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Baring the same bloodthirsty grin, she drove her knee right into her stomach with enough force to shatter a concrete wall, but that wasn't what hurt the most. The moment the blow connected, there was a burst, and the grotesque sound of bone and flesh breaking.


A bloody spear connected her knee to her stomach, sprouting right out of her foe's back like a grotesque thorn pulsating with hateful magic. There was no escaping her once her claws caught you, that was what it meant to be a predator of the night.

Medaka Kurokami

It didd't work.

The leg didn't budge, even with her using her entire body.  She let out a defiant roar as she used her right arm to deliver a chop to the back of his kneecap.  It was a pressure point, so even if his body was far more durable than hers, it should still hurt.  Of course, that did not prevent her body from being cleaved in half.  A pool of blood was the only thing connecting her torso to her legs.

He made a face at the word school. As if someone had held up a piece of broccoli to a particularly petulant preschooler with an aversion to tiny evil green trees. "No, never school. Kids are annoying. And too soft. They get stuck between the teeth."

But Astarte slipped off of the guy and began to move towards the door. "I'm hungry again. Gonna go get another bite to eat. See you later! I'll be watching." Not really. But it might make that normal guy more nervous and that would be funny.

"Oh.. right I understand..." he said, his pupils darting towards his master for some semblance of comfort.  He forgot that he was in a different time, one where the people were far more secular than in the past.  People wouldn't have the sort of books he required.

"Well, I suppose it is rather nice to know your master has good eyes watching over her," he said, trying to fill the uncomfortable moment with an intentionally vague statement.

"Yes, no, maybe!" Forest answered, "It matters to a lot of others!"  She threw her hands up, shook them a little, and then let them fall at her sides before sighing as well.

"But what?" she asked before shifting slightly on her feet, looking away as well. 

Marcus tilted his body forward, slowly allowing his head to descend towards hers until he was inches from her face.  "Does it look like I care about that?  You think all that matters to me?"

His glare was finally broken by a sigh and he tilted his body back to where it was before.  "I mean its still annoying but..." he said, scratching his head.  It was at this point that his pupils finally darted to the left and right.  He noticed the people staring, though he didn't care.  This was important.

There were a few people looking at what looked like a "domestic" dispute, but Forest paid them little attention.

"No, home's where your family and friends are," she replied, "I have places and I have things, but no matter how much I buy or own, it doesn't change the fact that I'm alone here.  You said it yourself, I'm odd.  No one understands me.  Immortal yet innocent.  Jaded yet hopeful, a fucking conundrum wrapped in a goddamn enigma who can read minds.  Which means I'm even more alone at the end of the day because no one wants to be around at someone who can easily see your gears turning!"

Marcus's eyes widened as he watched Forest's entire body intensify, culminating in her rushing across the street with a fist that had his name on it.  Of course, even with the threat of violence he wouldn't back down.  Even as the fist sailed through the air, he maintained his glare, allowing it to break only once he had been sent flying to the ground.

With one hand he caressed his own cheek, taking a second to feel the weight that her fist left on his face.  He looked up, at her from the ground groaning with pain.  The second she said "home" again, an image flashed through his mind.  He was sitting alone on the couch, drowning his sorrows in some meaningless TV.  He had everything he needed here, food, water, entertainment, even a few resources for studying but it wasn't "home."  At least, not like how home was depicted on the TV.  On the TV, they had family, friends, lovers, mentors, anything.  They weren't stuck in a house alone.  Not like him.

Tossing the image aside, he stood up, glaring at Forest once again.  "Home is not a place," he said simply.  At this point, he didn't care if she read his mind.

The blonde vampire was lazing around on the couch looking mostly dead to the world. Her splendid napping time was then rudely interrupted by the sound of a ringing phone. Shinobu ignored the first tone but raised her hand at the second and answered.

"We know no landlords here, this is but a free city for all to enjoy in splendor!"

She then abruptly hang up.

"Oh really!? You mean it!?" He cheered for a second, as if genuinely overjoyed by this little bit of praise before quickly recomposing himself. "Erm, I mean, of course! I'm pretty strong, yknow?"

He rubbed the back of his head and adjusted his hat with a timid laughter. "Sooo, what's your name?"
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