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"You're living your own life for which you're ultimately responsible. Your deeds and actions will affect your path, and I'm not one here to judge. I slay monsters and demons, but judging humans in same way is not my role. It is the role of God as well as authorities who have to do in order for the society to function. Miracles are miracles after all because they're not common, so God doesn't intervene always. He uses men with the heart in a right place to enact his will."

It seemed like the eccentric gentleman was keen on the mundane justice being carried out by the authorities and God, but then he added: "Of course, while I am merely a citizen now, I will not stay idle when a crime is committed in my presence. It is after all a citizen's duty to react and do everything in their power before the police arrives."

This kind of passion would probably annoy Marcus further.


"Ehh, it's not really needed, I have handled all my chores completely fine! Honestly, my neighborhood is quite cheap, so you will afford apartments there if you get any job. I can host you for a while, but it's only a short term solution. And you really don't need your magical energy for any casting? It's a really dangerous place after all."

Unbeknowst to herself, Anastasia probably really hit close the home when she asked Aurelia whether she needed that for casting.


"How would I know that? It's simple. I put my faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings. I've even seen miracles worked by his servants. So my devotion is unshakeable." The man spoke with such a conviction that it bordered on delusional. It was probably impossible to talk him out of his beliefs.


"If that is merely life, then tell that to those terrible monsters who I oppose. They like to think themselves as figures larger than life, incarnations of creatures from legend even if I ran into two different villains who proclaimed themselves to be the same thing independently. It's really preposterous right? First off, I doubt they're reincarnations of anything! You go to Heaven, Hell or purgatory after all when the story of your life is over. So thus, I have no other conclusion than the following: those monsters called Beasts are damned souls who escaped from Hell, possibly summoned by outside factor, and devoured souls of innocent people!"

Julius just kept continuing. It's as if something was bottled up in him up to this point and he had finally chance to reveal his thoughts.


"There's many ways in how you could define evil, but there's one particularly insidious type. When the strong crush the weak through terror and tyranny. Especially if they are monsters who feed on the nightmares of tormented. That's the case when someone has to step in, whether a righteous third party or a victim standing up to their opression, and teach the monster a lesson in behavior."

He really seemed to be enthusiastic about the topic. For Julius that's what Beasts often represented: tyrants and opressors who took it out on those without power and who almost always felt shocked when their targets had capability to fight back.


"I've met various types of demon slayers. Agents of the Holy See, repentant sons of Lucifer, everything in between. I am a freelancer though, an itinerant gentleman who occassionally allies with whoever lends their hand. I do not discriminate even if sometimes their statements lie at odds with my views as long as there is an evil to vanguish. And the evil is becoming quite bold these days. For example, one mall got taken over by forces of evil two times in last three months."

Though the second time wasn't nearly as bad as the first incident. The one where whole crowd of people got nearly driven insane.


When she processed what the purple haired woman told her, she was again beset by the sense of defeat for a moment. After a noticeable pause, she managed to shake that off. No need to dwell on that too much in front of strangers. Hence, she focused on what Aurelia said.

"Perhaps I made such assumption because simply in my world my hypothesis would have been more likely. In my country you'd be likely conscripted and trained in the military before adulthood if you boast such reserves. And I have a place, but honestly I cannot say that my modest dwelling would be able to host a lot of people adequately."


"Bah, how they could be world ending if you lived to tell the tale? If a demon boasts that he plans to destroy the world but it had not done that already, then you clearly ran into one full of themselves." Well, by definition they're creatures of pride and arrogance that fell from Heaven, so theatrics like that are just typical for them.

"As for power hungry megalomaniacs, creatures called Beasts are my specialty. Though sorcerers also exhibit symptoms sometimes. I'm not very good though against the second. As long as someone's human, I do not get particular advantage against them."


"Oh, a servant? You mean more like an assistant or an apprentice? You don't dress like someone who would do chores." She adressed Parvati and then turned to Aurelia. "You mean you picked up whatever magic crystallized here? I should warn you that such source of magic should be tampered with carefully. If it backfires or explodes on you, things might escalate quickly not only to your detriment."


