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(OP note: This version of the Velvet Room is not meant for sex scenes. Please use the other Velvet room for that)

"Rarrr, I am the Almighty Charles and I will devour all of Nexus!  Insert Dragon Noise here!  Grrrr Grrr!"

Saber was torn between sighing and smiling as Forest made Charles "fly" through the air.

Saber asked, "Dragon Noise?"

"Whatever the noises dragons should make.  I've never met a dragon nor do I care to.  I'm not tasty with catsup," the blond replied as she studied the emerald green velveteen dragon.

Saber smiled and said, "Welcome to the Safe for Work version of the Velvet Room where more . . . unique interactions can take place."

"Hey Saber, why Charles?" Forest asked as she sat down, holding the dragon out to the former king.

Saber took her dragon and replied, "Why not?"

Real World Topics / Fight for Net Neutrality!
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:06:38 AM »
So yeah, there's this thing in the US happening pretty soon that could fuck up the internet for everybody. There's this thing called Title II that, if passed, could help protect Net Neutrality, which is what keeps the internet from not sucking.

Here's a link thing you can go to to find out more:

Tumblr also has a thing. Yeah yeah, I know, tumblr, but hey, it's a useful resource! Doesn't matter what site it comes from as long as this shit's useful.

For 'Muricans, if you can call your representatives or write a letter, that'd be great. If you have social anxiety like me though, at least send an email to your representatives. People doing the other stuff should do that too, as it's easy as pie to do so given the sites I've provided. It'll help you through what to say with the call as well, and help you get started with that letter (at least I think so on that last one).

For anyone outside of the States, it doesn't exactly tell you what you should do, but if nothing else, you can still get the word out. It has tools to help you with spreading the word on twitter and the like, and getting the links out so more 'Muricans can do that contacting representatives thing is always good.

So yeah, do things so we don't have sucky internet. Because the internet being free and uncontrolled by corporations with bad track records with this sort of shit is a good thing, right?

Also this. You don't want slower loading times do you? Then do something about it.

Cross Effects / Cross Effects 3.0 Character Q and A thread
« on: November 22, 2014, 10:16:10 PM »
Got a question for a character in CE 3.0? Ask it here!

(Note: Questions can only be answered by that character's player, and must be responded to in character)

Real World Topics / Cyborg tech on the way?
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:48:56 AM »

We can actually override neural impulses with technology now. We may actually be able to achieve cyborg tech sometime in the middle future with this sort of advancement. It's pretty neat either way though, cyborg tech or no. The guy will be able to move his arm again, which is really nice. :)

So thoughts, feelings, blah blah blah?

General Discussion / Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel movie/movies
« on: July 31, 2014, 02:28:08 AM »
Discuss the upcoming Heaven's Feel movie(s) here. (NOTE: Do not complain about the route not being Fate in here! That is not why this thread exists. So please don't bring it up)

General Discussion / Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Anime
« on: July 31, 2014, 02:26:40 AM »
Discuss the UBW anime coming out from UFOtable here. (NOTE: Do not complain about the route not being Fate in here! That is not why this thread exists. So please don't bring it up)

You got a song in your head for your character? Post a video or a link to the audio file here!

Got a question for a Cross Effects character? Ask them here!

(Please keep things civil. Also, when answering a question, please make sure to stay in character. Any OOC stuff that isn't strictly for humor should probably be done via a proxy character or with a note. Also, please only answer for your own characters. With all that said, enjoy!)

Role Playing / Pink Mohawks (Hammering out Shadowrun things)
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:06:43 AM »
A more fun topic for once!

So since Magos's game is entirely admins, I'm setting up the location poll in here. :V

Vote for what location you want the campaign in! :3

Option descriptions as provided by Magos:

Option 1: Seattle. Classic Shadowrun setting, the only pacific port of the UCAS and embroiled in all sorts of action in the shadows.

