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The bloodlust from the girl only prompted Medaka's muscles to tense and her gaze to intensify.  "It will take another minute or two," she said, balling her fist.  "I  can dodge just fine for now."

Just as the young vampire was ready for battle, the girl broke into an "innocent" smile.  "I do not appreciate this sort of humor.  However, I apologize for attacking you earlier," she said sternly, looking down at the end.  "I have been... on edge recently."

The demon in return gave her that look as if she imagined her dying in most devious and elaborate ways. Electrocution didn't work, her plasma blasts worked relatively successful, maybe cover her with napalm next time and then shoot at her? Permutations that she could try out were endless, just give her resources and prep time. "How fast you can get back to full shape?"

"No oh."

The maid wiggled her finger in front of his eyes. It was kinda exciting to have him in such a vulnerable position even if it wasn't truly so.

"Nen is the name of the power itself, the power of the human spirit. It flows through us an realizes us. What I used was just one application of many. Well.... actually it was two, one for strengthening the composition of the log and one for rendering it invisible." She gave away what she had done in her fight without actually revealing the inner workings.

That would most likely leave him more interested in finding those out and she wanted him to stay interested.

"Those were all applications available to all people with this powers back in my world. Then there's Hatsu, the actualization of the individual's desire. An ability unique to everyone."

"Get it so far?"  She sounded excited to have someone to teach it to.

Woah. Just like that? If she knew she was going to be that hard to kill, she would have ripped her head off instead. And she didn't even get to keep the other girl's lower half. Talk about a moodkiller...

She stretched back and yawned, as if completely and utterly bored by this turn of events.

"Well, that was fun! You're not bad for amateurs, I mean, you've got potential at least. But sheesh, when it comes to brainpower, you two are completely worthless. You butted in in my affairs, threatened me and even tried to expose me. Do you really think I'm going to let that slide?"

Two scarled eyes glowed like embers and an oppressive feeling crept all across the park, her fangs throbbed for blood still. From the sight of it, she seemed like a feral animal with an unquenchable thirst, but with her power she was more alike a terrible monster. Her expression and her stance spoke of nothing but killing intent, and for a second the smell of blood was the only thing that mattered.

And then, she pulled her tongue and grinned innocently.

"Juuust kiddiiing! Hehehe, you feel for it, didn'tcha?"

To her surprise, her body came together fairly easily.  Rolling onto her feet, she turned to Mitsuba and said, "I cannot deny that you are right.  However, I was under the impression you were a normal girl.  You know, it is rude to lie."

Her hips shifted to the side, testing the muscle connection.  Then, she bent backwards, cracking a few bones into place.  "Now, should I lend you a hand?"

The Unchained was kicked away like a ragdoll, crashing next to Medaka. In spite of her situation, she couldn't help but think how absurd the situation was. If she was in a position of that beast, she would just exploit the chance and kill her opponent. Ahh, those glory seeking simpletons. If that vampire thought that she won, then she was mistaken. It wasn't even a loss for Mitsuba if she had more time to properly ambush her in the future.

The other man was honestly more troublesome and it seemed that Medaka splendidly distracted him from interfering further in Mitsuba's "duel" by getting beaten up into a pulp. Or a bisected body that  she tried to put together. "You look even more sorry than me. Again, what was all that about with worrying that I won't keep up or something?" She still observed her opponent while talking to Medaka in case she got opportunity to fire some cheap shot to the back.

Lightning struck the vampire's body, searing her flesh and setting the trees around her alight. Her body flinched, but that wouldn't be enough to stop an immortal corpse. Instead, she turned an eye, looked past the curtain of fire and smiled at the glance of the other vampire who was trying to fix herself.

"Jeez, what a pain. Here, take her."

She grabbed her foe by the throat and ripped her off the spike popping out of her knee before jump-kicking her straight in the face with her ridiculous strength, sending her flying towards the other vampire. Her wounds vanished only a moment afterwards, and she wiped the soot off her body.


The second he struck her body, Medaka was sure to shut off her pain receptors.  That way, she could at least have a painless death.  However, she wasn't dying, she wasn't even passing out.  In fact, her senses were accutely aware of the man leaving and of what was going on around her.

"It appears in the heat of the moment I forgot," she muttered, inching her upper torso closer to her lower body.  It would take a second, but she would easily be able to reattach it if everything went as planned.


Despite shooting Rider a split second glare, the preist stayed silent, unable to decide on what to say.  On one hand, Rider was clearly misguided.  There simply couldn't be more than one god and more importantly, god should exist across the multiverse.  There cannot be different gods in different world but rather one god who rules them all.

He thought back to a trip he had to a foreign land.  There a famous panting attempting to depict god's form had gained traction.  It was a strange golem like creature, connected to several other strange monsters.  It was stated by the artist that all of these creatures were god.  That is to say, god is beyond our comprehension, not bound by our rules.  But that was supposed to be the function of the bible, a scripture to understand his messages.

No. This was wrong.  These thoughts were wrong.  The issue is that she has lost faith.

"While I am not sure everything my master says is entirely accurate, she is right," he said, his voice becoming harsher, more assertive.  "You need not visual evidence to feel god's impact on this world.  Even if you could gain such things, it would not give you what you truly require.  Faith."

Some time later

Julius' recovery had largely finished, exceeding initial expectations of doctors who supervised his treatment. He wasn't in a top shape, but he was ready to discuss how to cover expenses of his treatment with representatives of the hospital. As a man of honor he would fulfill his obligations but he was aware that this could have been too costly for him to cover in one installment. He was ready to bargain how he could pay off the debt, hopefully on terms that wouldn't interfere with his higher calling. The ideal situation would be if they could waive his debt for defeating some evildoers and he wouldn't get injured severaly doing that, but even for him that sounded like a quite unrealistic scenario.

As the mage wasn't actually using his legs to stand, the sudden chop to one of his pressure points didn't make him lose balance . It did however elicit a subdued groan of pain from him and made him leap off of her, to land a bit farther away. She was no threat anymore in her current anyway so it hardly mattered if he was restraining her or not. Looking around he noticed the other two women were doing a fine job of killing each other already, with that cleared up there no more reason for him to hang around.

So the mage blasted off into the sky heading back the direction he had came from.
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