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General Discussion / Re: Fate/Extella (PS Vita, PS4)
« on: January 26, 2017, 04:25:51 PM »
Having played the game through the story and several (not quite all) of the side stories I can say she's an active part of that part of the game. She's the last unlockable character, interestingly all the world's evil exists in the moon cell.

General Discussion / Re: Fate/Extella (PS Vita, PS4)
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:55:36 AM »
Did I miss something or is Saber her own faction? Unless I missed the mark completely this is a musou game, Saber being on her own makes her Lu Bu, ironic considering that, if I recall correctly, Lu Bu is present in Extra and this new game itself.

Type Moon Polls / Re: Best Girl
« on: January 15, 2016, 05:08:49 AM »
I thought people were referring to her as nurse Sakura.

Type Moon Polls / Re: Most Shit FSN Servant
« on: January 15, 2016, 05:07:45 AM »
Which false assassin? There's more than one due to anyone not being Hassan is considered false.

also is the king supposed to be Gilgamesh?

Type Moon Polls / Re: Best Girl
« on: January 15, 2016, 05:04:58 AM »
I object to this because this is clearly thought control. Also who dafaq is Sakurider? Never heard that term used to describe a character.

General Discussion / Re: Hair colours
« on: August 22, 2015, 11:18:02 PM »
Well actually I was thinking of Ritsuko's mother and the contrasting fact that Kaworu and Rei are both supposed to be albino but Rei has colour in her hair while Kaworu doesn't. Asuka is a non starter cause she's German / Japanese.

Regardless my greater point stands, even if it was artistic expression representing naturally occurring colours then, it sure isn't now. Purple hair is definitely supposed to be purple in modern anime.

General Discussion / Re: Hair colours
« on: August 18, 2015, 04:30:46 PM »
I think that was, at one point true, however it's certainly no longer the case for current anime.

General Discussion / Re: Hair colours
« on: July 24, 2015, 07:24:23 PM »
It's an interesting thought but I think the major reason for a lack of discussion is that anime in general doesn't even bring up hair colour as a thing 99% of the time period. Not unless there's a specific artistic reason for it (see raven haired vampires and shit) or a story reason like in bleach (if I recall correctly Ichigo's hair is specifically blonde naturally for some reason) Ultimately hair colour means less than zero, look at evangelion.

Lantz's fics / Re: Shattered heroics new world
« on: July 24, 2015, 07:17:17 PM »
It's not dead, been busy/sick rl plus I have been writing for fics apart from this one. Life runs away sometimes

Lantz's fics / Re: Lantz's Fanfiction Contest
« on: May 14, 2015, 05:08:46 AM »
The entry form such as it is

Story Title: Captive Blossom

Genre: Lemon

Nasuverse works: FSN

Route: Diverges from canon pre-VN

the prizes are up to the author to reveal information about

Lantz's fics / Re: Lantz's Fanfiction Contest
« on: May 14, 2015, 05:04:00 AM »
Story Title: Captive blossom

Readability (18 of 20)

Genre goal (30 of 40)

Characterization (75 of 100)

Community (30 of 75)

Creativity (45 of 50)

Uniqueness (25 of 50)

Appeal (2 of 5)

Fun factor (10 of 30)

With only Mike's single entry (sadly) the contest comes to a close.

ultimately the scores don't matter, fandom and fan fiction is about having fun with something you like.

that said as judge I'm going to explain my thoughts on the work and Mike, as author can feel free to post said work if he chooses.

readability: There are some awkward sentences but it is mostly readable on a technical level.

Genre Goal: As porn it works for what it is but I find it largely unsustainable outside of that.

Characterization: Sakura and Rider are a bit out of sorts here, granted it's porn but something seems very off about their chemistry.

