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Name: Goes by “Lizzie” Actual name remains a mystery.

Race: Godslayer

Age: An even bigger mystery than her name

Height: 168 cm

Weight: Many times heavier than her size would suggest.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Legendary

Agility: Fantastic

Constitution: Legendary

Other Abilities:

Denial of Providence:
Lizzie possesses an innate ability to circumvent Immortality and all it’s benefits. It can be likened to an absolute law enforced on reality itself by the sheer weight of her existence. She can’t truly manifest this power to its true potential yet and likely won’t be able to for a long time. The requirements to do so are unknown even to her and with no one left to teach her, it seems destined to be nothing more than a footnote in the annals of history.

However she is capable of of using this ability for one thing and that is to empower her blows with it. This gives her fists the ability to circumventing both immortality as well as all forms of healing that can be considered supernatural. Therefore the wounds she inflicts can only be healed over time.

Much like those despised despots she is also immortal. Although this only extends to the ravages of time as well as granting immunity to mundane illnesses and poisons.

Fighting Mastery:
Tales of her fighting prowess have spread far and wide throughout her homeworld. Some say she was born with a divine blessing, others that she trained with the nine great masters of Kumbala and inevitably surpassed them. All agree that the person who can match her in a fair fight has not been born yet.
Nothing besides what’s she’s wearing and some essential items.

Long ago the world of Kumbala was almost torn apart during what’s commonly known as the Great Sundering. Historians mostly agree that that the Sundering happened as a result of the growing tensions between the different gods of Kumbala. The gods in their almighty hubris deigned themselves the masters of the world. There was only one problem. Every god made their own claim to the throne. This inevitably lead to a war between the gods.

Mankind was caught in the crossfire between these mighty figures. But they were far from helpless. The heroes of the realm, legendary warriors and magicians alike were able to keep were able to keep the worst of the conflict far away from the heavier populated areas. But at great cost. They realized that the situation wasn’t sustainable and their growing despair they prayed for a miracle.

And the miracle came.

Enter the Godslayers, an enigmatic race with an innate ability to defeat the gods. No one truly knows where they came from. Was it a stroke of pure luck or was it a cosmic prank by the trickster god Opnasi? They swiftly and mercilessly dwindled the number of gods until there was too few left to keep the war going. So the war ended. It was almost too good to be true.

That’s because it was too good to be true. While Humanity had been saved from the tyranny of the gods, that had come at the cost of gaining a new oppressor.

It didn’t take long for the Godslayers to exhibit the same negative traits as the ones they had once risen up against. The only saving grace was that they were much easier to dispose of due to the fact they stayed dead when killed.

Lizzie was one of the few of her kind to keep herself in check somewhat and thusly managing to coexist with the humans somewhat, since that era is long past and few beings remember those times. Which is why the relations between the species have mended somewhat.

Even so. 

Her arrogance blinds her, leading to her underestimating opponents on a regular basis. Lacks any real counters against magical abilities.

Fighting, showing her superiority, protecting those weaker than her.

Having to fight against opponents she can’t possibly lose against. People throwing their lives away in vain.

So her mysterious benefactor prefered to remain anonymous? That was a conclusion that she drew from the explanation. After all, he could have perhaps stayed behind but he would reveal his identity in the process. This really sounded suspicious.

"Right, I fought a demonic being who was allied with a large, imposing man whose body didn't look natural. Then I propelled myself with my magic after the demon caught me off guard and crashed into the ground, losing consciousness. I've had an ally who looked like a priest, but I think he's died on the battlefield. So that couldn't be him." Anastasia gave a short account on what she was doing before she ended up in the hospital. She didn't bother to explain the whole picture to not cause any widespread panic in the population. Just as much details as it was necessary

"I don't think though I should involve bystanders into this mess. I appreciate the offer, but the mundane folk is at danger when getting involved in such supernatural matters. And that's something beyond my own capabilities as well, as you can see. So unless there's more to that private detective than meets the eye, I don't want to endanger him."

