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Joe triumphantly placed his hands on his hips.  Yay!  Now I can explore at night! he thought.  But then Sakura sprang a big request on him.  "Oh a date?!" he said, his face scrunching up with confusion.  "Uhhh...sure."

It was really hard to concentrate on the idea of a date with Jeanne's massive boobs. "Y-yeah," he mumbled, feeling himself harden.  He squeezed Sakura's hand vary tightly.  "Wait? I share?"

The request went over well as the Servant visibly brightened at it, and to make even better Sakura got bold enough to request a date from him. "It would be an honour to serve you Joe~" Then she sent a joking glare at her former master and preceded to hug Joe tightly, her massive assets getting squished between them. "Help me master, my former master want to pass me around like used goods."


The pirate felt his muscles freeze, as if grabbed and pinned down by an invisible force. It was an unpleasant feeling, like drowning and trying to reach the surface, only to be dragged back down at the last second.

"Heh, you really are terrifying." He sighed, really lacking the time or patience for all of this. "I liked ya more when you were being all cuddly and adorable. You know, they say it is harder to escape a woman's whims than to escape the waves of the sea. I think I understand now why... Oh well, If its attention you wanted there you have it, so what do you want?" He knew she could hear, so he didn't mind talking to himself.


The pirate didn't need her to explain what she meant. The moment he felt her pulse, he took flight once more.  Very soon, he'd reach the hospital and get her safe shelter where she could recover.


Lorenzo found himself unfortunately unable to move. She wasn't going to let him fuck off and ignore her, absolutely not. He could crouch there for all eternity if he desired.


The pirate didn't need her to explain what she meant. The moment he felt her pulse, he took flight once more.  Very soon, he'd reach the hospital and get her safe shelter where she could recover.

The voice continued speaking to him. "Hah, you're an interesting one, human. I offer to revive your friend and you get mad." She smirked as she flew back, not that Lorenzo would be able to see that. "I've decided to do you a favor. Why don't you feel her heart, my cute little minion? As long as everyone remembers their place everything will be fine, hehehe."

The pirate's eyes widened. Was it sadness, anger, or fear that led his heart astray? For a moment, he wasn't so sure himself. He had seen comrades fall and die countless times, and was unable to save them then or now. What was one more or one less? A normal man would've learned by now that tears didn't bring back the dead, and yet he didn't want to be alone. How pathetic.

But he was pathetic. He accepted his weak nature, as someone who couldn't accept losing precious things, and as someone whose precious things kept slipping past his fingertips. One more or one less meant the world to people like him. He had a good idea of what just happened and why, and well enough she managed to quell his sorrow.

Her words gave him enough strength to wipe his tears and replace sadness with cold rage.

"You impudent... Don't look down on humans so much, wench." He growled, seeping flames from his words that passively resonated and burned around him, crackling through the ashen forest, growing through the hedges like an inferno. It was no conscious effort, but the effect of his strong emotions resonating with his magic passively. His sorcery fed on such things, making the flames  rage along with him.

If Nep was awake, she would likely have been frightened by this display so unlike him. Would she have hugged and consoled him, or simply smacked him for being such an easily swayed fool?

Despite that, his heart was calm, and he stroked the Goddess's hair gently before setting her down, standing and looking at the horizon where he could feel her presence.

"My old man taught me to repay debts. Don't worry, I'm not so treacherous as to stab you in the back. I'll honor our deal, but I will not let you insult my friend further. You've harmed family, don't think I'm so forgetful or forgiving."

This hadn't been what the druid had in mind when she mentioned a high place, but once her human body caught its breath again she stopped and looked down. Way down. Sage barely noticed the feeling of powerful legs wrapping around her as the wind whipped around them. The lights of the human city... they were beautiful. The motions were like watching a rather silly ant colony skitter about, or a drunk flight of sparrows.

"That... seems like something too big for anyone to rule." She turned her eyes back to the not-human holding her. Catching those vibrant gold eyes also made her very aware of how much this form's soft squishy sensitive bits were pressing against the other woman's, and the heat returned to her cheeks. "Thank you for showing me this, Shinobu."
Sakura Matou

Sakura regretfully released Joe and stepped back. Just a bit though. She still held onto his hand and stood close to him. She intently watched him for what he'd want, and she was a little annoyed at his request. Jeanne was her servant damnit. She pouted a bit. "If you're getting that, I want a date with you, Joe. It's only fair if you're taking my servant for a day. I'll let you share her with me. How's that, Jeanne?"

Joe put his hand on his chin, pondering what exactly he wanted.  After a few seconds, his face lit up illuminated by a dangerous epiphany.  "How about I be master for a day." he declared.  His tone was still playful, but he was clearly at least half serious.

He looked at Sakura with a triumphant grin before it reversed into a thoughtful frown.  "Though I guess you should get something too, since you were on my team..."
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