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"Seriously, what kind of a question it is to begin with?" She thought she was a wiser person than that. Wasn't it obvious that to wield magic, she would have to undergo training? There was nothing for free in her world or this world. "I'm sure you had to work for your own abilities too. Even for this 'vampirism'. After all the vampire that turned you probably thought you were worth it for a reason."


"I don't even know what I would spend money on besides my current needs. You probably don't need to spend as much as me. You don't need to eat and you heal on your own. So I think that you must be an impulsive spender considering that you're humbled by my way of living. Am I correct?" The wizard tried to piece out Medaka's habits out of the facts she knew. She could be wrong, but nevertheless she stated her observation quite firmly. Medaka was a bit of an puzzle to crack in spite of her being so recklessly forward with information that it was a bit of fun to do this. Or at least a decent way to pass time for Anastasia.


"That's a very general statement." Just saying it's 'really nice didn't tell much about how Medaka felt about it. She didn't give it much thought, and never bothered to really apply any label to her place that was for all intents and purposes immediately disposable.

"What's even so nice about it?" She pressed the vampire a bit to elaborate on her statement.



"Alright, just don't stay up whole night, assuming that you don't need to sleep. Anyway, follow my lead." There was some distance to cover after all, but they still didn't need to take any mean of transport to get there. The city seemed big, but it wasn't actually large compared to a sparsely populated country.

The apartment was located in one of those cheap blocks of flats where people of modest financial means commonly lived, meaning that it lacked some commodities. There was radio and access to water and heating, but Anastasia could forget about that thing called computer access. The interior was utilitarian, cheap and downright Spartan. She locked some of her personal possessions in a chest, like for example those Pokeballs she got from that purple haired girl.


"Well, it's not a matter of trust. My location is not important for my safety. I'm trained to sleep lightly and my own powers are my greatest means of defense. There's also nothing valuable I own that could entice criminals." She again explained with a matter of fact tone. The sun started settng down as they were conversing.

"Ah, good for you. The night is coming. I assume you're far more comfortable under the light of moons and stars?"


"Umm, because it probably was." Anastasia just bluntly admitted that. "I don't think I understand you much, but you're a pretty intriguing person. Do you have really nothing to do? If so I really don't mind then if you visit my modest place. You can even crash there if you have nowhere to go for some reason."


"Mhm, it is kinda nice." She replied quietly, continuing to bask in Medaka's warmth. Nobody hugged her before, so it was also something new. Now that she thought about it, Medaka was certainly one large walking novelty. Unknown, a bit incomprehensible, but sparking her curiosity.


"Err, what?" Anastasia was frankly befuddled with what was going in that girl's head. There was no blushing or embarassment, she was just completely puzzled about it. It felt a bit nice though, her body was pretty warm. So she neither struggled nor protested, just took it in silently.


"See, I just barely got out of the hospital, so I'm not in a mood. Let's just go somewhere and grab something to eat. If you can eat food. I don't know if you can just drink blood or not." Avoiding the subject again. That was the best excuse she could come up with now, and it wasn't really most convincing one.



"Look, I really don't know how you got that impression. I'm just a bit tired due to recent events. Some break maybe would be reasonable. I can't promise anything, but let's just check for your potential later." The mage bottled her depression and pretended to forget about it for now. It usually worked.

"Honestly, I've never had a disciple, so I guess that'd be new too. If I don't find any fault in you and you have the right potential, I'll try. But you will have to listen to me and become sort of my glorified assistant that is also a servant until you become my senior disciple. That's just how it works." She was rambling a bit at that point, but it was a good distraction.

Medaka Kurokami

Medaka leaned forward, clasping her hands together in triumph.  "A mage!  That's amazing!  And a soldier as well! I have studied a few different forms of martial arts, but I am no soldier.  Please tell me!  I want to help!"

She frowned, making a puppy like face at the soldier.  "I can give you something back if you want."


"I... " Anastasia was being bombarded by Medaka's willingness to learn, but she probably had not so good for news for the vampire. "... don't know if you can pick anything up from me, no matter what your intentions are. I was born this way, unlike you. So unless you have some aptitude that you don't know about, the chances are slim. Let's not talk about paying me back unless you know you can learn even basics."

Of course, it was also her decision whether to impart any secrets on her, but she'd be already honest about her chances.


"Yes, I haven't introduced myself either. I'm Anastasia, I'm a sort of a soldier who uses magic. That's really all that there is to that." She answered with some reluctance, not so hot on revealing all her secrets. But she guessed she owed at least that much in exchange for that valuable knowledge she had learned so far. "I don't either enjoy that, but you're literally the first vampire I met, so I won't let you off hook that easily."


"That certainly sounds quite convenient. I got discharged from a hospital few hours ago, so my memories are still fresh." For a fleeting moment she sounded a bit intrigued and curious, though she didn't seem to dwell long on that as she quickly answered the vampire's question without much of a pause.

"And right, I think I can show you some goodwill even if you did in the past was very foolish. Hopefully you learned your lesson or I'll have to correct that."

There was a hint of scorn, but nothing hostile. She seemed more to chastise her for her own good.


"Even you? Honestly it sounds as if you were usually prone to not think things through and make decisions lightly but this was the sole case when your decision making policy was serious. Honestly I think learning some discipline would only do you great. Are you one of those 'adventurers' who still poke around even when it exposes them to too high risk?"

Mavericks like here were ultimately seen by the society as useful but disposable. Somewhat different than when it came to soldiers like her who were disposable but seen as integral part of the society rather than potential outcasts.

"Heh, if you're one of them then becoming a vampire probably did you some good. If you step into a trap or explosion then there is a good chance you won't die on anyone. Unless as a 'half-vampire' your regeneration is not actually that impressive."


"Yes, I think I was pretty much at my sloppiest point. I have to thank you grudgingly for giving me a reason to do something. I've my own goal, but at this point it seems like something I can't achieve in short term. I think I can tentatively trust you somewhat." Unless she was all along a type of person whose machinations were deviously subtle. She'd carefully observe her for now. Which again, begged another question.

"You say that it happened out of companionship. Was it your idea or the other vampire asked you to agree for that? I sincerely hope that neither you nor the other vampire treat that casually. There could be enough immortality obsessed scoundrels who would abuse your trust if they got wind of that." Immortality caused by a phenomenon like this 'vampirism' did not exist in her world. But there were some people who would turn themselves into spiritual beings or use dark arts to prolong their life just to complete overly ambitious project.

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