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Elizabeth arrived back at the base to the jubilant crowd of her cute minions. She walked over to the back and sat down in the big plush chair and began to relax, enjoying the simpler things in life.

At Lorenzo
"Jeez, you still haven't said anything yet?" The girl gently put Neptune down and shook her head.

Sakura Matou

Sakura gave Jeanne quite a look. She was mostly ok with Jeanne's actions, she trusted her servant. However that didn't mean she enjoyed her getting so up in his space like that! Well she kinda did, but it was part of the fun to react like that. Plus she kinda didn't.

Sakura frowned at his halfhearted acceptance. But she didn't press an issue. "Yes, for the rest of the day and night, Jeanne will be our servant. Surely that's not a problem, right?" Sakura giggled at him and pulled him a bit closer. "If we're going on a date though we need to plan it!" She was practically bouncing in excitment.



The pirate didn't need her to explain what she meant. The moment he felt her pulse, he took flight once more.  Very soon, he'd reach the hospital and get her safe shelter where she could recover.


Lorenzo found himself unfortunately unable to move. She wasn't going to let him fuck off and ignore her, absolutely not. He could crouch there for all eternity if he desired.


The voice continued speaking to him. "Hah, you're an interesting one, human. I offer to revive your friend and you get mad." She smirked as she flew back, not that Lorenzo would be able to see that. "I've decided to do you a favor. Why don't you feel her heart, my cute little minion? As long as everyone remembers their place everything will be fine, hehehe."

Sakura Matou

Sakura regretfully released Joe and stepped back. Just a bit though. She still held onto his hand and stood close to him. She intently watched him for what he'd want, and she was a little annoyed at his request. Jeanne was her servant damnit. She pouted a bit. "If you're getting that, I want a date with you, Joe. It's only fair if you're taking my servant for a day. I'll let you share her with me. How's that, Jeanne?"


The burning comet rushed just in time and caught her. Longer than he could've realized, he just held onto her, unwilling to let go. He just flew and kept going forward, until he didn't even know where he was. No one was around, it was an empty forest where a fire spirit once dwelled. Maybe he came to this place unknowingly, drawn to it without even thinking. He just decided to land once he felt his body grow numb and tired.

He couldn't remember the last time he felt so tired...

The two landed near a tree and just sat there for the longest while. He didn't know his heart could beat so fast, he had lost so much breath that despite wanting to say a thousand things he could not utter a single word. It took what felt to him like an eternity in order to compose himself and laugh.

"Phew! You scared me shitless for a second there. Thank god I was there eh? Haha!" He sighed and smiled. That was close, that was really close. But he caught her, she was safe here. He'd definitely protect her, using his life if he had to. "Never do that again though, I didn't get a heart just to get my first heart attack."

But there was no answer.

"Sorry for that." He rubbed the back of his head. She wasn't even looking at him. Damn, he really didn't mean to make her angry like that. Unapologetic as he was, even he had some common decency. Still, the fact she didn't even spare him a glance worried him. It was almost like...

"Um, you know, it was pretty crass to have that happen on our ship. I know you're kinda upset, but please don't ignore me. I did just save your ass and all." He grinned and showed off a cool pose, sure it'd cheer her up. He just wanted to see her smile again.

But there was no answer.

The pirate pouted. He was really starting to get worried. He didn't mean to patronize her or anything. "Look. Its fine if you're mad, just yell at me or something. You're the captain, so its fine if you hit me okay? I probably had it coming."

But there was no answer.

Anger flashed in his eyes, and he grabbed her shoulder to shake her, hoping to knock some sense into the lazy goddess. "Jeez, wake up you sleepyhead! We have things to do! Didn't you promise you'd train me? Don't quit on me you liar!" He snapped, but even with his heaving chest he couldn't remain angry for long, and eventually he mellowed down.

"Look... I thought you liked pudding, so I decided we could get some on our way! I'll even let you have my share you glutton! As much as you want, and I'll even pay for the drinks instead of stealing them. I'll let you ride the ship as much as you want, and I'll do whatever you say.  So wake up already."

