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Lantz's fics / Situational Shorts (discussion)
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:34:17 AM »
I'm doing a project, due to the varying nature of the stories i'm calling them situational shorts. However rather than just doing all the deciding myself and present something nice and packaged as a result I stumbled on a thought. Given the number of possible characters (over sixty from all four plus works) and the possible combinations thereof, I need a greater cross section of opinions and view points.

The premise is this, seven characters chosen from the total list (likely using a poll if BL can support sixty odd options total) along with a seeded eighth character (be they canon, fanon or otherwise) are paired up to interact in individual shorts with different themes (in example, stranded, trapped, sol compatibility and so on) all the characters will be paired together in this way. In addition there'll be two versions of the work, one with adult content and one without. They'll be fairly different as a result.

What I want is to generate some discussion, about possible themes, pairings, interactions, the stresses of the situations and/or prefered or interesting dynamics.

I'll be putting up a poll once I get the exact details of how that does/will have to work.

Until then I would encourage discussion of the subject.

Have at it guys.

Lantz's fics / The Infinite Road, a Meta drabble/one shot thread
« on: April 18, 2015, 12:34:37 AM »
In a large room with a black carpet and off-white walls, three people sit on a long couch made for five occupants. They are the Heroic Spirit Emiya, Arturia Pendragon and a man called Lantz.

"Okay, I understand how Saber loses, but why?" Archer asked.

"Enough Archer! You embarrassed me just bringing up the loss. Has time hardened your heart so much that you would ask me to hear the story over again?" Saber stated, intercepting the question.

Archer was taken aback by the pain he had caused her, but the third of the group Lantz just shrugged.

"It's infinite possibilities, you have to lose to Gilgamesh eventually", he said, standing up from the sofa. "Now introduce the format and content, I need caffeine in soda form...", he added, trailing off as he left for the kitchen.

The two heroes looked puzzled for a moment, until they found the correct area of the far wall.

"Er, right. So this is a meta-theater. Lantz is using this as a format to do several things at once as he hates to individualize things", Archer began.

"In addition to posting scenes or short prototype ideas, Lantz is using this meta-theater to answer questions raised, either through his words or by the character in question. Think of it as backstage interviews with the cast and crew in a way", Saber added, fussing with her blouse slightly.

Archer nodded ."He'll also be explaining concepts and certain issues to facilitate better understanding of how he views the Nasuverse and fiction in general."

"You forgot about the part where not just Type-Moon characters can come to comment on or appear in these scenes and the part about mini requests", Lantz said, having returned from the kitchen with snacks in one arm and cans of Yoohoo in the other.

"Mini requests are where the Mongrels in the audience can make simple requests, such as 'write a scene with X characters'. It has to be a reasonable size for the format, however. As for the characters, other than Saber and her Mongrel pets like this faker, Lantz is correct. However, as it is clear that those reading want quality commentary and I, their King am already here to give my opinion, these other characters hardly matter. My subjects already know they need no other opinion than mine to guide their tastes.”

The echo from the hallway was none other than the voice of the King of Heroes and, as the first King turned the corner to come into view of the others, the two heroes let out a groan, whilst Lantz merely took his seat.

"Enkidu, over a table, being gangbanged by Rider, Dark Sakura, Satoshi and Fem Kirei while you're made to watch", Lantz announced, drawing looks from the three others.

"Technically, I only have hard rules against Yaoi and Loli content. I hate NTR with the blazing passion only surpassed in equal measure by my love of transforming heroes, and I have a dislike of heterosexual incest content but, strictly speaking, I'll write the other two if the context or reader request is big enough", Lantz stated, frowning as he cracked the seal of the can of chocolate drink.

Gilgamesh stared at the man. "You wouldn't dare", he spat.

Lantz shrugged and, as he turned to the far wall, he said "I can't sing opera God damn it". The odd statement seemed to say “the topic is over, move along”.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, this is the Infinite Road, it's more or less a framing device that collided with my inner thought process. It's like Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand or the Super Mario Super Show. There's this segment and then a scene of some kind and then another scene like this and so on. The purposes of this thread should be clear by now but if you misread something feel free to ask in the thread, questions too but be polite and if you're going to text wall make sure the questions are defined clearly so I, or they, can answer them properly", he added, switching on the TV.

Scene one: God Hand Episode One

Twelve men had stood and eleven were dead.

Archer smirked in a grim way. "It seems like my attempt to save myself has created quite a mess...still...I can't say I regret it."

Archer's words were honored by the attention of the beast who stood before him. A mass of horror known as Neros Chaos, to call it an animal would be generous to it.

It laughed and spouted some drivel about its surprise at Archer's position,

Then, like Kirei Kotomine, he began to monologue at Archer about this and that. Archer had figured that it was trying to instill fear in him, but it was hard to scare a dead man, and Archer wasn't one to waste the opportunity.

Once he found that Archer was unafraid of his posturing, Chaos attacked in his usual way, the outcome of this was so obviously failure that it bears no need for description, if only to save the vampiric monster some face.

Unfortunately Chaos was not adept in the matters of Servants and so his next attack caused him to be caught by Archer's full brunt assault of replica weapons, which exploded on contact, engulfing Chaos and the hotel in a swath of light and pain.

As the six hundred and sixty six lives were extinguished along with two thirds of the hotel Archer knew that he would be blamed as a terrorist. He smiled at that, reputation didn't matter for him and so he could only smile from today's work. He had killed a monster, unlike a human there was no moral code nagging at him, no soul crushing compromise to repress for the sake of his path.

As he walked away from the rubble, Arcueid waved to him, smiling cheerfully.

Scene end.

"So it's not just the boy who gets all the women, it's his father as well?" Gilgamesh scoffed.

"Strictly speaking the point of eroge is exactly that, and I was the main character, after all", Archer laughed.

Lantz sighed. "First off, they are friends, secondly there's a long editorial reason for why Satoshi was featured as a character in that adult content and lastly. And, follow me here, fandoms are exceptionally terrible places in regards to character relationships. Harems are, in large part, bullshit. If Shirou picks Saber then it's unreasonable to expect the other characters to keep pining for his dick, the joke is old at minute eight, I don't need thirty chapters to draw it out, this is why the fandom for Sword Art Online and Love Hina suck. Look Kirito clearly likes Asuna, they got married, they had a kid, yes not physically but spirituality and they faced death together. Hell in the next arc he fights off a crazy mad scientist rapist arranged husband she was going to have to marry. Game over mother fucker, they be all but official.

