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"Mhhh mhhh mhhh~" A cheerful voice hummed a song while the smell of powder and perfume clouded the bathroom. It had been a while she went out, so she wanted to look the part. She tried different expressions in the mirror, nervously trying some different postures and poses before puffing her chest confidently. She might want to put her phone on vibrate in a bit though, the last thing she'd want was her boss to pout at her for texting at a drinking outing.

"I wonder if I'll meet any cute girl..." She wondered aloud, retouching her eyelashes and making sure she looked juuust fine. On the other hand, maybe she should remove some of it. Natural is the best, or so some say. But a little aesthetic never killed anyone.


The old man burst out laughing.  She was actually surprised he asked such a question.  "A gem?  So in other words, your entire body is composed of lapis lazui?" he said, thinking back to his world.  It was strange.  He had encountered a gem like creature before, the king of golems.  He was a giant who reined over the wilderness in an adjacent kingdom.  It was strange to find someone so small with a similar sounding physiology.


Well now it was about high time to wrap this little act together, all that was needed was the finishing touch, the coup de grâce of this masterful play. It would be best to move on now onto greener pastures where new tales could be woven. The momentary distraction had come and gone, like seasons inevitably pass so did her attention.

And thus she fell, fell from the arms that had released her from the prison. Letting go of the naive girl was as easy as taking a breathe, a bad metaphor perhaps for one who's need to breathe had forever passed. With that in mind she flapped her wings serenely and moved on.

Marcus sighed and responded in his head, Godamn it.  So it is one of these guys....

"Alright," he said, suddenly grinning again.  "Then what am I?"  It would be interesting to see his answer, if only because of their previous debate.

The servant held her place even as Sakura was trying to pull him closer, Jeanne remained there glomping him like a delicious treat. It almost looked like Sakura was getting a bit jealous and Jeanne didn't mind competing with her for a bit, it would change up the monotone of their daily lives. "At night too? That's mean, I didn't know you were planning on selling me so cheaply." Jeanne pouted at that 'realization', Then it looked like she resigned herself to her fate.

"If that's your wish then I have no choice but to oblige.... unless you say something Joe, you're my master too now!"
Sakura Matou

Sakura gave Jeanne quite a look. She was mostly ok with Jeanne's actions, she trusted her servant. However that didn't mean she enjoyed her getting so up in his space like that! Well she kinda did, but it was part of the fun to react like that. Plus she kinda didn't.

Sakura frowned at his halfhearted acceptance. But she didn't press an issue. "Yes, for the rest of the day and night, Jeanne will be our servant. Surely that's not a problem, right?" Sakura giggled at him and pulled him a bit closer. "If we're going on a date though we need to plan it!" She was practically bouncing in excitment.

She blinked at the question, almost as if confused. That wasn't that personal. Did people really think that? The fleshies could be so weird sometimes. "Nope, not at all! I'm a gem, My arms are a golden alloy and my base is lapis lazuli."


Her features turned just a bit downcast at that statement. "I am not a mage, and any you would use would hardly make a dent regardless. You could cast with reckless abandon for years and I would not notice it."

Name: Rundas

Race: Demonic Shade

Age: died at 20

Height: 165 cm - grows to 185 when displaying her true form, which happens whenever she exerts a considerable amount of power

Weight: Normal for her size.


Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic

Agility: Heroic

Constitution: Fantastic

Magic Scale: None

Other Abilities:

Demonic Arsenal -Fangs of the Wild Hunt:
By drawing from her connections to the underworld, Rundas can create demonic lances that she wields in combat. By lifting her arm up, she summons a row of dozens thorns that rush forward from her position to impale her foes, and by pumping her fist she forms about a handful of them in the air above her foes in order to send them crashing down on them.

They are mighty, travel at legendary speed, and can pierce through heroic foes, but while her weapons are far from slow, there is a slight delay in both cases that makes it possible for characters of comparable agility to avoid the hellish spears.

Ragnarok: By channeling and focusing her demonic energy and hatred in her arm with a delay about as slight as her other spears, she can physically launch a greater spear with legendary force and speed, and shatter a building under her devastating throws. She throws her weapons with unparalleled accuracy. It is a devastating attack not because of some ultimate offense, but because it is a potent projectile that can be fired continuously and accurately.

