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Hey everyone, I'm gonna restart the Grand Adventure again.  The rules and characters template remains the same, but I also decided to accept co-mods so that I can handle it more easily.

Of course, you can just used your previous character by just stating that you're reusing it.  I also plan on creating a combat rules, which I wish to discuss anyone who decided to be a co-mod for this.

Now that's everything, I'm gonna find a way to make my own server... Or a chanel once I find a way to join back on the DSM.

Name: Azure Northern Wind, Dragon Spirit of the Sun

Race: Human (Chosen of the Unconquered Sun)

Age: 24 (Looked like 18)

Height: 6"8

Weight: 198lbs

Appearance: Azure have brown hair and blue eyes, he wear a black shirt underneath of his longcoat made of moonsilvers, a black pant with a pair of leather boots, and pair of leather gauntlets.  If he use his power continuously, Azure's forehead will glow a golden ring with a gold disk within it.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible​
Agility: Incredible
Constitution: Incredible(Fantastic due to High Resistance)

Other Abilities
Chosen of the Sun: Azure had been blessed by the Unconquered Sun, granted him the ability to surpass human's limits; his lifespan increased​ to thousands of years, capable of surpassing gods, kick people's​ ass in an awesome way, to even achieve things that would've​ been impossible; his abilities are either granted or enhance upon being Exalted.

The Oath of the Sun: As the Chosen of Eclipse, Azure - if he witness an oath being made - can chanel his essence to sanctify an oath to strengthen the bond; Azure must shake hands to the one making an oath, or touch the hands of those who were party to it.  Breaking an oath will bring a terrible luck to the oathbreaker, and can happen in a worse possible moment.

Talented Generalist: Another Anima Power from the Eclipse Caste, Azure is capable of learning other abilities of other type of Exalt - if being taught by the right teacher.  However, it will take far longer than usual to learn.

Master Swordsman: Azure mastered the arts of using his longsword, to the point that he's currently training the use of Even Blade style(a Terrestrial Martial Arts style that use sword as a form weapon).  More info about such style can be read in below.

Expert Martial Artist: Azure - while not a master - has learned many forms of martial arts style; he had learned the Black Claw - a Celestial Martial Arts that use misdirection, perception and love as a weapon - First Pulse - a Terrestrial Martial Arts focusing on Street Fight - and the Falling Blossom style - another Terrestrial Martial Arts usually practice by the Cult of the Illuminated.  More info about them can be read on below.

Even Blade Style: A famous Terrestrial Martial Arts in Creation; made by three different Masters(Master Azure Crane, Master Chaowin Registrophe, and Master Zu Ra Te), it is popular for both it's quickness and origin.  It uses slashing sword as a form weapon, the students must be a competent Swordsman before being taught.  It's techniques​ boils down to quickly attack an enemy and always staying calm, while focusing on the surrounding as he becomes agile.

Black Claw style: A Celestial Martial Arts that use misdirection, perception and love as a weapon.  Learning the Black Claw style will always cause a students to fall in love with their teacher, due to the nature of the Martial Art required to be exposed by the innermost heart of their teacher, becoming inseparable; the Black Claw style can be use to fool people(example: a Black Claw user attack an opponent first and said opponent return the favor, but people are convinced that it was the other way around).

First Pulse Style: A Terrestrial Martial Art that is less sophisticated enough to not be above street fighting.  It can use any improvise weapons as a form weapons​, as well as cestus and boots.  Most of the technique revolve around beating people up while either drawing attention to bystander or defend from any unexpected attack.

Falling Blossom style: A Martial Art style normally practice by the members of "Cult of the Illuminated", teaching practitioner to value Creation and the Solar - known only as the Golden Ones - in contemplation; it's form weapons is knives and swords.  Azure, being a former member of such cult, practice this style prior to leaving the cult and becoming a Solar.  All of his technique relied on Azure's ability to evade an enemies or taking a hit for those he's defending.

