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The force of the blow would have been pretty devastating if not for the fact she could also regenerate. "Kuh, it's not like me either, getting trashed around like that!" She exclaimed in frustration at her mistake. Thankfully, the attack propelled her enough to put some distance between them.

Her tactic of switching to her more powerful but slower form when she was in Bey's range paid off only partly after all. She was able to deliver rather powerful attack, but her opponent managed to exploit Rikuyo's speed and reactions slowing down and countered too fast for her. She had no choice but too count on her regeneration again. She at least learned one thing: her foe was too fast for her trick to work. She had no choice but to whittle down him first. Maintain her speed and circle her like a wolf or shark and snipe at him from range. After all she could use her energy attacks. She couldn't afford to charge up, so she would just attack in small, quick bursts, hopping quickly from a tree to a rock and other obstacles and so on to hopefully not get caught again.

"Eh? Tired already? Kahahhaa!" Bey did not stop his assault the moment the punch connected; as soon as she was propelled backwards, he followed. The force behind his strike was enough that it propelled her backwards, but he was sure he'd get closer to her. "Playing defensive is only going to get you killed. You see, I don't like letting my prey get away." His speeches does not stop his movements, and it was much akin to a dog barking and chasing something smaller than it for the sole sake of toying with it. If anything was launched at him from the distance, he'd take it and seek to deliver his own set of multiple punches in the blink of an eye.


Heh. Have he ran into certain someone or that was just a coincidence? Such thought flashed in her mind as he was introducing himself, with words that probably carried some meaning, but didn't tell her much.

Starting off with a form that favored strength was her mistake. A reckless beast he was, but he was much faster than her when she didn't prioritize speed. The strike sent her flying, crashing into one of rock formations, the damage to her guts healing, but still setting off all her pain receptors. For a maniac like her, any serious pain was a welcomed reminder that she ought to put effort into what she was doing at the moment. Adapt or die, eh?

So she decided to assume a mantle of wolf's leaner, swifter cousin. Wild dogs from a certain dark continent were much faster than wolves, so betting on one's speed was better here. She springed back to action, looking less imposing, but her wild looks not diminishing at all. She probably would react somewhat slower than her peak because of her injury, but she would be able to react much better than before anyway.

"Tch, warm up? I'm already on fire, heh!" She exclaimed in fervor as she leaped towards Bey, attempting to deliver a blow anywhere she could land it. She wondered how durable he actually was?


He stood still as the attack came towards him; after all, all his experience with previous encounters ever since acquiring this ability had reached the same conclusion: nobody was able to harm him. Considering the circumstances and difference between their powers, he assumed the strike would barely scratch him -- but he was wrong. Taking the punch full force to his stomach, his face contorts in pain and his internal organs almost turn into mush. "You damn dog... I didn't think you'd be able to hurt me like this. But, y'know, it's been a while since I felt pain like this. A really long while." The wounds he sustained from the punch had since healed in a blink of an eye, and, with a wide smile, he counters with his own, taking advantage of his superior speed and the fact the woman decided to get into his own range and attempting to deliver a powerful uppercut to her gut.


The albino challenger looked moderately surprised. A shapeshifting form. And that of a wolf, too. "That name and form... You know, you kinda remind me of someone. Someone I really don't like..." That had done it. He was probably really pissed off now. Bey's own pupils glowed in crimson, signaling his will to fight this girl. "Number IV of the Longinus Dreizehn Order's Obsidian Round Table, First Lieutenant Wilhelm Ehrenburg, Kaziklu Bey." With introductions over, the battle begun. Closing in the distance between himself and the werewolf-like woman in the blink of an eye, he sought to deliever a rapid strike to the girl's abdomen. Even on his base state, his strikes carry fearsome power and velocity, despite their complete lack of grace and technique. "Y'know, I'm feelin' quite geneorus. Been quiet a while since I fought someone like this, so I'll let you warm up first."


"Kehahaaha! You don't know what excuse means? You dumb or something, kid?" The laughter the albino man sounded came abruptly, as if he had heard a joke of the highest quality. "Y'know, even if you dress like a bum, thought you'd knew at least basic manners for your age. But maybe you really were too much of a dumbass to learn anything you were taught!" He raises his right hand to his chest, adjusts his glove and curls his fingers inward. "Don't worry. Uncle Bey is gonna teach you some proper manners. I'll make sure they're drilled into your head well enough." And, in that moment, an overwhelming power equaling to hundreds if not thousands of souls exploded. The sensation of the area suddenly felt much more cramped; as if an agglomerate of people just appeared out of nowhere. "First things first, state your name, kid. That's one of the rules of the battlefield."

