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As soon as she heard the girl's question, Sakura stopped eating, her face falling at the mention of her past.

", it was altered by ..magic", she replied in a sad tone, obviously not wanting to go into detail.
Relius Clover

The chuckle which had escaped his lips had escalated into hearty laughter.  As he stroked her cheek, he couldn't help but think about all the others whom he had experimented on, the resistance that they put up or the reactions on their faces.  This is the first one who faced his probing with an honest smile.  "Very good my dear," he said in a polite voice.  it was clear he was actually praising her, but as a person.  It was more like audibly complimenting the specs of a new car. 

"I am quite proud of you.  Now, let us start with something simple."

He started by attempting to corrupt the memories of the general.  That passive utilitarian relationship would not do.  Her feelings towards him began to shift, those memories, which now flooded her mind began to shift towards something more...hostile.  The urge to kill this man flooded her mind.  From now on, he would be associated with the lowest form of human being.  Nothing more than a target for her dismissive hate, something to be discarded like trash.  The chance was slight, but it was worth taking precautions against former masters.

The same treatment was given to all of her other master's memories, with the exception of her creator.  It was strange.  That scientist was enough like Relius to serve as the perfect base of the woman's love.  In fact, the man seemed almost like an alternate version of himself.  So long as there is nothing else to focus on, her loyalty could be molded and strengthened.  More importantly, her primary directives were linked to those memories, so it would be foolish to disrupt them.

He pulled away from the blond and said, "Hmm... That is quite the extensive collection of memories.  It is no wonder your emotions were so dull.  Tell me, what do you think of your former masters?"

"Ughhhh." That wasn't really helping her attitude right now! It was like telling someone scared of rollercoasters that even if there was an incident they would be safe. "Bluh. I'm just gonna close my eyes for the rest of the ride. Tell me when we land please."


"Alright, alright, hold onto me." Oka laughed uncomfortably as she patted the scary cat on her head. Eventually, they landed on a remote mountain almost at the edge of where one was able to travel. The city was only a distant light visable in the fog now.

"We're here! Don't hyperventilate, the atmosphere's thinner here."

This felt so very familiar. Strangely so. Those words, they reminded her of the beginning. Not long even for humans, but for Orianna it was the oldest memory she could have had. Yes, her core could access such records readily.

Even up to now Orianna would never know beauty equal to that of the Designer. Of its lovely and impossibly precise hands. Of its voice, which unlike the words of humans, was an absolute expression of its will.

Adaptive Combat Emulator, you have been given the capacity to feel emotion. Your purpose is to experience the depths of the human heart. Suffer, love, and live, so that you may acquire the data needed. Retrieve the knowledge to alloy spirit and purpose, to wield the heart and soul to achieve further perfect a doll's design.

Yes, this was good. This was not only the purpose given to her by her Master but the reason for her creation. She... could not be happier. Never, never in a thousand years could she be happier. There was no greater joy that could be known to her. So Orianna smiled.

"Your will be done, Master."

Relius Clover

The feelings of elation faded, reflected by the frown forming on his face.  His body relaxed, his hand retracting from her body.  "I will applaud your creator for understanding you better than that foolish general, but it seems he has misunderstood the strength of your design," he said, his voice roaring throughout the store with theatrical passion.  He was no longer using the speaker, but his voice still radiated through the walls of the store.  The lifeless dolls that spread throughout seemed to be staring at him. 

"Hatred, anger, happiness, joy, these things are integral to the usefulness of the tools known as human beings.  You were meant to emulate that usefulness and evolve beyond it!  Your dedication to your master is the difference between humans and dolls, a fate that only graces the latter.  Humans are nothing more than lost sheep, searching endlessly for something to believe in.  Their souls are empty voids, latching onto each other mindlessly like magnets.  Their emotions only serve as fields to draw each other together. However, you my dear were born with purpose!"

