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The Godslayer came crashing down from the sky like a meteor.  The ground gave way as she impacted, trees were uprooted as a new crater took form there.

Lizzie slowly stood up and sighed. Engetsu was being such a bother right now, why couldn't he see it? See that she needed this.

"I have to take her out before she brings forth more suffering." She answered solemnly.


So you wanna play?

Instead of going along with his pull she put her foot down to brace herself and pulled back as hard as she could. Meanwhile her aura enveloped the shirt to make sure that it would be able to handle the strain they were putting on it.

"I'm the one doing the whipping here... LET GOOOO!" She yelled out as she pulled.


"Well ya wanted this right?" She fished the brand new old calender from before out in the open and dangled it infront of the skeletal captain. "And drop the kiddo will ya. I'm a full fledged CPU and has been since the dawn of cupcakes, so I would probably take offense to that if I wasn't the nicest goddess around and all that."

She smiled cheekily at him while still wacing the the thrice damned thing before him like a piece of delicous candy.


The Godslayer ddn't stick around to listen to the dumb excuses of the sword, cause that's what they were dumb excuses. No she couldn't stick around when the target of her recent ire was getting away right in front of her eyes. Not even dignifying Engetsu with a response she kicked of the ground with monstrous force and soared after the mage like a mighty beast of legend.

Her right leg extended to perform an earth shattering kick intent on sending the filthy magic user back to the ground.


"There is no need to thank us for the hospitality. What we have offered you is a shameful reward for such a service as the one you performed. It is we that must apologize for this failure on our end." Saber said and gave him yet another bow.

"If there is anything else you require don't hesitate to ask. It would be our greatest honour to fulfil any request you may have." It was the least they could do after all, they'd lose face no matter what. Now it was just about minimizing the fallout.



He had just spelled his own doom now and it was punishment time. She caught the flying shirt and then rolled it together to make it more fit for its soon to be new role.

With her right hand dramatically raised in the air she brought down the whip of judgement on his unguarded back.

"Take this and this and this!"

Blow after savage blow hit his back tearing him apart until not a speck of the pitiful man remained. Or at least as torn apart as you would be by feather light blows with no weight behind them.


"Of course I do! Kids embody the true spirit of humanity." She nodded to her own sage words. "It's the reason why the world is going so bad, way too many adults forget what it's like being one." She kept quiet for a moment, letting her words sink in as the peaceful extended into the never ending sunset.

"Are we there yet?"


"I highly doubt you would do any of those things...." Lizzie turned away from the conceited mage instead taking look at the ghost like projection of her sword companion.

"... And you, how did you sleep through all that? Is the whole composed innkeeper thing just an act to hide your true slothful self Engetsu? Should I be careful in case you fall asleep mid battle? the Godslayer was pouting now. "I though we had something special...." Yup she was just messing with him now. But he deserved it after falling asleep like that.


"Oh her? She's dead... dead to me the moment she joined hands with the evil organization that's restricting the distribution of my pudding. I should have known something was wrong when I saw her dress like that but I was way too distracted, it's all my fault. So it's up to me the heroine to save the day...."

The CPU calmed down as they soared ever higher. "... After my long overdue nap, a hundred years should be enough to charge me right up!"


"And then I came here silly~" She moved around him so that she entered his field of view once more. "Came here just in time for a delicous treat." She tooks a step closer, ever smiling as she did. "Why are you looking at the sky? Is it more interesting the me? Am I not charming enough for you? Is that it?" another step, still smiling.

Always smiling.


Great, her best bud Lorry didn't even ask he provided like a good friend does: The CPU knew she had made the right choice befriending him, now she wouldn't even have to transform to get anywhere.

She didn't even wait for him to ask to get on it. Instead the goddess of Planeptune immediately leapt onto the giant flaming creature to comandeer it. "Onwards great steed, to infinity and beyond!" She shouted out for all to hear, there would be no doubts as to the importance of the two of them, especially her.


No this wouldn't do, this wouldn't do at all. To not be able to offer the base degree of hospitality after the favour he had granted was a shame to great to bear. So great was it in fact the blond Servant saw no other choice but to immediately remedy this great offense by rushing away, out from their base.

She returned a few moments later with a a sandwhich, stuffed with the most delicous of meat and sauces. Saber offered it to Trivek reluctantly, it couldn't really make up for the great service he had performed but it was all she had at the moment. "My deepest apologies Trivek, this is all I have." She bowed in shame as she spoke.


The maid seemingly didn't mind that his eyes were raping her again, because she was far to absorbed in her own thoughts. "You'd be suprised, everyone were such bullies back home...." She looekd down in sadness completely destroyed emotionally by that tragic even in the past. the event that had shaped into becoming what she was now. The most important event in her life.

It was all a lie.


"Awwww..... I wanted to play some more." Neptune looked sad for a tiny moment but that vanished almost as fast as it happened. The unpredictable mood shifts wasn't a rare sight at all though. She was quite famous for it back in her homeland after alll.

"So... where's the ship captain? Did you lose it at sea again?" Of course Neptune referenced something that hadn't happened, maybe she did it for fun or maybe just to annoy him.


She looked annoyed for a second as he asked her how she was doing. It was almost like she wirelessly communicated with him.... Yeah she was doing fine alright especially as he had just left as things were going great.
..  Something along the lines of that.

"It looks fine to me." Neptune pulled out another penny not minding that he'd practically stolen the first one and inserted it into the machine.

The Purple haired girl then slowly started racking up score. At first it was nothing special, the bumpers hit the ball but there was nothing spectacular to it. But slowly, almost unnoticeably there was a shift. She kept hitting the bonuses over and and the score climbed higher and higher. Before long the high score was broken but she just kept going with a smile on her face as the difficulty spike was insane... to a human that is.

Eventually only an error message could be seen on the score board.

"Whoops, looks like I broke it." She hit it once for good measure but it just made it make a sound like a dying seal.

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