And Keitaro, that fucker never paid attention to the rest even remotely and he marries Naru in the last volume. You can fight for your favorite girl all you want in a harem anime but being realistic in a story overall if she gets the guy or he gets the girl the rest of the cast is freed of the obligation to that main character. As such, other characters should be able to form relationships, but it's not like that. It's canon only, it has to be the safe accepted people, that's not how life works. If the relationships are believable then it shouldn't matter who the characters are, canon, fanon, original character or whomsoever."

Lantz grabbed another Yoohoo and opened it. "I'm a romantic, both in the romance context and in the adventure sense. I've been avoiding writing romance because of the nature of fandoms and the response I've gotten coupled with the sheer lack of good male characters in the Nasuverse. The whole thing just annoys me."

Saber stood up and looked from the three men to the wall. "Send questions and comments in the comments below, we'll try to answer in a timely manner."

Lantz's fics / Lantz's Fanfiction Contest
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:25:33 PM »
Fan fiction contest rules and criteria.


 1) From the beginning of the contest anyone who wants to enter has two weeks to do so.

 2) The entry form much be filled out in full or your entry will not be accepted.

 3) Good sportsmanship is key, if someone scores higher than you don't take it personally, attacking other contestants or the judges results in disqualification. The same goes for the judges should they choose to be overly critical or hurtful in their assessments. You can make your points without being pricks, that goes for both sides.

 4) Once the entry period is up judges have two weeks to judge entries (This deadline is expanded should the number of entries be significantly more than is reasonable to judge in that period) if left without a score the entry with be given an average as the third score, if only one judge manages to judge a particular work then their score becomes the sole basis for the final score.

 5) Have fun and be creative


 Readability: Grammar, Punctuation and so on. Readability is scored out of twenty points.

 Genre goal: How well your story fits the Genre, comedies should be funny, action stories thrilling, horror suspenseful and so on. Genre is scored out of forty points.

 Characterization: How accurately you portray the characters in canon and how you treat them (character bashing in example causes a reduction in points) characterization is scored out of a hundred points

 Community: How accurately you portray Fanon characters and Original Characters (OC's which are not yours are the only ones to qualify in this regard) Community is scored out of seventy five points

 Creativity: To quote the BNL "Its all been done before" Creativity is how you represent and spin obvious situations. In example, a battle between Kojiro and Saber or Archer and Gilgamesh, or a love confession etcetera. Creativity is scored out of fifty points.

 Uniqueness: Uniqueness is the measure of how your work is set apart from others. As with creativity it is scored out fifty.

 Appeal: Appeal is a measure of how a work appeals to a judge, it's entirely personal. It is scored out of five points

 Fun factor: How much you enjoyed reading the work. Fun factor is scored out of thirty points.

 Entry &Judge forms


 Story Title:

 Genre: (Action, Drama, comedy, Lemon, Parody, Romantic, Slice of life etcetera or some combination thereof)

 Nasuverse works (KnK, Tsukihime etcetera or a combination of such)

 Route: (Pre VN, X Route etcetera)

 Prize request: (I'm a Writer, I'll write something if you win, That's all I can guarantee as a prize. If you'd prefer something else like art or such I can talk with some artists but no promises.)


 Story Title:

 Readability (X of 20)

 Genre goal (X of 40)

 Characterization (X of 100)

 Community (X of 75)

 Creativity (X of 50)

 Uniqueness (X of 50)

 Appeal (X of 5)

 Fun factor (X of 30)

 Final points

 1) Betaing is 100% Ok, if not for the deadline I expect most if not all users would check their work. Assistance is allowed in this regard.

 2) Application for judge positions is done by posting a comment requesting to be a judge in this thread. I'll pick two people, no more. Should someone abdicate the position someone else will be chosen at that point.

 3)After the contest ends a public poll will be held so users can vote on what they thought the best fanfic of the contest was.

 4) In case my inbox fills up while I'm sleeping or you find yourself unable to PM me for whatever reason. Go register at Darkside of the Moon and PM Cherry lover, he'll get them to me in case of an emergency like last minute deadlines and so on. PM's only, no google docs (my platform has problems with them) you must pm your entry to me or failing that Mike on DSM to qualify.




Lantz's fics / Gamma Tales:Excuse me, but I don't care
« on: February 19, 2015, 06:47:30 AM »
(Gamma Tales is a story which seeks to demonstrate the answers I found missing in every bubble-headed plot concept in fanbooks and the like. The story does not debate the situations themselves, but the resolutions that come about in NTR stories and the like. In short, it's going to contain some bad situations and bloody resolutions, reader discretion advised.)

Gamma Tales: Excuse me, but I don't care

Shinji Matou stood in the living room of Shirou Emiya, a leash in the hand of the non-Magus. Surrounding him was Shirou along with three servants: Saber, a Dark Servant to Kirei Kotomine calling himself Satoshi and Archer, whose Master was currently on the other end of the leash. Rin Tohsaka was ashamed of her position but, true to her heart, had bargained for her sister's life. Sakura meant more to her then magic, dignity or life itself. Rin would be Shinji's slave so long as Sakura was left to be.

Of course, not only did Rin know this whole arrangement was fixed so that she would never be free, she also knew that, in order to save Sakura, she would likely have to kill Shirou on Shinji's whim.

Shirou was, of course, outraged. His body shook at the sight and the utter garbage that had spilled forth from his friend's mouth. Just as he was about to snap and launch a tirade against Shinji full of verbal abuse and curses, a shot rang out.

A thick, sickening sound erupted as what was left of Shinji Matou splattered against the walls behind him and his body slumped over, landing on the table. The table where Shirou's family ate meals, the table which would now, along with the body, be burned.

Stunned silence grew as the four turned to find the source. There, still holding the gun was Satoshi. Saber was the only one to surmise that this man's class was Caster. The others had more pressing concerns.

Strangely it was not Shirou who spoke up, but Archer. "You had no right to kill him!" he said.

Satoshi's golden eyes locked on to Archer's grey ones.

"A man is a man and a monster a monster. Monsters do not belong in this world, and getting a moral lesson from you is complete bullshit! So, excuse me, but I don't care what you think Archie. If you can't stomach the job any more that's fine, go live with Rin, get a body, have babies and retire. I, on the other hand, will continue through these world lines cleaning away the filth until this crystal called Gamma shines brighter than the sun. Unlike you and grandpa, I know the truth about humans, so being morally superior or original holds no weight with me."