Community: Granted Satoshi as a Berserker has no written read template but he was fairly mischaracterized here. He's flat and formal with his speech, his logic is too cold when it should be filled with nonsensical and hilarious leaps and emotionally charged and he refers to characters incorrectly, Ilya and Shirou mostly. Further while he is in the strictest sense bound to obey his master and would as a result (most unfortunately) rape Sakura in this context if ordered to. His mind would alter his speech to reflect a more positive situation as a result, as much for his own remaining sanity as for Sakura's well being. He's not evil after all.

creativity: I don't think Bell can be used like that to bind people (much less a Dragon) it's still a good idea, although throwing out the bad guy here is what marked it down

uniqueness: I can say that I've never seen something quite like this, the clichés are all that keep it from being better.

appeal: Not my cup of tea, sorry

Fun factor: it was rather dull in this respect, I just couldn't get into it.

Lantz's fics / Situational Shorts (discussion)
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:34:17 AM »
I'm doing a project, due to the varying nature of the stories i'm calling them situational shorts. However rather than just doing all the deciding myself and present something nice and packaged as a result I stumbled on a thought. Given the number of possible characters (over sixty from all four plus works) and the possible combinations thereof, I need a greater cross section of opinions and view points.

The premise is this, seven characters chosen from the total list (likely using a poll if BL can support sixty odd options total) along with a seeded eighth character (be they canon, fanon or otherwise) are paired up to interact in individual shorts with different themes (in example, stranded, trapped, sol compatibility and so on) all the characters will be paired together in this way. In addition there'll be two versions of the work, one with adult content and one without. They'll be fairly different as a result.

What I want is to generate some discussion, about possible themes, pairings, interactions, the stresses of the situations and/or prefered or interesting dynamics.

I'll be putting up a poll once I get the exact details of how that does/will have to work.

Until then I would encourage discussion of the subject.

Have at it guys.

Lantz's fics / Re: Lantz's Cosmology index.
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:27:56 AM »
Universe 0: Pre-Fate, the universe which according to Merlin contains greatest possibilities. It is the universe which contains the World's history prior to the events of the Fifth Grail War and the events in Misaki City.

Universe -x (e.g. -100): The designation for universes such as Fate/Prototype and KnK, which qualify as the base of later released works such as Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime

Universe +x (e.g. +100): The designation for alternate history universes such as Fate/Extra and so on.

Universe x/k (e.g. 100/2): The designation for alterations to the neutral-numbered timelines before Pre-Fate and prior to the events in Misaki City.

Universe 200: A universe wherein Sakura Matou learned to endure and control the Grail's curse post-Fate route. The events of this universe lead to the creation of the Caster-class Sakura known as The Black Witch.

Universe 201: The universe shown in Hospital Food Sucks, it is the origin of the Saber-class servant Mage Knight Rin.

Universe 202: A universe where Taiga Fujimura wound up killing Gilgamesh though a series of events and survived the curse of The Holy Grail, only to be driven insane. The Mad Tiger, a Berserker-class version of Taiga Fujimura is the resulting heroic spirit from these events.

Universe 203: The home universe of Kiritsugu Emiya, the child of Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka following the UBW True ending

Universe 204: The home universe of Shinjiro Emiya, the son of Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou following the HF True ending

Universe 205: After Shirou Emiya was sealed by the Mage Association, Sakura Matou took it upon herself to take revenge against the system which had not only caused the death of her friend but had previously destroyed her own life. From this, Sakura became a killer of Magi and thus qualified as a Heroic Spirit.

Universe 206: A universe containing the Vampire Apocalypse which Arturia Pendragon was intended to stop by returning from Avalon before Merlin interfered, causing that reality to splinter and be replaced with the Universe detailed in the story "Of Swords and Sorcery".

Universe 207: The universe which is detailed in "Shinji's Route".

Universe 208: The universe containing the story of Rin "Matou" Tohsaka, the "Witch of the Clock Tower".

Universe 209: The universe Containing the story "Neo Rome" where Nero rules the world.

Universe 210: The universe containing the story "Haunted", Post-MoS.

Universe 211: A universe where Shirou Emiya married Bazzet McRemitz.

Universe 212: A universe where Kiritsugu Emiya lived through the Fourth War and into the Fifth.