Merchant Traveler: Even before he was an Exalt, Azure was well on his way to become a traveling merchant.  Becoming a Solar allowed Azure to be even better at merchandise, being able to know the quality and the prices more easily.  Azure is capable of convincing other of his store while making every merchandise have as low cost as possible, he is also capable of carrying heavier bag than normal.

Exalted Healing: As long as his wounds isn't grievous, and his limb didn't severed, Azure can regenerate from any injury he had been inflicted.

Language Master: As an Eclipse Solar, it is obvious that Azure can learn many different languages from other lands and cities.  He has learn the tongue of the Low Realms, the language of the Forest-tongue, and even the High Realms, while still holding his native tongue of Riverspeak.  Surprisingly, while he only learned High Realms after his Exaltation, Azure learned the rest from the time before he became a Solar; this is because Azure is a traveling merchant, he had to learn other languages to prepare for a stay in a different land.  He did pick them up in his travel.

High Resistance: Azure can take more punishment than any human as the chosen of the sun.  While it's grant Azure even more durable and allow him to cross hazardous environment - such as disease, low radiation areas, and even poisonous gas - it's goes beyond it.  Sleep is unnecessary for few days, falling from buildings without a scratch, bullets ricocheted from his skins, many weapons will break upon impact, and even environmental​ threats - save for some in his weakness - could only shrugged him off.

Dragon Blade: A longsword Azure favored, the handle are gold with leather to make the wielder comfortable, while the blade is pure silver with words carved into the blade written in Old Realms, a language Azure doesn't understand it.  While Azure can boost it's power through his essence, the blade can change form if wielded by a Lunar(As the silver blade are made of Moonsilver - which is considered sacred by the Lunar).

Coat of the Moon: His silver longcoat was found in the ruin Azure entered after being Exalt; there's lines that can glow depending on the phases of the moon or the sun.  Unlike the Dragon Blade, it does not change form; rather it's abilities and resistance varies depending on the phase of the moon(Example: The coat give him more strength and speed during the full moon; while Waxing Moon, Half Moon, and Waning Moon phase cause Azure to be more convincing).

Merchant Bag: Bags containing many different items use for selling to customers.  It's contains some small weapons, lighter armors, fresh foods, supplies, and anything you need.

Origin: Before he became Dragon Spirit of the Sun, he was a young man by the name of Azure Northern Wind, a native of Scavenger Lands.  Being given birth by a mother from the northern land and a father from the East, only Azure's father raised him before a tragedy killed his father; Azure was later become a traveling merchant to find his mother.

Of course, Azure was already aware of the danger Creation brought forth, so he began to trained himself with Martial Arts, not disciplined but have passion for it.  He once learned the Falling Blossom style from his time spent with the Cult of the Illuminated, which he is unaware that the cultists consist  with Anathemas - Demons wearing the skins of a human - Terrestrial and even the Sidereals.

The day he became Dragon Spirit of the Sun, he left the Illuminated Light after finding out the truth of it.  He left not because it has Anathema and Sidereals, but because of how the Sidereals manipulated​ everyone and controlled them for their own reasons - which violate people's​ trust mind you.

After he became a Solar, he traveled throughout​ Creation, selling and buying wares for Azure to continue his business; he once met a woman who would eventually taught Azure the Black Claw style; as for how Azure has gotten into the Nexus, maybe he had gotten lost and decided to take a nap, or maybe he traveled through the desert of Cecelyne.

Breathing: Despite having the power to do awesome stuff, Azure still need to breathe.  As such, he can still drown, fall victim to gasses that can affect his breathing.

Honesty: Azure cannot lied no matter what; he may only omitted the truth, but he cannot make any lies - including half lies.

Disease and Poison: He is not completely​ immune to such thing.  While none can kill him anymore, he can still be weakened by a rare few of poison or diseases.