At first it seemed no one had an answer to the blond haired man's reply, until Saber relinquished her armoured form.

"I can see my contemporary self taught you nothing of her history. I have lived a life of duty, it is lonely. Are you certain you can keep your resolve up through eternity?" she asked.

Satoshi turned his back on the four. "Three daughters, two brothers, countless friends and loved ones. I have spent much of life alone and when I do meet others I only lose them. Lonely is OK with me. Now I plan on killing Zouken Matou, Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh. Any objections?"

No-one spoke up, and so Satoshi left. At that moment, Rin's legs finally gave out and the three came to lift her. Despite his outrage, Archer was relieved that his Master was safe. And, at least for now, the group would stay put.

Lantz's fics / Block D (one shot)
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:38:39 AM »
Block D

A deceptively-figured second year raced down a bright school hallway - the overly-curious and curry-loving Ciel-senpai. Panicked and sweating, the high school student's paranoia had reached its peak.

Except that she wasn't a student, she was an investigator for the Holy Church. However, no-one else knew that. Or, for that matter, thought she, or they themselves, were anything but high school students.

Unfortunately, Ciel had come to a dead end in her investigation, both figuratively and literally, as she blindly ducked into the second floor utility closet to hide.

Footsteps like thunder echoed outside the box she had trapped herself in. The tension crawled up the back of her neck as the steps became louder, before they suddenly stopped.

Cautiously optimistic, Ciel waited a full minute before opening the door, only to find her pursuer staring at her. The man had pale skin, golden eyes, hair to match and frown spread across his face.

"Satoshi. Um, I-I was just getting supplies f-for a spill", Ciel said, desperately trying to fake him out.

"Thank you for taking care of the school, Ciel," the blond replied. "However, in your haste you dropped your mirror and the schedule handouts. As discipline committee chair I should write you up and give you detention." Offering the papers and compact to the bespectacled beauty, he added, "However, the lovely and helpful Ciel-senpai being given detention would cause me trouble among the first years. And I am responsible for spooking you, so I'll overlook it this time."

Ciel could feel a weight lift from her chest and she smiled resisting the urge to laugh out loud.

"Thank you Satoshi, I promise I won't let it happen again."

As she left the closet she waved goodbye to the blond and turned to leave. A mere two seconds later her vision went black. When she regained her senses, she found the bright hallways replaced with dank stone corridors and gated cells.

"Because of that paradox and your refusal to help them, incidents like these will keep happening. Please Elesia, please don't investigate again. I don't want to see you in that machine again after this time. I can't help you, they have someone precious. So, for my sake, please. Play your role, whatever they give you", Satoshi's voice echoed above her.

Ciel figured correctly the he was the one dragging her. He was clearly too strong to simply break free of. Unfortunately, Ciel found that he had managed to grab her clothes in a way which made it impossible for her to get any slack. She was stuck, until he let her go at least.

A sudden stop caused a sigh to erupt from her captor.

"I'm sorry", he said, hurling the blue-haired woman through door and into a chair in the center of a white room.

Winded, Ciel failed to move before the chair locked her in place.

"Senpai should be more helpful", a voice easily recognizable to Ciel stated over a PA speaker. "At this rate, you'll only cause trouble for your underclassmen. Hmmm, you need a change of pace, Ciel - maybe a slutty cheerleader as punishment."

"KOHAKU!?!" Ciel shouted, half enraged half confused.

Kohaku simply began cackling madly as the room filled with a green gas, causing Ciel to pass out.

Lantz's fics / Black Cherries (Lemon)
« on: February 05, 2015, 11:49:26 PM »
(Content Warning. This work will contain scenes of a pornographic nature that may be disturbing to some viewers, please use discretion when reading)

Black Cherries

And, so, I summoned my servant, a Saber. A blonde about my age named Satoshi. After Lancer’s attack, he had explained the nature of the Grail wars. At least, that’s the short version. The long version is more involved, but at the moment I’m not worried about anything other than what to do next, now that I’m involved in this conflict.

Satoshi has suggested that, for the sake of appearances, I call him Saber around other masters. That way, it will look like I have a normal heroic spirit as my partner in the war and keep others guessing.

Satoshi excuses himself to check the area around the house and I lean back just long enough to choke on my own sigh as a chill runs up my spine. The barrier has been penetrated by a strong force…coming from Sakura.


“Hello Senpai”, Sakura says as she throws…Sakura? at me. I barely react fast enough to catch a red-faced Sakura wearing her usual attire. I catch a glimpse of the other Sakura’s outfit. It seems to be a suit you’d see in racing circles, patches included.

Before I can ask what’s going on, Satoshi enters in nothing but a white sheet, with blackened burn marks on his shoulder and forearm.

“The other two servants have been detained Shirou, if you’re dealing with Sakura and her Rider servant then may I deal with the Caster and Assassin that share their appearance?” he asks.

Sakura looks at me, and then the other Sakura, I guess we're calling her Rider, speaks up.

"Don't kill them, I understand taking a bit of revenge but please be reasonable", she says, pouting her cherry-painted lips as her hands clasp in prayer.

Satoshi nods. “I have no intention of harming them”, he answers.

“Then go ahead and deal with them”, I reply.

With that he leaves, and Sakura slides out of my grip.

“Senpai, please trust us to handle dinner”, she requests in her usual, soft, way.

I nod. I can’t believe Sakura means me any harm, and Satoshi didn’t seem worried. I guess I’ll just relax for now.

Interlude (Satoshi)

I sigh before re-entering the dojo. Caster is hoisted up on the balls of her feet, her arms painfully drawn up and backward by her makeshift black bindings, whilst Assassin is on the floor, frog-tied with her wrists bound behind her. Both are gagged. I admit I’d prefer to have been more gentle in stopping them, but they are both Sakura, and I know how formidable an opponent she can be.

Assassin struggles on the ground, and both struggle against their gags and bindings. I ungag them both, before removing Caster’s clothes. As I do so, Caster bites her lip and gives me a look somewhere between defeat and disgust.

“I guess I should call you master now, or will you take my body as payment as well?” she asks, snarking at me.

I shake my head. “I simply wanted to make us even for my own clothes. I have no desire to force myself on you, winner or otherwise”, I say.

She looks at me, confused.

“He’s Senpai’s son with Saber”, Assassin blurts out, still bound on the floor.