Universe 213: A universe detailing a polygamous relationship between Rin, Shirou and Saber following the UBW Good ending.

Universe 214: The universe containing the Forgotten Arms apartment complex.

Universe 215: The universe containing the Unity storyline.

Universe 216: The universe containing the Light of Destiny storyline.

Universe 217: the universe containing the Eclipse future timeline.

Universe 218: The universe of the "Mad God" Shirou Emiya, obsessed with reviving Saber post-HF.

Universe 219: The Universe known as Demon's Den where Magic and God do not exist. Instead, everyone possesses abilities called Fabrication of Will, similar to reality marbles.

Universe 220: The universe known as the Golden Garden, where Gilgamesh attained immortality.

Universe 221: the home Universe of Shirou Kotomine, possessor of Solomon's law and a Reality Marble involving a principle of theology rather than Emiya's swords.

Universe 222: A universe where the characters all work at a pizza place.

Universe 223: A universe where the characters are all from ninja clans.

Universe 224: A universe where the Hassan menace Fuyuki City under the command of Kotomine and are opposed by Kiritsugu Emiya and four heroes.

Universe 225: The universe where Crimson moon defeated Zelretch and no life remains among the stars.

Universe 226: A universe where Shiki Tohno slaughters humanity after being exposed to the Grail's curse.

Universe 227: The Black World, a universe where Dark Sakura took over planet Earth, enslaving the populace.

Universe 228: High Heaven, a world where angels watch over the earth.

Universe 229: Dimension X, a strange universe where everyone looks like Saber.

Universe 230: A universe where physics only applies to those who understand its principles.

Universe 231: A universe where telecommunications do not exist, as every attempt to create them results in a wrong number message.

Universe 232: The universe of the Order of Time, a group of knights awaiting the return of King Arthur.

Universe 233: A universe where Arturia Pendragon became the Queen of Knights as she never had to hide to identity as a woman.

Universe 234: A universe where all the characters are Muppets.

Universe 235: A universe where Caster succeeded in her plans in Unlimited Blade Works.

Universe 236: Zombie apocalypse universe.
Universe 237: The home universe of "Bat Emiya", a Shirou Emiya possessing no magical powers.

Universe 238: The universe where Shirou Emiya married Taiga Fujimura.

Universe 239: A universe where a time loop occurs as well as mass death and insanity until Rin Tohsaka becomes aware and the sole murder using a large machete.

Universe 240: A universe where everyone practices over-the-top, extreme versions of mundane sports and games.

Universe 241: The universe of G-Chan, a female Gilgamesh interested in Satoshi.

Universe 242: The home of the Dark King.

Universe 243: The home of the Queen of Puppets.

Universe 244: The home of the Red Queen.

Universe 245: The world of Fate/Play Set where everyone and everything is made of Lego.

Universe 246: A universe where Red Arc fights an immortal Arturia Pendragon after Shiki's death. The home of the "Vampire Pirate Ninja" version of Satsuki.

Universe 247: The Vampire universe.

Universe 248: A universe where Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh battle the evil of Shirou Emiya and his group of allies.

Universe 249: The Power Rangers/Sentai universe.

Universe 250: A universe where every servant summoned is a Saber resulting in the Saber Wars.

Universe 251: A Universe where every servant summoned is Arturia Pendragon resulting in a total cease fire in the Grail War.

Universe 252: The Sakura Wars story line, in which every version of Sakura Matou is summoned as a Heroic spirit.

Universe 253: A universe where Archer succeeds in UBW and discovers the ultimate truth.

Universe 254: a Universe where Kohaku rules the world with her army of Mecha Hisui.

Universe 255: the world of "A Promise Kept".

Universe 256: The Universe of Maison Emiya, where maids await a master for the large mansion.

Universe 257: The Campiverse, where everything plays out like a campy TV show.

Universe 258: Bizzaro world, where everything is the opposite of normalcy.

Universe 259: The repeating universe.

Universe 259: The repeating universe.