Virtual Flaws: Inescapable Guilt: A great curse inflicted by the dead Primordial of the old, manifest in a form seeing vision of people whom he wronged on, causing him to be sheltered​ by himself.  This can only manifest by commiting atrocities, such as killing fleeing and defenseless people, commiting genocide, murdering, stealing and looting, etc.  Killing soldiers on the battlefield does not count.

Lifesaver: Azure will not kill any innocent people, making very sure that there would be no innocent bystander that would be in risk; this, however, will cause him to be more affected​ by the Great Curse if he committed such act.

Likes: On a merchant business, sharing things with people, getting friends​, helping others, offering foods.

Dislikes: Bad decision, child abuse, slavery, stealing, murder, and hypocrite.

Role Playing / Re: Fate/Grand Adventure Combat Rules
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:10:51 AM »
[Defensive Point]

You know about something about RP without Stat? It'll take long, way too long in a fight for one guys to be KO, and there's some who don't want to use dice roll for everything​.

This is where the Defensive Point come in.

You'll recognize it from the Stats content as DP.  Defensive Point, also be known as Dodge Point, is a feat where you has to spend a certain number of DP to either reduced the damage coming from the enemy or fully evade it.  Usually, all normal technique can be fully​ dodge by spending 4 DP.

There are four way to use DP strategically: one-quarter damage(1/4), half-damage(2/4 or 1/2), three quarter damage (3/4), and full dodge(4/4).

Be note that there's some technique can raise the cost of DP to fully dodge.  For example, if an enemy have a technique with +1 DP, then you had to spend a total of 5 DP to fully dodge them; and with a technique with +4 DP, spending 4 DP is considered taking half-damage.

However, there are certain ability that can reduce the cost, and a passive ability that - if being hit by a certain element - then not only you can absorb it without taking damage, it cost no DP to even dodge it.

[Positive and Negative Status Effect]
Like any classic RPG, there will be Status Ailments, Bluff and Debuff.

Some technique may have other conditioning effect that could buff their allies and/or themselves, or debuff on their enemies.  Note that you cannot two instances of the same kinds; for example, you cannot be inflicted by [Poison] if you're still under the effect of poison.  Like any offensive technique, you can spend DP to reduce the number of turns or damage that you would from the effect.

There's a list for all status ailments, buff and debuff:

Spoiler for Negative Status Effect:
Short Terms Effect
[Burn (x)]: Unit take x damage for 4 turn, can be from being in extreme heat; damage can kill burnt unit.
[Poison (x)]: Unit take x damage for 4 turn, from being poisoned by toxic agent; damage can only reduce to 1 on poisoned unit.
[Headache (x)]: Unit lose x MP for 4 turns, don't ask how that work.
[Hinder (x): Unit's offensive technique will be sluggish or less precise than normal, reducing the cost of DP by x for 4 turn.  Cannot make any Technique cost less than 1 DP to dodge.
[Ability Seal (x)]: Prevent x amount of ability to be use for 4 turn.
[Technique Seal (x): Prevent x amount of Technique to be use for 4 turn.
[Drain (x)]: For 4 turns, the amount of damage​ you receive will the x amount of health the enemy will recover.
[Curse (x)]: For x amount of turn, you are unable to recover or regenerate any HP or SP from anything, including direct healing, regeneration, etc.

Long Term Effect
[Wounds (x)]: Until it is cure, target will take x amount of damage from wounds.
[Silence (x)]: For x turns, unit will be unable to use any Techniques​ that use MP.
[NP Seal (x)]: For x turns, target will be unable to use Noble Phantasm.
[Rule Breaker (x)]: For x turns, you will be unable to use CP and unable to use all Servants.
[Charm (x)]: For x turns, targeted Servants will act as the Charmer's Servants; cannot use CP on them.

Turn-Affecting Effect
[Paralyze (x)]: You are unable to act for x turns.
[Lull (x)]: For x turns, you are unable to take action in any ways.  This effect can be expelled shortly by being attacked.
[Stun]: Unit cannot take action for a single turns.