The scientist reached for the girl once more, wrapping his fingers around her chin.  "If you are unable to tap into the power of the soul, then allow me to gather the very essence of that thing you label a spirit!  I assure you, I shall be gentle."  Despite chastising her, the idea of modifying this doll's flaws brought an honest smile to the puppeteer's face.  That disappointment from mere moments ago gave birth to a grand idea.  No it was not a mere idea but a passionate urge taking form in a single thought.

Ignis appeared behind the girl, hoisting her in the air by the shoulders.  "Let us examine this fake soul together as master and loyal doll."  That last sentence forced a chuckle from his lips.

Meanwhile, Julius took care of the actually important part. Monster slaying was actually the least important part of the vocation, it was the aftermath that was actually important. Aside from contacting Cheiron to retrieve the monster's body, he also looked over every nook and cranny in search of stolen valuables. Knowing habits of so called Beasts, there could be some real hoard hidden somewhere. Eureka, there was some! A trunk hidden under the floor of the now ruined office. Enough gold to cover expenses of rudimentary repairs of the mall. And enough wealth to reimburse the enslaved workers for their experience.

When the press approached him, he humbly downplayed his achievements, but it was all for naught. He would most likely appear in the headlines as the person who helped restoring the mall back to the order. Then it dawned on him that maybe some fame wasn't bad after all. Maybe he could find a patron to support his efforts. He once again looked at the now empty treasure chest. Wait, he had overlooked something. What was that scrap of paper? It looked like a part of a treasure map. Had the monster only recovered a single piece of a map? He obviously couldn't let villains find the rest of the map and then decode it. He hid the scrap in his pocket and waited for Cheiron team's arrival.

"Right, Ray dude. I'm Rikuyo." She introduced in a bit absent minded way as she looked over her clothes. Few cuts here and there, some blood, if they wouldn't let her into the tournament she would just intimidate people responsible for registering fighters. The pain was also slowly receding as she could focus on regenerating her wounds. She could honestly revert to her base form at this point.

"What you will do if it's one of those annoying no weapons and no items tournaments?" She could maybe tolerate a no killing rule, but that would be disappointing if he couldn't fight to his full potential.

But Alicia laughed, laughed and approached Ito as he tried to juggle half a dozen things at once. "You're such a foolish man, Ito. Why would you try to do this by yourself when you're surrounded by people who love you? Come on, children. Why don't you try to help your teacher with his workload."

Meanwhile she simply grabbed a utensil for herself and began to stir one of the dishes.

The giant was surprised, but despite the shock he smiled.

"I am a misanthrope at heart, and I have grown weary of this world that won't change. You are right, it is foolish to lie to myself." He said gravely, as wearily as ever.

Her words rang true, her argument was an excellent one my all means. Why would he seek destruction? Even if he wished to take revenge, there were easier ways to achieve this goal.

But she had made one mistake. She aimed for a crack in his defense, not realizing he was already broken beyond repair. As someone sealed by the hands that created everything, everything became a vile poison to him. He was like a drop of water in a sea of ink, no matter what he'd do he would never fit in.

In his maddened zeal, he would gladly reverse the roles and submerge the world in perpetual darkness, as long as he could remain himself.

"I know I don't want to save the world, but no matter what I desire both humans and gods imposed their roles onto me. Why should I approve of a world made by these things? Even building something from these same blocks is completely unacceptable. As long as either exist, nothing will ever change. I will rip the page off and wipe the slate clean so I may paint it anew."

"That's not it! I just-" Suddenly the words registered and he realized where he put his hand, his eyes widened and he yelped before rushing to the sink in order to pour cold water on the hand. But suddenly, he smelled a dreary smell, that of the onions reaching full caramelization. If they were left for a second longer unattended, they could burn, or worse, the garlic!

His body twisted nimbly beyond words, and he grabbed one of the utensils with his feet in order to mix and churn everything, flipping back and forth akwardly while trying to keep track of everything and not have anything fall on his face. He was nervous, that much was clear by how he was practically juggling everything so it wouldn't fall, but honestly this was impressive in its own way.

"Wooooooaaahh!!" The onis looked at their master's skill wide eyed in admiration.

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