Option 2: The MSP Sprawl - Still called the Twin Cities by locals, this major metro area is host to some of the biggest rivalries in the lucrative UCAS-CAS-NAN smuggling routes.

Option 3: Neo-Tokyo: Capital of the Japanese Imperial State, and host to more people per capita than anywhere else in the world. The Japanocorps wage secret wars between each other in the neon drenched back alleys of  the trade center of the Pacific Rim.

Quote from: Magos
Basically the differences will be in local attitudes, jobs, and running styles.

That, and characters I'll give the nod too. Good luck being a metahuman in Neo-tokyo if you want respect. Meanwhile, if you want to be Mr. Fabulous, Gay Troll Pimp in Seattle, nobody will likely bat an eye.

In Japan, they'll bring the tar and feathers.

Just remember, it's all about the job chummers!

A few more game details: Neo-Tokyo will be a very, very different environment from either MSP or Seattle.

As the biggest urban area on the planet (nearly a third of Imperial Japan's population is contained within the sprawl), firearms are rare, frowned upon, and the japanese are extremely racist to foreigners, metahumans, and anything that isn't a japanese human. Of course, in the shadows, things are a bit different, but the basic principle will remain the same. You'll also start working for corporations almost immediately - no nice and easy independant Johnson's for you or criminals. The Yakuza prefer in house when possible, but hey, you *might* be able to get a job with them.

Seattle is classic shadowrun, complete with all the companies, criminals, and independents all vying for attention in the chaos that is Seattle's shadows. It's not called a 'Runner Heaven' for nothing. But with many jobs comes both competition and fun, fun problems.

MSP is a blank slate.

He also had this to say, about character creation stuff:
Standard 4e Character creation rules. If you don't have the books, PM me. I also have a link to a useful character creation program I can walk you through on Steam Chat/AIM.

Shadowrun Roles!
There are 4 or five common roles for a shadowrunner team. Here's a rundown -

 Street Samurai: The man (or woman) with the combat abilities. Whether this is through being an adept, or cyberware and a whole lot of firepower, Street Samurai are either close combat or ranged combat monsters (or specialize in neither and go generalist) who are your big meatshield.

Mage: Your wizard. A mystic adept or magician, the mage handles spell slinging, spirit summoning, and special stuff. The mage is also the one who will likely get geeked first. (Alice's note:I created a mage. However, if you wanna play a mage still, all you have to do is specialize differently than me. I'm mostly offense based.)

Hackers: They specialize in getting into systems and doing all kinds of fun things with them, and as nearly everything is connected to the internet in 2072, this covers a lot of ground. Make doors open and make guns explode. They're usually technomancers or someone who knows their way around a commlink.

Riggers: Last but not least is the humble rigger, who specializes in vehicles and drones. Often sporting a control rig implant or, are a technomancer, riggers control drones and vehicles WITH THEIR MINDS and 'links being able to assume direct control of vehicles to remotely pilot them as needed. Don't think this puts you out of the action though, as your drones can be modified to carry all sorts of fun little destructive toys...

Remember -

Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve ammo. Never make a deal with a dragon.

So vote now! :D So we can do a fun RPing thing together and have all this stuff hammered out ahead of time. :3

...Also, I may move this thread eventually. ^^" For now though, Magos wants any answers we have sent to him, so he has a heads up.

Remember, send a message to Magos if you still need the books, and about any role you're interested in for more information.

Video Games / Bravely Default
« on: May 05, 2014, 01:46:01 AM »
So yeah, figured I'd make a thread for one of the best RPGs out there right now. :3

If you want to trade friend info btw, just give a shout out in here, just like in the Pokemon thread. :) Friend codes for some people are of course in the friend code thread, but you can just shout them in here too if you so wish.

Announcements / Congrats to our new mod!
« on: April 26, 2014, 06:02:40 PM »
We now currently have two moderators! One is now YOLF. Treat him like the awesome person he is~ :3

So yeah, for discussion of all the stuff in the thread title, this is the place to do it if you don't have an actual question for the Questions thread. Fire away.

