Forum Rules
General Rules:

1. Be respectful of others:

In other words, don't be a dick. People like to be treated nicely after all, so we expect you to generally not to be an asshole to people when you're posting here. This includes trolling, by the way- even if you aren't blatantly attacking someone, being a general nuisance to the forum still counts as being a dick. Resorting to passive aggression will not save you either - even if you aren't being blatant about it, being a subtle asshole is still being an asshole.

2. Don't link to download sites for pirated material:

We don't wanna get in trouble after all. It's fine to talk about it, but please don't post links publically. Providing a link to someone via PM is fine, however. We're not necessarily against the idea after all, it's just we don't want the site to be taken down because of it.

3. Non work-safe images must be clearly labelled as such, and either spoiler-tagged or linked to.

4. We have a no tolerance policy in terms of doxxing. We don't care if it was done offsite. If we learn you doxxed another member, you're in serious trouble. This may involve contacting the authorities, so don't do this. Ever.

This also goes for any attempt to harm a member in public, or any organized harassment campaigns.

And that's it! Have fun!