Wait, no, she’s behind me!

Assassin, having escaped from her bondage, drapes her arm over my chest and takes a firm grasp of my shaft.

“And, just like them, he’s too polite when his body is being honest. You should also be honest, master. Besides, he’s rather ...healthy”, she says with a giggle.

Caster twitches and stares at me. “Is what my servant says true?” she asks.

I nod. “Yes, although I can’t tell how she figured that out.”

Assassin gently squeezes me and nips my ear. “You probably shouldn’t use his swords as your first resort in a fight”, she whispers.

Caster looks from me to Assassin, and then back to me.

“Would you have Assassin or myself as partners, Saber?” she asks, softening somewhat.

“You’re beautiful and, if I’m honest, I would enjoy it”, I answer, knowing that being any less honest would cause Assassin to tease me.

She smiles. “I believe you. Can you, being his son, forgive monsters like us?”

“I once threatened the Princess of the True Ancestors, that is Archtype Earth, and Alaya, the spirit of humanity’s will to live, because they said your adopted brother needed to die to save the other six billion humans. I threatened to kill every person on Earth then crash the moon into Earth turning it into fragments of lifeless rock if they tried. I doubt you’ve done anything I wouldn’t forgive”, I tell her.

Shocked at my statement, Assassin backs off of me, releasing her caress.

“One life or one million, they are the same to me. Every life is precious, whatever you’ve done to survive is not my concern so long as you do not intend on harming the innocent here and now”, I finish, admitting something I honestly should have kept secret.

The two look at each other, before Assassin turns to me.

“It’s settled then. As per my master’s wishes, we request that you enjoy us as you see fit”, she says, pulling my sheet away and revealing my member to Caster.

“It is my aim that you enjoy yourselves as well”, I reply.

They laugh, each in their own way, similarly happy but tinted by their own desires. Assassin leads me behind her master, teasingly tracing Caster’s slit with her fingers.

“Master enjoys the cane rather than the gentle caress”, she says, as Caster shivers from her touch.

A masochist, Caster is a masochist, ok, I think I can do this; she wants it so it’s ok.

I smack her thick hind quarters, first the left and then the right.

“H-Harder”, she gasps.

I nod and strike her harder, causing her to tremble and her ass to ripple like water. She yelps at the smack and leans toward me, wanting more. I strike her over and over, her yelps of pain slowly turning into moans of pleasure. Meanwhile, Assassin removes her catsuit, revealing a mirror of her master’s well-endowed form. Then, she positions herself in front of Caster and begins to masturbate.

I gaze at Caster’s thick bottom, crimson from the punishment she had desired. Deciding to take a leaf from Assassin's book, I grab Caster by the hips and spread her slit for all to see.

"Look how wet you are, Caster. Assassin was right, you really are a masochist, aren't you?" I say, seeing that her legs are soaked with her own lust.

I slide in with ease despite her tightness, causing her to lean forward into Assassin’s crotch. Caster shivers from the pleasure, and begins to service her servant with her tongue.

"You're getting off on this, aren't you, slut", Assassin says as she grabs the back of Caster's head, pressing her master's mouth into her wet folds, enjoying the feeling of domination.

Caster shivers at the fear and anticipation of what her sadistic captor might do, gasping with barely-restrained pleasure from her rough treatment. Her gasps and shivers trigger something in me and I start thrusting inside her. As I do so, Assassin moves her hands down to cup Caster's breasts, kneeding them roughly and causing her to let out a pained gasp. Then, she takes a firm hold on Caster's nipples and pulls them sharply downwards, causing her to cry out.

"Lick harder, bitc… oooh", Assassin says, gasping with pleasure as Caster takes her clit in her mouth and sucks hard, painfully twisting and pinching her captive's nipples.

Meanwhile, I thrust into her hard and fast. Gradually, the moans of pain turn into gasps of pleasure.

As her body tenses from Assassin's attentions, I smack Caster’s ass. Instead of loosening, her inner world tightens, claiming me with its heat. Suddenly, my senses heighten and I'm overwhelmed by the lust-filled force of her body and the sweet scent of her sweat. The world begins to fade to white as my senses burn away, leaving me in the world of pleasure Caster's body has created.

My body screams at me and I obey, thrusting hard and quickly inside Caster. Assassin begins to moan loudly, and I can I hear the sound of Caster's tongue between their gasps and moans. The bonds holding Caster’s arms snap, leaving Assassin and me to hold her up. As we do, her body tightens, demanding my seed. As I fill her insides, I find my body acting on its own. Still hard, it continues thrusting, as if laying claim to Caster.

Caster makes an indescribable sound that must be pleasure as she soaks me in her body’s lust, cumming hard enough to push me out of her. At that same moment, Assassin releases, covering Caster's face in her juices. Weakened by her explosion of lust, Caster drops to her knees.

Then, with utmost confidence, Assassin strides over to me and forces her tongue into my mouth as she begins to stroke me slowly.

“Come here, bitch!” she snaps at Caster.

Caster looks timdly at Assassin but obeys her Servant, who then takes her by the hair and drags her to sit level with my member.

“Suck”, she barks, forcing Caster to suck my tip. Caster starts gently, but Assassin forces her deeper onto my shaft. She coughs at being forced to clean my length, but is made to continue by Assassin, who starts verbally abusing Caster as she forces her to keep sucking me.

Caster’s ministrations send lightning through me; I can’t help but grasp the back of her head and take over from Assassin. But Assassin stops me and, then, just as I’m about to finish, she yanks Caster off of me, causing me to cover her face completely in my juice as I release.

Caster nods, embarrassed, as Assassin begins to clean Caster's face with her tongue. As she attends her master, Assassin leans towards her, pressing their ample breasts together and exposing her ass to me.

“Mmmm, you like his big thing, don’t you? Tell Saber how much you like his cock”, Assassin says, taunting her master.

Caster nods embarrassed as Assassin begins to clean Caster's face with her tongue. As she attends her master, Assassin leans towards her, pressing their ample breasts together and exposing her ass to me. I’m tempted to take Assassin from behind, but she seems already satisfied.

The twin servants begin to swap my juice between them, their tongues fiercely competing against each other until, finally, Assassin wins, making Caster swallow my seed. The two then stare at each other for a long moment, before they take my hands and drag me back into the house, and to the shower.


