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Sakura and Shirou

The two of them looked at Breeze with utter bemusement, wondering what the hell she was talking about. Sakura, being good at hiding her feelings, was mostly able to avoid giving any indication of her thoughts, but the look on Shirou's face made it clear that he thought she was a moron.

Deciding to be polite, Sakura was about to answer her extremely-stupid question, only to be interrupted by the other girl who, to their astonishment, went on to actually claim that a "sakura" was, in fact, a species, of which the girl presumably thought she was a member. This time, even Sakura couldn't hide her astonishment, a look of surprise and confusion coming over her face. An entire species named after her, made up of people who, presumably, all looked similar to her? Was she in one of Rider's fantasies or something?

Before she could react, though, the girl contined to speak, giving her a funny look before questioning Sakura's decision to marry her beloved Senpai. Sakura gave the girl an annoyed look in response, unhappy at hearing anyone question her Senpai's suitability as a husband and confused as to why she would have an issue with the idea. Was it some weird cultural restriction where this "Mary" girl was from, perhaps?

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asked, obviously a little annoyed and very confused. "He's perfect in every way, why wouldn't I have married him? And what's wrong with marrying a senpai, anyway?"

"And what do you mean about Sakura being a species?" she added, even more confused. "Are there more of you? And do you all look like me?"

Shirou, meanwhile, turned to the other girl, now wedged into the alternate Sakura's thighs, a look of total bemusement on his face.

"Y..yes, there do seem to be a lot of girls who look like Sakura around", he said. "I bought a pet from one a few months ago. And Rider says that she's seen a few more Sakuras around, too", he replied.
Name: Raharu "Levina" 011

Race: Stage 1 Human Beta-Thoughtform

Age: 20

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 70kg


Physical Attributes:

Strength: Exceptional

Agility: Exceptional

Constitution: Exceptional

Other Abilities:

Thoughtform Physiology: Raharu can gain sustenance from memories instead of food or water, and doesn't need more than two hours of sleep every day. In order to consume someone's memories, Raharu must make skin-to-skin contact with the other person. She can either take entire memories of continuous periods of time, or remove memories of herself from continuous periods of time in the target's memories. The latter is less filling, but also less destructive. Because of this, Raharu can see someone's memories while touching them.

First Class FRANXX Pilot: Raharu is bound to a complex magitech device known as a FRANXX, and in her home world she was unmatched in her skill with Piloting one. In fact, she outperformed other veteran pilots by leagues, stretching the capabilities of her FRANXX to its limit and beyond. She has also acclimated her senses to the speeds she has to handle when using her FRANXX and as such she can treat her reaction speeds as if her base Agility was Fantastic.

When utilizing her FRANXX, Raharu has the skill to use its force exertion to significantly reduce the impact of blows and velocity changes, maneuver flawlessly with the wires and counteract tension and gravity. When confronted with an attack, Raharu can simultaneously roll with a blow, push the blow away, and dodge it in a single movement, allowing her to reliably dodge and deflect things moving at up to Heroic speed, and only encounter significant challenge with Legendary speed.
By spreading the Impulse of blows across as many moments as possible, Raharu can simultaneously push herself backwards and push against the blow with her FRANXX's force exertion to reduce the injury she receives from blows. She also can exert forces within her body to prevent the displacement of organs. By combining these two together, Raharu can survive attacks as if her Constitution was Heroic, but she becomes significantly more affected by knockback. Raharu also uses her force exertion to effectively increase her Agility to Fantastic, and she is an extremely skilled combatant when it comes to utilizing the wires on her FRANXX.

Dreaming Soul: Raharu suffers from the early stages of Thoughtform Corruption due to spending nearly two weeks straight lost in the Dreaming Roads, an unusually long amount of time to go without reaching Stage 2. However, even at Stage 1, Raharu's Soul has been irreversibly marked by the Dreaming Roads. Her FRANXX and her uniform that she held on to during her "trip" in the Dreaming Roads are extensions of herself, and can be repaired or summoned to herself using the power of any memories she has consumed. If her body were ever to die, her soul would linger and slowly and methodically steal enough memories from people to rebuild her body. If her body is left mostly intact, this process could take two or three days. This becomes a week if any lost limbs need to be replaced and a month if the body as a whole is ruined (such as with cremation). However, Raharu does not get to choose which memories are taken to repair her body, and as such there is a genuine risk of her waking up to a world that doesn't know her face.


FRANXX: A FRANXX converts a person's untapped magical potential into energy and allows the user to utilize the FRANXX's features as if they were part of the pilot's body. A FRANXX is specifically fueled by *untapped* magical potential, so if a FRANXX pilot were ever to learn magic, their FRANXX's power would degrade.

A FRANXX is custom-built to fit its user's form perfectly, and when in use covers their body like a second skin. They are a delicate fusion of magical matrices, synthetic nervous systems, and living magical materials. This allows the suit itself to have its own sentience and intelligence while still being capable of complete synchrony with the pilot. This allows a competent pilot to achieve a level of precision far beyond that of any normal magical or technological device. Most FRANXX are equipped with the ability to generate force in a short field around its surface, and Raharu's FRANXX is no exception. Raharu's field is calibrated to operate at a range of about 10cm away from the FRANXX's surface, balancing a little bit of extra range while still keeping the power contained in a small area for more force. Raharu can use her FRANXX to exert a force of Fantastic Strength on any object within that range, in any direction. This includes normal matter, as well as anything that could be affected by magic, and she can exert the force on herself. However, exerting this force on herself can only influence the motion of her center of gravity if another affect-able non-gaseous substance that is not attached to her is present in the range.