Try to keep the subjects brought up in here serious-ish at least. The occasional silly derail is fine, but try avoiding discussing silly things for the sake of discussing silly things.

As you can clearly see by the lovely new default theme, I have taken over the forum. Completely.

My first proclamation as supreme ruler of this forum is that you give me fanfiction involving Archer! ...In a positive way!

You have until 12 midnight central time April 2nd. Otherwise you will be subject to shunning, a fate worse than banning. What's being shunned entail you may ask? Oh, you'll see if you defy me on this order, you'll see~

A drawing is fine too. But it must be purdy, and by your own hand, or I will deem you unworthy, and one of the Shunned! Those who fulfill my request however, shall be rewarded! A glowing name until the end of the month and a fancy title shall be thy reward!

This does not apply to anyone that has not already logged in, by the way! Now then, get to work, peons!

Announcements / Dark Side of the Moon IRC chat
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:48:19 AM »
So yeah, we have an IRC channel!

It's on IRC Highway, #somethingsomethingdarkside. ...Tis not a joke, that's literally the channel name. Anyway, so yeah, if you want to IRC chat, that's the place to go!

For the super lazy who don't even want to type things in:

Role Playing / Fate/Yet Another Grail War RPing Idea
« on: January 28, 2014, 07:17:06 PM »
So I actually was thinking a bit about the whole Grail War in Cross Effects thing, and randomly came up with a concept that might actually be pretty cool. ...Also, forgive me if this OP initially comes off as a jumbled mess, this is more of the Drafting Phase thread than anything, plus I'm stupid enough to write this when half conscious. So here it goes anyway! 

So yeah, Grail War RPs. They happen. But one thing I honestly think they could benefit from is some good old fashioned player cooperation beyond the whole allies thing. Honestly, the whole thing with Servant and Master teams being played by the same person or one being played by the player while the other being played by the GM removes something of a more... interesting element of the whole concept in my eyes. So here's my brilliant idea that according to Mike actually happened before in the distant past but I wasn't there to see that so eh.

Each Master and Servant on an individual team is controlled by separate players, forcing the two to collaborate and cooperate with each other in order to win the Grail. Means of course will need to be devised to get around the sheer number of players needed, but yeah. That's it. And it's honestly one small difference that I think will make things *much* more interesting.

Details and stuff? I'll let you guys chime in on that. I don't think it's a good idea to specify a War or even a Brand Spanking New Free Form War without general details being hammered out first. I'll update the OP with various details, such as who'd be up for GMing, more solid ideas as to how this will all work, etc. It's fairly ambitious and big, but hey, with how well Cross Effects is apparently working out, why not? Could be worth a shot.

Established things:

GM: Arch-Magos Winter

Cherry Lover
Soldat der Trauer

Servant Class Availability:
Saber: Open
Archer: Taken
Lancer: Taken
Rider: Taken
Caster: Open
Berserker: Open
Assassin: Taken

Master Slots:
There are 3 Master slots remaining.

Rules Stuff:
OK, some basic rules updates -

>Non-Hassan assassins allowed.
>Berserker and his/her Master will likely be played by the same person,  and I'm considering allowing the same person to play a master/servant pair that isn't this. Or I'll play Berserker. Either way.
>First come first served for Master slots; once those are all gone they are all gone. We've got three people who've submitted Master sheets. Better move fast if you want one.

Settings Stuff:
And now a little setting information.

Basically - shit got real during WWII. The War scheduled during that time (the third war) went off without a hitch, despite the possible threat of a theft of the grail. And so the three families breathed a sigh of relief... only to have it blow up in their faces in 1946. The American occupation of Japan was a time of chaos and confusion among many Japanese magi, and the Tohsaka were no exception. So when a group of American magi managed to steal the grail, it wasn't noticed for a good twenty years - enough time for the group to set the ritual up in another location. The panicked families attempted nearly every route possible to discover its resting place, but the secret had died with the men who'd moved the grail. And what a location it was.

