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She went along with the sudden group hug they seemed to be doing, Sakura appeared to be far more into it than she was though and was even using him like a cry pillow. That didn't mean she was gonna go all soft on him now, not when he had demanded not to be patronized just a moment before.

"And how does hiring other strong people and having them fight for you prove that you are strong?" While being able to rely on others when in need was a good quality to have it didn't really provide any help towards the goal of increasing your own personal strength.

"But I'm always up for more challenges when you feel ready for it."

Medaka Kurokami

"No, its not because of vamperism," Medaka answered, as if reading her mind.  After getting this question three times, it was an easy to see her thoughts by deduction based on her questions.  "Do not worry.  I have fed recently."

The young vampire leaned in more, teasing the girl by closing in on her neck.  "However, if you wish to offer yourself up, I will not refuse.  Blood and sex are new commodities to me, ones that will take a while to lose their value."


It had only taken a bit after that to get to the vault and shove everything into her shadow. Now they were just lounging about in a house that they'd borrowed, the big pile of loot disgorged onto the center of the living room as Sakura lazed about in a chair. "Not the worst haul I ever got. But it definitely wasn't worth getting hounded by those police. Gotta do something them."

"Right, this bar is poor environment for judging one's monster slaying capabilities. What creatures have you fought?" Maybe this was Julius' time to start asking questions and be skeptical about answers he got.

"I am the one who walk in the shadows, the ruler of the night and the one true master of mankind." She began dramatically. "You may refer to me as Shinobu if it a name you desire, but beware, names can be dangerous things if they find themselves in the wrong hands." The art of saying a lot without actually saying anything, that was something that man excelled at, oh how he went on about everything and nothing. It could drive a lesser being to the brink of insanity.
Name: Plutia, Lady Iris Heart

Race: Console Patron Unit

Age: Around a hundred years old

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 49 kg


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic (Legendary)
Agility: Heroic
Constitution: Heroic

Magic: Extremely High
Plutia is an extremely skilled magical user in the use of lightning magic but she also knows some magic from other schools. Her mana reserves are fairly large but would drain rather quickly if she were to go heavy on the casting, thankfully they replenish over the course of a few hours.

Lightning Magic: Her main offensive capabilities lies here, she’s capable of both enhancing her own physical blows with lightning making them hit with the equivalent of legendary force while also coming with the other properties associated with lightning such as electrocution. She is also capable of attacking at range with it, although the range attacks usually requires a bit of concentration but is far more powerful as a result. At her strongest she can even blast entire buildings apart with her lightning, being her most powerful spell it's not something she can easily replicate and she'll require rest after a few uses. Plutia cannot buff her melee strikes and strike at range at the same time, she's limited to one apllication of it at a time.

Voodoo: She can establish a link between a object she’s holding (usually a plushie) and an enemy she is fighting, making it so that anything she submits the object to is transferred over to the enemy. Establishing a link takes some time though and can be broken if they leave visual range.

Size Alteration: Plutia can change the size and mass of anything she’s holding and then throw it, it’s maximum scope is roughly the size of an elephant with the mass of a tank, the effect is a bit delayed and the mass increase doesn't occur until after she has thrown it. However she can only do it to inanimate objects that she can hold in her hands and it only works one way, that way being making it bigger. The bigger and the more mass she wants it to have when landing, the longer she needs to prep it and it takes several seconds for the full effect.

Healing: Her healing is pretty potent and she’s capable of fixing grevious wounds in one go and even make limbs regrow in a short period of time. However it is limited to one person at a time and takes several seconds to perform. Furthermore it can only treat injuries, any diseases or other ailments cannot be cured by it.

