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"A more relaxing day maybe for you. I feel like the sun is getting to me. It's pretty absurd that someone like you endures it more than someone born in northern latitudes." Creature of the night, my ass. At this rate she would plead all those Gods whom placating she mostly scorned for a rainstorm. Nice autumn or spring rain wasn't really in her purview. "But enough of my ramblings. I've heard that you progressed a lot."

Like a lot. If she was compatible with her type of magic, even she would feel a sort of inferiority complex. But as the things were, their domains didn't overlap, so she didn't feel any competition from the side of Medaka.

"I guess I should again thank Aurelia and Parvati, I think their contributions are actually more major than mine."


Three months later.

Many things has changed since her arrival in Nexus, certainly. She not only was cut off from the society she used to dilligently serve, but the city was in general state of chaos compared to ordered societies. Even if past three months has proven to be quite peaceful in comparison to her earliest days in the city. But even though she suffered a crushing defeat at hands of enemies who killed Leo The Great and this loss still weighed on her when it came to her self-assessment and the outlook on the place, even with the most pessimistic assumptions she couldn't say that there weren't good things in her new life. The economy didn't tank, she still earned money from her lowly job as a mall clerk and she didn't have to even fight off much of monsters these days.

There was a reason why she was now sitting by a table in front of a cafe, under umbrella, waiting for someone to come. It was a middle of the summer season, probably a great time to take a day or two off. The raven haired girl was wearing brown shorts, sandals, white sleeveless undershirt and unbuttoned blue shirt on top of it. Along with sunglasses to protect her eyes. She wasn't actually used completely to the summer being as hot as further south to her former land.

The person she was waiting for was someone she technically took under her wing even if she passed her training to someone who was more apt to instruct her. But still, her obligations towards her (former) student remained, and honestly she felt attached to her. They weren't similar and certainly she was the more responsible of the two, but deeply in her heart she didn't mind those differences. Her passion for life and emotional side contrasted well with Anastasia's own self-discipline and a measure of pessimism. And truth to be told, they were both eccentric souls, just a different brand of eccentricity that played off against each other like in some sort of a comedic duo. So it wasn't actually that surprising that they got along pretty well.

And the fact that her companion was a vampire didn't seem to bother her much, if at all. She didn't carry the pre-conceptions about vampires that many arrivals have shared with her when she ended up here, her stance on vampires starting as a blank state due to the fact that she only learned of their existence in Nexus. There weren't even stories about bloodsuckers that were told in her world. Of course, knowing what Medaka was capable of made her aware that a vampire who would indiscriminately attack people would be certainly a threat, but as her friend wasn't someone dangerous to the society and was even well-meaning outright, she just decided to segregate her kind as she would segregate people. People who viewed vampires as monsters weren't few in numbers, and they would scoff at her stance, but she didn't care about that.


The girl herself wasn't also in the best shape. Not in the sense of getting wounded. That blast took a lot of her energy and depleted her time limit even more than if she just fought hand-to-hand. 30 seconds was indeed her upper limit. Gah, that's what she hated about it. Dealing with the city as a near powerless human wasn't the most enjoyable thing. There was a fine line between a good challenge and one's weakness being an annoyance.

"Damn it, I should really whip up myself into shape." She probably could push herself further. No, she needed to become better. With that tournament supposedly looming on horizon, she should aim to save her peak abilities for its finals. Her enemy lied in the pool of his own blood, but she had no capacity to finish him off. If he recovered from that, that'd be a tie, she guessed? If he didn't catch up with her to take out, that is. Then, shit, she had to drag her sorry body and leave the place in case that happened.


Why Parvati said that? Well, if she meant Medaka, she trusted her. But as a whole, she couldn't say that she trusted her species in entirety, but the same principle applied to humanity. Everyone with a reason could be divided into enemies, neutral parties and allies. Monsters meanwhile were beings who mostly followed their base instincts, many of which were dangerous for humanity if fulfilled. Hence, if a vampire was an enemy, they were simply evil rather than being monsters. Or they had simply opposing goals as enemies, but she didn't care much about an enemy's reasons in a fight for survival. Whoever picked up a fight with her or her allies and tried to kill her or them was 'evil'.

"Yes, that'd be most prudent way to handle this." Even if her knowledge of magic was theoretical, it was vast if all claims of the couple were completely true (she decided to not tell her that any use of mana would be classified as a magic from her world's definition. No point to argue with someone who is very stubborn and touchy about the subject). Hence, she acknowledged that Aurelia here knew better how to handle this process.


Playing games? She was completely serious now, this was some games... Oh shit, he was trying to escape! If he managed to retreat before she could get to him, this would be really unsatisfying. Damnit, the first time she used this form she didn't get to defeat her opponent, so she wasn't happy with a tie like that. Her frustration lead her to possibly shortening the time she could maintain her form, firing a blast from her hand to overpower the stakes. Trying to evade or brute force through them physically would just buy him more time, so Rikuyo gambled on that energy blast to reach him. If that didn't work, then well, shit, she'd have to work out something later, after she regained her strength. That is, if her opponent actually retreated and didn't come back to finish her off.


So, she took those news in stride, huh? Then there was really nothing to worry about, and she'd make sure to drill into Medaka to not destroy windows around them.