Debuff Effect
[Break {Type} (x)]: For 4 turns, units receive additional x damage from incoming {Type}.
[[Element] down (x)]: For 4 turns, technique deal x less [Element] damage.
[{Type} down (x)]: For 4 turns, technique will deal x less damage from certain {Type}
[Hamper (x): Unit deal x less damage from all technique for 4 turns.
[Softer (x): Unit receive additional x damage from all attack for 4 turn.
[Despair (x)]: Targeted unit cannot be buff for x amount of.  Cannot remove the buff that is already in effect and must wait for a full turn to reapply the target.
[Dispell (x)]: Remove x buffs from the target.
Spoiler for Positive Status Effects​:
Healing and Dodging Effect
[Slow Healing (x)]: For 4 turns, unit regain x amount of health in each turns.
[Regeneration (x)]: Unit regain x amount of health in each turns till the end of battle.
[Agility (x)]: For x turns, unit will grant a free 1/4 dodge from incoming attack so long as DP is use; must wait for a full turn to reapply it.

Buff Effect
[Protection {Type}]: Any damage from incoming {Type} will be reduce by x for 4 turns.
[Strengthen​ {Type} (x)]: Target's {Type} attack will be increase by x for 4 turns.
[Barrier (x): For 4 turns, all incoming attack will be reduce by x.
[NP Regeneration (x)]: Unit regain x percent of NP for 4 turns.
[Strengthen NP (x): Unit's NP will be increased by x for 4 turns.

Restoration/Purity​ Effect
[Vega (x)]: Become immune to all negative effect for x turns.  Does not remove status ailments already in effect; each turns are separate buff against​ [Dispel (x)].
[Cleanse (x)]: Dispell x amount of Debuff from an ally.

Turn Affecting​
[Haste (x)]: For x turns, unit can take additional action in a single turns.  Must wait for one full turns after it's wear off before it reapply on the same unit.
[Invincible (x): For x turns, unit cannot take any damages.  Must wait one full turn after it's wear off to apply on the same unit.
[Armor Piercer (x)]: For x turns, unit can damage invincible foes.

Role Playing / Re: Fate/Grand Adventure Combat Rules
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Traits are the special characteristics of each characters that possess; be it physical, mental, or even spiritual, they are all special characteristics.  These can range from glaring different - such as Undead, Heroic Spirit, and Humans - to subtle one - like Class and Fighting Style.

Traits are usually affect the character, but Masters could also affect their Servants that aren't control by another RPers; each traits have their own positive and corresponding negative effect.

However, there are restriction and rules... AND YOU MUST OBEY THEM!!!!

... Sorry for my outburst...

Here are the restriction:
1) No matter who your​ characters are, no one can have more than three traits, and all characters will start with three trait.  However, if there's a certain moment that could greatly impact your characters, that traits will be change to reflect that character's state.
2) No traits can have a total of six positive effect from their traits.  Each [Element] count as one positive effect, while each {Type} count as two.
3) No characters can have more than 3 offensive effect from traits.  Each [Element] and {Type} are the same as the above.
4) Each positive effect must have the corresponding negative effect in each traits; Offensive Weakness (-1 damage dealt with...) are forbidden​from all traits.
Example #1:
[Heroic Spirit]: +1 defense against [Spirit], [Light] and [Energy]; +1 damage taken from {Burst}.
[Caster Class]: +1 damage dealt with {Arts}, +1 damage taken from [Slashing] and [Piercing].
[Witchcraft]: +2 defense against [Mental], +1 damage taken from [Spirits].

