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Rider frowned for a moment at the girl's teasing, wishing she would just be direct about her interests. Nevertheless, Rider knew she would have to be a bit more forward to get what she wanted, so she put on a sultry smirk.

"Well, I have decided. You are a very attractive girl, and I would like to spend some more.. private time with you", she said, smiling in a sultry way.

"However, my interests are rather.. unusual. Perhaps we should discuss this somewhat a little more private", she added.


Having no real idea what to talk about and no particular interest in a conversation if it wasn't going to lead to anything more, Rider returned to reading her book, paying little attention to the actions of the girl sitting next to her.

After a few moments, though, the girl addressed her, disturbing her reading once more. For a moment, Rider was a little irritated, but the very obvious way in which the girl was checking her out as she spoke quickly changed her mind. It was very, very obvious the girl was attracted to her and interested in taking things further, her words only making it even clearer.

Putting on another sultry smile, Rider responded to the girl's question.

"Well, what sort of 'company' would you like to provide?" she replied, her voice dripping with lust.


Rider frowned momentarily at the girl's words, having hoped that she would ask for something more. Still, there was no harm in letting her remain, and perhaps it could lead somewhere later on.

"Yes, I don't see any problem with that", she replied with a sexy smile.


Rider grinned at the girl's words,

"Oh, really?" she said, smirking in a sultry way. "Well, I guess whether I prefer nice depends on what kind of company you're offering."

"And, I'm Rider", she added. "Pleased to meet you."

Sakura and Shirou

The two of them smiled as the girl beamed at his offer, taking the Pokemon out of Shirou's hands and petting him. They always liked to make people happy, especially a child like this.

Sakura's smile grew wider as the little creature wagged his tail, licking the girl.

"I think he likes you", Sakura said, happily.

Shirou, meanwhile, simply watched, soaking in the girl's happiness. Nothing made him happier than making other people happy, and the fact that the girl reminded him a little of his lost sister only added to that sense of joy.

"No, we're not lost", Shirou replied, still smiling. "We were just playing with Moko."


Engrossed in her book, Rider only vaguely noticed the unthreatening girl approaching her and taking a seat, until she was suddenly, rudely interrupted by the girl's soft voice.

Rider was about to turn to her and tell her to leave her alone, only to notice the girl's almost-unnatural attractiveness as she turned to look at her. As sexually frustrated as she still was, Rider could indeed use some "company", at least if it was the sort of company that would maybe sate her desires. So, her initial frown turning into a polite smile, Rider spoke.

"I suppose some company from a nice girl like you wouldn't be so bad", she replied, a slightly sultry hint to her smile.

Sakura and Shirou

Sakura and Shirou both smiled as their pet responded with what they could only assume was an enthusiastic "hello", glad that the little creature seemed comfortable with them and with the girl they'd just met.

As the girl held out her hand, Sakura took hold of it, shaking it gently.

"Nice to meet you, too", she said.

Shirou, meanwhile, shifted Moko around, letting him rest in one arm and using the other to gently take hold of the white-haired girl's hand and shaking it.

Then, he took Moko back into his hands, holding him out for the girl.

"Would you like to hold him?" Shirou asked with a smile.


As she dumped the statue that had been Boss into deep water where she was sure his death would not be traced to her, Rider felt frustrated. She'd hoped that she would be able to spend some quality time acting out her fantasies on the unfortunate man but, before she had been able to fully enjoy herself, he'd committed suicide, leaving her frustrated and annoyed.

Feeling like she needed to calm herself, Rider decided to head for the library, still carrying the bag of "toys" she'd picked up from her room. There, she picked up a good book and took a seat, intending to read it until the library closed or Sakura called her home.

Shirou and Sakura

Shirou took the offered pet into his arms, giving him a loving hug and stroking him gently.

To their surprise, the girl jumped from the bench, landing between them with a smile on her face. Nevertheless, they retained their composure, smiling kindly at the girl.

"I'm Sakura Emiya", Sakura said. "This is my husband, Shirou."

"And this", Shirou added, holding out the Pokemon. "Is Moko, our adorable pet."

"Say hello, Moko!" Sakura added with a smile.

Shirou and Sakura

"Yes, he's ours", Shirou said, reaching out and stroking their cute pet. "We just got him today."

"He seems to like you", he added with a smile.

Sakura, meanwhile, bowed once more.

"We were apologising for him jumping on you. He's our pet, so we're responsible for him", she said.

Sakura and Shirou

As they continued to chase after their cute pet, the couple noticed a white-haired child sitting on a bench, looking a little tired. The two of them were a little worried about her, and considered calling Moko back so they could help her out but, before they could, they noticed the little creature suddenly vanish, before appearing on the girl's head.

"Moko, no!" Sakura shouted, unhappy at the eevee for using the girl as a prop for his games.

Shirou, too, was unimpressed, preparing to take out the ball Oka had given her and use it to bring back the Pokemon as she had shown him. But, before he could do so, the disoriented little girl picked Moko off her head and took a look at him. Immediately, her anger dissolved away as she was captivated by his cuteness. Moko, too, seemed happy enough, wagging his tail at the compliment.

Quickly, the two of them reached the girl, running around to the other side of the bench.

"Yes, he's cute, isn't he!" Sakura said with a smile.

"Sorry about that", Shirou added, bowing apologetically. "He just got a bit enthusiastic, I think."

Sakura, too bowed.

"Sorry", she added. "I'm Sakura, by the way. This is Shirou, my husband, and the cutie you're holding is Moko, our pet."

Shirou and Sakura

To the couple's surprise, as they went to grab hold of their cute pet, he suddenly appeared to split into five versions of himself.

"How'd he do that?" Sakura asked, confused.

Shirou just shrugged, unsure of what their pet was capable of, but nevertheless enjoying the chase.

"I don't know, but it's pretty amazing", he replied, continuing to chase after Moko.

The two of them continued to run after their adorable pet, glad that he seemed to be capable of taking care of himself and enjoying playing with him.

Shirou and Sakura

Sakura and Shirou laughed as they chased after Moko, using reinforcement to run faster as they attempted to grab hold of the cute Pokemon.

Shirou and Sakura

Shirou and Sakura smiled as they watched their cute pet show off his skills, jumping in the air at unbelieveable speed and catching hold of the stick. This time, though, instead of returning it to Shirou, the furry creature began to run off.

"Moko?" Shirou said, wondering what their pet was doing, and if they'd done anything to upset him.

"I think he wants us to chase him", Sakura replied, still smiling, setting off after him.

Nodding and also smiling, Shirou followed after her, both initially keeping to normal human pace, but willing to use a little reinforcement if Moko wanted to speed up a little.

Shirou and Sakura

For a moment, Sakura was confused, wondering why Shirou wanted her to watch what seemed to be a simple game of fetch. As soon as Shirou threw the stick, though, Sakura's eyes widened as the Pokemon flew into the air at incredible speed, catching the stick before landing safely on the ground and returning the stick to Shirou, his tail wagging happily all the while.

"Good boy Moko!" Sakura said enthusiastically, clapping at the sight.

Shirou, meanwhile, bent down to retrieve the stick, giving the cute Pokemon a quick stroke as he did so, before releasing the stick again, this time throwing it at a higher angle, and somewhat faster.

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