Raharu's FRANXX is custom equipped with two 10 meter long wires of Fantastic durability that can extend and retract from the arms, and the range of the FRANXX's force exertion extends to cover the wires themselves even when they are outside of the normal range.

Origin: Cadet 011, designation Raharu. 011 joined the ranks of the Mabase Military Academy at the age of 13, and was a problem child from the start. However, 011 also turned out to be a prodigy and despite her occasional hijinx and her near-complete lack of discipline, she graduated from the academy with flying colors and enlisted in the Mabase Military Special Forces shortly afterward. From there, 011 was assigned a FRANXX due to the promise she had shown with it during the academy, and she learned fast. Maybe a bit too fast. A squad mate nicknamed her Levina, from her serial number and the pace at which she learned. She took a liking to it and still prefers to go by Levina even though becoming Second-In-Command of the Mabase Special Forces a few years later earned her the right to go by her real name again. In their most recent mission, Raharu and most of her squad were sucked into the Dreaming Roads. Raharu was the only one to come out into the Nexus; the rest are either Thoughtforms or scattered across dimensions by now.

Weakness: In order to keep her FRANXX operating at peak capabilities, Raharu has not learned any magic at all. Also, despite the magical nature of Raharu's FRANXX, it offers no defense against magic without a physical or ephemeral (Ghosts, Spirits, the Astral Plane, etc.) form, even though the magic of the FRANXX itself is too alive to be dispelled.

Likes: Sweets, Very Spicy food, Messing with other people, Rain, Playing guitar

Dislikes: Very Sour things, People forgetting her, Snow, Losing her FRANXX

Finally, Nero could divert her attention to the thrill of the ride. She solemnly swore to herself, she would make the other blonde squeal in joy and break down her stuck-up facade- she knew that this ride was more than she would expect!

"Oh, thats what you think? Dont underestimate this city's rides!"

"There is not a big issue, but I would ask that you consider such things moving forward," he said softly, taking no particular note of the strange way in which she was communicating with him.  He placed his hands behind his back.  "The house belongs to Prisim.  I am merely a guest."


Her ears twitched a bit as she heard the voice circling her. Then she simply shook her head. "Nevertheless, I'd rather everything be clear. It would be quite a pain to have to toss some alloy onto Sigurd so that I could keep track of what was going on."


Gwendolyn sighed, a hint of defeat creeping into her expression and tone. She gently eased herself into a sitting position on the grass. "Yeah... Sorry. It's been a while since I've talked to people." She was no longer doing anything special with her voice aside from making it a little clearer and easier to hear for both of them.

Her ears twitched a bit as she heard the voice circling her. Then she simply shook her head. "Nevertheless, I'd rather everything be clear. It would be quite a pain to have to toss some alloy onto Sigurd so that I could keep track of what was going on."

"Surely you are jesting, I have ridden horses that are faster than some of these." She shook her head at the silly and got onto the wagon without further complaints however and soon eough the thing begun picking up speed slowly as it went up and up and up, this was going to take a while.

She let out a yawn at how slow it was being, maybe this had been a mistake.

The pirate... smiled at her words and nodded. "Yeah, you're smarter than that. That's what I like about you. You're not some pushover, I respect that."

He stretched and yawned, grinning eagerly when the mountain of ordered platters came and engulfed the table the moment they were set. It was ridiculous, utterly absurd, and oh so delicious looking it would be hard not to salivate.

"Well, I might not be a suitable ally, but I hope I can at least be an adequate friend. Would you break my heart twice, lass?" He asked her before grabbing a turkey leg and raising it in her honor.

Her features softened for a moment. "No, I cannot stop you. Nor would I disregard your aid if it was given. However, I can never see you as an ally. You are not someone that I can put my trust in, to know with certainty that you will fight by my side. I am sorry, Lorenzo."

Mary flicked Breeze playfully. "Don't be silly. Sakura is a species. I'm not sure why hey parents decided to name her that." Mary explained to Breeze before giving Sakura a funny look. "Why are you married to your senpai... That's so weird." She wrapped her arm around Breeze's shoulder and pulled her close, so her head was resting against Mary's soft thighs. "This is my Senpai, Breeze, and my name is Mary, from the illustrious Be family."

As the party continued some of the cultists noted the child watching them from the sides. One of the women broke off from the group, heading towards the boy. She kneeled down a bit so they were eye level and smiled. "Do you wish to join the festivities, child?"


The blonde sighed, and when she blinked there was that kindness and amiability again. "Then you would be a poor comrade. To join a cause on a whim would make leaving it just as easy, and it would forever make me question your loyalty and the validity of your aid. I must decline."


"Awww..." He moped, drooping down. "Well, its not like you can stop me if i stick around. I just don't want you to get hurt, yknow?" Genuine concern escaped him as he said that.

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