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"Well, for a bunch of perverts, you sure are self righteous bastards. Don't you think you've already past getting caught?" Costin was just grinning devilishly the whole time. Then, she whispered in Marcus's ear.

"She seems angry."


"Pft. Well, yeah! But no matter how you look at it, he's the one forcing himself onto me. I'm in the clear!" She answered in genuine cheer.

Flawless logic.

"'sides you're not one to talk." She chuckled before giving Marcus a passionate kiss. "She has a point though, you know?" She told him with the most innocent puppy eyes.


The vampire gasped at the man's sudden rough movements before licking her lips and looking right through his eyes. "Right here? Right now?" She asked, trying to restrain her grin.


"Huh? I don't." He answered with a casual shrug despite grinning from ear to ear. "I'm just saying, it's pretty low. Even for a cute lady. Anyways..."

In a flash he drew his sword, as if it was drawn all along and the boy had just noticed. Skilled, the way he gripped the rapier made no mistake possible. He slowly stepped forward, advancing with soft but clear purpose towards the boy with his blade sliding down the ground like it was going to lunge at his throat any second.


He had reached for the vending machine behind him and stabbed it with all his strength right in the window, shattering and cutting away the glass that protected the drinks with impressive skill. Then he grabbed a can of root beer and tossed it at the kid.

"Here, my treat."


The pirate glared daggers and observed the gangster turn into smoke. He stood still until she left, the only sound around was the one of his furious flames.

And then he sighed, and all the tension left like a deflated balloon.

"Phew, that's one problem dealt with." He said, all traces of his earlier hostility removed.  "Honestly, just who does she think she is, talking shit like that? Just because it's a lady speaking doesn't mean it can't hurt my feelings."


"Ehhhhh??" The young girl looked completely and utterly confused. Then, a terrible rumbling sound came from within her stomach and she suddenly understood. "OH! I get it! Moko must be hungry! Can we go eat something? Pleeease?" She tugged at the orange haired man's sleeve and looked at him with the biggest red puppy eyes ever.


There was an inaudible gasp that echoed in the gymnasium. It only took the pirate the time to recollect himself in order for him to flare up, quite literally. "Oh that's it. We're taking this outside!"


Mason looked up at the two, curious as to where this was going to go.  In the meantime, Parker signaled the men to leave.  The group began moving towards the exit of the gymnasium.

Hazeld grabbed Mason's hand and pulled him towards her.  The boy's head was thrust into her chest.  He squirmed a little bit, but he wasn't able to escape.  "Oh don't give me that," she said,caressing Mason's cheek.  "Look at this face.  He's going to be a heart-breaker when he grows up.  I can't have you ruin that with your third rate game."


The pirate stopped and the air around the three turned cold.

"Third rate you say...?" He answered in a trembling voice. "Oh, I didn't know my master was trying to be a comedian." He turned to her and his burning eyes flashed, shooting lightning into Hazel's.

This was war.


"Nah, looks like you've got it all figured out. Wouldn't want to ruin your moment, virgin boy." She snickered at his proposal like it was a ridiculous joke. "Besides, way more fun to watch, for now."


"Nah, we're all watching. Pretty sure one of them over there is streaming it live on his phone." She replied casually. "Oh, unless you mind." She shrugged. Maybe if she felt nice she'd just break the phone.

Nah she'd just split him in half. Way more fun.


Ummmm... okay? Well, he sure was eager! This was, um, something. Yeah! Totally saw it coming. And was she...crying?

"Sheesh. Uh, you okay there?"

Butter popcorn wouldn't be so bad right now, but oh well. She just sat on a nearby stall and watched.


"Mhh, see? He doesn't mind so much." She purred in a sultry voice before sliding her finger down his chest. "It's not every day you find such an understanding meatbag, you know? If you're good to me, I might take you to a walk when we're done. My cute little pet."


The pirate had only one thing to say, one simple word to declare how he felt in this situation, a word that would shake that girl to the core.


Chugging ale and hitting on chicks was a dude only tradition. No girls allowed, they are icky.


Mason shuttered as the thing known as Lorenzo hit him in the back.  "Ok...." he said meekly before suddenly perking up.  He looked at Hazel, then back at Lorenzo before he said,  "Umm so you are now bound by a magical contract, with the boss as master and you as the servant.  The contract lets you keep your free will, but you can be called back using a magical signal that the boss can use.  Also, the boss can use her own magic to restrict yours if you get out of hand."

Hazel simply stared at the skeleton, as if he had transformed into something completely different.  After a moment or two, she scoffed.  "For the record, just because you let us form the contract doesn't mean ill let you get away with that lip you gave me earlier," she said, placing a hand on her hip.


"Yeah sure whatever you say baby." He said with about as much care as you can possibly have, by that I mean not one bit before burping. Then, he wrapped his arm around the kid and dragged him away to the closest strip club he'd find eventually. Ain't no snotty lady brat going to stop him, nuh huh.

"You and me man, we're going to fuck all the bitches. Change the world!" He said with a toothy grin. "Oi, by the way, what's your name?"


"Huh? Were't we going to screw?"  Costin raised an eyebrow and put a hand on her hip before wrapping her arms around Marcus's shoulders and raising a leg. Her cold body pressed against his warm chest. "I mean, pretty mean to keep a tasty hunk of meat like that to yourself. Don't worry though, I get it, you get the first bite. Wink wink nudge nudge?"

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