The Sakuras. I’m not sure I’ll get used to there being more than one period, much less four. The two finish cooking and present me with dinner. As usual, it’s fantastic food, but I’m embarrassed at how close to me the two are as we eat. Or, to be more precise, as Rider feeds me and Sakura with the same fork. After dinner, Rider takes both of our hands and leads us into a side room. Then, she places my hand in Sakura’s, before shutting the door and leaving us alone.

“Go on you two”, she says through the door.

It’s clear what’s she’s suggesting, and my own feelings come to light. I’ve suppressed them because I’m Shinji’s friend but Sakura is beautiful and, more importantly, she is important to me. I am lucky to have someone who cares for me.

Sakura sits in my room on my futon, fidgeting. While the atmosphere at dinner was somewhat awkward but otherwise happy, her mood now is much more restrained. Sakura hesitates for a few minutes before letting the flood gates open, tearfully telling me her true situation.

The tale she tells stretches back about ten years, it takes all night but I come away with three important pieces of information. Firstly, that Shinji can’t be trusted. Even with Satoshi and these other Sakuras here I’ll be sure to watch my back. Secondly, that Rin Tohsaka is Sakura’s sister and a master. Being her sister, I hope we can get her on our side, for Sakura’s sake. And, finally, that Sakura, in telling me about her abuse, trusts me absolutely. There's no way I can betray that.

Whether I’ll succeed at that, or what happens next, I can’t say for now.

Lantz's fics / Sainted Chevalier tales
« on: February 03, 2015, 07:51:47 AM »
Sainted Chevalier tales, la Embattled Pucelle.

Chapter one: Altering the facts.

Deep in a dank cavern sits a man-made holy vessel. A route to the Origin, if one were to believe its creators. Now little more than a perpetual motion machine for the world's evil. The wish granting powers its lesser form possessed and the path to the root of all things were neither sought or needed by the man standing at the foot of the ruined engine known as the Greater Grail.

He smiled and stretched his arm skyward.

"Emiya is the only one capable of being host to you”, he declared. “This truth shall remain evident through all worlds”.

Suddenly, the grinding sound of footsteps on rocky ground echoed across the cavern, interrupting the blond's speech. Turning his head, he found two men rushing towards him at an inhuman pace. The first was a priest with swords known as Black Keys in hand and a disturbing aura, the second a youthful man dressed in golden armour.

Both men were dangerous, the word menace could easily fit either individual. Their power and control surpassed even that of the users of True Magic in one way or another. Except, that is, for the one watching them.

Rather than wait, the man dropped to the base floor of cavern from the cliff-like edge where he stood. The two skidded to a stop seeing him land, creating a crater in the floor.

"Kirei Kotomine and Gilgamesh, reprobate priest and supposed King of Heroes respectively", the blond greeted the two in a manner most would consider suicidal.

Kirei immediately started speaking, if only to stop the Heroic Spirit from slaughtering the twenty-something green-eyed blonde.

"Since it is obvious that you know us, might you spare us your name?" the priest asked in his usual matter-of-fact way.

"I am the Third Magician, Satoshi Alexander Emiya Pendragon," the man replied. "Unfortunately, you and Giggles got here late; I already forfeited the power Angra had by drawing it away from the Grail, meaning you and he", he shrugged. "Oh, well – you are already dead."

Kirei felt a faintness in his chest and turned to see the King of Heroes fading into nothingness. He tried to speak, but simply seized in place before falling limp.

"Sacrificed selfishly for man's desires and sins, left alone in rage and sorrow, I beckon across time and space as a kindred soul. Join me, share your hatred and madness and I share my love and truth. For we two are, now and forever, Avengers", he proclaimed with a grin.

The mass of mud comprising the world's evil congealed into a human form. At first it was paper-like and floppy, it lurched in a zombie-like fashion towards Satoshi who merely reached out a hand. The moment it touched the sorcerer, it gained detail and physical weight, causing it to fall backward.

A youth, about twenty with black hair, dark skin and tattoos but otherwise naked stood up. "You're my master, cool... I guess", he said in a flippant way as he looked over the oddly-dressed man who'd summoned him.

Satoshi frowned, firstly because he could sense Angra's disapproval of his clothes and secondly because the Avenger spirit lacked any clothing period.

'Seriously, what's wrong with my fashion sense?' Satoshi thought. 'A long-sleeved shirt and jeans is pretty ordinary, I mean, OK, the return of Superman silver and black isn't as popular as the original but, still.... Maybe Avenger doesn't like the long coat, Dad and Archer wear it, I mean, mine is more coat than half cape but come on, it's freaking cool. And I totally pull this off, right?'

Avenger sighed. "Um, master, if I apologize for the curt hello can I have some clothes?" he asked.

Satoshi snapped from his thoughts. "Uh, yeah, sure, just pick a style or whatever", he replied.

"Well, I usually have this red sash-like cloth with me, so something basic and easy to wear I guess", the golden-eyed servant said thoughtfully.

Satoshi paused for a moment and created a set of clothes. Combat boots and an urban camouflage uniform with a red, black and gray pattern.

"I can add a vest or whatever if you like", he mentioned, reaching out a hand towards the remaining mud.

"No, that's fine", Avenger replied, watching Satoshi destroy the curse by emitting magical energy from his hands like a flamethrower.

"Now for the other two. I need you to steal a certain pendant from Rin Tohsaka, it's kinda heart shaped, here, use this, we have a week before the grail war participants start summoning heroes, I'll revive the others and meet you in the basement of Kotomine Church", Satoshi instructed.

Avenger caught the object, a white device with a red glass-like eyepiece at the front.

"You're just taking the piss, admit it", he declared.

"Shutup and put on the scouter!" Satoshi snapped.

Avenger frowned. "But, seriously, why?"

"Because you can't sense Servants at range, and you can't tell a magic gem from a normal one and because you'll look like bloody obsessive nerd who she won't look twice at, now go!" Satoshi shouted, clearly annoyed.

Avenger quickly exited the cave knowing he pushed his luck perhaps an inch too far.

"Seriously, he's like a six year old", Satoshi remarked.

With his Servant gone, he ascended the cliff face with a single leap and began chanting a spell.


Rin was returning from school, her plan had been calculated to the minute. Summoning a Saber as her Servant was essential to her winning the Grail War. So she thought at least, others would disagree with that, many descended from Shirou Emiya.