It seems this is one you can't talk him out of. The albino bastard was ready to give her a beating.



It was a voice that came from nowhere. The voice had no presence up until now, being unable to be found by mere instinct. As a creature of the night, Bey had a high affinity for making it extremely hard to find him. That, however, can be counterintuitive, as it just happened now. "Y'know.." The pale man finally decides to show himself, rising from behind a rather large rock he was using as shade for the sunlight. His eyes dart up and down Rikuyo's frame, taking a good, good look into the girl's appearance. "You don't come to someone's bedroom dressed like a stray bitch and wake them up, you damn brat!" The change in voice came as sudden. The albino's voice, previously being calm as a still sea with no emotion showing, suddenly exploded with overwhelming bloodlust. "Oh, you've got me going now. You better have an excuse, y'know. I haven't had fun in a really long time."  The grim on his face is not the least subtle; almost like a wolf smirking down on its prey, it shows the vampire is as serious as can be.

Name: Wilhelm Ehrenburg, but people usually call him by his alias, "Kaziklu Bey"

Race: Human

Age: Exact age unknown; likely within his seventies

Height: 182cm

Weight: 73kg

Spoiler for Yetzirah:
Spoiler for Be'riah:

Physical Attributes

Strength: Heroic (Legendary)

Agility: Heroic (Legendary)

Constitution: Godly Incredible

Magic: None. However, Bey is infused by the sorcery of a certain mercurial being, called Ewigkeit.

Other Abilities:

Ewigkeit: The source of Bey's powers. By utilizing souls as fuel, one can ascend to heights unimaginable. There is a detail to Ewigkeit's function, however: One must constantly consume souls to serve as literal fuel. While using their supernatural abilities and powers, taking hits, and many other functions related to Ewigkeit, the souls will be burned and the user's power will wane. Once their stock of souls runs out, one may use their own souls as fuel to maintain their power, but that would come at the price of their life after constant use. There also is a limit of souls a physical body can hold, which varies per person, but Bey's limit is capped at eight thousand souls.

Ewigkeit is manifested by absorbing an Ahnenerbe, a relic that was used for murder.

Ewigkeit is a sorcery of four stages: Assiah, Yetzirah, Be'riah and Atziluth, and there are many more functions related to it unrelated to the absorption of souls. Bey, however, only has been able to reach Be'riah. His stages and other powers will be described below.

Immortality: As both a vampire AND Ewigkeit user, Bey is immortal, and cannot die from mundane means. Age, poison, alcohol, oxygen and many other things are of no concern to him. He can still die in combat when enough damage is taken, and past the age of three hundred, his soul will simply give out and cease existing, and thus, so would he.

Regeneration: Ewigkeit can consume souls to heal the user's wounds. Depending on the wielder, it functions as fast-speed regeneration, and Bey possesses an extremely high affinity with this thanks to the nature of his Ahnenerbe. He can regenerate lost limbs mid-battle in the blink of an eye, but it is not an instantaneous -- it's actually possible to outspeed his regeneration with fast enough attacks. He could regenerate from almost anything as long, as a limb remained intact and he had enough souls to burn, but that is extremely tiring and consuming. In fact, regenerating in the middle of the battle with an opponent who could break through his armor could be counter-intuitive, as he would get gradually weaker as he consumed his stock of souls.

Enchanced Physical Attributes: Bey's amazing physical properties are related to using souls for Ewigkeit. Suppressing his power is possible to save souls, but it stills put him beyond the reach of any normal human. Thanks the unique properties of his Ahnenerbe, he also gains heightened senses during the night.

Ahnenerbe: The Blood of Qliphoth: Bey's Ahnenerbe is the dark blood of Vlad the Impaler. By itself, it doesn't really possess any special properties, but Ewigkeit draws out its true nature as a consumer of souls. It turns Bey into a pseudo-vampire, and, despite being a human, he gains all the weaknesses and qualities of a stereotypical vampire, from none at base state to all of them during his Be'riah. Things such as Stakes, Crosses, Silver Bullets, and many other things could pierce through his Ewigkeit's defense and harm him in a way that would be much harder to regenerate from, potentially being lethal.

Assiah: Within this stage, Bey can activate the properties of his Ewigkeit without truly manifesting it. He gains heightened instincts and strength during the night.