This is invalid because rules #4 is broken; [Heroic Spirit] have three positive effect, but only have 2 negative effect as {Type} count as two, while [Witchcraft] have 1 negative effect instead of 2 as it should have with the positive effect.  It's shoud be:

[Heroic Spirit]: +1 defense against [Spirit] and [Light]; +1 damage taken from {Burst}.
[Caster Class]: +1 damage dealt with {Arts}, +1 damage taken from [Slashing] and [Piercing].
[Witchcraft]: +2 defense against [Mental], +2 damage taken from [Spirits].
Example #2:
[Demi-Servant]: +1 damage dealt with [Spirit] and [Energy], +2 damage taken from [Cold].
[Magus]: +1 damage dealt with {Arts}, +2 damage taken from [Spirit]
[Enforcer]: +1 defense against {Burst}, +1 damage taken from [Lightning] and [Cold].

This one break rule #3; it has four offensive positive effect, instead of three.  The best way to fix it is by changing into:

[Demi-Servant]: +1 damage dealt with [Energy], +2 damage taken from [Cold].
[Magus]: +1 damage dealt with {Arts}, +2 damage taken from [Spirit]
[Enforcer]: +1 defense against {Burst}, +1 damage taken from [Lightning] and [Cold].
Example #3:
[Magus]: +1 damage dealt with {Arts} and [Energy]; +3 damage taken from [Spirit].
[Master]: +2 defense against [Mental] and [Energy]; +4 damage taken from [Slashing].
[Summoner]: +1 defense against [Fire]; +1 damage taken from [Water].

This one break rule #2, they have 8 positive effect, passing through the limit of 6.  This is how you fix it:

[Magus]: +1 damage dealt with [Energy]; +1 damage taken from [Spirit].
[Master]: +2 defense against [Mental] and [Energy]; +4 damage taken from [Slashing].
[Summoner]: +1 defense against [Fire]; +1 damage taken from [Water].
Example #4:
[Human]: No benefits or weaknesses.
[Enforcer]: +1 damage dealt with {Burst} and [Piercing], +1 damage taken from {Arts} and [Slashing].
[Discipline]: +1 defense against {Quick}, +1 damage taken from [Lightning] and [Fire].

This is the correct use of traits; each of these are balance, with a total of three offensive positive effect and five positive effect, which are all legal.

Role Playing / Re: Fate/Grand Adventure Combat Rules
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Technique is an action use in an active time for a round, and is something​ that the character knew, like an attack or skills.   There is a limited number of technique that she or he know, and it will be listed in a format:

[Name]: Technique description, number of damage [Element]. {Type} (MP cost)

Elements are the technique's special property, ranging from physical damage to even a splash of waters.  The technique can have more than one of the following elements:

Slashing: A physical damage that cut and tear through clothes and skins; use by Sword, Axe, Halberd, Partisan, Saber, etc.

Piercing: Physical damage that penetrate through obstacle; use by spear, rapier, knife, pole arm, bullets, arrows, etc.

Blunt: Physical damage that leave bruises on some; generally use with fist, hammer, staff, maces, etc.

Fire: Elemental damage associated with flames; burn shit and leave destruction on people's stuff.

Water: Elemental​ damage associated with pure waters and non-corrosive liquids.  For some reason, they tend to either injure or help; fire hoses applied as well.

Wind: Elemental​ damage associated with aerial attack; tend to use speeds.

Ice: Elemental damage associated with any frozen liquid or something​ very cold.  Use to decrease temperature on a dramatic level.

Lightning: Element associated with thunderstorms.  They are usually hard to evade, and tend to be highly-damaging despite being short.

[Light]: Element associated with holy.  They tend to be used for healing, but can be use for offensive capability.

[Dark]: Element associated with shadow and corruption.  They are direct opposite of Light, and tend to bring pain.... Usually.

[Bio]: Damage associated with altering the biology of their targets, poisonous gasses, corrosive liquid like acid, and other substance.

[Energy]: Associated with lasers blast, pure magic, and other energies.

[Mental]: Associated with telekinesis, telepathy, and other attack that could affect the target's mind.

[Spirits]: Supernatural damage associated with Spiritual being, coming from the Soul, Heroic Spirit, Demons, Angels, and other that could be using spiritual stuff.

[Non-Elemental]: Damage that is not associated with anything, have no strength nor weakness, and they cannot be improved by any means.

