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Mille stood freezing in the snow outside the apartment complex. She'd untransformed since landing and had dug the coat she'd stored in her backpack out for warmth, but her clothes were still sopping wet, and the t-shirt she was wearing was hardly ideal for the season even if it weren't soaked.

I should have dressed in something appropriate for all weather conditions. An oversight like that's hardly fitting for a magus, though then I did have to act quickly. Though that's hardly an excuse. Good thing I had that coat ready, though it's not thick enough for this weather. I could only stuff so large of a coat in my bag after all.

Angry with herself for her lack of complete and utter preparation as she was, she almost didn't hear Sapphire whisper to her.

"Psst, Miss Garrison, hide and get down."

Not wanting to take any chances, even if the warning was from Sapphire, (besides, a sneak attack was always optimal), Mille heeded the wand and went for cover. It was a good thing she'd moved quickly, for in the next few minutes, she got to see why the Kailedo Stick had warned her.

The man was tall, and in dark armor. There was an air about him that exuded both great strength and great instability.

I can almost feel his power... could this be a Servant? Are there Grail Wars in this world too?

The shivering magus (damn this cold, it makes me seem like a coward when I'm just freezing...) waited for the man to leave and enter the building before moving again. Her movement was stiff, as her clothing was already beginning to freeze from being soaked, but she did her best.

With a deep breath, Mille stood before the door, debating whether entering at this point was the best course of action.

"Inside this building is the source of magical energy I told you about," said Sapphire. "If you want to reach it soon, you'll have to go inside sooner or later."

Rin looked down at her plate. Already all gone.

Huh, I must've been hungry. Well, can't go investigating strange alternate dimensions on an empty stomach.

She was about to offer help with the dishes when a strange man came inside. Rin tensed. The man was armored, and seemed strong. Though he wasn't exactly attacking, but that didn't mean caution wasn't warranted. After all, there was something about this guy that put Rin ill at ease.

But then Saber marched up to the towering knight and started chewing him out.

Quote from: Saber
"Where have you been?  Are you alright?  I was worried about you, old friend."

She frowned as she could sense that something was amiss with him.  She pointed to the living room and said, "Come, go sit down and I can bring you something to drink."
Rin sat there, staring wide eyed at the tiny knight still in her pjs berating the huge newcomer before her body finally relaxed.

There's something about that guy that still sets me on edge. But if Saber trusts him, then it's probably fine. Though I shouldn't let my guard down, even if he is Saber's friend. 

Rin looked at him again. That armor... That combined with the fact that he knows Saber personally might well mean that he's a Servant too. Though then, I don't know how long she's been in this weird place either. Still, the fact that multiple Servants are potentially here... Maybe people end up here from different timelines too.

She looked back over at the cell phone Saber had been staring at with concern earlier. I guess now I know who that thing belongs to.

Quote from: Shirou
“Thanks for the room, Saber. I’m going now.”

With the sudden commotion, Rin had almost forgotten that Shirou was still there. She noticed him eyeing the sink with his plates in it with regret.

Knowing Emiya-kun, leaving those plates there is more painful than somehow managing to slice his own hand. He must be in a real rush to find Mia.

"Bye Emiya-kun!" Rin shouted after him. "Try not to shoot people so haphazardly again even if they are vampires! Come back alive or I'll find a way to torment your ghost!"

And out the door he went. All and all, this was certainly an odd start to things.

Finally posted after all this time. Sorry for the extended delay, I had a virus that wouldn't kick out as soon as I thought it would.

Also, bye Moony, and good luck at school! :D It was cool having you.

Quote from: Saber
Saber started to put a cup of coffee on for Rin as well.  She smiled at Shirou and asked, "If you like, I can see if anyone at the station could be spared to assist with the search.  However, I do need to be there when the party goes into the sewer to track down the fiend responsible for that massacre last night."
Sewers? Oh right, that's where they think the perpetrator went...

Rin frowned, but continued snarfing down her breakfast. The brewing coffee smelled pleasant, even if it wasn't tea. Just the scent made her feel a bit more awake. Probably helped it was still cold too. The warmth would be nice.

"Perhaps once things calm down I can show the both of you around Nexus, and maybe get you settled in more comfortable quarters while you are here Rin.  I apologize about it being so crowded; I have a male roommate who is missing at the moment."  She frowned at that as she looked at Lancelot's phone.
Rin looked over at the Servant before smiling. "Nothing to apologize for Saber, I'm just glad I had a place to stay for the night. I wouldn't mind you helping me find a new place though, I don't want you to have to provide a space for me longer than you need to." She noted both that Shirou seemed in an awful hurry (probably wants to go off and hunt for Mia, Rin thought), and Saber's glance over at a random cell phone. Figuring Shirou needed to be on his way, she decided to address the latter.