Yetzirah: Bey manifests The Blood of Qliphoth physically, which alters his appearance, as it is fused with him. His sclera turns pitch black and his pupils become a darker shade of red, his fangs become more pronounced, he protrudes blood thorns from his body and acquires the ability to shoot out dozens of stakes of blood. By this stage, he acquires some, but not all, of your stereotypical vampire weaknesses; a stake still can't affect him and neither can you turn him away with crosses, but fire and other holy relics can cause alot of damage.

Be'riah - Der Rosenkavalier Schwarzwald: Bey's Be'riah is of the Hegemony type, in the sense that he can create an entirely new dimension where his powers reach new heights. In this dimension, an artificial night is created, turning day into night. In fact, this can be very well considered the bowels of Bey himself: He has knowledge of all who are within that enclosed space, he can teleport within anywhere within it, his attributes grow to Legendary rank, he can create dozens of stakes at once from any point within it: within his bowels, he is king. It's true property, however, is that of draining and plundering: He absorbs the life force and power of anyone within this dimension passively and gains their power for himself, empowering his speed, strength, regeneration to unseen heights, growing stronger the stronger his opponent is. When used within a natural night, an overlapping night is created, making Bey even more powerful than before. Its true form, acquired through very specific situations, allows him to create an inescapable forest of thorns together with bolstering all other properties. However, despite all those overwhelming qualities, it comes with various drawbacks:

Within this form, Bey's weaknesses reach their apex, and anything that could be used to kill a fictional vampire works full power on Bey. Another weakness is that even the most powerful of Creation Figments could be maintained for a few hours at most. Bey's, being overwhelming even compared to his peers and superiors, can only function for about an hour and it weakness the more people is within its effective range. Not only that, exceedingly powerful beings can cause it to go dysfunctional and simply cease existing from the combination of all targets and their overwhelming presence. 
In this world, the overwhelming power of Bey's Be'riah is sealed, and he cannot access it at will.

Mental Fortitude: Bey COULD be surprisingly composed when the situation calls. He could use a concentration that could make even the best snipers bow down to him and precision that Eagles would lust after, but he thinks to fight this way is more trouble than it's worth and would never really take advantage of it. It simply doesn't sit well with him.

Military Regiment: Bey has undertaken military regiment and had even had reached the rank of First Lieutenant within the Schutzstaffel. He possesses a high knowledge of CQC fighting techniques, how to fight within battlefields and could be a surprisingly effective squad captain... That is if he had any desire to. The truth of the matter is, the same thing applies as above; it simply isn't his way of doing things. He'd rather fight with raw strength and instinct.

Vampirism: As a vampire, Bey shuns all light. He can drink blood and all other clichés, but it's not something he needs to do. Ewigkeit covers for his weaknesses, but the closer to his desire he reaches, the more pronounced they become, as noted above. Also, as a combination of being both an albino AND a vampire, sunlight is highly destructive to him; at his base form, Ewigkeit protects him, but at later stages sunlight could potentially be devastating. Thus, he prefers to avoid confrontations during the day.

Equipment: None notable

Origin: A man with a long criminal record who served as a First Lieutenant for the infamous 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS. He was also a member of the Longinus Dreizehn Order's Obsidian Round Table, a group of Nazi officers who dabbled in the occult, serving as Number IV, Kaziklu Bey. Somehow, while he was in America, he got himself a tad bit too drunk after suppressing his alcohol tolerance and found himself awoken within this new world, probably thanks to his magical origin. That's about as much as you'd get from him; he doesn't enjoy dabbling in his past, or any of that teary-eyed crap.

Weaknesses: Fights like an animal with no real technique or strategy, and he's also pretty arrogant. Also, he seems to dislike people with the same hair color as him. Albino pride!
Vampirism: As a vampire, Bey shuns all light. He can drink blood and all other clichés, but it's not something he needs to do. Ewigkeit covers for his weaknesses, but the closer to his desire he reaches, the more pronounced they become, as noted above. Also, as a combination of being both an albino AND a vampire, sunlight is highly destructive to him; at his base form, Ewigkeit protects him, but at later stages sunlight could potentially be devastating. Thus, he prefers to avoid confrontations during the day.
Vampire Slaying: As an additional detail to the above, Bey's regeneration ceases to function at full potency when faced against vampire-slaying tools. A wound that'd take a split second to regenerate could take hours on end to fully heal.

Likes: Getting drunk, the night, enjoying himself, blood, and other healthy habits such as eating his lovers!

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