Also know as Attack Types, are what kind of style are you used.  There are only three types that can be used:

{Burst}: Types that is use for a powerful charge attack.  Usually slow and single hit, but can be use to a devastating effect; the only problem was that it's doesn't​ raise NP percentage, but can make up for it's low cost of MP.  Ideal for strong hitting units.

{Arts}: Types that is use for magical attack, while can have moderate damage and a few hit, they can quickly raise 5% of NP in each hit, but the MP cost can be quite high.  Ideal for mages or units that's rely on magics.

{Quick}: Types that is use for fast-hitting attack, which came in a form of having the highest combo than the rest, can raise 3% of NP with each hit, and have almost to no cost of MP unless there's a certain quick technique that could be costly.  However, the downside is that it have the lowest damage than the rest.  Ideal for agile units.

Each types have the numbers of of maximum combos that could be use on a technique:

{Burst}: 1 or 2 hit
{Arts}: 3 hit
{Quick}: 5 hit

Note that you can have the technique lower than its max cap of combos.

Ability are passive skills or resistance that your characters have.  They do not take a full action like technique when use, they can either be always in effect, occur instantly​, or be use temporarily; they do not stack.

Can have up to three(Masters), four(Demi/pseudo Servants), or five(Heroic Spirit)abilities.  Not all abilities are use for battle; some can affect how much it's cost for certain things, other can affect only their Servants that they own, and there's some that is use for transformation.

Note that both Demi-Servant and Pseudo-Servant start with the transformation ability.  When using transformation ability, please note that each different form have different techniques and abilities, along with traits and stats as well.

Role Playing / Re: Fate/Grand Adventure Combat Rules
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:19:17 AM »

As you can see, I'll be using stats this times.  You guys will better pay attention to this as they all important in a ways.

The stats are:

SP: Spirit Point, this is like HP in that you lose SP whenever you taken ​damage.
MP: Mana Point, obviously used for magics or special skills.
DP: Defense Point, this will be explained in a later contents.
NP: Noble Phantasm, this one is a percentage.  You will be able to used Noble Phantasm once it's reach 100%.

[Upgrading Stats]
You will be gain experience point for every enemies you have defeated and can be spend on raising a stats.  You'll probably thinking​ that the cost will raise for every stats being upgraded​ like Dark Souls, right?


Instead, all stats, no matter what, will always cost 40xp to upgrade; meaning that - yes - it's fucking cheap.  Now, I'm gonna show you how to raise, cause I'm suck to explain this type of things:

SP: +5 for every 40xp being spend.
MP: +5 for every 40xp being spend.
DP: +1 for every 40xp being spend.
NP: +10% for every 40xp being spend.

However, each stats will have the limit of time you can raise, meaning that you cannot have infinity amount of caps; this will only depends on the Servant's rank of their attributes.

[Master Stats]
Master Stats are exclusive to non-servants.  There are two kinds of Masters to be used: the battle-oriente general and the support​ing tactician.  General are more or less like Servants, except that they have Command Seal.  Tactician, however, need a little more explanation.

Tactician Master, in far contrast to the General Master, does not have any damaging offense capability, they can only support their Servants and weakening their enemies.  This can be compensate from the fact that they cannot be targeted by anyone​ unless it's an AOE status effect.  Tactician have the ability to have up to three Servants, in contrast to the General can only have one, give support to their allies by buff their teammates or Debuff their enemies.  Tactician do lack both HP and DP, and they can only be defeated if their Servants are all defeated; Tactician have superior Mana than General due to many of their Technique required Mana.

In far contrast to the Servants, Masters have far lower cap than the others.

Both of them have their own stats:

Master General:
HP: Health Point, as always.
MP: Mana Point.
DP: Defense Point
CP: A features only available to Masters: Command Point.  These can be used to give any Servants you bound a order through the Command Seal; it's can also be use to completely healed the Servant's SP.  Another features is that the Master can used up all three Command Seal to fully revive all Servants that you owned during battle.  Unfortunately, you can only restore CP on a safehouse.
LB: Limit Break, these work just the same as NP, you can use Limit Break once it's reach 100%.  Exclusive to General.