To put it simply, if one does not actively try to avoid or block them they will not miss no matter what.

Skilled fighter: Rundas fought countless battles with her spear, but while her intuition and technical knowledge is masterful she employs a wild, feral style that exhibits its raw brutality fully without lacking in precision or finesse.

Heart of vengeance: As a vengeful spirit, her mind is incredibly hard to corrupt and mold. Her grudge is strong enough that it makes bending her memories and emotions a nearly futile effort. Her will is an extraordinary thing, the fact she has kept her strength and endured the pain of being constantly burned is a testament to that. But because her heart still throbs with pain and flames, she can never be freed from them.

Heart of avarice: As a spirit of greed and hunger, she keeps whatever she takes and steals on close clutches. Whatever she may claim as possession can be moved and stored in her shade. This includes her former body and her great treasures. However, she is dead, and because of that everything she once owned is also dead. They are nothing but figments of greed and delusions, illusions of wealth and power as fake as her appearance.However, a lie can be as believable as truth, and only the most skilled in the perceptive arts can tell the true nature of her manifested treasures.

Heart of treachery: As a spirit of betrayal, she was once betrayed and will betray in turn. However, she seems to be fighting her nature ever so foolishly, as if she could escape her sin. But on that night, the witch of the wild hunt tore her liars tongue. She may never tell a lie again.

Hollow: Rundas is neither dead or alive. She is only a shade, able to feel and act in the physical world but devoid of something. To put it into perspective, she is a bucket with a pierced hole at the bottom, thus no matter how much she tries to fill herself she will always be empty.

Demonic Nature: Being a demon, she crosses the line between life and death. While she uses an illusion to appear human, her true form is an oddity devoid of flesh that does not bleed but cracks and releases its lifeforce like a miasma if shattered.


Motorcycle She has grown fond of riding such devices.

Gift for a liar: A pocket mirror that will always remind her of her sins. It can reveal any illusion for what it truly is. It was neither stolen nor taken, but gifted to her by a cursed someone.

Origin: Rundas was once an ambitious warlord feared and respected throughout the lands. Thirsting to expand her rule, she consorted with a witch in order to gain greater power and influence, and deceived her in order to go as far as to steal her power. But the sorceress survived and sought revenge, tearing apart her group through malady and famine before tearing her soul.

If she survived, it was only due to her power which transformed her into something hollow and monstrous. She became a mistress of the wild hunt, and like many other demons she would have eventually forgotten her name and humanity. But she refused. She was born human, and she refused to die as anything less. She was too greedy to let go of her stolen power, and too ambitious to forget her former life, and because of that her greed will never be quenched. But perhaps she will find something that can satisfy her in the Nexus.

Weakness: Holy artifacts and attacks act on her body as if it were human, and covering her body with holy water will also utterly cripple her constitution. Her ranged pressure is powerful but she is unarmed for a moment whenever she launches her spear. Even then, she cannot strike at close and far range at once, and the slight delay makes it more manageable.

Likes: Competent people, the thrill of the hunt, glory and victory, hedonism, stabbing things, determined women, modern society, worthy warriors to crush under her heels, herself and enjoying companions useful to her, drinking, trampling and desecrating the weak, her bike.

Dislikes: Idiots, goody two shoes, people who talk too much, weaklings, cravens, uselessness, needless carnage (a war is preferable to a massacre), those who won’t go for what they desire, witches, losing her bike.

"Ehh, it's not really needed, I have handled all my chores completely fine! Honestly, my neighborhood is quite cheap, so you will afford apartments there if you get any job. I can host you for a while, but it's only a short term solution. And you really don't need your magical energy for any casting? It's a really dangerous place after all."

Unbeknowst to herself, Anastasia probably really hit close the home when she asked Aurelia whether she needed that for casting.

"How would I know that? It's simple. I put my faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings. I've even seen miracles worked by his servants. So my devotion is unshakeable." The man spoke with such a conviction that it bordered on delusional. It was probably impossible to talk him out of his beliefs.
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