Her fate would normally be as many know: summon heroic spirit EMIYA, fall in love, be parted. Often in tragic fashion fitting with the Emiya name. Today however, as with any day which starts with “and then the True Magician did X”, she would no longer be bound to fate. Avenger had found her and, with relative ease, entered her apartment.

The pendant was easily stolen, but sadly this Avenger was not a master of subtlety. Having acquired his quarry, he jumped out the large front windows of the Tohsaka manor. Needless to say, Rin quite obviously heard the commotion and came to find her valuables gone and no-one around. Were it just the pendant, Rin would perhaps not be so enraged and disturbed by the theft. However they stole the pendant, her gems and her clothes, of all things.

Rin, of course, was good at the bluffing part of her image, so during the next four hours of police reports, as well as an embarrassing conversation with Taiga Fujimura, had just happened by the area, she managed to conceal her burning rage.

Unfortunately, this wound up with three side effects. The first was being stuck with Fujimura as her primary caretaker for the evening, the second was being forced to eat dinner at the Emiya household with her estranged sister. The third and probably the most important effect was that Rin Tohsaka discovered that Shirou Emiya was a magus.

This certainly would affect the coming war in many ways, but for now the only thing this impromptu visit caused was Issei Ryudou having a minor panic attack during the next day at school.


Kiritsugu Emiya, formerly the Magus Killer, currently confused. Turning to his supposed grandson, his face contorted to find the words to express exactly what had been bothering him.

"I've understood basically everything, except, well... How exactly do you have the third magic?" he asked the youthful blond.

"A wizard did it", Satoshi replied with a grin.

"Don't be smart, you may be older than I am but your immortality won't stop me from spanking you back to the Stone Age", Kiritsugu rebutted.

"I wasn't being smart," Satoshi stated as the two approached the now vacant church. "Merlin used me as a fuse, my Origin became a breaker at the last minute and allowed me to survive and transcend the confines of normalcy, thus I obtained or became the Third Magic. The difference is honestly nonexistent - immortality is what it is."

Kiritsugu paused and decided that asking why Merlin was involved was a stupid question. After all, it was obvious who the young man's mother was.

Entering the church, the two found Avenger hiding between the pews, pilfered goods in hand. Satoshi reached out his hand, and the tattooed servant relinquished the pendant.

"I'm going to need a few minutes, Grandpa," Satoshi stated as he was leaving, heading for the courtyard. "Be prepared, our new guest might want to fist fight – oh, and get some priest robes. Gross, I know, but we have to look the part. Rin and company will be here any minute - Kirei was her caretaker and with this pendant stolen she'll be scrambling to get an alternate catalyst for the summoning."

Kiritsugu sighed. Deception was a part of war, but having to dress as Kirei Kotomine was revolting. Still, he knew it was the best strategy and so, dragging Avenger with him, the assassin left to change clothes.

Lantz's fics / shattered heroics defenders
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(the other half of the revived shattered heroics, tandem voting, as with new world)

Shattered Heroics: Defenders.

Heading home, I reach the gate and find it unlocked. Sakura or Fuji-nee must be here.

However, what I find is not just Fuji nee or Sakura but, instead, a large group occupying my living room. Most of them I know, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Ayako Mitsuzuri and Ilyaviel von Einzbern among them.

But, there are five I don't know. The first is an elderly man dressed in a pin-striped suit. The second is a dark-skinned woman, seemingly oblivious of anyone else in the room. The third is a young woman with pink hair and reddish brown eyes who looks sort-of like Ilya, except older. The fourth looks like Saber did, save that her figure is significantly more developed, and... her taste in clothing is solidly current and a deep red, unlike Arturia's blue. And, the fifth is a blonde man with green eyes. His smile seems ceaseless as he stands up and begins to speak.

"Hiya, I'm Satoshi, time is short, world's in danger, heroes are needed. The short version is this, an alternate universe me, because that's a thing now according to quantum physics, many worlds and all that. This other me teamed up with Gilgamesh when despair over took him, he became a tyrant ala Victor von Doom in a bid to save the world. He plans on going world-to-world and 'saving' worlds through conquest. He means well, but he's stuck, and the only way to stop him is a swift ass-kicking. Any questions?" he says, looking around.

Rin is the first to speak up and, seemingly, the only one worried.

"If he has an army, what exactly do you expect us to do?" she asks.

Satoshi laughs. "Very you Rin. That's... very you.

He's using a bonding spell to increase his army's power. The same spell can be used on you guys, although it won't be as effective as his version, so I'd recommend choosing compatible partners and smaller groups to make up the difference", he replied, handing her an envelope before turning to me and handing me another one.

"I'm going to use the third to revive the servants of the Wars, you need to find the additional servants of the Moon Cell as well as Arcuied Brunstund, Tohno Shiki and this world's version of me, all the details are in this letter. After me and these guys finish our part you won't see us again, but good luck", he says.

I'm confused and apprehensive, not to mention doubtful. But, honestly, if I can see Saber again then that, beyond anything else, is enough to believe in, at least for the moment. I nod, taking the letter.

With his job here done he and his... friends, I guess, leave. A moment of silence occurs and I wonder what to do.

Vote number one.

1) Open the letter.
2) Call a meeting.
3) Go after Satoshi.
4) Check on Ilya, last you remember she was sick.

Lantz's fics / Shattered heroics new world
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Shattered Heroics: New World

Sion collapses against my bare chest. Sweat and her shampoo fill all my senses. It's strawberry now. I don't dislike it, but it's unlike her.

"Sun Lord, I mean, Satoshi. The world has officially announced it's full conversion into a single nation state. There is nowhere you do not control", she says in a matter of fact way.

The sex between us is necessary but not lifeless, she needs it to suppress the vampire urges and she uses this time to give her predictions of the future or morale of the troops.

I'm grateful for her assistance but, honestly, every time she starts these briefings I just want to start fucking her again. It's probably just my attraction to unusual women.

At any rate I realize I've been lost in thought and Sion is staring, waiting for an answer. Her blood red eyes are focused straight on mine.

She waits and then, realizing I'd drifted off, repeats herself.

"That bitch Rin wants more mana for her experiments. Her resources are empty, so you'll have to give it directly", she says.

I imagine that the first iteration of the announcement was far nicer. Sion has become something of a staple in my life so I'm careful about watching her feelings. Not that I'd have to be in this case, it's obvious that Sion doesn't like me being around Rin. Maybe it's because Rin is fairly smart, or maybe it's because she doesn't like the idea of me having sex with Rin superfluously or, indeed, at all. It's kind-of cute. In either case, my reply is clear.

