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"Wait!" the magus shouted as this version of Sakura grabbed their intruder and slammed them into the ground.

She held a gandr at the ready on her finger tip just in case Sakura couldn't just pound him into nothingness if he was trouble.  "Let's hear what he has to say, please.  If we don't like it, then you can pound him into the ground."


Rider couldn't help but giggle slightly at Anastasia's comment, as ironic as it was given Rider's method of birth. Her giggle intensified at the other servant's comment. He seemed to believe that her lack of religious fervour was due to not believing in the gods, rather than out of a lack of interest in worshipping a bunch of long-dead deities she mostly hated.

"You seem to be mistaken", she said to Ruler. "I do not deny the existence of the gods. Or, at least, that they used to exist. I simply do not consider them worthy of being worshipped or praised."

Then she turned to the master.

"You seem to be mistaken about my identity. Yes, I am a spirit, but I am not one who was born of worship, at least not in this life. I was pulled here from another dimension, and in that dimension I came into existence because my master summoned me, with the assistance of the Grail", she said.

"Your world may work in the way you described, but it does not follow that this world does so, and especially not in this era. In the world I came from, at least, the gods and spirits you talk about had faded away long before I was summoned. Only a few still continue to be worshipped, such as the 'God' your servant believes in, and even then interest in them is fading fast", she added.

"This world, too, seems to lack such spirits. At least, I have yet to meet one who fits the description you gave, and most of the supernatural beings I have met were pulled here from another dimension, just like I was."
Name: Sera

Race: Human

Age: 18

Height: 5 feet

Weight: 112Ib


Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Incredible

Constitution: Amazing

Other Abilities:

Deep purple:  An ocular ability that gives Sera the ability to see and suck out the souls of whomever she is staring at, storing them in her body to be used later.  The second eye contact is made, a hand is summoned from her soul and reaches into the opponent's body and grabs their soul.  This hand is anchored by her soul but appears to come from her body. The victim can interact with the hand, but while it is not incredibly durable, it is impossibly strong.  Once it grabs hold of your soul, she will either take her time and remove the soul safely or tear it out, killing the victim.  Either way, once it is pulled from the person's body, she becomes the owner of the soul.

Soul storage and body restoration:  Souls taken from people are stored in the body to be used however Sera sees fit.  She can return the soul to the body, causing it to be restored to peak condition, regardless of the damage sustained.  In addition, she can also place a soul in a different body if she so chooses.

Ghost projection: The other ability granted by deep purple is the ability to project physical ghosts of the deceased victim, with personality intact.  She does this by converting the soul into a physical form, a "ghost" as she likes to call it.  The ghosts can act independently, though they will always have the same will as Sera.  For example, if Sera wants to kill a person, that ghost will always desire the death of said person, but they will employ their own methods to achieve that goal.  However, any supernatural powers that the victim had will be not usable by the ghost.

Ghost stats:

Strength: Human

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Human

Sera currently has over a hundred souls to summon at a time.  However, she can also combine the ghosts into a giant ghost.

Phantom Titan:

Strength: Fantastic

Agility: Human

Constitution: Fantastic

Semi titan:

Strength: Incredible

Agility: Human

Constitution: Incredible


Pistol: Sera carries a small pistol holstered on the side of her hip.  She’s not very good at using it, but it's a fun toy regardless.

Knife: Same as the gun, though the knife is taped to her leg.


Sera was 14 when she made her first kill.  It was a cold night, dimly lit by the light of the moon.  A rush of cold air flowed through the streets every few minutes, making it the perfect weather to bundle up.  That's why it warmed her heart. 

She was wearing a bright red puffy coat with brown snow pants.  He was wearing a big brown overcoat, complete with a scarf and gloves.  He matched her brown snow pants with similarly shaded brown slacks.  That’s why it was strange he wanted to touch her.

His hand reached out, moving down her face with a gentle touch.  Each stroke felt like a cosy scarf pressing on her cheeks.  She turned her head away from him and carefully put his hand down.  “N-no. Not right now…  I-im not ready.”

He scowled, growling in frustration.  “C’mon, don’t be like that!”

“Its just the first date...I”

The teen grabbed the tip of her wrist, wrapping his large hand around the sleeve of her red coat.  “I-I’m sorry. I’m a little...starved.”

The girl smiled.  It was just a little nice to see that he wanted her so badly.  She could only imagine how excited he would get when she showed some skin.  Well, if what he said earlier was true, he was just thinking about what she looked like on the tennis court.  She licked her lips just thinking about what would happen once he got his hands on her lean body.

“It’s ok,” she said, turning her head away from him.  Her face was getting red just thinking about it.

“Alright, then ill see you tomorrow,” he said.  He was trying to sound confident, but their was a stunted quality to his voice, as if he was trying to hide his nervousness, or shame.


Before he even had time to turn around, she closed the distance between them, locking lips with the boy.  He wrapped his hands around her lower back.  The moist taste of his tongue, the way his lips seemed to merge with her own.  The hard length pressed against her body.  It was….intoxicating.  She wanted him, all of him.  She wanted his body, his soul, his mind.  She wanted to keep him...forever.

She pushed him against a wall and gripped his shirt, pulling him closer even as she pushed him back.  The two broke the kiss panting furiously, their chests growing and shrinking with the exchange of air.

“I thought you weren’t ready?!” he yelped.

For some reason, that sudden helplessness brought a wicked smile to her face.  It grew wider and wider while she grew more and more intoxicated by his expressions. “But if I let you leave now, you’ll find some other girl,” she said, wrapping her hand around his cock. 