An emissary from the spirits relayed the information to her. They couldn't gather very detailed information due to the fact that remaining inconspicious was explicitly the priority, but she learned a basic facts: this fiend was on the ship of someone she knew and just murdered her fleeting acquaintance. Her fingers started twitching when she learned of that, and her rage was tempered by the realization that she couldn't easily get on the ship. Otherwise she would charge straight into fray and not care much about who was on her way.

"Someone... just died. I give no shit whoever she is. A murder of innocent is a murder of innocent. Especially if it's a familiar face." Facing corrupted sea monsters was probably less rage inducing than the situation she faced. If the couple were normal, they probably would be offput by the emotional aura she emanated now.

"I'm not going forgive even if I only knew that person for hours. The only thing that prevents me from rampaging through that ship is the question of how to get there. And my proclivity against operating alone. If you want to help me, I'll take your help, but I should probably warn you that the person who just died wasn't any weak."

They most likely needed a well thought plan and people to fill roles they couldn't perform. However, her train of thoughts was derailed by another revelation that the spirits brought belatedly. The girl apparently was saved before the worst happened. With such height, she assumed that the death was quite inevitable.

"Correction, someone who almost died. My intel isn't always impeccable."


"Right, this bar is poor environment for judging one's monster slaying capabilities. What creatures have you fought?" Maybe this was Julius' time to start asking questions and be skeptical about answers he got.


It was a bit too passive for her, she admitted deep in her heart, but she just wanted to try out something. She didn't deny the fact it was a real fight. It certainly was likely that she could be hardpressed to find such a challenge at the tournament. But.... it didn't mean she wouldn't try out stuff she envisioned in preparation for the tournament!

She has tested in practice before that she could propel away herself further with her energy blasts, but she never used that trick in both defensive and offensive way. Would she gain more momentum if she fired a stronger  attack than those small blasts at this Bey guy? She charged quickly a blast from two hands this time, aiming at his glasses incidentally.


"Ohhh, it's really nothing much. I'm just really, really good at creating and manipulating ice and icestorms. And I have some theoretical knowledge about other magic I've picked up while travelling. I can also swing a sword and fire a crossbow and a gun, but that's unrelated. In the end, I'm more of a soldier who is a mage than a mage." Anastasia admitted that without any sense of inferiority. It was simply a fact.

"I assume you're mages too? I don't think a mundane person would be near a source of magic unless it's a sheer coincidence."


"Spirits reform as long as they're not destroyed within the spirit world, but I guess I'll have to issue an official apology if they take too much casualties from mere scouting." Well, she had a rite for that, just specifically designed to apologize wholeheartedly to fickle spirits. "And they couldn't be traced to me easily since I'm not leaving any imprint on them. I'm summoning beings who are born without my involvement whatsoever and reside within the spirit realm as if it was their native grounds. Unless she has some magic to force questions of such alien creatures, it should be safe."

After her explanations, the werewolf took out a piece of chalk, kneeled down, and started drawing a  summoning circle. What she could use as an offering, hmmmmm. Something shiny, maybe? Without further ado, she took off an earring from her ear, and put it in inside the summoning circle. She chanted softly as she the circle seemed to react subtly to her ministrations. She besought crow spirits to manifest in clouds for the sake of subtlety and relay all they witnessed by dispatching a small messenger that would materialize on her shoulder and whisper to her ear. The golden earring vanished into thin air, as if taken as a sign that the covenant was sealed. It wasn't a cheap earring, to her lament, but she needed to do the job properly.


They weren't cool, and certainly he wasn't full of shit. He certainly he would have his eyes on him, vigilant for any signs of seeking trouble.

"I am not a bounty hunter. I do it because I feel like so, I do not do it for money." He answered firmly and without hesitation. Unless it was for sake of paying off debts, he would rather do odd jobs than kill monsters for money as if he expected some kind of reward for such behavior. Maybe others could do it for a sake of reward, but he did not seek fortune through his exploits. Even his idea of looking for the treasure stemmed more from a concern that it could contain things dangerous in hands of villains. In other words, if he remained in his world and died in his world, he might have become a saint material if not for the secrecy that was vital for his vocation.

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