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The goddess snatched the phone away from the evil witch faster than a seagull snatches a fish out of the sea. "Hey hey Nowaru, are you ok, really? Really? Are you sure? I'm gonna come over there and rescure you just wait. Nep nep will save the day again just like usual." She went on and one with no sign of stopping and no breathing space to cut her off.


"Why couldn't Leff have done it? You seem pretty fast to defend him." Saber asked her after taking finishing her glass of wine. It was a bit strange that she dismissed this man out of hand. It hinted at a crush of some sort but given the situation it migt have been him trying to make himself look better so that he could manipulate her. Considering the situation given that wasn't entirely unlikely. Or she might just be overthinking it, she didn't actually this man.

Name: Goes by “Lizzie” Actual name remains a mystery.

Race: Godslayer

Age: An even bigger mystery than her name

Height: 168 cm

Weight: Many times heavier than her size would suggest.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Legendary

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Legendary

Other Abilities:

Denial of Providence:
Lizzie possesses an innate ability to circumvent Immortality and all it’s benefits. It can be likened to an absolute law enforced on reality itself by the sheer weight of her existence. She can’t truly manifest this power to its true potential yet and likely won’t be able to for a long time. The requirements to do so are unknown even to her and with no one left to teach her, it seems destined to be nothing more than a footnote in the annals of history.

However she is capable of of using this ability for one thing and that is to empower her blows with it. This gives her fists the ability to circumventing both immortality as well as all forms of healing that can be considered supernatural. Therefore the wounds she inflicts can only be healed over time.

Much like those despised despots she is also immortal. Although this only extends to the ravages of time as well as granting immunity to mundane illnesses and poisons.

Fighting Mastery:
Tales of her fighting prowess have spread far and wide throughout her homeworld. Some say she was born with a divine blessing, others that she trained with the nine great masters of Kumbala and inevitably surpassed them. All agree that the person who can match her in a fair fight has not been born yet.
Nothing besides what’s she’s wearing and some essential items.

Long ago the world of Kumbala was almost torn apart during what’s commonly known as the Great Sundering. Historians mostly agree that that the Sundering happened as a result of the growing tensions between the different gods of Kumbala. The gods in their almighty hubris deigned themselves the masters of the world. There was only one problem. Every god made their own claim to the throne. This inevitably lead to a war between the gods.

Mankind was caught in the crossfire between these mighty figures. But they were far from helpless. The heroes of the realm, legendary warriors and magicians alike were able to keep were able to keep the worst of the conflict far away from the heavier populated areas. But at great cost. They realized that the situation wasn’t sustainable and their growing despair they prayed for a miracle.

And the miracle came.

Enter the Godslayers, an enigmatic race with an innate ability to defeat the gods. No one truly knows where they came from. Was it a stroke of pure luck or was it a cosmic prank by the trickster god Opnasi? They swiftly and mercilessly dwindled the number of gods until there was too few left to keep the war going. So the war ended. It was almost too good to be true.

That’s because it was too good to be true. While Humanity had been saved from the tyranny of the gods, that had come at the cost of gaining a new oppressor.

It didn’t take long for the Godslayers to exhibit the same negative traits as the ones they had once risen up against. The only saving grace was that they were much easier to dispose of due to the fact they stayed dead when killed.

Lizzie was one of the few of her kind to keep herself in check somewhat and thusly managing to coexist with the humans somewhat, since that era is long past and few beings remember those times. Which is why the relations between the species have mended somewhat.

Even so. 

Her arrogance blinds her, leading to her underestimating opponents on a regular basis. Lacks any real counters against magical abilities.

Fighting, showing her superiority, protecting those weaker than her.

Having to fight against opponents she can’t possibly lose against. People throwing their lives away in vain.


The hunter rose back to her feet however little it mattered in the face of the giant man before her. She barely reached his chest even at her full height and the ancient warrior, no her new master would end up looking down upon her no matter what.

"No that's not true. I wear these clothes partly because I find them cute and partly because they make my opponents mostly men, underestimate me by making conclusions like that." She told him truthfully. "That like my cutesy persona is all facade meant to draw in my targets."


The Hunter put her hands on her hips and nodded to everything said, happy to finally have his attention. The first phase of her plan was now complete. Now she just to play along with this. "Ehh.. How will you fix that? Are you just gonna hand me immortality? That sounds a bit cheap." At least he wasn't planning on holding back because of her gender, that would have been both problematic and insulting but thankfully she had chosen wisely.

Molly dropped to her knees infront of the ancient warrior, bowing her head in respect. "As your new apprentice I swear to follow any and all orders you issue no matter what they may be." She said with determination. There was no deception involved here as she truly intended to follow her word, whether or not he figured out the loophole was up to him.


Molly appeared to be completely unconcerned by the implied threats, why would she be? They meant nothing to her and never would. "And that concerns me how? If you're going to strike me down just do it instead of making these pointless threats."He didn't yet seem to understand that such things were meaningless to her. Or perhaps he did not care, but if he did not care he would not complain in the first place.