He turned her around and rested her on his arms. He hugged the body tightly, ignoring its eyes devoid of life. "Please... wake up." He didn't know since when he started crying. Only that he couldn't stop himself anymore. They were quiet, meek sobs that didn't even echo through the forest.


Elizabeth had disembarked from the boat and was flying back to her base, but that didn't mean she wasn't paying attention to her cute familar's drama. She'd have been a very poor mistress to do that. She was watching secretly through his eyes, feeling through his sense of touch; it was as if she was truely there. Suddenly, Lorenzo felt himself speak, a voice drastically different from his normal one emerging from his lips. She'd noticed something he hadn't, but that was ok. "I can bring her back, you know. It'll cost you, but I assume that's not an issue, is it, Lorenzo?"


Goodness, her people must have been backwater savages if that's what they would do! The thought made her skin crawl. "Even if it's cramped, we would greatly appreciate the shelter. I'd be willing to let you use my mana during our stay."


"I'm Prism!" She continued to lead the guy a bit before suddenly stopping with a look of shock. Then she immediately turned around to face the man. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I completely forgot; I can't believe I was so inconsiderate!"

"What's your name, mister?"


"And I'd be happy to take care of all of the housework. And do all of the cooking." She added.


"I never said you stop challenging me, just don't drag other people into it ok. You were already doing great so stop worrying so much, but if you're that worried about your condition I could always whip you into shape but I don't know how much Sakura would appreciate that. I'm a very strict teacher after all."

She then turned her attention to Sakura as she got a brilliant idea. "I could include you too master, surely you don't have any issues with that?"

Sakura Matou

Sakura didn't really think she needed Jeanne's sort of training. After all, she was a mage, not a fighter, and she had Archer and Jeanne to fight for her. She wanted to focus on being good at supporting them if it came to a fight.

However, Sakura also liked the idea of hanging out more with her Joe.

"Sure, I guess there won't be any problems them." Sakura nestled her face against his shoulder and gave him a squeeze.


Crystallized mana? Aurelia wasn't sure what sort of magic this woman knew but unless they were standing on a small building of it she couldn't see how one would come to that sort of conclusion. "No, no. I am the mana source. This is just the resonance due to large reserves and production rates."

"Oh, a servant? You mean more like an assistant or an apprentice? You don't dress like someone who would do chores." She adressed Parvati and then turned to Aurelia. "You mean you picked up whatever magic crystallized here? I should warn you that such source of magic should be tampered with carefully. If it backfires or explodes on you, things might escalate quickly not only to your detriment."


"No, a servant is a type of familar. I have sworn myself to serve her through a contract, and she keeps me alive in exchange." Parvati patiently explained. "Do you have a place to stay? We're sorely lacking in shelter right now and would greatly appreciate some aid."


Joe frowned, tighting the grip he had on Sakura in particular.  Jesus... I thought the hug would comfort her, but it looks like it made it worse... he thought to himself.  Even so, it made him feel better and her heart warming comment warmed his heart.  Of course, just as she cradled his sense of self, Jeanne tore it down.

He dipped his head, his grip on the two rapidly weakening.  "Yeah... I know," he said, grimacing as he thought about his own weakness.  "I know i'm not as strong as you two, and i'll never be as strong as you two, especially you Jeanne."

He released his grip on the two, attempting to pull back.  "I am happy you'll accept more challenges, but I know I won't win.  Its only fun for me because your so absurd.  It lets me go as over the top as I want and you won't get hurt you know?  I don't know....  I don't think I was trying to prove my strength, maybe just prove myself."

But she could be right.  Maybe I was taking the showing off too far.

Sakura Matou

"Just because I'm good at magic and Jeanne's a servant doesn't mean you're any less amazing! I'll bet you that you'd beat Jeanne in any math competition. Everyone has their strengths."