The assassin laughed nervously. He couldn't remember the last time he felt like this. Finally, he managed to take a deep breath and smile. "You know, if it means being by your side, hell doesn't sound so bad after all." Was all he managed to say.
Relius Clover

"Ah yes, this is quite the breathtaking sewer," he said in a snide tone.  He extended his hand, sweeping it around in a dramatic motion.

The second the movement was done, the scientist slipped his hands back into his cape.  His gaze carefully caressed their bodies, gently prodding their souls.  The girl's soul seemed to be vary old, but somehow still untainted by the world around her.  It was a strength rarely seen, especially among beings so old.   The thought forced a chuckle from his lips.  When he compared that well maintained soul next to Vanguard's beaten and broken one, one could only laugh.

The dog's was perhaps more interesting, if only because it was not the soul of a dog, but of a vampire.  Ironically enough, while the being was mimicing a beast known for its loyalty and pack mentality, this one was only concerned with itself.  No... There was something more.

"But enough with this farce," he continued.  "Your true nature does not elude my sight.  But even then, this banter only serves to consume time that could be spent doing... other things."


The hunter rose back to her feet however little it mattered in the face of the giant man before her. She barely reached his chest even at her full height and the ancient warrior, no her new master would end up looking down upon her no matter what.

"No that's not true. I wear these clothes partly because I find them cute and partly because they make my opponents mostly men, underestimate me by making conclusions like that." She told him truthfully. "That like my cutesy persona is all facade meant to draw in my targets."


Irene's eyes burned a red haze against the back of Costin's canine skull. Were it not for the uncalled and unexpected appearance of yet another person, the sudden scorn underneath her ladylike expression might have exploded violently out of her.

Though, looking at him and his escort, she couldn't say she felt relieved. Regardless of how he presented himself and the calmness of his voice, anyone who just walked around with a domino-like mask covering only their upper face and eyes to boot, was downright awful news. That was just not trustworthy in the least.

"Why, taking a walk where one can enjoy some peace and quiet during the bustling morning in this city. But it's getting rather crowed down here, it seems."
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka turned her head away from the blond vampire.  "You could at least give me the satisfaction of asking for my help," she said with a huff.  At the end of her gesture, her eyes locked onto the the elder vampire's stocking covered legs.

Despite his corpse-like eyes, he looked surprized at the girl for a second. But he soon forgot about such feelings, for they were foolish to consider in the first place. He nodded and held a hand out, only for a strange aura to seep out of it, coagulating in the air like chains before fading. But for a second, it almost felt like the two shared a heartbeat.

"Very well. The contract has been made. But you don't need to kneel, I don't consider you any lesser than me." He told her flatly. "Or are you the submitting type? I hear it is customary with those who share your dress code..."

He pondered for a second, seemingly shifting his thoughts to an entirely different matter, no less curious than a small child.

The Hunter put her hands on her hips and nodded to everything said, happy to finally have his attention. The first phase of her plan was now complete. Now she just to play along with this. "Ehh.. How will you fix that? Are you just gonna hand me immortality? That sounds a bit cheap." At least he wasn't planning on holding back because of her gender, that would have been both problematic and insulting but thankfully she had chosen wisely.

Molly dropped to her knees infront of the ancient warrior, bowing her head in respect. "As your new apprentice I swear to follow any and all orders you issue no matter what they may be." She said with determination. There was no deception involved here as she truly intended to follow her word, whether or not he figured out the loophole was up to him.

"How could I ever deny a friend in need? If you have need of me then you must simply ask, and I will answer." And she reached out, her fingers seeking his own hand to hold. "If I were to ask for anything in return... it would be to be seen as a friend in turn."


"Ahh, I get it. So then, what exactly are we looking for here? Or is this just a kind of general thing?" She stared at the mimikyu for a moment, wondering if it was wearing something over its head or if that was its actual body.
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