my current form. I am after all still a familiar." She turned back to oversee the place he had been working on prior to her interruption. "So what were you planning to do once you were finished with this section?" She asked him, changing the subject from teasing him, there could always be more of that later on. Doing it in small doses over time would have the most satsifying effect.


"Hah I knew it, she totally reeked of untrustwortyness." And then she nudged his hand away from her shoulder. "And I'm fine, I promise. We always talk like that, and she really wasn't being herself at all. Normal Noire would have been inviting me in this really insluting way that made it sound like she didn't want me to come. That girl has some real trouble expressing her feeling I tell ya. So it was really strange." She turned to face him.

"Besides... I already promised I'd help you, can't back on that now or I'd lose all my fans hahaha."


Jin shook his head at hyperactive antics. As if it was stronger than him, he didn't feel like challenging the statement right now. His girlfriend was in one of her pokemon crazes again. "If you're that eager to eat out then why don't you pay hmm?" Hah that would show her. "Oh did you think I would reward you for accomplishment." Maybe he was a bit bothered by the comparison.


His eyes idly followed the trail of the cigarette as she moved it back to her sweet lips. He lingered a bit a bit her exposed cleavage for a brief second before moving up to her intriguing fair eyes.

What to say even? May as well continue along that line. "Dunno about ballsy, I was just so sick of their self centered lies. Those corrupt asses couldn't even admit that humanity was threatened because it would make them loose face. How revolting. So I did what I had to do." He paused to take a breathe. "Then I ended up here, trying to find a way.... How about you? hmm... ms. Asks all the questions."


This blonde woman was rather attractive at a second glance. Despite wearing such unfeminine clothing, or maybe be a of it. He didn't mull much over it, her question had brought back some old amusing memories after all. Her smoking just completed that image.

"No not all. Well truthfully you could say I used to be one. Busted operations like this every other week. But... then I quit playing their game when I realized they were just using me." This was probably the most honest he had been all day. And it felt good. His grin dropped and he appeared to be more at ease, like he was experiencing something pleasant.


"Fancy barrier you had set up here miss."

A male voice greeted the gangster lady as her body reformed from smoke. The voice belonged to a handsome dark haired young man dressed as a mage. Yes. It was indeed William Hightower, former Wizard Saint who was standing there in there flesh, waiting for whomever would come out from the building.

After he had dealt with "that" problem, it had been quite a shock after all. Never before in his entire life had he been that stunned, so paralyzed to his very that he couldn't even breathe. It was only with tremendous effort that he managed to pull himself together. Just the mere memory of it made him shiver, but he couldn't let that stopp him.

After he had gathered himself, that thing was long gone. So he figured he might as well do what he had intended to do earlier in the day and visit his good friend Relius. Hah good friend, as if. On his way there he happened upon a building sealed off by a barrier of some sort. He could feel a faint sensation of what was going on inside, some ritual he bet. Back in his younger days when he was out running S rank missions this was quite the regular sight, dark mages doing all sorts of nasty stuff behind locked doors. He could have broken through if he wanted too, but he figured waiting outside and suprising them when the came out would be more fun after all.

And that led us to the current situation, with the dark mage watching the blonde gangster with a sly grin.


Oh she wanted to show off her the next in a line of captures it looked, wait a moment. She looked far more excited than usual, this could be bad. It's not like he was checking her out, no not at all.

"Wait a minute, does this regice even fit in here? Oh and ice powers you say, is that why you're so excited? Already trying to replace me?" He teased her.


Good luck on that part, it would require a miracle to impregnate her, not that he would know that.  But... She could humour that thought, just for a while.

Brutae nodded slowly to him as if acknowledging his questions and then gave her response. "You'd be a good father seeing how you're so strict with upholding your duties. As for our child, he or she would be the heir of two noble families, my own and the one I'm assuming you're from." She listed off the supposed positives happily.

"But of course that won't happen since I can't carry a child in my current form."


She giggled once more. Ah that self centered importance of the youthful, how innocently naive. It was good that his took his duties seriously at least, if a bit too seriously.

"And how does any of that prevent you from having a little bit of fun with me here?" She asked him sincerely. "You're being a bit too harsh on yourself."


Yes, oh yes. This was what she'd been waiting for. That embarrassment clearly visible on his face was nothing short of exquisite. She took pride in having caused him to show that, even if it was a bit twisted to think so.

"See restraining yourself isn't healthy at your age, take more risk and live more wildly. I guarantee it's much more fun that way."

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