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Sakura and Shirou

Sakura and Shirou listened to the girl's explanation with interest before watching her take out a chalk and begin what looked like a summoning ritual, using her earring as a catalyst. They had expected her to summon some kind of animal, like they had summoned their servants but, to their surprise, no spirit arrived, the only evidence that anything had occurred the disappearance of the earring.

"Did it work?" Shirou asked, curiously. "Where is the spirit?"

Sakura and Shirou

Neither Sakura nor Shirou fully understood what the girl was talking about but, nevertheless, they understood enough to realise what her plan was. And, whilst they didn't know whether it would work, they saw no real reason not to attempt it. Even if the spirits were detected, they likely couldn't be traced back to them.

"Yes, that would be fine", Shirou said with a smile. "What do you think, Sakura?"

"Yes, it seems like a good plan to me", she replied.

"Although, if she does detect the spirits, is there any way she could trace them back to you? If there is then it could be dangerous, otherwise the worst that can happen is the spirits get blown up", she added.

"Yes, I agree", Shirou replied. "If she can trace them then we need to consider it carefully, if not then I don't see any issue as long as you're fine with the possibility of her destroying the birds."

Sakura and Shirou

To Sakura's annoyance, just as she'd got the familiar in position, their target decided to make a move, but not before making a disturbing comment about preparing a "grand entrance". Fortunately, though, from their position Shirou had been able to follow her movement, seeing her head up in the sky towards a weird-looking pirate ship flying above them.

"Follow her, of course", Shirou said, pointing up at the ship. "She's the one with the mana signature, and the one who blew up Sakura's familiar. Not to mention the 'grand entrance'. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound good."

"Yes, same. I don't know what it is, but it's probably not going to be good for anyone in her vicinity. We have to find out what she's planning, and stop it if necessary", Sakura added.

Unfortunately, though, my familiars can't fly, so I can't get them up to that ship. Can you hear what they're saying?"

Sakura and Shirou

"Sorry, I thought you were talking about spirit familiars", Sakura responded.

"Also, what do you mean by 'native spirits'?" Sakura asked, curious. "Do you mean that you can talk to the spirits of animals that might be in the room? If so, that might  be useful."

As they were talking, they headed to the location, whilst Sakura made sure her stealthy familiar got into place, as far from the target as she could manage whilst still able to spy on her effectively. As they arrived, the girl began to focus, and so the two of them remained silent, Sakura spying on the target via her familiar whilst Shirou watched over the entrance with his reinforced eyes to see if he could see anything.

Sakura and Shirou

"Well, if she can detect my familiar, I would expect that she could detect yours", Sakura replied in response to the girl's backup plan. "And I don't see why she'd ignore it just because it was an animal, if it had a magical signature."

Shirou, meanwhile, took a look at the location the girl had picked.

"Yes, that looks like it should be fine", he said. "Should we get going?"

"Yes, let's", Sakura responded. "My familiar should be in place soon."


Rider continued to moan with pleasure, the vines molesting her as she watched the show unfold in front of her. The thorns ripping into her pussy disappeared but, in compensation, the changeling began to violently shake her tormented breasts, causing her to let out pained moans as she addressed her once more.

"I..I'm a little tied up right now, you know", she responded to Emily's question, panting louder and louder as she approached her peak..

Before she could reach it, though, the Empress got there, orgasming loudly and spraying her juices all over the bound Rider. The humiliation of it, added to the pleasure she'd already felt, sent her over the edge, and she too orgasmed, letting out a loud, long moan of pleasure as she did.

Sakura and Shirou

Sakura smiled back at the girl.

"Really?" she asked, her childhood making her still unused to praise from anyone other than her kind-hearted Senpai. "Thank you! It was nothing, honestly, it's just how my magic works."

Shirou turned to her and smiled.

"Yes, but you trained hard to get that good at it", he said, kindly, praising her and shoring up her still-fragile confidence. "You deserve the credit."

Then he turned to the other girl.

"I can observe people from a long distance using my magic, it's my speciality, but I cannot listen to people from such a range, so your help would be much appreciated", he said.

"Hopefully Sakura's familiar will do the job, though, if you can't detect it then hopefully our target can't."