"Of course I won't, resources are finite. Although, given the state of things Archer could stand to relocate some of that prana to his master, after all we won't be attacked until I begin phase two anyway", I tell her.

She furrows her brow and eventually sighs. "Why haven't I heard about it?"

"Because we hadn't finished stage one. Stage two is simply another world to conquer and protect", I answer as I begin to softly touch her chest.

She gasps from the sudden touch "H-hey! This is s-serious! How do you expect to get to another world?" she asks, paralyzed from the sensation.

"Rin has or will have the second magic. So, if you don't want me to give her prana directly you'll have to convince Archer to do it. He needs it anyway. And, Sion, this attitude towards the girls is cute, but be fair, please", I say.

Sion pouts for a moment, and then slides off me, retrieving her clothes.

"I, I know they need it, and I love you because you aren't a hurtful person but I can't help being jealous of Ciel and those other titty-monsters. It's just how I am, you seem happier with them".

"Well, I enjoy catching them off guard and doing them till they are nothing but a mess of pants and moans but I wouldn't say I'm happier, I do that with you too. You just can't tell because whenever we lock eyes I become an animal, so I have to do you from behind", I reply honestly.

The silence from Sion from would be unnerving if not for the wet trails down her thighs. I surprised her with that and, like everyone, she enjoys praise.

"I'll force Archer if I have to. The girls turned in their verdicts regarding release from the tattoos, none of them want it. Also, you have a party to attend and, finally, avoid the West Hall, your flat chested tit of a sister wants your cock badly and will likely use force to get it", Sion announces, leaving me to dress and get ready.

What now?

1) Go after Sion.
2) Go to the Church.
3) Go to the party.
4) Go to the party via the West Hall.

(AN: voting is tandem, you may vote once on DSM and Once on BL)

Lantz's fics / Reflection
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Chapter one: Situation

"Call it karma, do your best guys", he said as he disappeared into the myriad of worlds beyond the hallway he left us in.

"God damn it! That rainbow scented jackass", the kid shouts.

"Satoshi, do you know what this is about?" Shirou asks in his usual, naive way.

"Something stupid, I'm sure", the blonde groans, running a hand through his hair.

Before they can manage kill my brain cells with a stupid plan, I grab both of them and start dragging them down the hall until we find a room.

There, we find a message on the wall. Its statement is simple, if odd. “Emiya, for all your deeds, ill and fair alike, you shall serve the residents of this place.” Collars and bands form around our necks  and wrists as Shirou reads the words aloud.

"As the servants have finally arrived, would the residents please report to the main hall for introduction and first stage judgement", a voice announces, seemingly from nowhere.

The plain white room fades, revealing a massive ivory hall with stairs near the back and an ornate red carpet with gold trimmings. It reminds me of the Einzbern castle somewhat.

Many steps come suddenly, echoing into the hall. A sea of faces, all women.

I can't recognize all of them, actually, even half is hard, but the look on the kid's face says he could name each one and their favorite food.

"Barring an insidious turn, like our mana powering a doomsday device, and excepting the jewelry we've been forced to wear, I'm not opposed to serving this group", Satoshi says, drawing a bright grin.

Admittedly, with people like Saber and Rin around I'll have an alright time of this. As for the rest, the kid is, if nothing else, a good judge of character. Plus, just seeing the nervous look on Shirou's face means this will be entertaining.

Role Playing / Fate/Glass Moon. (sign up and discussion)
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Fate/Glass Moon.

The premise: The PC's are together in a virtual environment (similar to the moon cell). They live in a large city, competing in the grail war and passing the days in any way they see fit. In short, players can be any character they wish (with approval of course). They interact, fight and so on as they see fit, with the addition of plot hook events dropped by me as the GM.

Game flow: The main premise allows for characters to do anything. However, this has two restrictions. Just like the grail wars, fighting is confined to the night time, to this end there is a time cycle game mechanic. Secondly, while every NPC and enemy servant can be killed for experience points, anyone attacking disqualified servants, NPCs or other non combat parties will suffer  an attack by the system. It's not a penalty strictly speaking but it is not advisable.

Time cycle: Every three real-world days, the cycle moves forward. Day to night, night to day and so on, repeating. Barring special circumstances, this cycle is impossible to change.

Day: This is the social time of the game, a break from combat in the streets outside (although characters can stay indoors to avoid all danger from programs during the night and effectively use this as a social time as well).

Night: Programs are unleashed to allow characters to train and the grail war is active, allowing servants to fight.

Penalties: Aside from the in-game penalties that occur in Extra for breaking the rules, there are a few penalties that are for players should they become disruptive.

1) Suspension of experience, items and or powers.

2) Restriction of character actions, or removal of the right to play a character.

3) Expulsion from the game.

These are the penalties I have in place. In short, three strikes and you're out.

All combat and actions are resolved with the roll of a twenty sided die.

1: Fumble

2-9: Failure or miss

10-14: Sub-par success, glancing blow (the opposing side takes no damage but contact is made)

15-19: Hit, success

20: Perfect success/strike

A fumble is followed by another roll, if it comes up 1 again then it is a critical failure and a rebound occurs, damaging the character in some fashion.

A perfect success is followed by another roll. If 15 or more is rolled, then it is a critical success. If 20 is rolled then another roll occurs, 15 or higher is considered to be an exceptional success, exceeding the user's ability. In combat, the opposing side is defeated instantly.

Character creation (maximum three active characters per player)


Name: (real name and aliases)

Class: (if servant. Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Berserker, Assassin)

Race: (human, dragon, vampire etcetera)







Skills: (maximum five)

Noble phantasm: (maximum ten)

Characters start with E rank or zero in their stats. The stronger the phantasm or skill, the higher the level you will have to be to unlock it.

Player rules:

1) role play as the dice fall, if you take a critical don't shrug it off it your description of it should reflect the damage taken.

2) Be respectful of others, GM and players alike, we are all here to have fun.

3) Don't harass players or otherwise bring outside baggage to the game.

4) Don't complain about the dice, sometimes you'll get your butt kicked, it's part of the game.

5) PCs don't die when killed, they're just revived with a small exp loss. No matter what your character can do, it cannot over ride this system directive.

