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"Nooooo! I dun wanna let go!" The blonde wailed in denial absolutely refusing to let go of him. "He's so warm and comfy hehe and he'll have to get used to it sooner or later anyway...."

She turned her head towards Sakura and gave her a cute smile.  "And don't act like you're not planning to do even naughtier things with him!"

"Yeah yeah, it's no biggie!" She sighed, then stretched a little. Well, that was taken care of, and hey! Maybe they wouldn't be so bad. Sure, she might want to find another place to practice if they were going to stay, but on the other hand she took a liking to the blue haired girl. Weirdly enough. It was kinda hard to explain, and it wasn't the first time she felt like that, so at this point she didn't even bother trying to put it into words. Just smiling at her new friend was enough.

"Sooo, aside scaring the hell out of me, what brings you here around these parts?"
Medaka Kurokami

Medaka let out an almost muffled moan at the girl's touch.  Honestly, it had been a bit.  She was a bit sensitive.  "I can be your friend!  That way you can get bigger boobs," she said, angling her boobs to give the girl a better view.

Of course, she didn't listen to the rest of it, instead running over to the window and throwing it open.  She smiled at Adrienne and waved.  "You can come up now," she said, shouting loud enough that the whole neighborhood could hear her.  A nipple slipped out of the hole in her shirt.  "Ooops!"  She put it back in and looked to the landlord.

"Thank you!  I appreciate this."

"Good grief..." This had taken a good bit of posturing, but everything was fine now. It should be fine at least, so he took Nep and lifted her over his shoulder before taking flight. "Ooof, is it just me or did you get heavier." He joked around, honestly she felt lighter than a feather. Very soon, he'd reach his destination.

She would wake up in a warm bed with food, water and every one of her needs tended to. Above all else, he made sure of it. He was just waiting until she woke up outside the hospital room's door, guarding it while his birds watched over the outside window, his arms crossed and his face looked kinda tired, at least tired enough to let out his first yawn.

"What kind of answer is that! Aren't you supposed to cheer me on and encourage me!? Breaking into my house is one thing, but don't break my dreams!" She yelled at Medaka, pointing an accusing finger. Then, she put a hand on her forehead, massaging it before returning a much more serious expression.

"Anyways, this is all too ridiculous for me to believe. But I guess I'll have to meet your friend to make that decision. I'll let it slide this time, but you better not pull something like this again."

Her hands clenched with enough force to part steel like water. Did this girl think that she hadn't tried? That she was going to accept being the student of someone so ludicrously out of their depth? "No, it's fine. I have not required instruction from a teacher in a long time."

Medak placed a finger on her chin, thinking about the implications of small boobs.  She thought back to Shinobu, who also had smaller boobs. "Probably!" she said simply, nodding in confirmation.

Okay. Well, this was strange. Also, these boobs were really soft. Maybe she should try to piece it back logically from the beginning. So she was going to get dressed and ready for a date/drinking night, when a girl suddenly broke into her house, started yelling really loudly and oh mah god, did she just make her touch her boobs? And all of this happened before she had a single drink.

Yep, just a normal Nexus evening.

She fondled the generous source of goodness and friendship subconsciously, only for her hands to drop and focus back to her... minimalist chest.

"Does that mean I have no friends?" She moped meekly, looking down like a hurt puppy.

Medaka used her free hand to push up her boob, letting it jiggle as gravity reclaimed it.  "Freindship!"


Blake blinked at the girl, incredulous. To such a dramatic and over the top response, she still only had one thing to say.

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