Sakura smiled again, glad that she could be useful to her beloved Senpai.

"Yes, I'll send it in now. I'll try to keep a bit of a distance this time, too, but we do need to move reasonably close because she's inside", Sakura said, sending the familiar on its way.

"As for getting closer, we should find a good vantage point. It will be hard to watch over her from a distance whilst she's inside, though...", the girl added.

Sakura and Shirou

Sakura gave the girl a sheepish smile.

"Well, my magic is naturally difficult to track, so I thought a normal familiar would be fine", she replied. "Anyway, at least we've learnt something about her abilities, and she wasn't doing anything particularly unusual as far as I could tell, so I don't think it's a big problem."

"And, yes, of course you can take a look. It should be fine, though, I've had to do this before when spying on more sensitive targets", she added.

Then, Sakura got to work, focussing on creating a familiar which would leak as little mana as possible, using the Matou trait of absorption that had been carved into her body by Zouken.

"Thank you for offering to assist us. That woman seems like she could be dangerous, we need to find out more about her", he said. "How close do you need to be to listen to what she's saying? If we can listen from a safe distance, it would be very helpful."

As she spoke, a small shadow familiar was forming on Sakura's hand, emitting barely any magical signature at all. All of the magical energy it emitted was being absorbed into Sakura's shadow dimension, using the absorbtion magic of the Matou to her benefit.

"Here you go", she said with a smile. "How's this?"

Sakura and Shirou

"Yes, of course, destroying my familiar in itself is not difficult", she responded, nodding. "But, it looked like a powerful attack, and she summoned it out of nowhere with no apparent effort, not to mention that she managed to detect the familiar in the first place. Plus, she can fly and, apparently, mind-control people to an extent. And she has a huge mana signature, too, far bigger than anything we've ever seen before, and we've seen ancient heroes summoned as familiars made purely of magic."

Sakura decided not to mention that one of said familiars was currently contracted to her. It wasn't important right now, and they didn't know for sure that the girl was friendly, so she didn't wish to give away unnecessary information about their status.

"Yes, she's right", Shirou added. "Her mana signature alone indicates that she must be a powerful being, or at least an extremely unusual one. The attack just confirms it, and her actions indicate that she is likely not friendly. We certainly need more information."

"If you can manage to listen to what she's saying from a distance, that would be very helpful. She's inside a building right now, so we can't see much, but we can get a little closer if we must. We have to be careful, though", he continued.

"Well, I can create another familiar, one which hides its mana signature better. And keep it further away. Whether we'll be able to use it to spy on her properly I'm not sure, though", Sakura said.

"So, what do you think?" she finished, addressing the other girl.

Sakura and Shirou

Shirou nodded.

"Nice to meet you, Ellen", he said, before returning to the topic.

"Yes, you are correct, of course, but the girl claimed she was a demon, and she can fly and seems to have some kind of mind-altering powers, so it's a good hypothesis, at least", he said.

Before he could add more, though, Sakura suddenly recoiled in shock.

"What's wrong?" he asked, obviously concerned.

"I.. I don't know, exactly, but my familiar was destroyed. The target reacted in a way which basically confirmed the girl's suspicions, and then a laser-like beam suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shot towards the familiar. Then, the connection broke", she said, obviously worried. "I think she's dangerous, Senpai."

Shirou nodded in agreement, before turning to the newcomer.

"Well, we don't know much about her either, honestly", he said, figuring that there was no reason to hide information about their target. "We were just checking out the mana signature, but it seems like she detected my wife's familiar and destroyed it."

"Well, Senpai, what should we do now?" Sakura added. "She seems dangerous, her laser looked powerful and she can fly and, seemingly, control people's minds. But, spying on her is going to be difficult, especially when she's indoors."

A thought crossed Shirou's mind.

"How good are your senses?" he said to the new girl. "I can see a long distance with my magic, but I can't hear things over this range. Since Sakura's familiars seem to be too easy to detect, perhaps you can help."

Shirou and Sakura

"Yes, I suppose. You did not seem to be hostile, that is why I did not attack you. But, it never hurts to be careful", he replied, relaxing and de-summoning his swords in response to her claim.

