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"Tchh. Just don't fall, I'll propel myself faster than her accursed spikes!" The demon ignored her blathering and kept propelling herself with blasts from her arm cannon. In the air, she had the advantage of mobility over this persistent stalker so she should eventually lose her. Now it just depended on Medaka whether she would cling to her successfully or drop out in the process. And case of the worst case scenario by that time the vampire would recover completely.


She almost wanted to 'go loud' and just erase her from the face of this mudball, but she would just prepare assassination next time. With her perfect memory tracking her down later on wouldn't be a too challenging feat. She got up, and then suddenly grabbed weakened Medaka's arm as she was distracted by that blathering bitch's conversation and used the energy she gathered as those two talked to propel herself upwards in the direction opposite to Costin. Her capability for flight was fortunately not impaired by the damage she sustained. If she really wanted to interact with that annoying person, she would just drop her from the height. The demon clearly had no mood to stay around there any longer.


The demon in return gave her that look as if she imagined her dying in most devious and elaborate ways. Electrocution didn't work, her plasma blasts worked relatively successful, maybe cover her with napalm next time and then shoot at her? Permutations that she could try out were endless, just give her resources and prep time. "How fast you can get back to full shape?"


The Unchained was kicked away like a ragdoll, crashing next to Medaka. In spite of her situation, she couldn't help but think how absurd the situation was. If she was in a position of that beast, she would just exploit the chance and kill her opponent. Ahh, those glory seeking simpletons. If that vampire thought that she won, then she was mistaken. It wasn't even a loss for Mitsuba if she had more time to properly ambush her in the future.

The other man was honestly more troublesome and it seemed that Medaka splendidly distracted him from interfering further in Mitsuba's "duel" by getting beaten up into a pulp. Or a bisected body that  she tried to put together. "You look even more sorry than me. Again, what was all that about with worrying that I won't keep up or something?" She still observed her opponent while talking to Medaka in case she got opportunity to fire some cheap shot to the back.


Some time later

Julius' recovery had largely finished, exceeding initial expectations of doctors who supervised his treatment. He wasn't in a top shape, but he was ready to discuss how to cover expenses of his treatment with representatives of the hospital. As a man of honor he would fulfill his obligations but he was aware that this could have been too costly for him to cover in one installment. He was ready to bargain how he could pay off the debt, hopefully on terms that wouldn't interfere with his higher calling. The ideal situation would be if they could waive his debt for defeating some evildoers and he wouldn't get injured severaly doing that, but even for him that sounded like a quite unrealistic scenario.


"If spirits exist in similar shape to those that I'm familiar with, then it's natural conclusion that Gods exist. With time, any spiritual being may be elevated to the level that some call 'divine'. Either through direct worship, thriving on powerful emotions of mortals or absorbing other proto-gods. For example, a god of death should exist because people fear death. I've never seen a god because as I said, they cannot manifest directly on this plane, but miracles performed by their servants are a concrete proof of their existence. Some of those servants are human, but some are lesser spirits aligned with a divinity." The wizard explained why she believed in existence of Gods even if she didn't devote herself to them. "Yes, I could see you as a person attuned to the spiritual. Do you want to confirm that?"


"Haha, because of your strength you clearly overlook what is harmless but still bothersome to humans. See, minor spirits tend to play pranks, spoil food, make a mess, move your keys elsewhere and generally create such kind of chaos." That was really amusing, to be honest. Enough that she couldn't restrain from laughing. But then, she reverted to more serious demeanor in order to explain it to the other master's Servant. "I prefer a more direct approach and appease them on a regular basis rather than deal with what Godsworn call Gods, but your master's approach of venerate a higher power might not be ineffective at warding against such spirits. It's simply more risky to attract attention of Gods than my time consuming method. I'm already burdened with sensitivity to spiritual realms, so I gotta be careful about attracting too much attention from the most potent spirits."

If she had to assess how strong Ruler and the other Servant were in comparison, she would put them between those lesser spirits and Gods because Gods were unable to manifest physically. So she would just do enough to avoid their ire and attention.



"Are you at least appeasing spirits to prevent them messing with what you own? That's really like asking for bad luck if you don't." Anastasia reacted to Rider's comment about not being religious. She could understand not being zealous, but paying some lip service was just a common sense.


"Same." Mitsuba retorted as the swirls of fate whirled around Costin. She persevered even through such damage with an unnatural obstinacy that indeed was more fitting a machine than a human. And a cold plan formed in her mind even as her mechanical body deterioriated and was slowing down from the sustained damage.

The Unchained could take almost any heat, but could the vampire's regeneration keep up with getting burned by the strike from the heavens themselves? Her heat resistant frame would mitigate some of damage associated with a lightning strike while Costin would take the brunt of it. It was a calculated gambit that carried a risk. And so a lightning fired from the cloud at Costin.


A large crack appeared on Mitsuba's back, damaging a part of her body that the raging beast didn't reach. It was all a calculated risk in order to succeed even at the cost of her well being. Of course, the blow to her head also wasn't something trivial. It hurt, only fueling further her cold anger and tenacity. The vampire made a mistake to underestimate the demon as Mitsuba redirected the energy she gained from deliberately damaging her own body with the use of that Embed to boost the speed at which she recharged that canon. Mitsuba would use the canon as makeshift jet in desperation, in order to free up herself.



"Alright, that should be more than enough." The short woman confirmed. She took the seeds and began scribbling down a ritual circle, then she put seeds in the ground and started chanting in a form of archaic Greek. The seeds cracked open, sprouting a small tree. The result wasn't impressive on first look, but after she finished the ritual, the werewolf explained: "I cannot grow fully matured trees casually, but kickstart their growth in such a fashion. The tree will keep growing at a regular pace, assuming you don't want to remove it. The quality of the soil doesn't matter for this ritual."


"Oh right, I forgot that libraries here are open only during certain hours. But on another hand they're more convenient to access. You don't need to be a monk or have contacts in a university or other center of learning to borrow books. And they're not chained to prevent theft... Uhh, I mean, of course I wouldn't think of such thing!" She corrected herself. She indeed didn't have such thoughts on her mind. It was an idle speculation.


She met the charge of the vampire by blocking her bladed fist with her own arm blade at a right moment. The momentum would normally push her back, but she used her magnetic powers to hold her ground as her veins glowed blue. The teeth of the chainsaw would rip into her Costin's fist as Mitsuba planned to fire less devastating attack with her other arm. She didn't have time to fully charge her cannon, so its power was akin to a shotgun's blast.



"Do you like books, Rider?" Anastasia asked out of blue after silently listening to their conversation. "If you do, you all could drop by a library, that'd be a good place to find books you're interested in."


"I have an idea, but first off, I need some seeds of a fruit and some space at your balcony. An apple would do. The ritual I know is nothing impressive or major compared to the ritual that summons spirits, but should demonstrate well that I can back up my claims with genuine magic. Is there any problem if I perform it there?" She first asked Miss Suzuko for permission. The thing is that she exactly couldn't do it anywhere. She probably would get scolded for ruining the floor inside the apartment.

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