"I planned to test her affinity for elemental magic, especially my own brand, but not excluding more classic elements like fire, water, wind or earth. If after all tests it's proven that she's not compatible with ice magic, I'll have to find another instructor for her. Well, she did meet another practicioner of arcane arts before, so maybe that person could be her instructor if she happened to be compatible with their sorceries."


Her new form considerably lessened damage she would take from his assault. She put effort into looking like she was trying to defend from his onslaught, but she had a different thing in mind. Her aim was to transform even further beyond and deliver as much devastating damage as she could within 30 seconds. As much as he deserved some theatrics and showing off for leaving her no other option, Rikuyo did not plan to take any chances.

As the fist was about to slam her face, her body, bloodied from the damage, 'exploded' with intense power. Its appearance have changed since the last time she used it. As her identity became more defined, the elements of the Firstborn whose incarnation she was dominated the mix. Particularly savage version of a werewolf's near human form (even with going that far Gauru couldn't be unlocked, eh?) with some elements mixed in from other forms was the final outcome of the transformation. But it's not like he had a chance to give it a good luck since she started her counterattack. Her speed matched and even slightly surpassed the best feats of speed she has shown while her strength and endurance surpassed everything she had shown. She planned to meet his charge with a flurry of punches imbued with her aura. He couldn't likely regenerate from everything like Shinobu, so she aimed for the golden medium between power and the time she had left.


"Yup, sure thing!" Alright, now just select the number and... "Just write me down as Ellie. There's no need to be formal about me. Just gimme a ring whenever you need me. I should be able to rush for help since I'm self-employed."


Should she really tell the truth? Medaka did mention something that people were suspicious of her nature. Probably for a good reason, immortal being who sucked blood, was very fast and probably could catch off her off guard and drain her dry if she weren't a good person wouldn't attract much trust. But of course, she also trusted Medaka, so all her concerns about her nature were related to how outsiders would judge her on surface. And there was this factor that Medaka herself would likely reveal it even if Anastasia made an effort to tell her.

"How to put it, she's a vampire. She told me upfront that people are wary of her, but I have good reasons to trust her. I don't know what's your stance on her nature, but I can give my word that she will be not a problem if she drops by." She decided to omit the mention of the broken windows. She would let this slide because there was nothing that really forced her to fix them.


"Partly, the police does its job, but it's overstretched due to limited resources. Hence the pressing need for hiring vigilantes and bounty hunters. I'm somewhat different from the two, but you could say I'm someone who helps the police in his own way." Usually by apprehending evildoers and reporting them to the police after their defeat and through slaying monsters.


"Alright, then I will guide you to the district." Anastasia offered and led the way. It was honestly somewhat awkward as she felt tension in the air regardless of how polite Aurelia sounded. The small talk just... didn't happen. But she was bad at small talk anyway, so she just glossed it over in the end and continued her walk.

When she realized that Medaka was nowhere around, she felt something akin to mild dismay. She showed the apartment to the two, keeping cool on surface and without abandoning her guests in hurry. She wondered what has distracted Medaka from lingering around, but she appreciated she fixed the damage she did and didn't do any more damage while she was gone.

Instead of asking if she could look for Medaka, she mustered some courage and asked Aurelia. "I'm sorry if I bother you about it, but I was working on a way how to figure out my student's potential. I've only trained her so far to perceive magic. I mostly only received rudimentary education in other spheres of occult knowledge than my own magic. I'd really appreciate advice since she's a kind of non-human who doesn't exist in my own world, so I'm facing the unknown here."


"If you're still interested in me being your host, then please don't bring up any way to help me out for that. I was insensitive and underestimated you a lot." Anastasia bowed slightly to show respect to them. This city honestly affected her quite negatively so far. She was used to warzones, but not warzones where she was essentially cut off from her support.


It looked like he had all his bases covered. If she had to put it in words. She really racked her brain for solutions, felt like a cornered animal, but it didn't change she had a fun. Okay, she gave no fuck about the long-term, focusing on how to get out of this mess without running with her tail behind legs. If she tried to evade them, she would get skewered badly eventually. If she tried to counterattack, she'd expose herself to stakes too. So, the conclusion she reached was following. She'd transform and harden her skin, minimizing the damage, and then give him her best shot. It vexed her how she didn't last too long using her standard tactics, but what she could do about that?

Facing the volley of stakes, her skin and tail took on more reptile like quality, becoming yellow in hue and spiked. For some reason, she was growing fond of 'using' that small spiked lizard, and when adjusted for scale, this form was actually surprisingly useful.


Ah, crap. It was dumb of her to forget about it. One of her eccentricities was that she still thought about more esoteric solutions when more simple and mundane ones were available.

"Ah, right, I guess I have trouble about thinking about the simple when I have all those powers. Crap. Alright, where is it, where is it. Oh, still in the back pocket of my trousers." She kept mumbling to herself which probably looked strange.

"Here, I put in my number into contacts to not forget it." She seemed to trust the couple enough to let them put their phone number in.


"What kind of organization? Are you from the government or perhaps one of those non-governmental organizations?" Julius inquired when he heard the man mention that he belonged to some type of organization. He probably should know before he answered any question.

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