Universe 260: The Deja-vu universe.

Universe 261: a universe where the Age of the Gods never ended.

Universe 262: The universe of the story "Super Magic Battle Academy", where the characters are all students and teachers in a facility intended to train their skill against the Types of other worlds beyond the solar system.

Universe 263: A bizarre universe where Gilgamesh and Enkidu are revealed to be future versions of Shirou Emiya and Saber.

Universe 264: A universe where Shirou Emiya became the world's greatest hero.

Universe 265: a universe where Shirou Emiya became the only Master in the Fifth War.

Universe 266: The universe of the Inescapable storyline.

Universe 267: A universe where Shirou Emiya became a hero alongside his wife Sakura Matou, this universe is the origin of the Heroic Spirit version of Sakura as an Archer.

Universe 268: The universe in which Satoshi became legal counsel for Shirou Emiya and caused his death sentence to be overturned.

Universe 269: The universe occupied a maddened Arturia Pendragon.

Universe 270: The world detailed in the Smoking Gun storyline.

Universe 271: A universe where Arturia Pendragon became Type Earth and rules the planet.

Universe 272: The universe detailed in the Borders of Fate storyline.

Universe 273: The world detailed in the Blood of Kings storyline.

Universe 274: A universe where the crew of the EF Starship Destiny under Captain Archer sails the stars.

Universe 275: A lifeless world where the sun went supernova.

Fan Clubs / Re: Cherry Blossom Club
« on: April 26, 2015, 09:45:50 PM »
I'm offended

her ribbon is disobeying physics :p

Lantz's fics / The Infinite Road, a Meta drabble/one shot thread
« on: April 18, 2015, 12:34:37 AM »
In a large room with a black carpet and off-white walls, three people sit on a long couch made for five occupants. They are the Heroic Spirit Emiya, Arturia Pendragon and a man called Lantz.

"Okay, I understand how Saber loses, but why?" Archer asked.

"Enough Archer! You embarrassed me just bringing up the loss. Has time hardened your heart so much that you would ask me to hear the story over again?" Saber stated, intercepting the question.

Archer was taken aback by the pain he had caused her, but the third of the group Lantz just shrugged.

"It's infinite possibilities, you have to lose to Gilgamesh eventually", he said, standing up from the sofa. "Now introduce the format and content, I need caffeine in soda form...", he added, trailing off as he left for the kitchen.

The two heroes looked puzzled for a moment, until they found the correct area of the far wall.

"Er, right. So this is a meta-theater. Lantz is using this as a format to do several things at once as he hates to individualize things", Archer began.

"In addition to posting scenes or short prototype ideas, Lantz is using this meta-theater to answer questions raised, either through his words or by the character in question. Think of it as backstage interviews with the cast and crew in a way", Saber added, fussing with her blouse slightly.

Archer nodded ."He'll also be explaining concepts and certain issues to facilitate better understanding of how he views the Nasuverse and fiction in general."

"You forgot about the part where not just Type-Moon characters can come to comment on or appear in these scenes and the part about mini requests", Lantz said, having returned from the kitchen with snacks in one arm and cans of Yoohoo in the other.

"Mini requests are where the Mongrels in the audience can make simple requests, such as 'write a scene with X characters'. It has to be a reasonable size for the format, however. As for the characters, other than Saber and her Mongrel pets like this faker, Lantz is correct. However, as it is clear that those reading want quality commentary and I, their King am already here to give my opinion, these other characters hardly matter. My subjects already know they need no other opinion than mine to guide their tastes.”

The echo from the hallway was none other than the voice of the King of Heroes and, as the first King turned the corner to come into view of the others, the two heroes let out a groan, whilst Lantz merely took his seat.

"Enkidu, over a table, being gangbanged by Rider, Dark Sakura, Satoshi and Fem Kirei while you're made to watch", Lantz announced, drawing looks from the three others.

