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Joe took a second, taking a deep breath.  "No I like this," he managed to push out.  Too much boobs, not enough thought.  "Oh yeah, we can plan it..."

He retracted his hand from Sakura's grip and attempted to push Jeanne away from him.  I'll need to find some alone time when I get home.  This is just silly.  That was the first and only clear thought going through his mind.


The old man burst out laughing.  She was actually surprised he asked such a question.  "A gem?  So in other words, your entire body is composed of lapis lazui?" he said, thinking back to his world.  It was strange.  He had encountered a gem like creature before, the king of golems.  He was a giant who reined over the wilderness in an adjacent kingdom.  It was strange to find someone so small with a similar sounding physiology.


Marcus sighed and responded in his head, Godamn it.  So it is one of these guys....

"Alright," he said, suddenly grinning again.  "Then what am I?"  It would be interesting to see his answer, if only because of their previous debate.


Joe triumphantly placed his hands on his hips.  Yay!  Now I can explore at night! he thought.  But then Sakura sprang a big request on him.  "Oh a date?!" he said, his face scrunching up with confusion.  "Uhhh...sure."

It was really hard to concentrate on the idea of a date with Jeanne's massive boobs. "Y-yeah," he mumbled, feeling himself harden.  He squeezed Sakura's hand vary tightly.  "Wait? I share?"


Joe put his hand on his chin, pondering what exactly he wanted.  After a few seconds, his face lit up illuminated by a dangerous epiphany.  "How about I be master for a day." he declared.  His tone was still playful, but he was clearly at least half serious.

He looked at Sakura with a triumphant grin before it reversed into a thoughtful frown.  "Though I guess you should get something too, since you were on my team..."


The girl returned the man's scowl as she was pushed off.  "So you don't like either," she said, lowering her glowing purple eyes at him.  "Your so half assed.  If I don't take them, he will."  There was visible bitterness in her voice, though that could be because she was pushed off.

Still, she wasn't one to ignore the request of the strong, so she turned and started walking away.


"You are not human are you?" he asked, taking a second to pay attention to her emotional state.  In this second, he calmed his mind to feel the world around him, if only to see who would hear her.  With his senses connected to everything around him, her next sentence would register in his senses with a powerful resonance.


"I am not trying to convince anyone," she said, her voice becoming steady once again.  "Or at least, I don't need them to be convinced.  Love is inherently selfish!"

As the hybrid took another step forward, she stood firm.  Even so, her knees shook even more.  She moaned in fear, releasing her tension through heavy pants. She indulged herself a bit, pressing her hands against his nice chest.  "You are an angel too aren't you?  Are you ok with god holding their souls instead of me?  Its not like he's doing anything any different."

She laughed, as if remembering a funny joke.  "You know, he kills people in way more brutal ways!  Its what makes the bible such a good read."  She was panting really hard now, her knees vibrating his.  It was strange.  She was so scared, but so.... drawn to him.  His soul looked so alluring when it was flashing its fangs.  Maybe that badboy streak came from the evil inside his heart.


The old man chuckled and said,  "I do not think I can agree when you have already been so kind.  If you wanted to call me "dirt," I may have taken that humiliation for the kindness you already offered."

It appeared his experience had made him paranoid.  Normally that type of reaction would be fake, but this girl actually was embarrassed about her behavior.  "My name is Sigurd, your friendly homeless man.  May I ask a personal question madam?"


Marcus simply sat there, growing more and more annoyed as he listened to the man's speech.  Who the hell does he think he is? he thought.

"You've got to be kidding me," he said, keeping his eyebrow raised and his frown sharp.  "How would you even know all that?"  That man's passion was infectious.  It didn't matter to him whether or not the beasts were evil or not, but it did annoy him that this man was just making all of these assumptions.  That was the problem with these stupid hero types, far too passionate.


The girl began pulling her through the streets, far away from the apartment.  She needed to find a real estate agent, or perhaps a library so that they could find her an apartment.  "It does sound nice," Medaka said, looking back at the girl as they jogged.  "But I must insist on helping find you a place to live.  The sheer diversity of this city's threats is the true danger and having a home is essential."


Marcus raised an eyebrow.  "Are you kidding me?" he asked, leaning in a bit.  "That's just life."


Medaka attempted to grab her by the hand and said, "Oh no!  We have to get you a home.  The denizens of the night are vary hostile and can pray on you while you sleep.  Ive been here a few months, I have fought them once or twice."


"Ugh, everytime you get me interested, you keep prattling on about evil,"  he said.  "What even is that word to you?"


Marcus chuckled.  "Well your not wrong.  All I know is some smart guy said they would blow it up, so I moved in to stop them.  Still thats cool, a demon slayer huh?  I didn't know we had those here."

Honestly, he didn't care about anything at this point.  Talking to him was helping him forget.


Joe smiled, but it was a lot weaker than normal, if only because working out sounded hard.  "Yeah sounds good to me," he said, enjoying the feeling of her face nestled in his body.  "You can let go now Sakura."


He lowered his eyes at Jeanne and said,  "So how about that reward?"  He knew he didn't really deserve it, but he couldn't resist.


Joe laughed, thinking about how absurd her training must be.  How do you even get fast enough to dodge bullets? he wondered to himself.

Sakura was right.  That is what he was trying to do by bringing the other guys into this, but saying that now would sound like an excuse.  Instead, he turned to Sakura to see her reaction.

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