"Who's phone is that?" Rin asked.

I don't know if it'll be a big issue, to be honest. I mean, since the original Velvet Room has been run over by porn anyway, I don't think it'd take away from it at all. Plus I think people mean they'd use it for goofier interactions than would be allowed in IC. So I don't think it'll be an issue.

I think it's honestly more that porn has taken over the Velvet Room to the point that it distracts from its original purpose, making it so people don't feel as comfortable just doing regular SoL stuff in-between all the porn posts. Normally I wouldn't do something that makes the subforum bloat, but in this case I can understand where they're coming from.

Since the Velvet Room in 3.0's pretty much become the porn area this time, I could make an alt thread just for OOC shenanigans and label it as such. I'll also label the other Velvet Room as the porn version.

EDIT: And done. Now we have a SFW version. Enjoy!

I'll go ahead and update the approvals page. If I toss anyone on there that shouldn't be there, let me know.

Also get better soon, Knick!

EDIT: And there we go. Didn't add unknown hero's new sheet however because since it either went up just last night or this morning, I didn't know if Elf actually had the chance to look at it or not. If she did and it's approved, then I can just toss it up with the rest.

Quote from: Shirou
“Yes, Mia left a note saying she had gone out somewhere to play,” Shirou said, answering Rin’s question with a tight frown. “She’s obviously strong, but she’s still a little kid, and this city is dangerous.”
"Out to play, huh?" Rin ran her hand through her hair. She was awake enough now to realize that she probably looked like a mess, but wasn't quite alert enough yet to hide the wince that crossed her face as a result.

Given the serious Illya vibes I was getting off of that girl, probably the people that'd attack her are more in trouble than her. Still, I could see how Emiya-kun'd be worried...

"We'll find her. Like you said, she's strong, so she'll probably be fine until we find her," the magus said with a comforting smile. She finished off her milk, hearing Saber offering Shirou a cup of coffee. There was something... off about the way he replied. A certain lack of emotion in his voice.

Maybe he's just worried about Mia, thought Rin, groggy enough still that it wasn't worth bothering thinking much harder into it at the moment.

Quote from: Saber
"I know you prefer tea, but this does have more caffeine in it.  Would you like a cup as well?"
Looking over at Saber, it was sure weird still seeing her in her pajamas like this, and looking somewhat frazzled no less. One would think she'd be an early riser. But Rin had other things to focus on.

The magus looked over at the Servant and nodded with a smile.  "Sure, I wouldn't mind some coffee." Rin looked down at the table as Shirou served breakfast, the smile diminishing. "I definitely need the caffeine at least." 

She looked at her plate. Shirou had set forks and knives instead of chopsticks, which surprised her. Maybe because this place was more Western? Unsurprisingly, the food looked delicious. The times she'd been over at his place, the food had been superb.

Rin began tucking into her meal while Saber and Shirou discussed stuffed animals. The conversation had started awkwardly, but it seemed to be going smoothly enough now that it'd kicked off, so eh.

The Art Gallery / Re: The KAIZAverse
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:21:23 PM »
That's really damn good KAIZA! Feel good about yourself! :3

First posts with Mille. They probably suck given that I made the mistake of writing them when more tired than usual, but at least they're out there now.

What so many people happened to call the Nexus was not particularly known for it's color. The gray buildings, the gray landscapes, the gray moods. There were the parks of course, and certain patches of land that added splotches of green, but here in the urban heart, color all but seemed to fade. It was snowing again, the flakes fluffy balls that would explode into a bunch of smaller snowflakes upon impact, but the beauty was lost in the daylight, with so little contrast. Not that such things tended to go noticed, the gray fog of death lurking around every corner.

This all, of course, went unnoticed beyond mere observation to the girl flying high above the city streets. Most of the color had drained from her life anyway, not that she had ever realized it. And, after all, beyond getting an idea of climate, layout, and so on, all this meant little in the scheme of things. Because little things like beauty of snow weren't important really. What mattered was the Mission. Not even the cold mattered. Acknowledging the cold was for the weak. Nor her ridiculous outfit, partially responsible for her being so cold in the first place. That didn't matter either.

Well, on second thought, maybe it did matter. It was slowing her flying speed, which while useful for getting a more detailed look of the city below, was not helping them be timely in finding the area of investigation Sapphire had scouted out for her. Something had to be said.