This thread is here to talk about the merch you have for fate and so on. Personally after wrestling with my figures for the last hour or so I want to beat rev tech over the head, look joints are nice but when they interfere with the exchange of parts rethink your business model. Not that Figma is any better, Shirou's hand broke off inside, after some work we managed to get a fix, ironically the right arm (which has the broken blub in it) actually positions better than it's working counter part.

Lantz's fics / Aqua Vitae (lemon)
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Archer smiled and turned to the girls.

"Satoshi would be happy to help you”, he said. “He's far more experienced with fashion than I am, and Shirou is entirely clueless, same goes for Tohno."

The sea of lovely faces wear a myriad of expressions until Archer adds, "this way, your choices can be a surprise. Fashion is an art of shock and awe, after all."

The doubt disappeared, replaced with smiles of varying intents, from honest to haughty and, even, mischievous.

Unfortunately Satoshi, as was his curse, stepped into the Emiya house mere moments later.

The sea of faces turned to stare expectantly at him.

To his credit, he made no outburst as he realized the den he had been thrown into. Instead, he merely shot Archer a look, before smiling at the group.

"I am at your service ladies, what can I do for you?" he announced softly, with an overly-polite tone.

"Shopping, Toshi-kun", Kohaku announced, clasping her hands together with a smile and a wink.

'Shopping? There's over twenty girls here, what could they possibly agree on that Archer would throw me under the bus to avoid?' the young blonde thought.

"To be precise, for swim wear for our trip to Miss Edelfelt's resort", Sion said, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear.

'I will get you back Archer. For this, every moment of teasing and embarrassment, I will pay you back tenfold.', Satoshi thought.

"Yes, Archer was right to recommend me, having worked as a tailor I know about design and fashion, at the very least more than Archer himself", Satoshi stated with a simple nod.

Without knowing him, one it would take it as an arrogant declaration from Satoshi. But, in truth, he was merely fighting his nerves and grasping a bit of emotional high ground.

Several girls in the group seemed to notice his unease, although none spoke up, instead opting to head for the door to start the group on its way. Once they had gone, dragging the youthful knight with them, Shiki sighed and Shirou stood up, staring at Archer.

"Are you positive?" he asked sternly.

Archer blinked hard. "Positive about what?"

"That we're the same person. Last I checked, Dad never raised me to throw people under the bus just to save my own skin", Shirou snapped.

Archer frowned. "I didn't hear you object, you've no right to complain".

Shiki stood up after finishing his tea.

"More importantly, should we really be going on a vacation now?" he said.

Shirou shrugged. "It's not as we have anything better to do, even your eyes couldn't see a flaw in this world."

Archer, uncharacteristically, nodded. “Besides that, everyone is getting agitated. We need this if we're going to get out".

"If we need it then why send Satoshi?" Shirou asked, instinctively knowing the real answer.

"He has better self control than the two of you where girls are concerned. Besides, I'm still annoyed by how he's been lazing about the house", Archer replied.

"I can see how what he said was annoying, but I think what I heard from Kohaku is a more likely reason for why you sent him", Shiki interjected.

Archer unconsciously stepped back. "F-fine, yeah, I admit it. I'm still sore about it".

"Apparently, I become a pretty petty guy in the future", Shirou remarked, slowly drinking his tea.

"Critique my choices after he throws you out of the kitchen", Archer snapped.

"Revenge or not, I think we ought to have a moment of the silence for the fallen", Shiki interjected.

The three men paused in thought.

"Yes, thank you Satoshi, with your life we avert catastrophe”, the three men announced in unison.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that an audio visual medium needs both understanding of audio and visual aspects to be best enjoyed. As such watching subs is not now, nor has it ever been something I can get behind (excepting the dubs which wholly mangle the original version like Sailor moon and so on) without a doubt I would have lit zero on fire for it's dub if it was bad but it's actually pretty great.

The cast

Kiritsugu: resident evil has a history of pretty wooden or derpy acting so he's one of the four I was fairly concerned about. Fact is for someone who, to my knowledge, has never done anime before he plays Kiritsugu well.

Saber: Kari sounded horrible in clips but I have to admit she pulls it together well enough, I think I wouldn't have a problem with her being cast again for the new adaptations.

Iris: well this was an absolutely perfect choice VA wise, Bridget has been voice acting for a long time and the delicate, soft crazy chick is a role she has a lot of experience with. This gave me shivers like back when I first watched Lain. Fucking awesome, nuff said.

Rider: Without Price I don't think I would like Rider honestly, the bombastic cheerful attitude Jameson puts into every word really sells the king of conquers. Trivia note, this va played Kirei in the deen adaptation dub.

Lancer: played by the og Gilgamesh I thought I'd grow to hate him but he was alright. Not a stand out but serviceable.

Berserker: I hated the concept of Lancelot being a berserker from the out set, however the va for what time he gets is good enough.

Assassin: much like soylant cola it varies from person to person, decent overall though.

Gilgamesh: our replacement VA does a good job here.

Caster and his master: unlike the others I can't speak of them separately since they are almost exclusively speaking to each other. JYB as a serial killer works awfully well, blue beard is played by Igor from the persona games, they work rather great together.

Waver: This guy is a total unknown to my ears, pretty likeable though.

Tokomi: the character is exactly what he's supposed to be, a boring idiot.

Aoi: I pity Michelle Ruff, she played Arc in the Tsukihime anime and here she's playing this wispy waste of skin.

Karaiya: Liam has experience with this role, he played Archer in the fsn dub so another good performance.

Kirei: well this is Crispin Freeman, you're guaranteed a good performance with him but he really did a fucking excellent job here.

The animation: great with three exceptions. Firstly the effect on Lancelot, gross, just terrible imo. Secondly the creatures of caster, not their design but the effect used. Finally the fish face look some characters get (excepting caster who it fits to a T) it's deen levels of bad.

The plot: the only stand out things in the plot are the interlude with Kiritsugu and Gilgamesh palpatine-Ing Kirei. The rest of it is pretty by the numbers enjoyable action. Although two things bother me, one the Rin stuff, it drags down the show a bit and creates a potential plot hole. And secondly the continuity error at the end where Saber isn't at the tree dying.

So yeah, that's how I see it. How do you see Zero?

Lantz's fics / Controlled Chaos (discussion and development)
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Controlled Chaos is a reader directed work (not a choose your own adventure) the characters are presented here and the metrics are decided by committee. The story is then written based on the collective information.

in short, it's up to you the people to decided the starting line. Name a character, as far as the story is concerned every character is available from the overall mythos.

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