"If you really want to do something pertinent as you say, then you can teach me how to kill you." 


But did she actually do anything about it? She implied believing that dealings of a darker sort had taken place there. If she didn't actually act on that belief and try to get to the bottom of it she was acting quite foolish or arrogant or both. Saber shook her head at that and thought about how to best present it to her master.

"Did you at least try to find out who did it. If someone had him killed, they could have much more easily have you killed as well if they were after the position if what you've told me about his skill. It could be that whomever did it wanted you to take the position since you would be easier to control." Such a tactic wasn't uncommon at all.


"Not at the moment, unless you are willing to have me drain your blood." The blond leapt back onto the couch, happily devouring the rest of the tasty treat. She did nt require regular food nor did she have any desire to partake in the consumption of it to any greater degree. She raised her stocking covered feet, motioning for Medaka to come over and give her a foot rub.

"An interesting tale but how did you come in contact with an angel Medaka? Why does it always have to be the troubleseekers that I turn?" The last question wasn't directed to either of them.


The maid shook her head in amusement. He was in pretty hard denial that was clear to her, what would it take to make him see that what he was angry was nothing else than his own foolish self. That would require some effort, but she wouldn't give up now not because a mere tiny obstacle like that had cropped up.

"Did they really impose those roles on you or did you merely go along with it like a loyal little sheep? It sounds more like you imposed that role on yourself and this is you taking it out on your own past foolishness."

"Or maybe I should put this in more clear terms for you. Molly leaned in closer.

"Stop being such a little bitch and do something about it." Now she'd done it. Insulted him right in his face and she knew he was much stronger than her, but she couldn't give a damn about that right now.


Jeanne nodded in agreement with Sakura's suggestion, it would be the best thing to do now. They couldn't expect him to do nything else but to take everything in and try to settle. "You do that Sakura." She disengaged herself from Joe and began moving back to the entrance. "I'll move his things over there in the mean time." And just like that the servant was gone, slipping out of their sights with impeccable speed.


The Hunter jumped down from the table and clapped her hands together and then pointed right at him. That was it, the core root of his proble. The thing that made him broken and the thing that made him so fascinating to her.

"There's a fine difference between rejecting the world and annihilating it. What value is their in destroying your very own existence? I can understand wanting to rule the world, to change it in your own image but to destroy it? That is nothing but the ultimate expression of self destructive behaviour, which is the exact opposite of self serving."

She moved closer with determination, pushing at the crack in his defenses she had spotted. "Your salvation can only be found in living true to yourself."


She turned her head to him in confusion. What he said made no sense and definitely not coming from him. Especially not from him. Was he trying to comfort her as some sort of twisted joke?

"What do you mean forgiveness? That is something the weak seek when they believe they've done something wrong And I have done no wrong. If being yourself is somehow wrong, I'd devour the God who made such a stupid rule along with anyone standing in my way. I refuse to stop and if that's your way of trying to comfort me then you're misguided and don't even follow what you yourself preach."

Her indignation built with every word and syllable yet she never raised her voice, keeping her anger under control like a sharp blade waiting to cut down her enemies wherever they may be. 


That was fast, so this new girl had her uses. She graciously accepted the offered box of doughnuts and immediately tore into them with much appreciation. They were adaquate, perfectly serviceable and that meant the girl had passed. "Cond...mhm...ition fulfilled, you may stay." She responded while stuffing her mouth full with them.

Her minion had the most amusing reaction to it however. Her despair was a refreshing sight but it wouldn't do to have Medaka beating herself up when she desired to spend time with her now. "Want one?" She offered the most valuable delight to her minion. She knew Medaka knew how much she like these and would understand the meaning.


"Hmm.." Molly skipped around the metal giant, admiring her own handiwork now that she had the specimen in question wearing it. It turned out at just as good as she had expected. And hearing the closest thing to actual praise from the man about one of the things she took pride in bolstered her spirits significantly.

"...I never told you what my Hatsu was did I?" She went over and sat down ontop of one of the lab tables before she continued. "Snuffing lives out makes me stronger and I get even more out of it the more they suffer...." She stopped and breathed in.

"...And they say your Hatsu is a reflection of a person's innermost nature, now what does that say about me?" It didn't sound like she was asking him that question seriously.


"Ohoho.. A God you say," The blond vampire chuckled darkly. I have dealt with them before, grinded them beneath my boot that is. That was another time however and now is now. Harbouring you just turned slightly more interesting."

Shinobu turned to her minion, sizing her up, drinking in her sublime form greedily. Her golden eyes feasted upon her like a starving wolf in the middle of winter. It was quite obvious she would jumped her by now if they were alone, it was most definitely the outfit she was wearing.

"You may stay friend of Medaka, if you bring me donuts. I have not had any in days thanks to a certain someone."

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