As she stared into his pupils, she could see her own reflected in them.  Her deep blue eyes suddenly transformed into almost a neon purple hue.  “Sidney?  Megan?  Ladasha?  Probably Sidney.  Shes got really big tits for a girl our age.”

“Sera?  Whats wrong with you?  I thought you were more...shy?  This feels so out of character.”

“I don’t know whats going on either but… I have been feeling strange ever since my first… well cycle.  I’ve felt so insecure about it but now I think I get it.  This is.. Just another part of my body changing and growing.”

His hands dropped from her waist.  She began stroking his cock through his pants, moaning a bit as she moved her hands up and down his length.  Using her other hand, she grabbed him by his shirt, using the wall as leverage to lift him into the air.  Then, she threw him on the ground.

“Ahh!” he yelled, scrambling to get away.  She watched with a devilish grin as he climbed off the ground and ran away.  He dashed as fast as he could, constantly turning corners, running through shops and even using cars as cover, all so he could escape that crazy girl.

He stopped running, bending over to catch his breath.  His chest expanded and contracted rapidly and he could feel his heart stabbing him with its beats.  He looked up only to see the girl standing in front of him, smiling.

“Please… don’t hurt me.”

A hand reached out and grabbed his head, squeezing the front of his skull as he was lifted into the air.

“Nnnagh!” he cried.  “Please…”

“Don’t worry, ill keep you safe.”  Her eyes suddenly flashed a purple light, sucking his soul out of his body in the process.  It resided within her body now and all that was left of the boy was an empty husk.  The body was released from her grip, hitting the ground with a thud.

She touched the area between her legs.  It was wet  All the sudden, her eyes widened and her face grew red.  “Oh no, I got too excited!  But… it was fun...”

That was 4 years ago.  It didn’t take long for her to realize what she could do with such a power.  After she killed her date, she murdered the rest of his family, replacing their bodies with ghosts.  Over the next four years, she replaced her entire school with ghosts.  At 18 years old, she had turned an entire school into a ghost of what it was before, containing the souls of all its inhabitants within her body.

On the day of her graduation, a portal opened, offering her a second chance at life.  Out of pure curiosity, she stepped through it, arriving in the Nexus


Not a fighter:  While Sera is very in tune with a person’s soul and body, she does not have very much experience in fighting.  She has managed to beat most opponents through deceit or overwhelming force and rarely has to fight.

Likes:  Killing, boys,

Dislikes: Losing her souls, being outsmarted,

"W-woah! Seriously!?" She cried out as they accelerated.

And so she eventually lost the two, or perhaps she lost motivation.

She just landed on the ground and  tried to put her hand over her eyes like a binocular. Sometimes, life just wasn't fair.

Oh well. Maybe she'd just settle for Chinese.

As Mitsu blasted off the ground with a shot from her arm, Medaka pulled herself onto the girl's back, allowing her generous chest to cushion the impact.  Her legs then wrapped themselves around her waist, securing her place on the girl's body.  A glint of excitement sparkled in her scarlet eyes even as a frown formed on her face.

"Mitsu, we should consider her proposal," she suggested.  "We wouldn't want her to break into a violent fit again."

"Tchh. Just don't fall, I'll propel myself faster than her accursed spikes!" The demon ignored her blathering and kept propelling herself with blasts from her arm cannon. In the air, she had the advantage of mobility over this persistent stalker so she should eventually lose her. Now it just depended on Medaka whether she would cling to her successfully or drop out in the process. And case of the worst case scenario by that time the vampire would recover completely.

Her ears perked back at that silly little display. Were they dumb? She gave them a chance to settle bad blood, but it seemed it fell on deaf ears. Poor idiots like that really deserved no mercy.

A bloody spike erupted from under her feet, dragging her up a dozen feet before she used the makeshift pole as a platform to leap even higher, reaching up to the two with incredible speed.

"Hey hey hey! I can't let you do that! I'm not that dumb, nooot happening!" She said while she pulled off this entire stunt with the most cheerful of smiles.

The bloody spike vanished, and once she landed another appeared. Rinse and repeat. It was unorthodox and  uncanny, but it seemed she could keep up quite nicely with the demon using that trick.

"Come on, I'm trying to be nice here, the least you can do is listen to what I have to say." She said while hopping over and over, her casual expression fully contrasting her incredible  movements.

Medaka could feel a pull on her arm.  It seemed Mitsuba was trying to get her to leave.  Naturally, she let her tug her along.  "Farewell!" she yelled.

She almost wanted to 'go loud' and just erase her from the face of this mudball, but she would just prepare assassination next time. With her perfect memory tracking her down later on wouldn't be a too challenging feat. She got up, and then suddenly grabbed weakened Medaka's arm as she was distracted by that blathering bitch's conversation and used the energy she gathered as those two talked to propel herself upwards in the direction opposite to Costin. Her capability for flight was fortunately not impaired by the damage she sustained. If she really wanted to interact with that annoying person, she would just drop her from the height. The demon clearly had no mood to stay around there any longer.

The vampire's grin turned wolfish, yet innocent. She held her hands out as if to push her away, despite having just shown this ferocity she seemed completely and utterly meek now, like a completely different person. Perhaps even nice.

"Heh, it's fine, no biggie. I shouldn't have lashed out like that either. It's just my nature, you know? I've had these urges for so long, I just can't control myself at times. It's kinda like your hair growing, or having to change pants. I just can't help it, muh bad."

If she had a tail right now, it would probably be wagging right now. She walked a healthy stride towards the two and squatted a few meters away from the two, her hands under her chin and her red eyes glimmering with good humor.

"Something bothering you?" She asked her with a casual, friendly smile, like a concerned friend.
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