Master Tactician:
LP: Leadership Point, these can only be used on the Servants that is not being used by another players.  LP can be spend on the Servants to take action in conjunction with the master; however, no Master can spend more than one LP on the same Servant.

[Upgrading Master Stats]

Upgrading the stats is the same as upgrading the normal stats.

Role Playing / Fate/Grand Adventure Combat Rules
« on: May 13, 2017, 04:48:09 AM »
Okay, I'm going to retry Fate/Grand Adventure again.  However, I'm going to add a combat rules for this kind of RP; just to make it more intense.

This post is for a table of contents for other posts:

Upgrading Stats
Master Stats
Upgrading Master Stats
Elements and Types
Positive and Negative effects
Equipment and Weapon
Defensive Point
Combat Mechanic

I'll start tomorrow.

Name: Hideaki Miyamoto

Race: Demi-Servant

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 127kg

Appearance: Blue hair with matching eyes, he wear a Chaldean Combat Uniform underneath of his blue jacket and jeans with a pair of brown shoes.  Two katanas are strapped at his back, store inside of the bokkens​.

Physical Attributes

Strength: Incredible(Exceptional in human form)

Agility: Incredible(Exceptional​ in human form)

Constitution: Incredible(Exceptional​ in human form)

Magic Scale: Low

Hideaki is only a novice mage who recently discovered his heritage as a Mage shortly before joining Chaldea; because of this, Hideaki doesn't have many spells for him to use.  However, he has more than 40 Magic Circuits, with each of them having good enough quality for Hideaki to be easily learn and use magics.

Thank to his element of water, Hideaki learned to manipulate any kinds of liquid and heals the wounded, which should made him a medic were it wasn't for the fact that he is more combat oriented.

Other Abilities:
The results of a fusion between human and heroic spirit, Hideaki gained most of the knowledge and fighting technique from the Servants he fuse. While he can still use his old fighting style, he now have certain side effects that is noted in weakness.  However, one of the side effects allow him to be able to sustain without mana due to still be human.

Magic Resistance: High

After he became a Demi-servant, Hideaki was now capable of withstanding a high degree of spells, and some of the greater spells are reduce thank to his resistance to magic.  He can also let some spells affected​ him if it's beneficial.

Master Swordsman
Hideaki trained himself with Kenjutsu, Martial Arts focusing swords instead of hand-to-hand combat.  Being fused with Musashi allow Hideaki to not just master Kenjutsu, but also gained knowledge of the Niten Ichi-ryū, Martial Arts focusing on dual wielding katana and wakizashi.

Sealed Noble Phantasm: The Inherited​ Swordsman of the Rising Sun

A weaker version of Musashi's Noble Phantasm, Hideaki's​ weapon glow purple as he strike his enemy four time before focusing all of his power into a single unit.

It's kinda like Musashi's Noble Phantasm from F/GO, but without the Ashura and Musashi's​ sword only glowed purple.

Masamune= A katana made by the famous blacksmith Masamune.
Wakizashi= A short sword use as a secondary weapon.
Silver Katana= A Japanese Sword famously used by the Samurai during the feudal time.

Hideaki Miyamoto, he is a rather mysterious even to himself.  For his whole life, he have no family to live on, with the only trace of his families is the surname: Miyamoto.  And yet, there's still no clue about his family, no siblings, no parents, no grandparents, not even an uncle.

For all he know, Hideaki might had been a ghost in a world.  Well not exactly a ghost, as he not only have school, but also friends and a kendo club he joined after enrolling it.  Just like him, none of them know about Hideaki's families, only that his surname is Miyamoto.