"Tell me something. Why is it that I have to take on the guise of a magical girl when wielding you? It seems highly impractical, especially in these conditions."

The wand stayed still, but a voice came out all the same, as if from nothing.

"I have determined that it's the best way to channel the immense stores of prana that I can provide for you. The outfit helps channel it further."

The magus girl sighed. "Why is it I have difficulty believing you?"

"Whether you believe me or not makes no difference. You're stuck like that either way, aren't you?"

Well, she couldn't argue with that. As a magus, she would have to put up with it. After all, it didn't matter how humiliating or impractical it was if it was necessary to accomplish her goal. Complaining was for the weak. And flying was the only way for her to travel fast enough to reach their destination in a timely manner.

Never mind if her hair was sopped from the snow that'd melted on it. Or on this ridiculous dress. Or the fact that all that dampness had frozen to an extent. It was necessary to endure, and that was that.

"You could always go down lower if you wanted to get warmer, Miss Garrison" said the wand. "Part of why you feel cold as extreme as you do is the altitude."

Garrison shook her head. "The additional cold is a risk I have to take. If we go lower, I could lose time having to dodge more buildings. Even with the reduced movement speed, we will still get more timely results from the increased height."

"If you say so."

The redhead narrowed her eyes, scanning the urban landscape below, lifeless as it was. "How close are we to our destination?"

The wand wiggled a bit. "Not far now. It should be somewhere in this area." She maneuvered herself in Garrison's hand until she was pointing down towards one place in particular . "There, I think. That's about where I got the reading."

Looking down at the spot being pointed at revealed a splash of brick red among the grey-ish black void.

"That apartment complex?" said the girl.

"That should be it, yes," the wand replied, bending her headpiece as if in a nod. "We should head there post haste. We don't know if the source of the reading will move from there."

Garrison paused for a moment. Knowing she had to roll with the stupid magical girl thing, she tossed aside her regular procedure for casting spells and just produced a fireball. She floated for a moment, wet but at least somewhat warmer, before continuing. Already she could feel the unfrozen moisture forming glistening ice on her dress and body, but she pushed forward. After all, the sooner she made it to the building, the sooner she could leave this cold. ...And even better, get into something more useful than this utterly impractical outfit.


Debauchery. Shamelessness. The stench of alcohol and another smell she couldn't identify, but was unpleasant to her nose and may well had to do with that first part.

Well. That concluded her investigation of this place. What a waste of two minutes.

Mille, her nose wrinkled slightly, made her way towards the door. She'd wasted enough time here already.

Real World Topics / Re: Fight for Net Neutrality!
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:46:06 AM »
I'll think about it. Don't know if it would have more visibility there or here though.

Basically, Unknown hero, read the rules and the stat guide first. The concept is faulty enough and there's enough wrong with the sheet that it may just be better to scrap the sheet and start over.

Don't be offended by this, as it's less to say you can't join, and more that you should take the time to read up on some stuff first, and then make a more proper sheet. If need be, we can get you in on the skype group and people can help you out more.

One thing I will say though is that you shouldn't be listing servant ranks with letters attached to them with this sheet format, as it undermines the point of this ranking system to an extent. Again, if you need help, you can either ask here in the thread, pm YOLF, who made the current stat system, or IM us on Skype, and we can help you there.

Real World Topics / Fight for Net Neutrality!
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:06:38 AM »
So yeah, there's this thing in the US happening pretty soon that could fuck up the internet for everybody. There's this thing called Title II that, if passed, could help protect Net Neutrality, which is what keeps the internet from not sucking.

Here's a link thing you can go to to find out more:

Tumblr also has a thing. Yeah yeah, I know, tumblr, but hey, it's a useful resource! Doesn't matter what site it comes from as long as this shit's useful.

For 'Muricans, if you can call your representatives or write a letter, that'd be great. If you have social anxiety like me though, at least send an email to your representatives. People doing the other stuff should do that too, as it's easy as pie to do so given the sites I've provided. It'll help you through what to say with the call as well, and help you get started with that letter (at least I think so on that last one).

For anyone outside of the States, it doesn't exactly tell you what you should do, but if nothing else, you can still get the word out. It has tools to help you with spreading the word on twitter and the like, and getting the links out so more 'Muricans can do that contacting representatives thing is always good.

So yeah, do things so we don't have sucky internet. Because the internet being free and uncontrolled by corporations with bad track records with this sort of shit is a good thing, right?

Also this. You don't want slower loading times do you? Then do something about it.

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