It had only taken a bit after that to get to the vault and shove everything into her shadow. Now they were just lounging about in a house that they'd borrowed, the big pile of loot disgorged onto the center of the living room as Sakura lazed about in a chair. "Not the worst haul I ever got. But it definitely wasn't worth getting hounded by those police. Gotta do something them."


Jeanne was fucking around with the loot, a big smile on her face. "I wouldn't say it was really annoying Sakura. I thought killing that joker was pretty fun myself. Plus I totally won our competition, didn't I?" She picked up a shiney golden watch and tossed it at her master. "Whaddyathink?"


Hoh! A feisty fighter, that's what she was for sure. But that's what he liked about her. Despite that, this had gotten bad, he didn't think things would get that bad. He didn't want this, he didn't want to lose something again.

"Know your place in the world, scum." The demon witch cursed, and  at that moment Lorenzo knew just what these words meant.

"You idiot!" His eyes widened and face twisted into something he couldn't describe as he roared, but could probably recognize if he could see it. It was the same face he had years ago. Without a thought Lorenzo  rushed forward to the edge of the ship, using all his flames and mana to reach her before she could fall.


Elizabeth shook her head. "What a profound waste." She muttered to herself. She made no move to stop Lorenzo from saying his goodbyes to the flying corpse.

Sakura Matou

Sakura returned Joe's hug with an unrestrained fierceness, wrapping her arms around him as she cried a bit. She'd been afraid, afraid she was going to lose it again! Lose everything just as she began to grasp it. No way no way no way nowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynoway! There was absolutely no way she was going to let her happiness escape her this time. She bit her lip and glared at the air, no, the ground. I'm not going to lose!

"I'm not patronizing you. You're the most special man I know." And you'll be mine forever.


The goddess was breathing heavily ever since she had come down from her high, despite that she took a few deep breathes and struggled to get to her feet. This was wrong, it was all wrong and as the heroine it was her job to fix it. With that in mind a sword appeared in her and she turned around and swung at Elizabeth.


Elizabeth furrowed her brow at the small goddess's questionable behavior. Did she not know better than to lash out at ones betters? She was going to need to teach this girl a lesson in obedience.

"Cease this foolishness, insolent cur." Her eyes glowed a reddish hue, and the blade suddenly stopped in midair despite the goddesses pitiable efforts to run her through, remaining merely an inch away from Elizabeth's face is if it was taunting her. She reached out and grabbed Neptune by her hair and lifted her up.

"Know your place in the world, scum."

And with a flick of her wrist, she tossed Neptune off the boat, sending her careening over the edge towards the unforgiving ground.


This is all wrong.

Despite the swirling emotions welling up inside of him, he gave the men who came a smile and a wave.  It was also sort of weird that they just left.  Typically, people will talk after a game.  That was the thing.  They were all acting weird, as if they were under a spell or something.  For example, why were they completely ok with obliterating Jeanne in this basketball game?  They didn't seem that mean when they met.  One of the guys even asked if it was ok to team up on a girl before suddenly deciding it was ok.

That was the other thing.  Yeah, Jeanne wasn't the best at offense, with clear talent for dribbling, but not enough experience.  However, she didn't need to worry about dribbling on defense.  They shouldn't have been able to score on her so easily with her speed.

So why was that so easy? he thought, allowing Jeanne to pull him in by the shirt.  Even while he felt his heart beating with excitement and anticipation, something was wrong.  For a brief moment, his brows furrowed before quickly subsiding.  He lightly pulled away from Sakura, his head swishing back and forth, his gaze shifting between the two of them. 

"Yeah no thanks Jeanne," he said, blatantly contrasting her teasing tone with something more serious.  "You were holding back and Sakura, you were in on it somehow."

Honestly, if he weren't high on endorphins and victory (even a fake victory), he wouldn't be this bold.  Besides, they were obviously not as blood thirsty as he first thought, so   he knew he could speak his mind at least.

Sakura Matou

"Huh, no way. I did ask her to hold back a bit but I didn't mean that much!" Sakura sounded worried and scared, not defensive. "I-..." Sakura's voice trailed off. She sounded kind of lost for words.

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