That was until he discover a message in his home, a message left behind by his mother week prior to joining Chaldea.  It was from that message that he discovered his heritage as a Magi, or a rogue Magi if you will.  Curious about the moonlit world, Hideaki decided to self-taught himself with magics.

It wasn't until Yamato Okamoto - a classmate of Hideaki and secretly​ a magus - went to check on him and discovered that he's a mage that Hideaki become recommended​ by Yamato to be recruited into Chaldea.  Unfortunately for Hideaki, he's ended up becoming part of the Grand Order and a master candidates, culminating to a series of events that lead to his fusion with a Servant, becoming a Demi-Servant in a process.

His arrival into the Nexus happened after Hideaki helped Olga - with the aid of other Servants and Masters - cleared​ out the anomaly of the Fuyuki; the circumstances are still uncleared​ as to how it's happened.

Weakness: Because he became a Demi-servant, Hideaki has some part of Heroic Spirit; namely needing Mana to sustain his magical form, using Noble Phantasm, etc.; despite not needing a master to sustain himself, Hideaki still need one since he'll replenish slower without​ it.  Furthermore, because he doesn't have any knowledge as to whom he fused with, he has no real access to the Noble Phantasm.

Likes: Playing game, researching heroic spirit, good people, free food, watching anime, Yuri(though he'll denied it), threesome(.... As long as both of the participants are girls, he wouldn't mind), Star Wars and training.

Dislikes: One side slaughter, people trampling on other's dignity, people stealing his food when he's hungry, bad people, horror genre, bully, Magi, experimenting on​ living people, being alone.

Rider Medusa

Rider then move her face toward Richenda and kiss the demi-servant as she laid into the ground, with Rider on top.  She then place her hand into Richenda's crotch while the other massage the girl's backside while their tongue battle for dominance; then Rider direct Richenda's arm into the woman's own crotch so that she could feel it as well.

Their breast are pressed together while the nipples are rubbing, earning her a moan into the girl's mouth.

Rider Medusa

Oh this will be much more fun.

"I'll be the one on top." Rider said before drew closer​ to Richenda. "But let's get to the appetizer first, shall we?" She then hug her.

Medusa Rider

Rider stare at the rooftop that Richenda point, before she smile.

"You make a nice decision." She spoke before jumping in the air, heading straight toward the rooftop as her clothes fell off from the winds.

Rider doesn't care about that.

Meanwhile, Hideaki whimper like a puppy.

Hideaki Miyamoto

"HMM! HMM! HMMMM!" In case you don't know, he's literally says, "OH! MY! GOD!".

"Oh? Oh well then." Rider shrugged before using the chains to cover the boy's eyes and ears.  Then she throw her weapon to the ground before walked toward Richenda and leaning at her.

"So you want to do this here or somewhere else?" She smile.

Hideaki Miyamoto​

If the chain weren't bounding Hideaki's​ mouth, then he would have drop his jaw in shock.

"Well, we can also have this boy with us if you want?" Rider said, her eye glint as she smiled seducely. "But if you don't want him, I guess I could have him all to myself later."

"HMM!?" Hideaki yelled in shocked, before turning toward Richenda with his eye saying "I don't want to be rape!".

Hideaki Miyamoto

Hideaki blush when Richenda say certain words.  And he would have told her if it weren't for that chain on his mouth.

"Oh?" Rider pretended​ to looked hurt. "So you don't want to share my prey with me? We could have some... Fun." As if to prove her point, she leaned forward, causing her chest to jiggle as her dress look like it's about to fall off.

"So what do you say? Should we go find a bed? Or here if you're into that."

"HMMMMMMM!?" Hideaki's face is completely red.

Yamato Okamoto

Yamato heard Longinus' warning voice as he finished killing the undeads that were attacking him.  Looking upward, Yamato pretty knew that everyone is screwed​ unless someone take action quickly.

"Someone either do something or everyone take cover!" Yamato yelled, before he crouched and did a spinning sweep to take out another Undead that were trying to attack him from behind.

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