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Title: Nexus Locations Thread
Post by: YOLF on April 03, 2016, 05:11:27 PM
Exactly what it says on the tin.

This serves a similar purpose as the NPC thread, but with different implications. People can submit sheets here for buildings, areas and structures in the Nexus. This is to fill in the setting with specific locations, as opposed to defining in broad strokes what exists in the city and its surrounding regions, so it's different from the Nexus Guide. If you think a place is relevant to a character or the story, if you've come up with a thing that would fit in the world of Cross Effects, in general if there's a location you want to establish as part of the RP, with consistent characteristics then you should detail and post it.

Sheets should be clear and descriptive, and include any special qualities or features of the place. If pertinent, you can also describe its neighborhood and surrounding geography, or even its typical residents and the like.

Not every location requires a sheet. If your character just has an apartment and this is a known fact then you don't need more detail than that. However, notable locations should probably be explained to a degree, with the caveat the GMs don't disapprove of anything and their existence and traits make sense.
Title: Re: Nexus Locations Idea Thread
Post by: Sinib on April 03, 2016, 05:25:38 PM
Location:Matou Mansion

Sakura's mansion is very western in style, and is extremely large, containing several guest bedrooms and an immense living room, dining room, and kitchen. It has a complete bathroom on each floor, and a few of the bedrooms are equipped with private bathrooms, including Shinji's (former) room, and Sakura's current room.

The kitchen is equipped with a large pantry, which Sakura keeps stocked with food at most times.
The mansion has two main defense methods. The first, are the bugs.

As Sakura has masterful control over insects, she has created many immense colonies over the years which infest the walls of her home. She has several kinds of ants infesting the various rooms, including giant African army ants and bullet ants, spiders nesting throughout the house ready to sprint out and inject deadly neurotoxins with a single bite, hornets and bees living outdoors, and she may create many more. They hide in the walls, the floors, the drains, and the dark corners of the house. If you are unwanted here, they will strike, and you very likely will die a gruesome death, as you're struck prone by toxins and eaten alive by angry bugs. Approach with extreme caution.

Bounded Fields: Something Faust always complimented Sakura on was her innate talent in the art of the creation of bounded fields. Sakura also enjoys the art of creating them, finding it somewhat relaxing, and has as a result has layered many, many intricate bounded fields all around the house. They are many and varied, from simple detection fields to incredibly complex, high-level fields that rapidly absorb any hostile spell actions and converts it into prana for Sakura to use at her leisure, causing fireballs to fizzle out if they trip the field. They reinforce the walls of the house to incredible levels, leaving only a few weaker points, which are still extremely damage resistant, such as the doors. Another notable one makes the entire house go dark, leaving an intruder vulnerable to the attacks of her insects.
Title: Re: Nexus Locations Idea Thread
Post by: Sinib on April 03, 2016, 05:30:52 PM
Shiro's Tree

Shiro lives underneath a large, holy, cherry blossom tree. It is perpetually blossoming, regardless of the weather, and is highly resistant to harm. It has a slight glow to it, and repels unnatural creatures, such as undead and demons, passively nerfing them in its presence. To most people, being around the tree is a highly calming and spiritual experience, and many people have left offerings to the fox guardian in the past.
Title: Re: Nexus Locations Thread
Post by: yinsukin on April 04, 2016, 09:00:41 PM
Shady mask shop

Relius recently renovated a rundown halloween mask shop.  It has a dark gothic exterior complete with a worn jet black paint job and with dismembered puppets placed outside the store.  The inside on the other hand is decorated with a vibrant pink and lined with the fanciest masks the store had.

Laboratory:  In the back of the mask shop is a shed.  A trapdoor leads into an underground It has the basics but is still under construction for the most part.  This is the true purpose of the mask store, the finance and housing of the lab.
Title: Re: Nexus Locations Thread
Post by: Elf on May 02, 2016, 02:01:39 AM
The Blockade

On the outside, the Blockade looks like the normal dive bar popular in almost every noir story ever written.  It's in the basement of an old factory, however, it's appearances are deceiving.  It's a Neutral Ground, meaning that blood cannot be shed in its walls.

There are powerful anti-violence and lockdown spells in place that were generated by a very powerful magus and fae, and only a very powerful magus can disarm them.

Due to this, it's an unspoken rule that one doesn't do violence while being a patron at the bar.  So it's used for a lot of parlaying in Nexus.

The World's End

This is a tavern that specializes as a haven of sorts to supernaturals.   The outside resembles an old British pub right down to the cobblestone walls.  The inside has a similiar atmosphere; it has dark stain glass lamps and a variety of booths and tables tucked into dark corners for privacy.  For an extra fee Moirrey, the bastard Faerie child of both Unseelie and Seelie courts who is both waitress and co-manager, can generate a sound proof ward around your table or booth.

There are protection wards in place as well as calming spells.  The literal cravat of the bar is, "All are welcome here if they do not harm others or themselves."

The upper floor houses rather nice unisex bathrooms.

They have a full kitchen and their food has a reputation of being quite good despite the "eccentric" staff and patronage.  The kitchen is ran by a staff of gnomes and brownies who rarely go out into the bar themselves.   The bar is generally ran by a man named Duke Coop, who is the other co-manager.  Rumor has it that his skin is unbreakable and he has super strength.

The bar is also stocked to set up for more unusual or predatory clientele.  (They have fresh pig's blood on tap for vampires.)

The goblin who is sort of the caretaker of the bar is named Gunther. 

They have other staff members for skut work but those are the important ones.

Gunther, Duke, and Moirrey are capable enough to shutdown violence on their own.