"Do you have something to allow you to see the target from here?" he added, curious as to why she was on the rooftop. "My wife is currently using a familiar of hers to check up on her."

Sakura, meanwhile, couldn't help but notice the cute couple flirting next to their target. However, to her surprise, the girl from the couple then turned to the attractive target, calling her a demon and accusing her of interfering with the man's emotions. Whilst she couldn't confirm any of it just yet, it was certainly worrying. Being a demon did not, of course, mean she absolutely had to be hostile, after all, her servant was famous for being a monster, and she was perfectly nice. However, it was still not a good sign, and the manner in which she was seemingly abusing her magic was very bad. Turning to Shirou, keeping focus on what the familiar was seeing all the while, she spoke.

"Senpai", she said, "the woman with the target seems to think she's a demon. And that she was abusing mental magic to control the man's emotions."

"That is worrying, if true", he replied. "And it makes sense, too, she was flying around before, after all."

"And she has a tail", Sakura added. "So, yes, I think she might be a demon."

"Any idea what type", Shirou responded.

"Hmm, I'm not sure, but the two of them seemed to be flirting with each other very heavily and the other girl was talking about love being in the air, so her magic may be something related to love. A succubus, maybe?" Sakura added.

"That could make sense, yes", he responded, before turning to the girl.

"Oh, sorry, we got caught up in our work and forgot to introduce ourselves. I am Shirou, and this is my wife, Sakura", he said, as Sakura bowed politely.  "Who might you be?"


Rider nodded affimatively at Emily's first question, drinking in the sight of the busty emperor's body as Emily tied and molested her, her excitement growing ever-greater as she moaned with pleasure and pain. However, she was momentarily distracted from the sight in front of her when the vines between her legs also began to grow thorns.

"Ahhh!" she moaned as the thorns dug painfully into her sensitive folds, turning the juices around them red with drops of blood.

By now, Rider was close to orgasm, the pain from the thorns digging into her breasts, thighs and pussy combining with the sensation of breathlessness and the exotic show being put on by the empress to send shots of arousal through her body. She gasped for air as she panted and moaned with pleasure, her face screwed up from the pain but nevertheless covered with a clear smile. It really wouldn't take much now to push her over the edge, she was enjoying being dominated immensely.

Shirou and Sakura

As they sent the familiar after the weird-looking flying girl, she went into a cafe, no longer visible from their perch on the roof. Nevertheless, they continued their plan, Sakura watching through the shadow familiar's "eyes" as it approched, keeping itself hidden in the shadows as it headed underneath a nearby table, from which Sakura could listen to and watch the unusual woman through the familiar.

As Sakura watched, though, another women crept up on them. However, experienced as he was in watching things, he was not fooled by her attempt to sneak up on them, and turned around as she came close, seeing a brown-haired girl approaching. Instinctively, he summoned up his swords, preparing to defend himself and his wife if necessary. Nevertheless, he never gave off any indication of hostility, making no move to attack the girl.

"Why are you sneaking up on us?" he asked in a neutral tone, being careful not to show any signs of aggression.

Sakura and Shirou

After Sakura returned home from her meeting with the annoying girl, her ribbon safely reattached to her hair, she handed Red her key, before settling down to spend a quiet evening with her husband, their pet and Red.

The day after, she and Shirou decided they had better check out the unusually-large mana signature that had appeared the day before. So, they followed the trace, finally noticing the girl some distance away, flying around with the large wings on her back. Surprised by the sight, they climbed up onto a nearby rooftop and decided to observe her, watching as she landed and met up with another girl. Meanwhile, Sakura sent a small shadow familiar to have a closer look, hoping she could listen in to some of the girl's conversation.


The servant gasped for air as the vines wrapped around her throat, her body reacting naturally to the sensation of being deprived of air despite her nature as a servant. Meanwhile, the thorns continued to dig in to her breasts and thighs, causing her to let out strangled moans of pain.

The pain and pleasure of the vines combined to bring Rider's arousal higher and higher, her juices flowing freely as she gasped for air. Meanwhile, she observed the other girl, watching as Emily groped her and the vines crept towards her.

"Y..yes", she moaned, blissfully, as she watched the sight unfold in front of her.

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