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"See you soon, Emily", Rider replied, waving as the girl left.

After her hopefully-soon-to-be-lover had left, Rider remained for a little, finishing her drink and pondering the situation. She was a little frustrated that she hadn't been able to get the release she'd wanted, but it was clear that the girl was at least potentially willing to fulfil Rider's desires, even if not immediately, so she knew it was worth meeting her again.

Then, deciding she might as well head home, she picked up the bag containing her sex toys and headed off, travelling at what was, for her, a leisurely pace, but which was nevertheless obviously far faster than any human could move, keeping off ground level where it was busy in order to avoid people getting in her way.


Rider waited for the girl to hang up before entering her as a contact.

"OK, done", she said as she finished adding the girl's number.


Taking the phone, Rider entered her details into the contact, before passing the phone back to the girl with a smile.

"There you go", she said, before taking out her own phone.

"Do you want to call me so I can get your number?" she added.

Sakura and Shirou

The two of them both frowned at the display. It was clear that the girl was absolutely not "fine". At the same time, though, it was also very obvious that she really did not want to discuss her issues and, further, that them pushing the issue was only upsetting her. So, they decided to drop the issue for now.

Putting on a convincing fake smile, Sakura spoke in response before returning to her ice-cream.

"OK, well, that's good", she said.

Shirou, meanwhile, also smiled, far less convincingly, as he too began to eat, obviously still worried about the girl.


Rider pouted at the girl's response, her lustful smile disappearing as she took in the disappointing news. Still, it wasn't all bad, at least the girl did seem to want a second date.

"Yes, I do", she replied, simply, obviously a little deflated. "I can give you my number if you want."

Sakura and Shirou

Sakura and Shirou continued to look at the girl with concern, obviously not believing her denial. The girl had been extremely hungry when they'd come to the ice-cream place, and now she was claiming she was full. There was clearly something wrong.

Moko, too, seemed to notice it and, before they could say anything, he jumped up to her, clearly concerned about her state. The two of them momentarily smiled, proud that the newest member of their family was showing himself to be a true Emiya, but they were far too worried about the girl's state to spend much time considering the actions of their pet.

"You don't seem fine", Shirou replied, obviously concerned. "Moko is worried about you, and we are too."


"Well, if you have nothing else to ask, then what would you like to do next?" Rider replied, the lust-filled smile on her face making it obvious what she wanted to do next.


Rider frowned momentarily at the response. It was obvious that the girl was being intentionally vague about her abilities. Still, as curious as Rider was, she saw no reason to press the issue. After all, she was here to get sexual relief, not information about the girl's magic. So, she quickly turned the frown into a gentle smile, and replied.

"I see", she said, unsure how to respond to the comment.

"Well, is there anything else you would like to know about me?" she added, a sultry look coming over her as she replied.


"Interesting", Rider replied. "None of the forms I healing magic I have heard of would be assisted by medical knowledge. They simply work too differently."

Six months ago, Rider might have been surprised at such differences, but she knew that the Nexus contained many people from many different worlds, each with their own different systems for magic and other supernatural abilities.

"So, how does your magic work, then?" she added, now a little curious and wanting to know more about her potential partner. "It seems to be different from the magic of my world."

Shirou and Sakura

Having purchased the ice-creams, Shirou had taken his seat beside the girl, a big smile on his face as he watched her wolf down the ice-cream he'd happily purchased for her. He was so glad to be able to make someone happy like this.

Sakura, meanwhile, was sat next to him, her own ice-cream off to one side as she was holding Moko up to the bowl of vanilla ice-cream sat in front of her, allowing him to lick at it. Initially, they had intended to get him some chocolate ice-cream, but Sakura had remembered that chocolate was poisonous to dogs, and Moko seemed somewhat dog-like, so they didn't want to take the risk.

They continued eating the ice-cream, Shirou watching the girl next to him with pure joy as he did so. Suddenly, though, a strange look came over her face, and she stopped eating. Concerned, Shirou addressed her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, obivously very worried about the Illya-like girl.


Rider sighed at the girl's prickly response, slightly annoyed at herself for having clearly touched a raw nerve. Fortunately, though, the girl calmed herself, softening as she gave her explanation.

"Ah, I suppose that does make sense", she replied.

"How does your healing work, though? Most healing magic I know doesn't use any real medical knowledge."


A look of confusion came over Rider's face. She'd expected the girl to be a magical healer, not a mundane doctor.

"You went to medical school?" she asked, obviously surprised. "Can you not use magic to heal people, then?"


Whilst the girl tried to hide it, Rider could tell that she was disappointed at the response she'd received, and Rider felt a little bad for destroying her hopes in such a manner.  Particularly since she seemed like a genuinely nice girl, judging from her response to Rider's next question.

"Oh, are you a healer, then?" she asked, curious, responding to the information given.

Given the nature of the Nexus, Rider knew that it was unlikely that someone would be transferred to the hospital without some kind of special healing ability, and the girl had already demonstrated her magical abilities, so it figured that she could probably heal people magically too.


"So, as you can see, unfortunately, there's no way you can replicate that", Rider finished, a sympathetic look on her face.

"I'm sorry", she added, smiling sympathetically. "I can tell that you would like to leave, but I'm afraid we're stuck here. No-one else could do what they did."

"Anyway", she continued, still smiling sympathetically, "could you tell me a bit more about yourself? I'd like to get to know you better."


"Yes, it was very difficult", Rider replied, a look of sadness in her eyes. "But, my new ma..friend needed me more than my old one did. I couldn't simply abandon her."

Truthfully, she had hated abandoning her former master. She dearly wished she could have gone home with her and help protect her like she always had. But, her new master could never have coped with losing her or with the sense of abandonment she'd have felt if Rider had left. And, besides, despite her limited sanity, Rider did genuinely love her new master, and was glad to watch her life gradually come back together once more.

Then, a smile returned to her face.

"Yes, she managed to find a way out, thankfully", she added. "I'd never have forgiven myself if she was stuck here forever, away from her beloved children."

Shirou and Sakura

Whilst Sakura couldn't understand what Moko was saying, she could tell from the tone that he hadn't understood her question.

"Don't you know what ice-cream is, Moko?" she cooed, still cuddling and stroking her cute pet. "Well, then you're in for a treat!"

Meanwhile, the sad look that came over the girl's face as she realised she couldn't afford the ice cream broke Shirou's heart. He knew that they couldn't afford to buy ice cream for every weird kid they met, but nevertheless he couldn't bear the sad look on the Illya-like girl's face, so he spoke.

"Don't worry, it's our treat", he said, kindly.

"Now, let's go find somewhere", he added with a smile. "Moko needs to learn what ice-cream is."


Rider sighed at the girl's response. Despite her attempts to hide it, it was obvious that her response had made the girl feel rather down. And, whilst Rider appreciated the fact that she cared, right now she wanted to have some fun with her, and she was unlikely to be willing to do so if she felt down.

"It's OK", she replied with a kind smile. "My old friend was able to find me here, but my new friend needed me more, so I decided to stay here, with my old friend's agreement. I do miss her and her family, but I don't regret my decision."

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