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Sakura Matou

"No, never." Sakura answered. The only times she ever felt deja vu was when Rin decided to get moody and act all pissy about her.

Black Heart

The goddess simply sighed at this display. She shook her head at the group of them as if she suddenly felt extremely exhausted. Maybe it was just the constant influx of crazy things happening today, but she felt like she'd built up a resistance to insanity. Or maybe she was just too hungry to care.

So she turned around and began opening the cabinets, rifling through then for suitable snacks, pulling out various boxes as she saw fit.

Olgamally Animusphere

"What are you doing Saber?" Olgamally asked her servant, walking over to her and taking her hand, pulling her closer to the group. "This is my Servant, Saber." She told the other two, introducing them. "And this here is Roderick and Grigori. All four of us arrived here at roughly the same time."

She was pretty sure Saber didn't have an issue with their plan, after all, she'd shed no tears over Drake.

"So did you find anything out about this place? I don't think we properly ray-shifted here, it's probably something completely different." She told Brutae telepathically.


"Stop complaining Mord, that's the least you can do after making me trip." Sakura said. "Jumping is so much faster, and I haaaate walking. Once you get used to it you'll be fine."



"Money will not be much of an issue. We have services to offer and ways of gaining resources that few others could hope to achieve. But save your gold. Clearing out a few criminals is not worth the expense, and I do not have the patience to deal with the beggars and thieves it would attract. They're like flies." Unless they offered themselves as research material. That was acceptable. But saying something such as that out loud would be foolish.

She stood up, ready to leave. "So, shall we get going. I don't care much who fights, although I would rather not leave witnesses. Subtlety would be better as well. Or at least quick and overwhelming firepower. I can provide either if you have a preference, Lady Animusphere."

Then the mage held out a hand towards the other woman. As polite and gentlemanly as she could be to help her up. She was genuinely starting to enjoy Olga's company. The other woman was powerful and sharp. A dangerous combination but also a rather useful one.

Olgamally Animusphere

"I'll just set up a field to put them to sleep. There's no reason to be cruel in our acquisition. Also less screaming will attract less attention." She said.

"Shall we get going then?"


"Wow, your world seems more ordered if even the sky is like that. I honestly don't think that this city is too wretched as some claim. In a way, it looks quite peaceful to me. I'm more like a soldier than a wizard, so I can tell. There's nothing here compared to the northern hosts that threathen my country." Anastasia reminisced about the past. "But I guess you want to catch this Regice. Shall we go, then?"

Oka Kurosawa

"Yes yes yes!" Oka said, sprinting off into the distance with Wormy and Sylveon. She took out another item from her bag and sprayed it around, repeling wild pokemon around her.

Olgamally Animusphere

"We should keep it on the down low as much as we can regardless. The less people who know what you're up to the better, after all." Olga pointed down at a particularly nice confluence of leylines. "We should go there. She quickly cast a scrying spell, giving her a detailed impression of the area.

"It looks like it's an abandoned warehouse, with only thieves and other slime living in it right now. Considering that I didn't sense any mages there already, there either must not be too many mages here or the leylines shift about frequently. Considering that this place grabs people it doesn't seem too unlikely it grabs places too."

Olgamally Animusphere

Olga nodded at him curtly and politely. So her assessment was correct. Nothing to be surprised about. The girl snapped once more and made a softly glowing orb appear at the top of the gazebo, illuminating it in the twilight. "I would think the latter for now." She answered. "We should continue to gather information in the mean time of course, but it would be a waste of resources to just throw it at any random lead."


She nodded her head at Olga's greeting before following the younger girl to the park. As she took her seat she took note of the field around them and quirked her lips for a moment. Maybe they could have fun with this?

Grigori twisted a field of magic tight around the gazebo that would twist their words into a different meaningless conversation to anyone who could actually hear them. "So then, Lady Animusphere, what sort of plan have you come up with regarding our mutual inconvenience?"

Olgamally Animusphere

Marie sat down on a nearby chair, reinforcing the entire structure to make it as strong as steel. "I'm afraid I have as little of a clue as either of you. I wasn't even able to contact Romani, and we can easily communicate across time and probably even dimensions, although that part was never actually tested. "Whatever's stopping us from that is probably the source of the problem though. If we can find whatever it is, assuming it's an object or spell, destroying it should free us." She told the two. "The main problem is I have absolutely no information on the specifics of the nature of this place." She turned to Roderick.

"Did your spell tell you anything else?" She asked, not really expecting him to give her any terribly useful information. Even if he had somehow gotten it, if she were in his position, she'd have kept it to herself. It just made sense.