The North American West had always been a spot relatively untouched by the magus association. Possessing little to no authority over these magi on the very edge of their domain, the Association's basic system of power, the Second Owner model, was rarely in place in many western cities. As such, they became havens for renegades and Sealing Designates, families forced out of their dominions, and other assorted scum of the magical world. And it was here that the Grail was repurposed.

The Black Hills have always been a hotbed of spiritual power, and unclaimed leylines. In fact, similar to Fuyuki, a ley line convergence of significant spiritual power was found within it, the perfect home for the ritual to be transplanted. This convergence point centers on Mount Rushmore, a national monument and symbolic structure of America itself. A lucky circumstance lead to the rediscovery of the grail, fifteen years after the ritual was supposed to have taken place. The transplant delayed the War, but with five years left on the clock before the ritual would trigger again, the rush began.

That was nearly five years ago.

This is the siren call of the west. This is the clash of heroes on soil none of them tread before. This is the Fourth Heavens Feel, and who ever wins, one thing is certain - this will not end the struggle over this miracle.

 Einzberns - Currently going crazy looking for someone to throw their weight behind that will actually give them the grail and or they can easily betray and not have anyone give a shit about that.

Matou - Depending on what happens here, we could go several ways. I was thinking the family actually recovered, after some members managed to slip out of Zouken's control and flee to Sanfran. So we've got two 'Matou' familys' - the zouken controlled japanese branch, and the Makari branch, the exiles. There's also a few family members hailing from Eastern Europe, but that's besides the point.

Tohsaka - Pretty much nothing has changed, in many ways (Kariya is still beta even in an alternate universe). Their ego took a major hit, but as they arguably 'won' the last grail war (And got a Finnish waifu out of it) they aren't all that concerned really. Rin's currently tearing it up in the Clock Tower. Sakura's a schoolteacher. Never heard about magic, doesn't even know her husband is a magi.

Kirei - Was dispatched to the Mount Rushmore area. He's not currently acting as a priest.

Kiritsugu-  He lost a leg to a landmine in Cambodia about five years ago. The magus community breathed a collective sigh of relief when they heard he was retiring. Maiya though is... an unknown. Nobody is sure where she is. Kerry isn't saying either.

Uryuu- He ended up caught by the MP's on an army base he managed to perform his last bit of art on. He hung.

Waver- Last time anyone heard from him, it was in Chicago. He's made a name for himself a bit actually, as a freelance alchemist.

Shirou- He's not a full on magus, but he's not like he was in F/SN. Practices in Fuyuki. Without the fire, he's... actually done rather well for himself. He's currently a store owner of a bike shop - motorbike.

Bazett- She's... an unknown. Even to me, I'm not sure what's happened to her. She's still an enforcer though.
The city this will take place is Rapid City, Ohio. For an non-'Muricans and any 'Muricans that want to get more familiar with the place, here's a wiki link:,_South_Dakota

Alright, Master Sheet Time.

Magical Tradition:

Now the next stats go from A to E. You start at D for each one (Except for Crest Generation, which goes down to F and starts at C, and Master Potential which starts at E), and get 5 points to distribute. Each rank up costs one point. You can take away from starting stats for extra points. It costs one point to increase each attribute.

Circuit Quantity:
Circuit Quality:
Master Potential:
Crest (Generation):

Circuit Quality and Quantity dictate your potential as a magus - along with Crest . The higher your Crest, the more prestige your character has in the magical world, and the more family specific spells you have access to. For a price (one point) you can also choose a Sorcery Trait for your master. For another point, you can choose a nonstandard element (One that isn't one of the following: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Spirit, Metal) or a second of the standard.

Every point of Master Potential gives you a chance of increasing a Servant attribute.

So for example, you could have the following stat spread -

Circuit Quantity: C
Circuit Quantity: C
Crest: C
Master Potential: C

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