Other Abilities:

CPU Goddess: Plutia is the Console Patron Unit of the nation called Planeptune. As the Console Patron Unit she's tasked with being the nation's guardian deity and in exchange draws power from her subjects faith commonly referred to as Share Energy. Being a CPU she's both immortal of the unaging kind as well as immune to all common diseases. She also stays in peak physical condition no matter her diet. All CPU's are also capable of flight at speed comparable to their agility level.
Share Energy usually lies dormant in a pocket dimension, ready for her to draw out a moment's notice. Share Energy replenishes over time with the rate of it and the size of the reserves being proportional to the number of believers she has. Although that is how it usually operates but due to some strange anomaly she has found herself permanently trapped in her transformed state, as a result her two personalities have somewhat fused for good and for worse.


Whip Sword: A sword whip fusion of absolute madness, the blade is made of fanged segments that split in a way making it behave like a whip. This nigh unbreakable tool is perfect to punish people with. It’s sharp edges guarantees that anyone struck by it will not be having a good day.

Origin: Plutia is a Console Patron Unit hailing from the Ultra Dimension, there she is the guardian deity of the nation of Planeptune. By far the greatest nation on the continent all thanks to her. It’s so great in fact the other pitiful nations could never hope to ever be more than a shadow in comparison, and only a fool would ever claim otherwise. She’s been it’s Goddess for many many years now until one day while going off to see her bestest friend Noire she fell through a portal and ended up in a strange city. Stranger still she was in her big big form, and someone needed to be punished for this but she was soooo…. sleepy.


Limited Stamina: Plutia has limited stamina mostly for mental reasons as she simply can’t bother mustering the energy to do stuff half the time.

Overconfident: Plutia is likely to underestimate her opponents as she sees them all as being below her, their true place being beneath her boot.

Magic Resistance: Seeing as Plutia prefers to fight using her magic, anyone with magic resistance will have an advantage over her.

Likes: Noire, plushies, Bullying, Bullying her friends, Bullying Blanc. Naps

Dislikes: Other people bullying her friends, getting pulled away from her naps. People trying to stop her from bullying her friends, that’s the worst.

She had finished her shopping for the week and was heading home when she spotted a homeless man next to a mound of breakfast. While she wasn't one to normally pry, Prism knew it wasn't safe to be out around the city this late at night. "Sir, are you alright? Do you need somewhere to stay for the night?"

He really wanted to slap himself on the forehead for getting all relaxed earlier, but if he did that right now his shades might become casualties. Great. She was another loony.

"And you automatically know better than others do about their souls, huh," he groaned. "I'll pass on having mine taken."


She blinked at him, then smiled simply, walking ahead. Oh, Vanguard. "Such disdain. It hardly flatters your efforts," she said, though it made her laugh inside where others should have cried or raged.

The excrucian stepped easily onto the operating table, lying down comfortably.

Medaka paused, folding her arms and curling her lips into a smile.  "Well for the most part I am a normal girl," she said.  "Though my personality has a few supernatural qualities, I am essentially a normal girl.  Well except for one thing."

She opened her mouth slightly, allowing her fangs to be displayed with a wicked smile, her lowered eye lids giving her an almost malevolent look.  Most people knew this face as one of a vampire thirsty for blood, so no words were needed.  "Unfortunately, this is all I can tell you."


Adrienne was certainly part of those people who knew that face well. Her personality had supernatural qualities... could it be because of her vampirism? "Were you born with vampirism? I know it's possible, but the only people I've known with vampirism got it sometime around 17 years old. Of course, I grew up in a small area and lycanthropy was more common in our region, so I wouldn't have had many opportunities to meet people with vampirism, but still." Adrienne leaned in just a little towards Medaka's fangs to get a closer look, completely confident in her ability to evade should Medaka actually turn out to be hungry.

His eyes shifted to look at hers curiously, truly no differently than a child looking down an anthill truth be told. "That is your choice. I have already made mine long ago." He told her flatly, and aas they walked towards a door it opened by itself, only to shut behind both the moment they entered.

The room was sickeningly sterile, the one color setting itself apart from the silver and white was the pitch black of the monitors. In the center, there were four lights that lit up the moment, and an empty table.

"Shall we begin?"

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