Not that she really had any hopes that he did actually have that information.



"Oh, so they're like the Elder Race? Tales say that once a mighty race of material beings that emerged from primordial chaos created everything, those beings older than even oldest Aetheric beings. Some say that Dragons are their weak and shattered descendants, others point that Giants were their lesser younger kin. One thing is known, they no longer meddle in affairs of other races for some unknown reason. My master claimed that they turned into the starlight. Could be honestly just his drunken tale."

And a god didn't have to be so potent to be considered a god by someone. After all, halflings worshipped a god of pies.

The sky was getting darker and darker as they emerged out of the den. "I honestly miss seeing two moons on the sky." She remarked as she looked at the sky. "The stars are also different. Are these unfamiliar for you as well?"


Paladin hustled over when Oka called, so he only heard the last of Anastasia's statement. "Ah, yes. The stars are far more messy here. In my home they are arranged in precise patterns. The god of time routinely redirects the light they give off in order to give signs of prophecy."

He sounded a bit nostalgic at that. There was nothing that made you feel more like a stranger than staring up at a sky that was not your own. But there was a beauty to it as well, even if it was different.

Oka Kurosawa

"Yeah, of course they are. I've read that the sky here is unique and that no other world shares it. Kinda ironic, if you think about it." She wasn't sure about Anastasia's comparison. She'd never heard of any so called elder race. She didn't want to be rude though, so she kept quiet.


Vanguard smiled and gave the knight a departing glance before focusing back on Sakura. His cheek resting on his hand, he allowed himself to toy with the fork before him as he spoke.

"Not really. You've managed to protect your little world all this time, and even in a place like this you have found a little happiness to cherish. Compared to grand tales of heroism or adventure, a dull mundane tale like yours seems much more interesting. It's quite enviable really."


"Nice!" He gasped, this was just perfect. "Can you put people in there too? Like, me for example? I might just have an idea..." He chuckled like an evil mastermind.

Sakura Matou

"Well, thanks." Sakura said honestly. "It's honestly not easy sometimes." She then went silent, as if she was pondering something.

Olgamally Animusphere

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Roderick." Marie answered politely. After all, it was important to be nice to younger magi. Just because they were weaker didn't make them less worthy of her respect.

So the three found their way to a park, where they went inside a gazebo to talk. Olga snapped her fingers, creating a bounded field around them shielding them from the notice of any snoopers. "It should be safe to talk here now." She said with not a small amount of pride. Showing off was also fun.

Olgamally Animusphere

Olga smiled at this Grigori person. She seemed rather interesting. And powerful. Powerful was interesting. The Magus in her began to think about what she was doing, and how she could learn to do it as well. "And I only arrived about thirty minutes before I met you two." She answered both of them. "So I wouldn't say you're much more of a newcomer. Would you two like to go find a better place to talk about our current predicament?"


Olga was impressed. Not by the spikey man, no, but by the sheer power that this newcomer clearly was holding. She reached out and offered her hand to the newcomer. "So you're stuck here too? Nice to meet you, my name is Lady Olgamally Animusphere. You seem quite powerful."


"Oh, so it cohabitated with the spirit? Maybe it was a badger or some other species that tolerates some of other animals. Oh yeah, I'll tell you about something interesting. I've talked about Abyssal creatures and nature spirits, but I didn't get into greater picture. Basically, there is the material world that you live in. But there's also Aether, a place where every thought of sentient beings rises birth to disturbances which eventually form a spirit. I wouldn't be surprised if Pokemon give rise to them, they seem pretty smart." Anastasia continued her explanation. "In turn, stronger Aetheric beings have interests in affecting the material world in order to cultivate such emotions that make them stronger. As above, so below. Fortunately, the strongest of such beings cannot fully manifest, so they work through more indirect means."

But why she was explaining that?

"Exceptionally powerful mortals usually make more disturbance in the Aether. This Regice sounds strong. I'd not be surprised if it eventually spawned what people might call a god. Well, nothing to be concerned over. Such god wouldn't be able to manifest here. But if there are signs of such subtle and indirect influence, it may give us hints about its whereabouts. I'll keep my eyes open for them in turn."

Oka Kurosawa

Oka nodded as Anastasia lectured her, half listening. "Well, no. Regice is definetely not a god. They're much more powerful than him. Dialga has absolute dominion over time, Palkia over space, and Arceus created everything in the entire universe. They're on a whole different level. If we fought one of them we'd be dead. No question about it."

"You two done over there? Let's keep moving." She asked the two boys over there.

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