"Technically, I only have hard rules against Yaoi and Loli content. I hate NTR with the blazing passion only surpassed in equal measure by my love of transforming heroes, and I have a dislike of heterosexual incest content but, strictly speaking, I'll write the other two if the context or reader request is big enough", Lantz stated, frowning as he cracked the seal of the can of chocolate drink.

Gilgamesh stared at the man. "You wouldn't dare", he spat.

Lantz shrugged and, as he turned to the far wall, he said "I can't sing opera God damn it". The odd statement seemed to say “the topic is over, move along”.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, this is the Infinite Road, it's more or less a framing device that collided with my inner thought process. It's like Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand or the Super Mario Super Show. There's this segment and then a scene of some kind and then another scene like this and so on. The purposes of this thread should be clear by now but if you misread something feel free to ask in the thread, questions too but be polite and if you're going to text wall make sure the questions are defined clearly so I, or they, can answer them properly", he added, switching on the TV.

Scene one: God Hand Episode One

Twelve men had stood and eleven were dead.

Archer smirked in a grim way. "It seems like my attempt to save myself has created quite a mess...still...I can't say I regret it."

Archer's words were honored by the attention of the beast who stood before him. A mass of horror known as Neros Chaos, to call it an animal would be generous to it.

It laughed and spouted some drivel about its surprise at Archer's position,

Then, like Kirei Kotomine, he began to monologue at Archer about this and that. Archer had figured that it was trying to instill fear in him, but it was hard to scare a dead man, and Archer wasn't one to waste the opportunity.

Once he found that Archer was unafraid of his posturing, Chaos attacked in his usual way, the outcome of this was so obviously failure that it bears no need for description, if only to save the vampiric monster some face.

Unfortunately Chaos was not adept in the matters of Servants and so his next attack caused him to be caught by Archer's full brunt assault of replica weapons, which exploded on contact, engulfing Chaos and the hotel in a swath of light and pain.

As the six hundred and sixty six lives were extinguished along with two thirds of the hotel Archer knew that he would be blamed as a terrorist. He smiled at that, reputation didn't matter for him and so he could only smile from today's work. He had killed a monster, unlike a human there was no moral code nagging at him, no soul crushing compromise to repress for the sake of his path.

As he walked away from the rubble, Arcueid waved to him, smiling cheerfully.

Scene end.

"So it's not just the boy who gets all the women, it's his father as well?" Gilgamesh scoffed.

"Strictly speaking the point of eroge is exactly that, and I was the main character, after all", Archer laughed.

Lantz sighed. "First off, they are friends, secondly there's a long editorial reason for why Satoshi was featured as a character in that adult content and lastly. And, follow me here, fandoms are exceptionally terrible places in regards to character relationships. Harems are, in large part, bullshit. If Shirou picks Saber then it's unreasonable to expect the other characters to keep pining for his dick, the joke is old at minute eight, I don't need thirty chapters to draw it out, this is why the fandom for Sword Art Online and Love Hina suck. Look Kirito clearly likes Asuna, they got married, they had a kid, yes not physically but spirituality and they faced death together. Hell in the next arc he fights off a crazy mad scientist rapist arranged husband she was going to have to marry. Game over mother fucker, they be all but official.

And Keitaro, that fucker never paid attention to the rest even remotely and he marries Naru in the last volume. You can fight for your favorite girl all you want in a harem anime but being realistic in a story overall if she gets the guy or he gets the girl the rest of the cast is freed of the obligation to that main character. As such, other characters should be able to form relationships, but it's not like that. It's canon only, it has to be the safe accepted people, that's not how life works. If the relationships are believable then it shouldn't matter who the characters are, canon, fanon, original character or whomsoever."

Lantz grabbed another Yoohoo and opened it. "I'm a romantic, both in the romance context and in the adventure sense. I've been avoiding writing romance because of the nature of fandoms and the response I've gotten coupled with the sheer lack of good male characters in the Nasuverse. The whole thing just annoys me."

Saber stood up and looked from the three men to the wall. "Send questions and comments in the comments below, we'll try to answer in a timely manner."

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